Victoria’s Big Toy

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Victoria sat nervously on the edge of the bed. She and her boyfriend had been together for over two years, since Victoria was 16. She had lost her virginity to him. He was 28 and a successful music executive with a big company. They were at his house, he liked to listen to new acts at home regularly and so had had the whole house sound proofed.

Although Victoria and David had enjoyed a varied sex life since a month or so after they started seeing each other Victoria was nervous this time. In their time together they had tried all sorts of things, from straight sex to bondage; sex aids and had even had a threesome with one of Victoria’s old school friends. But this time David wanted to try something slightly different, he had brought a new toy from a sex shop, it was a strap on penis. It measured 12 inches in length and about 6 inches around, Victoria had only ever had David inside her, plus a dildo or two, but none of these had been anywhere near that big. At most David could only manage 7 inches. Right now he was in the bathroom strapping it on and hopefully putting some KY-Jelly on it.

David walked into the room, naked apart from the huge sex toy hanging around his groin. He walked to Victoria and ran his hand through her short blonde hair. Bending to kiss her he whispered, “don’t worry. I’ll be gentle with you, I promise.”

He knelt between her legs, both hand stroking soft flesh of her belly. David slid his hands over Victoria’s cool skin, up her torso, over the soft curves of her 34C breasts and up to her neck. He held her head as they kissed, she whispered, “I love you,” as their lips parted for a second. David’s hand ran back down her body, one hand stayed behind her neck, supporting her as she slowly leaned her head back. He kissed her neck and sucked at her throat. All the while one hand stroked over Victoria’s naked body, along the insides of her smooth legs, rising to tease her just before his hand reached her opening. The hand ran along her inner thigh and then up to her belly, it darted off to her side, up just beneath her arm pit, it moved back in and ran very gently over the soft curve of flesh that formed her breast. His fingers stroked her so gently that Victoria barely felt it at first, but with each orbit of her nipple his pressure increased until the nipple stood to attention like a soldier on the parade ground. David sucked gently on her nipple and gave it a soft bite, not enough to hurt but just enough to send the blood rushing through her breast.

He pushed Victoria’s breasts together on either side of his face, he kissed and licked her as he squeezed them together. Slowly, he began to work his way down her body. Stopping occasionally to kiss, lick or bite as he went. beşiktaş escort With one hand David stroked the area between Victoria’s legs and hole, she sighed each time he touched her. David touched the outer lips of Victoria’s hole very lightly, again she sighed, louder this time, he could hear her holding her breath in anticipation of his next move. David waited a few seconds before stroking her slightly harder along her pussy lips, at the same time he kissed her belly and gently dragged his lips across her belly button. He moved his head around Victoria so that he could kiss her side, she loved to be touched there. In the same movement he opened her lips and ran his finger back and forth over her clitoris, Victoria’s breathing quickened. David held two fingers out straight and rubbed her lips again, this time he felt them slide open and the tips of his fingers were covered in Victoria’s juices David’s fingers sank deeper into his gorgeous blonde girlfriend until they were up to his knuckles, Victoria was groaning now, each moan of pleasure louder than the last as his fingers back and forth inside Victoria’s body.

David lifted his head and kissed the top of Victoria’s thighs, he worked his way down again until he reached her dripping wet cunt. With his fingers still moving inside Victoria he licked her now fully exposed clitoris so lightly that she could barely feel it. Even so just that light touch made Victoria sigh even louder than before. With each lick he increased the pressure on her clitoris and then began to increase the speed. Within a few minutes Victoria was crying out in pleasure as his fingers moved insider her and David’s tongue licked her into submission. Victoria realised that she was at the point where she couldn’t resist anything that David decided to do to her from now on.

David held his fingers still inside Victoria. He felt her cunt begin to squeeze his fingers, it relaxed and then squeezed again, he kept licking her at full speed and the squeezing quickly became harder and faster. Victoria’s face, neck and breasts had turned red, her upper body was lifted and David could see how tense the muscles in her belly had become as she strained to cope with the flood of ecstasy which swept through her body like wild fire. The strain became to much and she allowed her self to fall back on the bed, her hands reached out for David’s head, the orgasm was still in full effect throughout her body. ‘Please stop,’ she whimpered. David continued for a few more seconds and then lifted his head. David lifted himself backup so that their faces were level. He looked at Victoria, she was still panting and her face was covered in a light coating of sweat. şişli escort They kissed. David took his massive new tool in one hand and gently stroked Victoria with it.

