The Red Suitcase Ch. 02

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I woke up to the sound of the alarm on my phone going off, but sounding as though it was far away. I opened one eye enough to see a little sunlight streaming in a slit in the curtains and reached over to the nightstand to turn off the alarm. My hand fumbled on the nightstand not finding it, a feeling of panic came over me as I swept my hand across the top of the nightstand then sat up. The phone wasn’t there but I could see the clock and it was well past seven in the morning, I was almost an hour late waking up.

I jumped out of bed searching for my phone as I listened for the alarm going off to try to find it, “Kim, wake up. Kim,” she opened her eyes just a smidge and yawned looking in my direction.

“Good morning babe. What are you doing,” she asked watching me, nude, dancing around flinging covers.

“We’re late and I can’t find my phone,” I said, causing her to sit straight up in bed as though her pillow had just shocked her.

“Oh shit. What time is it?”

“Seven twenty,” I said, stopping my search long enough to watch my wife vault from the bed and dash to the bathroom. Her huge tits swayed and bounced as she passed by and that wonderful ass wiggled just the way I always loved. After nearly stripping the bed I found the phone burried near the foot of the bed under the covers and then remembered Kim tossing on the bed before we started our wild night of sex.

“I’m throwing on some clothes then getting the kids up. I’ll fix you something to eat in the car on your way. What do you want to wear today?”

“Just slacks and a polo today,” I said, plugging my near dead phone into a charger then heading for the shower. The two of us made almost record time getting around and out the door. The kids would be a few minutes late for school, but I would be close to a half hour late arriving for work. As I headed out the door I heard our oldest ask, “Were you and daddy fighting last night mommy?” I smiled as I shut the door not wanting to hear how my wife would respond to that question.

Right at eight my boss, Larry, called wanting to have a meeting with the sales staff in thirty minutes, I explained I was running late but would try to get it organized. I called my lead sales guy, let him know what was up and he said he would round up the troops and they would be ready. I rolled into work with just enough time to get a cup of coffee and gather my things before the meeting started.

Half way through the meeting my phone vibrated with a text message, I flipped it over on the table to see it was from Rick, reminding me that I never read the messages between him and my wife last night. I flipped the phone face down again without reading what he wrote. Larry was going on and on about how my team was below quota on our newest product even though we were far exceeding all other sales quotas. After the meeting I was busy with a conference call, reviewed two proposals that a couple of my guys put together and crap that just couldn’t wait.

It was almost one before I had any time to myself and finally settled down at my desk to look at the messages from the night before.

Wife: This is Clint’s wife. That is pretty impressive Rick. Is it as thick as it looks?!?

Rick: Yep. You like it? 🙂

Wife: I’m Not sure I could handle it but it might be fun to try. Lol

Rick: I’m sure you could if we went slow at first. Now your turn. Send me a picture of those huge boobs.

Wife: Slow down cowboy. I haven’t even agreed to this yet. 😉

Rick: What do I need to do to get you to agree?

Wife: Clint told you what my rules are right? Tell me what he said my rules are.

Rick: 1 whatever you say goes and 2 you would like to see him get sucked off by a guy. Right?

Wife: Right. How many times have you sucked a dick?

Rick: I never said that I have sucked dick before.

Wife: You never said you didn’t either. How many?

Rick: 10 maybe…

Wife: WOW!!! That is more than I have. How many guys have you fucked?

Rick: I don’t have butt sex. I’m not gay!!!

Wife: Ok Ok, what if I told you I wanted to watch that too???

There was a pause in the conversation at this point that lasted almost six minutes with the next being a picture of my wife’s body in her nightgown. You couldn’t see her nipples but they were certainly pointing out from the gown as she pulled it tight against her chest making them protrude more through the thin material of the gown and showing more cleavage.

Rick: WOW!!! You are so hot.

Wife: You didn’t answer my question…

Rick: You make a pretty convincing argument…maybe.

Rick: Send me another picture.

Wife: Are you hard right now?

Rick: Yes and I’m jerking off to that pic you sent.

Wife: Let me see. Hold up something next to your dick so I can get an idea of how big it really is.

