The Neighbor’s Pool

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There were two things I liked about the house next door. The swimming pool and the daughter. The swimming pool was quite large, with a kiddie-pool at one end and a diving board at the other. The previous owner had been quite lavish in having it put in. It must have been a real disappointment to him to suddenly find himself going bankrupt and having to sell.

The new owner and his wife were fortyish, with two children. The son I hadn’t met as of yet as he had a place of his own but I had met Larissa. She was a honey. A blue-eyed blonde with a delicate face, she had a lovely figure. She was all sweet curves, those curves showing she was nicely padded everywhere a man wants a girl to be padded. She also had a pair of the nicest legs I’d ever seen, long and shapely, seeming to go on forever.

I was observing Larissa right then. She was relaxing in the pool. Not swimming in the main pool but idling around in the kiddie-pool, mainly lying on her back and enjoying the sunshine. Every so often she’d roll over, keeping her skin moist so she wouldn’t burn. At least, I assume that was her intention.

I was fairly sure that it hadn’t occurred to Larissa that my house overlooked the pool. Or if it had occurred to she had assumed that I wasn’t home. Totally wrong, as I both overlooked the pool and was home and looking.

Who wouldn’t be looking if they had the chance? She’d opted to go nude for her little dip. My appreciation of her figure had gone up significantly when she’d come trotting out of the house undressed like that. I was thanking my lucky stars that I’d looked out the window at just the right time and had a chance to enjoy a rare sight.

I was guessing that her parents were both out as she hadn’t seemed as though she’d sun-bathe naked with them about. As a matter of fact I vaguely remembered seeing them drive off once I stopped to think about it. They were both keen golfers and I guessed they were going to spend some time on the links. I just hoped they were going to play eighteen holes.

Reluctantly tearing myself away from the window I went downstairs. Once on the move I wasn’t anything like as reluctant as my destination was the pool next door. It was time I got to know Larissa a bit better. A friendly little chat would help accomplish this.

“Afternoon, Larissa,” I said, sitting down comfortably next to her, her in the pool, me next to it. That didn’t really matter. She was within reach if I cared to reach. I suspected that I would.

“Oh, Tim,” she said, looking slightly startled. “Um, I’m not exactly dressed to receive visitors.”

No kidding? I’d never have guessed. Her reaction struck me as rather strange. No blushing. No screaming or yelling. No frantic attempts to cover herself. Just a blatant disregard of her nudity except to explain she wasn’t really dressed for visitors.

I was a little taken aback. I’d assumed that at this stage I would be trying to persuade her to move her hands, or frantically trying to calm her down, or watching while she ran a time that Usain Bolt couldn’t match while she headed for the house and safety. I was all ready with soft soothing words intended to relax her a little. Hell, if I relaxed her any more than she already was she’d be comatose.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said easily. “It doesn’t bother me. If fact I have to admit that I find you quite charming like that. It’s a little hot, though. Aren’t you worried that you might get a little burnt?”

“Not really,” she said. “I’m wearing a waterproof sunscreen.”

“That’s good. You have lovely skin. I’d hate to see you get burned. I remember when I was a child I totally ignored the sunscreen and got very badly burned. I was in bed for a week, recovering.”

While I was mentioning her lovely skin I was also running my fingertips lightly up and down her arm. Her skin really did feel nice, warm silk to my touch.

“So what have you been doing with yourself?” I asked.

“Celebrating the end of my exams,” she ankara escort said with a smile, totally ignoring my touching her. I wondered how long that would last.

I kept her talking, mainly about herself. That’s always a fascinating subject for anyone. While I kept her rambling on about nothing in particular my stroking of her arm started extending.

Running my hand lightly along her arm to where her wrist lay in the water I opted to keep my fingers dry by switching my touch to her side. Down past her waist, brushing lightly across her thigh and along her leg. Then back up again. The difference when coming up was that my hand didn’t jump from her waist to her arm but continued along her side, brushing lightly against the swell of her breast in passing.

Larissa may have pretended not to notice my hand brushing her breast but she forgot to tell her breast to ignore the touch. I could see her nipple crinkle slightly, not becoming erect but definitely waking up.

Still keeping her talking my hand retraced its way down, again brushing her breast but not trying to take undue advantage. Now as I moved I was flexing my hand slightly, effectively giving her a light massage as I moved. Down as far as her foot, pausing to hold her foot and rub the sole with my thumb.

