The Deal Ch. 08

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A Friendly Game of Cards

Matt sat at the table watching his mother cleaning up the dinner remains. He watched the pleasant jiggle of her ass encased in the familiar pale green panties.

“So since the deal is suspended during “that time of month” how about better undies like the blue thong you wore the other day?”

“Tight string up in that mess? Ewwww, no. Be happy you’re a guy and just have to spectate and deal with the hormones. It’s not pretty no matter how you slice it. I’m just glad I won’t be dealing with this crap during Jamaica.”

They both looked at each other as the doorbell rang.

“You didn’t order anything did you?”

“No, mom. I almost depleted my entire college fund over that flashing frenzy last week.”

Diana ran into her bedroom while Matt went to get the door.

Shortly, Matt, Sue Lynn and Kim Hamilton walked in to the kitchen to find Diana in her short robe by the sink.

Matt smiled, “well, I’ll leave you women to your womanly stuff.”

“Coward,” yelled Diana to his retreating back.

“So ladies, unless I’m mistaken Flynn’s isn’t until tomorrow.”

“See Kim. That robe is way too interesting for a hormonal boy to leave the room.”

“Oh, please! You can’t even tell the color of my panties! And as I told you I wear this all the time; it’s old news as well as the body. Coffee to go along with the interrogation?”

At the two nods, Diana bent over to get a filter out of a cabinet.

Simultaneously two voices yelled “Green.”

Diana jumped up putting a hand to the back of her robe and turned to glare at her friends.

“At least I’m wearing underwear; you’re making it sound like I prance around Matt naked or something.”

“Di, it’s a woman’s perk to drive our sons crazy every now and then, but Matt isn’t even fazed. It just isn’t normal.”

“Gasp. You don’t think our boys are secretly gay do you?”

“Ha, ha. I’ve found some interesting video files on Chip’s computer that beg to differ.”

“Craig actually challenged me to strip poker the other day so I think he’s straight.”

“So did you play him.”

“What do you think?”

“That’s why we’re asking!”

Sue smirked, “I must admit I did think about it.”

The two other women howled in laughter.

Diana sat with her friends while the coffee percolated. “So other than curiosity over the color of my panties what brings you over?”

“We missed you, and we want to apologize.”

“Apologize for what?”

“We did give you a hard time at the mall, and then again me later here.”

“And I kind of thrust Chip on you during your vacation.”

“Oh and all these twenty questions are to make amends? Besides, it’ll be good for Matt to have someone his own age there; he’ll enjoy it more than just with his dear old mom.”

“Speaking of which would you mind if Craig went too. He’s been unbearable ever since he heard that Chip was going with you.”

Kim looked at Sue and joked, “You could keep him distracted by playing strip poker with him!”

“Nah, the thrill would wear off pretty quick, and he would go back to gloomy sulking. It’s Jamaica or misery.”

“Oh goody, three healthy boys for little old me on vacation to the sunny islands far from here!” Diana gleamed rubbing her hands together. She stopped when she saw the nervous look on Kim’s face.

“Oh you have to be shitting me. How could you think I would do any thing like that?” Diana could actually feel herself getting angry.

“Well, you are acting just like the old, wild Diana.”

“And did I ever, EVER, cheat on David?”

“David is gone dear.”

“And until I find a permanent new man the shop is closed for business.”

“But the temptation of three young men on a sunny island?” Kim wondered aloud.

“Boys, Kim, boys. Not someone I want to share the rest of my life and all that goes with it with. They are all three practically all our sons. Not lovers. Look, if that is what you think than I don’t want either boy to go with us.”

“Honey, no matter how crazy things got, you never messed around with any of our husbands and you never let us down. We know we can trust you with our sons. But Diana, eight years of nothing; your hormones have got to be raging. You’re a year past the seven-year-itch. We’re just worried you might be a raging volcano or something.” Sue was always the peacekeeper who knew what to say.

“Oh I’m dealing alright. I’ve waited eight years, I can wait some more.”

“Look, I just made things worse. I’m sorry. I really do love you and I know I can trust you. It’s just so weird. Like a time warp, you are like eight years ago. It just takes some getting used to it. That’s all. Please forgive me.” Kim gave puppy dog eyes to Diana.