The next text was another picture of Rick’s hard cock next to a long neck bottle of Bud Light. His dick was almost as thick as the bottle and the head of his dick stopped where the bottle tapered down escort izmir from the neck. The head of his dick was about the same size as mine but his dick increased in diameter down the shaft until it reached his body. I hadn’t noticed how vainy his dick had been in the first picture he sent.

Rick: I’m a heavy cummer too! Now send me another pic.

Wife: Just a minute.

Next were the two pictures Kim took of my dick last night.

Rick: That’s a nice dick. Hope it’s not yours. Lol

Wife: It is my dick but I let my husband keep it in his pants.

Wife: Would you suck it for me? ;-D

Rick: If it means I would get to fuck you…Yes!

Rick: Send me another pic of YOU!

Wife: Not now. I’m going to go suck Clint’s cock then have him fuck me while I think about all of this. Send me a picture of you cumming after you finish jerking it. Night cowboy.

Next there was a picture of Rick’s dick with a dark towel in front of it that had his cum all over it. He wasn’t lying, there was a ton of thick cum on that towel and I thought about Kim telling me she wanted me to lick all of Rick’s cum out of her pussy. I didn’t think I could do that. The next message was the one Rick sent to me in the meeting this morning. All the text said was “We still friends?”

Shit I thought. I texted him back “Yes, we are still friends.” He got it immediately and started working on a reply back. I watched the dots on the screen and waited for the reply to come. The screen on my phone dimmed twice before his reply came, “Your wife is really hot and I would do almost anything to have sex with her but I don’t want to take the chance that it would ruin our friendship or that I would be the reason the two of you split. That was pretty hot last night and tell Kim I said thanks but after thinking it over I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to participate in a threesome with you two. Sorry dude.”

After reading the message a couple of times I had mixed emotions about his response. Part of me was relieved that he backed out but the excitement of possibly having a threesome with him and my wife and seeing my wife take that fat dick of his was now gone. I understood why he changed his mind and wasn’t upset with him but was still a little disappointed that it wouldn’t happen.

I texted him back after thinking about his response for a couple of minutes, “I completely understand, it’s all cool. But I do want to thank you for an incredible night of sex last night, Kim was a wild woman. It was really amazing, best sex we’ve had in at least five years. Wish you could have been there to enjoy it. LOL”

My day continued without any other text messages from Rick. Just before three Kim sent me a text saying she had masturbated four times today thinking about how hot last night was and watching bisexual threesome porn. She told me to be ready for tonight and that we would need to be a lot quieter. I told her I was looking forward to it and signed off as she picked up the kids.

I pulled into the drive about six, when I walked into the house Kim almost had dinner done and the house was a little cleaner than usual. I walked up behind her and slipped my arms around her waist causing her to jump, “Sorry babe, I thought you heard me come in,” I said, kissing her on the neck.

“I did, just didn’t hear you sneak up behind me. The kids already have their homework done and are out back playing in the yard. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes then they will have baths, a little family time and off to bed for them by nine tonight for some grown up time for mommy and daddy.”

“But no fighting tonight, right,” I said with a laugh, “How did you answer that question this morning?”

“Not very well apparently, I told them that you and I were just wrestling around and Randy got mad that he wasn’t able to play with us too. You may need to rough house with him a little tonight but don’t get him to wound up before bed or we’ll never get our time together.”

I laughed at the thought of our son not knowing what he was asking, gave Kim another quick kiss and started to walk out of the kitchen, “I’m going to change clothes, how long until dinner?”

“You have about twenty or thirty minutes, get changed then check on the kids out back.”

The evening went quickly but the kids didn’t make it to bed until just after nine thirty. I finished tucking them in and giving one last sip of water and reading the last story then closed and locked our bedroom door with Kim already in the master bath.

“Did you talk to Rick today?”


She stuck her head out of the bathroom and looked at me, “What?”

“He’s out,” I said.

You could see the disappointment on her face as soon as the words came out of my mouth, “Why? What happened?”

I picked up the phone off my nightstand and read her the message Rick sent that afternoon then read her my reply, “That really was some pretty hot sex last night, wasn’t it?”

“Yes it was.”

“Would you mind if I sent him a text message?” She izmir escort bayan asked.

“What are you going to send him?”

