The Evening Ch. 01

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He sat on the edge of the hotel bed waiting. The email he received earlier had just said “this time your hard-on will not be wasted on your own on the motorway, but will be put to good use. Be ready for me at 8”.

It was 8.12 and he was getting twitchy; had she changed her mind?

There was a knock at the door and he stood up breathing a small sigh of relief. He opened the door and there she was, wearing a fitted summer dress which showed off her cleavage. At first glance she looked so small and innocent, but the look in her eyes was anything but as she drank in how he looked, without speaking.

The anticipation and chemistry between them was palpable. She smiled shyly at him and only then did he notice what she was holding. In one hand was a large weekend bag, and in the other was a bucket of ice from the bar downstairs.

‘Sorry I’m a bit late…’ she said holding up the bucket of ice as an explanation. She stepped forward, put the bag and bucket down inside the room. She closed the door with her foot, slid her fingers into the waistband of his trousers and pulled him to her, standing on tip-toes to reach his lips. She felt him groan into her mouth as he pulled her hard into her arms, his hands running down her back, cupping her arse to press her against his growing cock as they kissed deeply. She kissed him hungrily; he tasted just as good as she’d remembered and his lips were so soft she had to suck them gently. Their tongues danced furiously in each other’s mouths; her fingers pulling his hair, pushing his lips harder onto hers. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his hard cock through his jeans rubbing on her incredibly sensitive clit as one of her legs wrapped around his back automatically.

She pulled away quickly panting and laughed breathlessly,

‘If we keep doing that, we’ll never get onto what I have planned for you…go to the bathroom, turn on the water so it fills the bath slowly, and kneel in front of it and wait for me’

He wasn’t used to being told what to do, and was about to make a remark, when he saw the desire and darkness in her eyes. So he just nodded and walked away from her and into the bathroom. The hotel tub was large and white; he turned on the small light above the sink, turned off the main light, took his shoes and socks off, and put a towel on the floor to kneel on after turning the hot water on to run very slowly. His erection pressed hard against his trousers and he moved in discomfort focussing on the feeling of his cock desperate for freedom, replaying the last few Ankara escort minutes in his head. They may have only kissed, but it was a kiss that promised so much from the night. He was excited.

And then he heard a noise and looked towards the door. She was stood in the doorway looking at him, her normally light green eyes dark with need, her lips parted slightly, swollen from their searing kisses. She was wearing a sheer pink bra and he could see her small hard nipples pressing against the fabric. His eyes slowly moved down her stomach and landed on the triangle between her legs. Her pants were of the same sheer material and he imagined what it would be like to suck her clit through them so she came fast and hard, screaming…

She watched him drink in the sight of her and smiled as she walked forward, her bare feet making no sound as she moved across the room. She knew he was imaging his mouth on her and his probably quite uncomfortably hard cock in any hole he could get to.

He was just going to have to wait a little longer for his release.

He reached out to touch her but she took his hand and moved it away from her shaking her head.

‘Just watch’. ‘I want you to see how wet I get when I touch myself and think about what you could do to me. I want you so close to my pussy you can smell me. I want you to watch as just the thought of you makes me come.’

The fingertips of her right hand gently traced down her jaw and neck, lightly brushing over her collar bone, slowly stroking down over her breasts. As her hand brushed over the top of her left breast he watched as her nipple grew even harder, straining against her bra. She then slipped her hand inside releasing her breast and pushing it up and out. She moaned softly as she kneaded it and it became harder and more swollen in her hand, pinching the hard pink nipple between her thumb and finger. As her nipple responded he watched as she parted her legs slightly. He could see already how wet she was and could smell how turned on thinking about him made her. He raised his eyes in time to see her sucking her fingers and using the wet tips to make her nipples even harder. He heard a small cry from the back of her throat as she pinched them so hard it hurt. As she did that he saw her get even wetter. Her eyes were closed and he knew she was thinking about his rough hands rolling her nipples between his fingers, his hot mouth on them and then his cool breath blowing on them, making them tingle and hard. She groaned and she imagined crying out from his touch. He watched Ankara escort bayan hungrily as her hand slid down her stomach and rested on top of her pants. She opened her eyes and looked at him,

‘I know you must be uncomfortable, but remember what I said about delayed gratification…?’