Trailing back up, this time my hand was brushing along the inside of her leg. When my hand approached her groin her talking faltered a little, but I didn’t stop, nor did I touch her inappropriately. My hand merely passed her mound, rubbing her leg. If the back of my hand happened to brush lightly against her mound, well, these things happen. It’s not as if it was deliberate.

The trouble was that this time I found myself with my hand running over her tummy rather than her side. This meant that when I went higher I wound up brushing my hand across her breasts, between them I’ll admit, but I guess it wasn’t something she could totally ignore.

“What are you doing?”

“Mm? Just enjoying the feel of your skin and giving you a light massage at the same time. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Um, I don’t think you should be doing that.”

“Why not?” I asked. “It’s not hurting anyone, I like doing it, and you don’t seem to be complaining too loudly. Stop and consider how it feels.”

By that stage my hands had crossed over to her sides again and were trailing downwards. I stopped for a moment at the base of her ribs.

“Of course, if I was doing this,” I said, digging my fingers in and managing to hit that tickle spot first go, “you might have cause to complain.”

She screamed and practically levitated out of the pool before settling back down, giggling.

“Don’t do that,” she snapped once she got herself under control.

“I’m not doing that,” I pointed out. I wasn’t either. While she was jumping up and settling down I’d changed position. I now sitting in the pool and had hold of her feet, massaging her soles. That was something she was finding it hard to protest about.

I didn’t keep on rubbing her feet. I just naturally had to extend my reach, my hands soothing their way along her lovely legs. Larissa’s eyes had been closed while I was rubbing her feet but now they were half open, watching my hands as they moved steadily higher. As my hands moved towards her mound her breathing started to falter. When my hands moved apart, rubbing either side of her mound, she seemed to give a little shudder and started breathing normally again, possibly a little harder than before.

When I say I rubbed either side of her mound that was with my fingers. I will admit that the backs of my hand brushed against her pudenda, but that’s all they did. OK, they may have brushed the sides at the same time, and possibly her pudenda got gently squeezed between them, but it’s not as though I was doing it deliberately. Collateral damage, as they say.

This time as my hands approached her breasts it occurred to me that I’d already brushed them earlier and she hadn’t ankara escort bayan really complained. Not really. Just queried what I was doing. Accordingly it seemed fair and reasonable that I should ignore the fact that they were her breasts and just continue with my massage. Breast, chest, there’s not that much difference now is there?

Her breathing definitely faltered when my hands moved over her breasts and her eyes went from half-closed to wide open. I held my hands there for a moment, thumbs reaching out to caress her nipples, nipples that were certainly standing up and paying attention by this time.

Being a gentleman I didn’t try to push things along. I just slowly reversed, lightly massaging, pausing at the bottom of her ribs, laughing when she tensed in case I tickled her again, moved further down, laughing when she called me a rude name.

One hand came to a halt on her mons, the heel of my hand pressing harder, rubbing hard enough to feel her pubic bone, continuing on, dragging my hand across her mound as I went. Not stopping to enjoy the feel of her, but certainly dragging my hand across it, one finger tracing her slit as I went past.

Down to her feet and another foot rub and then slowly back up. This time her eyes stayed shut all the way, her breathing barely hesitating as my hands passed over her mound as I deliberately rubbed it as I passed. Lingering for a while on her breasts, feeling her starting to move a little under my touch, restless.

Another couple of excursions to her feet and back and her breathing seemed a trifle ragged to me, especially when my hands lingered in forbidden places, touching and caressing.

I reached a point where I either had to slow down and back off or take it to the next step. Being male and horny I naturally chose to go forward. I eased her legs further apart, dropping my shorts while I did so. My hand was rubbing her mound and now I slowed, parting her lips instead. Larissa’s eyes finally opened again, looking to see what I was doing. Her eyes fastened on my erection and she went pale and then blushed. She didn’t say anything but she did shut her eyes again. Rather tightly from the look of it.

I moved the head of my cock between her parted lips and pressed softly, withdrawing my hand so that her lips closed around me. She made a little squeaking sound. I was watching her face and I saw one eye open and then quickly close. It didn’t seem as though she was going to object.

I started pressing into her, moving slowly but steadily. She was, I found, virginal, but she didn’t remain that way. She whimpered slightly when her hymen gave way but I was whispering soft words to her at that point, telling her how fine she felt and how it didn’t really hurt and it’s feeling better already.