“I’ll let you look at it before I send it.”


“I’ll be out in just a minute. Get your clothes off.”

I didn’t waste any time. I was stripped and laying on the bed with my semi-hard dick hanging between my legs when Kim came out of the bathroom wearing a black babydoll that was crotchless with holes made for her tits to stick through. My dick came to life as soon as I saw her. It was almost as if it sinsed her walking into the room and it was trying to get a peek at her too. She crawled up from the bottom of the bed and laid down on her stomach facing me, holding her hand out for my phone.

“Where did that outfit come from?” I asked as I passed the phone to her.

“You gave it to me for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. I think this is the first time I’ve ever worn it. You like it?”

“I love it. I wish I had some pictures of you wearing it for a little jerk off material for later.”

She looked up from my phone and smiled, “You would really masterbate to pictures of me?”

“Hell yes.”

“Maybe I’ll let you take one or two later,” she said looking back down at my phone and resuming typing. When she was finished she handed me the phone to read the message before she sent it. It read, “Hi Rick, this is Kim again. Clint let me read the message from you today and I have to tell you I am really disappointed in your decision but understand. If you ever change your mind let us know. I would still love to see you suck his dick though. You wouldn’t even need to get undressed.”

After I read the message I looked at her, “You really do want to watch a guy suck me don’t you?”

“Yes. That would be so hot. Might even be hotter if he was fully clothed.”

“I’m still not really sure about it, I don’t think I could get hard for a guy to suck me.”

“You might not be hard before he starts but after a minute or two of a mouth going up and down on that pretty dick of yours I bet you would be no matter who was sucking you,” she said with a twinkle in her eye adding, “Let’s try something.” She rolled off the bed and started digging through her nightstand drawers. After a couple of minutes of me watching her big tits hanging down while she was leaning over she stood up holding a sleep mask.

“Put this on,” she said, handing it to me. “Now, while you’re wearing it don’t think of me, think about Rick. Think about you guys hanging out by the pool out back and me and the kids are gone for the afternoon. He tells you he wants to get some sun and asks if you mind if he takes off his swim suit, what do you say?”

“Sure, I’ve already seen a picture of his dick.”

“Tell him not me.”

“Yeah go ahead. I’ve already seen your dick,” I said, feeling my limp cock twitch a little as I said it.

“As he pulls down his swimming trunks you go inside to get you both a beer, when you come back he’s laying on the lounge chair on his back, completely nude. You hand him the beer and he tells you he would feel more comfortable if you weren’t wearing anything too. What do you do?”

“Okay, Kim and I like to come out here and skinny dip and sun bath without our suits when the kids aren’t around. I sat my beer down and pulled them off.”

“You guys talk for a bit and drink your beers and you notice that Rick keeps looking at your cock and he’s now almost completely hard. Do you say anything or just ignore it honey?”

For some reason my cock started growing a little bit as she talked about Rick getting hard staring at my dick. “I just let him look. I don’t care.”

“After a few minutes Rick’s cock is standing up straight and now he’s not taking his eyes from your cock. He wants you to know your the reason he is hard. Do you say anything now?”

My cock was almost hard now, “No.”

“Without taking his eyes from your dick he asks if he can suck you. He tells you he wants you to video it for Kim.”

“I pick up my phone and point at my cock but don’t say anything,” I could feel that my dick was now fully hard as it throbbed.

“Say it,” I heard Kim tell me, “Tell him to suck you.”

“Suck my cock Rick,” I said without thinking and then I felt the head of my dick engulfed by a mouth, the warmth and wetness felt great. The tongue swirled around the head a couple of times before the mouth started moving all the way down then coming back up and repeating in a faster motion. In my mind I could see Rick with my cock in his mouth moving his head up and down on it. It looked so wrong but the mouth on it felt amazing.

“I don’t think it would be a problem for you to get hard if he sucked your cock,” Kim said as soon as she took my dick out of her mouth.

I pushed up the mask allowing me to see her on her knees beside me smiling, “Maybe you’re right.”

“Feel how wet I got talking about it,” she said, pulling my hand between her legs. She wasn’t as wet as when she climbed on my face the night before but she was really izmir escortlar soaked down there. Kim leaned forward and kissed me, her nipples rubbed across my chest as she did so. Our kiss was long and passionate, the faint taste of my dick lingering on her tongue, our tongues intertwined, her breasts now pressing down on me.