And as she spoke, she dropped her pants to the floor, moved forward slightly and lifted her right foot onto the edge of the bath and slid her fingers into the wet folds of her pussy. His mouth and nose were now inches away from her and he could see her pussy glisten with how wet it was, and even though he knew he couldn’t touch, he blew gently across her clit and watched as her legs trembled and she took a sharp breath.

She tapped his nose as a gentle reprimand, smiling, and slid one, then two fingers, into her swollen soaking pussy. She slowly brushed over her clit in small soft circles as she slid her fingers in and out of herself. She pulled her fingers out dripping with her juices, and slid them over her hot, sensitive, clit and then pushed them back inside, finger fucking herselfhard. As her fingers drove into her pussy again and again he watched her as she started to lose control. He could hear the sound of her fingers sliding in and out of herself she was so wet, and he knew she was close to coming as he watched the colour rise up her chest and a thin sheen of sweat break out on her forehead.

As she moaned he watched her and knew he was going to use his cock to make her feel like this again tonight, and he was going to make her scream his name. He wanted to bury his mouth in her wet pussy and taste her, lap up her juices; he could see she was so wet she might even be able to take his fist…

His distraction by that thought stopped suddenly as he watched the orgasm rip through her as she cried out and slowly dropped to the floor, her body shaking, her clit and pussy twitching and pulsating over and over. He could smell the heavy scent of sex around her and he drank in the sight of her, his own discomfort momentarily forgotten. But quickly it became too hard to ignore.

She looked at him, dipped her fingers into her pussy then sucked them, leaning forward to kiss him so he could taste her on his lips. He could smell and taste her sweet, earthy juices all around him. She gently caressed the side of his cheek, stroking it and leant over to turn the bath water off and let a little out. She quickly undressed him, releasing his painfully hard cock from his trousers. She knew he needed her to be quick and firm. Before Escort Ankara he knew it he was in the warm bath, his erection poking up, the water lapping at it. Stood outside the bath, she undid her bra and dropped it down in front of her.

‘Close your eyes’ she ordered ‘no peeking!’

He did as he was told, he knew he had to or she’d make him wait even longer. He heard the gentle padding of her footsteps walking out of the room, but quickly they were back.

‘Keep them closed!’

And as she said that he felt the water move around him as she climbed into the tub and kneeled between his legs. He heard the water lapping and the felt a warm sponge sliding down his throat and over his chest, warm water rolling over his nipples. Then as the sponge moved over and down his sides he hissed through his teeth as something ice cold touched his nipple.

It wasn’t ice; it was her mouth which had been holding one of the ice cubes to make it cold. It was now holding his hard nipple, and her cold lips and tongue, mixed with her hot breath, sucked and lapped and grazed it with her teeth. He kept his eyes closed, savouring the sensation of hot and cold, the soft sponge and her hard teeth, but it was almost pushing him over the edge. Then suddenly as her fingers took over the stroking and pinching of his nipples, his eyes opened as he felt her hot mouth slide over the head of his cock. He heard her moan with pleasure, his cock so hard and salty. Her mouth pushed down firmly, her fingers wrapped round the base moving in time with her mouth. Her tongue swirling round the end and then moving back down harder and faster, pulling his cock so deeply into her mouth that she could feel him at the back of her throat.

She twisted her head from side to side in small circles, moving her tight fist in the opposite direction. She moaned and looked up at him as he pushed his hips up, so she can take all his cock in her mouth. He reached round and took her hair in his fist, trapping her hot hungry mouth against him, thrusting harder and faster into her mouth, fucking it deeper making her take every last part of him, his balls slapping against her with the speed of his thrusts.

She could feel his balls hardening under her and so he reaches up and pinches one of his hard nipples as she took his cock in one final deep thrust, her teeth bared. It took him over the edge. He held her head firm with his cock deep in her mouth, his come pumping into her throat, hot and salty, more and more. Eventually when he was done, he let go of her hair and she gently licked his cock clean, it twitching when her tongue brushed over the tip.

She kneeled back up and kissed him deeply, both their tastes in their mouths.

‘And I’ve hardly started what I have planned for you tonight.’

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