She relaxed a little after that moment of tensing up. Well, as much as a young lady can relax when a cock is introducing itself to her. From the feel of her I had built up her arousal to a nice point, and she was hot and wet and receptive, even if a little tight. Tight was OK; her passage was still yielding to my hardness.

Thank god we were in the kids section of the pool. Things would have been really awkward if the water had been a few feet deep. A few inches didn’t worry me. It was nice and cool, our heated blood making a nice contrast. Pressing firmly in I very shortly had Larissa nailed to the floor of the pool, my groin hard against hers, my hands running over her breasts.

I waited for a few moments, watching Larissa. When she found I wasn’t doing anything she opened one eye to peep at me. I winked at her. With that she snapped both eyes wide and glared at me.

“Move with me,” I said before she could say anything, working on the principle that whatever she might say would be the wrong thing. She might utter rude words like ‘stop’.

I pulled back a little and then eased back into place. I repeated the action, nodding and smiling as she hesitantly pushed to meet escort ankara me this time. Procedure established I kept going, taking it easy to start with so she knew that she was doing the right thing. Slowly I built on what we were doing, not increasing the speed of my strokes but making them longer, until I was nearly pulling right out of her.

I could tell that her body had been captured by her feelings. She was enthralled by what we were doing, eyes closing again as she moved with me, just lying back and letting the feelings flow.

The relative slow speed I’d initiated meant I was able to keep going. There was no frantic need driving me to finish off with a rush. I just kept the movement flowing, enjoying the feel of her, enjoying the way she was reacting. After a while she started making little moaning sounds, her breath groaning softly out of her partly opened mouth, her arousal complete and the excitement within her steadily building.

I like to think I gave a stalwart performance. Larissa certainly didn’t seem to have any problems with it. There came that time when I had to speed things up. I did it in stages, finding Larissa both staying with me and getting increasingly excited, clinging tightly to me, gasping out little pleas and words of approval.

Deciding that if I lingered any longer she’d finish without me I pulled out all stops, driving in hard and fast. She came with great urgency, her mouth opening wide in a silent scream. I don’t think she had the breath to actually scream. She shuddered and shook under me, letting out little mewling sounds, finally slumping down in a boneless manner. I had certainly climaxed although I don’t think she really noticed that, being too involved in what happened to her.

I was relieved to note that the pool’s pumps were currently on, recirculating the water. Too embarrassing to have left the evidence floating on top of the pool. I sat up, looking down at Larissa who was still just lying there, totally relaxed.

“Why’d you do that?” she asked.

“Why not?” I asked back.

She didn’t say anything for a moment, seeming to consider my question. Not having an answer she ignored it.

“Is it always like that?”

“No. Sometimes better, sometimes not as good. I guess it depends on how you feel at the time.”

“Oh. Well, I’m quite sure that you shouldn’t have been doing it with me. You’re way too old.”

Give me a break. I wasn’t even thirty. Nearly, but not there yet.

“No such thing,” I assured her. “Just seeing you lying there like that knocked five years off my age. Touching that silky skin of yours deducted another five years. That makes us almost the same age.”

“Yes, well you’re lucky my mother didn’t come home. She’d have killed you.”

“Maybe, but your parents are off playing golf. They won’t be home for ages.”

“No, they’re not. They’ve just gone down to do some shopping. They could be home anytime. What made you think they were playing golf?”

“They’re both keen golfers and it’s a lovely Saturday afternoon. Where else would I expect them to go, especially as you’re out here dressed like that? You obviously didn’t expect them home.”

She had to be kidding me. Fancy getting caught by irate parents alone with their naked daughter.

“There’s a tournament on and they can’t play this weekend. As for the way I’m, ah, dressed, I’ll hear the car pull up and I will be dressed, you can bet on that.”

She nodded over to where her towel lay and there was a bikini lying next to it. She could get dressed in seconds if a car pulled up. Which would leave me alone with their nubile young daughter dressed in a miniscule bikini. Not good.

“From the look on your face I assume that you feel it is time to depart,” observed Larissa. The little minx was laughing at me.

“Maybe so,” I agreed, “but I’ll be back.”

“Oh, don’t come back on my behalf,” she told me, still laughing. “You’ve had your shot. It was very interesting but I don’t think it would be wise of me to make a habit of that sort of thing.”

I bent down and kissed her and took my leave. Had my shot indeed. I was willing to bet that she’d prove willing to let me take a few more shots. Time would tell.

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