She broke free but held her face inches from mine, “Would you like some jerkoff material for later? Maybe a picture of your wife’s dripping pussy?”

“Oh fuck Kim. Really?”

“You can’t take any with my face. How do you want me to pose?”

“Lay down on your back,” I said, then grabbing my phone I jumped off the bed and started taking pictures. Some of her whole body , closeups of her boobs and pussy, I told her to hold her pussy open, to pull on her lips and rub her clit. Next I put her in a doggy position, snapped a few, told her to spread her ass, then finger herself. NextI took some with her standing, both from the front then from behind and lastly with her bent over. She finally told me she thought I had enough, and I was sure I did but wasn’t going to waste a good opportunity.

After I finished we laid in the bed together looking at them, commenting on how hot they were, or how we should do this pose differently next time. I particularly liked the closeup shots of her pussy, how wet and swollen she was. She liked the standing shots better, especially the ones of her ass and breasts. After a few minutes I realized I was playing with myself and looked down to see Kim was rubbing her clit.

Without saying anything I moved between her legs and started running my tongue up and down her swollen labia. Kim moaned and spread her legs wider causing her lips to part. I licked the inside of her lips then sucked one into my mouth, biting on it gently before doing the same to the other.

“Fuck me,” she said looking down at me between her tits. I stuck two fingers in her and started sucking on her clit while my fingers went in and out of her. She thrust her hips up, “I need your cock in me now,” she growled.

I moved up on top of her with my dick barely touching her vigina and started sucking her left nipple while moving my hips to tease her with my cock.

“Please baby, put it in me.”

“What will you do for me?” I asked, moving from her left nipple to the right.

“Anything. Please, just fuck me,” she begged.

“Would you let me post pictures of you online for other guys to jack off to?”


I moved my body a little then eased down and let my cock slide into her slowly then grinded against her with all my weight, “Do you like the idea of strangers looking at pictures of you and cumming?”

“Oh fuck, yes baby,” she said through a moan.

I started fucking her a little faster and looked down to watch her breasts move with the rhythm of my movement. Her nipples were hard, standing straight up, bigger around than a pencil. I loved how fat her nipples got when she was horny, “You want them to send you pictures of their cum covered cocks from looking at tits and pussy?”

“Yes. I want to see them shoot their load just from looking at me. I want to watch as they beat off and cum all over me,” she said, breathing hard.

Now she was getting me worked up thinking about a group of men standing all around her masterbating as they watched her play with herself. None of them are able to touch her, just look and jerk and cum on her. My pace quickened to a hard fucking, slamming my dick into her hard and fast, “So you want to be my little slut, huh?”

With one hand she started pinching and pulling on her nipples and the other hand moved down between her legs, rubbing her clit, “Yes baby.”

“Say it. Tell me you want to be my slut, that you’ll spread your legs for whoever I say.”

“Oh fuck yes baby. I want that more than anything, I want to be your slut. Tell me who to fuck,” she said as she started cumming.

I could feel her pussy clamping down hard on my cock and I exploded deep in her while still pumping my cock in and out of her. She covered her mouth, muffling a scream as I slowed then stopped with my dick inside her. I watched as her body shuttered two more times then laid down on her to feel her whole body touch mine. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes until we both caught our breath, then I rolled off her saying, ” That was hot.”

“Yeah it was,” she said, letting out a long breath. “Just so you know you can’t ever post those pictures, matter of fact you should probably just go ahead and delete them before one of the kids gets hold of your phone and is scared for life.”

“I’ll have them deleted before I get home from work tomorrow. I want to save them though if I can find a way to keep them without the kids or anybody else seeing them, that’s ok right?”

She looked at me for a second before responding, “I guess but no one but you can ever see those pictures. Understand?”

“I know, baby. I won’t let anyone see them.”

We kissed and then she got this funny look on her face, “What are you thinking?”

She didn’t say anything for over a minute, “I guess you could show them to Rick if you wanted but only on your phone. No emailing them or texting either,” she said with a shy smile then adding again, “If you want.”

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