“No, please not yet,” she whispered. David held both of her hands in one of his and placed as much weight as he could on that one arm. They kissed again.

“Yes now,” he told her.

Victoria felt her lips being forced open and a large object entering her body, she couldn’t argue with him now.

She sighed heavily and did her best to relax every muscle in her body. David slid his new toy inside her very slowly. It had been designed as a giant version of a real cock and so it was narrower at the top than in the middle. Victoria felt as if she was stretched to her limit as it was but then she felt the plastic dick widen and felt her body being forced even further apart. David knelt back, he lifted her legs and pushed himself as close to Victoria’s body as he could. With her legs resting against his shoulders he pushed the cock deeper into Victoria, in this position he could get the deepest possible penetration without her having any way of stopping him. Her hands reached out between her legs and gripped the plastic in a futile bid to stop its merciless journey into her.

Once it was fully inside her David began to withdraw it, just as slowly as before, he pulled it out by about five inches and then slid it back again. He did this a few more times until Victoria was panting heavily. He increased the speed and power of his thrusts, until Victoria’s body shuddered each time the plastic cock was forced into her. Each thrust was a mix of pleasure and pain. The pleasure of having what seemed like every part of her insides stimulated and the pain of being forced so far apart. David was holding Victoria’s hands, pressing down on them to support his own body.

Although it was uncomfortable for Victoria to have her pussy stretched so far apart the feeling of the long shaft rubbing against her clit as it pumped in and out of her was mind blowing and made the discomfort worth while.

Within a few long incredible minutes Victoria again reached climax, it was a strange feeling, normally her pussy would throb and try to clamp David’s cock or fingers as she came. But, this dildo was so big that her pussy muscles were simply unable to grip it, instead she felt a nagging desire to flex her pussy, like an amputee feels the need to move their freshly severed limb, but there was no way she could do it. Instead Victoria clung onto David, digging her nails into his back as she let out the loudest scream either of them had ever heard.

The scream lasted until every bit of air had been expelled bahçeşehir escort bayan from her lungs then, she collapsed back on to the bed shouting and screaming in an attempt to tell David how good he was making her feel. Although, David couldn’t understand the exact sentences she was trying to speak, he did get the message that she loved it.

After another fifteen minutes and two more climax’s for Victoria, David had had enough. He wanted to fuck Victoria with his own dick. He hurriedly pulled the dildo from her body, Victoria wasn’t expecting it and the sudden withdrawal made her gasp as much as its slow penetration of her teenage body had done. Fumbling in his haste, David removed the strap on and threw it onto the bed next to Victoria, her hand found it and couldn’t resist rasing it to her lips to taste herself. As she licked her own juices from the massive shaft David rolled Victoria on to her front and rammed his cock into her soaking wet pussy. It felt good, but she was still too loose from the fucking she’d just taken.

David withdrew from her again and pulled Victoria’s hips into the air while he stood on the floor. Victoria realised what was going to happen to her too late and her objection was stifled by the pain of her backside being ripped open like a crisp packet. Victoria had never been fucked there before and the pain was unbearable, the only thing she had to be grateful for was that he had at least covered his cock in some pussy juicy before butt-fucking her. Victoria couldn’t say anything, her mind was still swimming in the orgasms she’d experienced and now the pain from her bum. David had made her happy, now it was her turn, Victoria bit into the dildo and closed her eyes until the fucking stopped. Luckily for her it was all over within a few minutes. David withdrew from her and flipped her onto her back, she could see in his eyes that he was crazed; the only thing that would subdue him was the orgasm he was so close to. Victoria knew what he wanted, she opened her mouth and closed her eyes. His hand was supporting her head again and Victoria’s arms were pinned to her side as David knelt over her body. The first shot hit her forehead and spattered over her nose, the next landed in her mouth, the third and fourth shots coated her cheek and the final load landed back in her still open mouth.

Victoria opened her eyes and saw David breathing heavily above her. She smiled at him, then lifted her head and licked the last of his cum from the end of his shaft.

“I’m sorry, baby” David said as she cleaned him. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, will you forgive me, honey?”

“I forgive you, sir.” Victoria only ever called him “sir” when she felt submissive and everything that night had established David clearly as her superior. “I love you, I’m yours and you don’t have to be sorry,” she finished.

“I love you too, baby.”

They cuddled up together and went to sleep, early the next morning Victoria washed the dried cum from her face, put her clothes back on and David drove her to college.

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