“Kim, we’re good. You’re right, it does seem all disjointed. Part of me is eight years ago while parts of me are the ‘post David’ Diana and it’s all crashing into somebody new I guess. But if you don’t absolutely trust me it would be no good for Chip to come with us.”

“God no. He would never speak to me again. Anything but that.”

“Are you sure?” illegal bahis Sue smirked.

“Wow, never arguing with me? It is a very tempting thought.”

Again the women laughed bringing the mood back into friendly territory

Soon over a lot more laughter the coffee cups were empty and Kim and Sue got up.

“So can I get the info for Craig’s reservations?” Sue asked.

“Well, I’ll leave you girls to the paperwork.” Kim grabbed her coat and left.

Sue sat right back down. Diana looked at her, “Okay, I’ll go get our paperwork.”

“Wait Di.” Sue gulped.

Diana sat back down eyeing her friend suspiciously.

“How do I put this after Kim and I blew it earlier? Di, you’re back. My best friend is back from the dead. I am so excited but you’re shutting me out. Me, the other half of the best friends. What gives?”

Diana stared at the exceedingly nervous Sue long before answering.

“How much have you changed over the last eight years Sue?”

“I’ve become boring. So boring I almost considered playing my own son at strip poker.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Excuse me?”

“You talk about the old Diana well the old Sue I remember would have taken up the challenge in a heartbeat.”

“He’s my son.”

“And male. And eighteen. And strip poker doesn’t have to lead to sex nor is it different from a lot of things we used to do including strip games. Again, the old Sue would have played. How much have you changed?”

“Would you play Matt?”

“Any time over the last eight years not a chance,” Diana paused and looked carefully at her old friend, “But now, in a heartbeat.”

“You’re kidding!”

Diana smirked, “Look at you, you’re getting flushed at the thought. Maybe you can be the old Sue. How badly do you want us back together like the old days?”

“What do you mean ‘badly’?”

“There is a very real risk that if I tell you how I came back you might go away forever in disgust taking Craig out of Matt’s life with you.”

“No way.” Sue stated adamantly.

Diana stared at Sue and thought for a moment. “It’s seven o’clock. Do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Nah. Jeff, Craig and Cindy are feed and settled for the night. Just let me call to tell them I’ll be late. How late?

“Probably ten-ish to eleven-ish.”

Sue went to make the call while Diana went down the hall.

Sue returned to find Diana sitting at the kitchen table.

“Why do you want to turn the clock back Sue? Aren’t you happy with your life?”

Sue thought for a moment. “I love my family. I still love Jeff, but we became normal, ordinary. Boring. I never forgot how much fun we all had. But we drifted apart. Some times I would try to get something started like you used to do, but it always fizzled. Excuse this, hang up that, too old, blah de blah blah. Jeff is a real trooper and humors me and will play but not like the old days. He gets tired. He has other things he wants to do. Blah de blah blah!”

Diana laughed.

Matt strolled in the room “Hey Mrs. Lynn. Where’s Mrs. Hamilton? It’s been ten minutes so what do you want mom?”

“Have a seat Matt. Mrs. Hamilton went home. It’s just us. Mrs. Lynn brought up the idea of a game of strip poker, but I don’t know if she will really do it, so at least I’ll be able to play you if she chickens out.” Diana finished this while pulling a pack of cards from the pocket in her robe.

“What?” squeaked Sue.

“Excuse me?” stuttered Matt.

“You want to turn the clock back? Here it is just like eight years ago,” Diana held the cards out to Sue.

Sue looked at Diana, then Matt and finally at the cards.

Diana smirked, “It certainly won’t be boring.”

“Ah mom, no offense and gee I really don’t mind but you have on what, two items, three at the most. Not much of a game.”

“Actually one item, since I can’t take the panties off. I figured once I lose the robe I would take dares or truths, winner’s choice.”

“Cool; two games in one with two good looking women, alright I’m in,” Matt rubbed his hands together and settled in the chair.

“Why can’t you take your…oh, that time?” Sue was confirmed by Diana’s nod.

Diana waved the cards at Sue smirking.

“You have questions about me Sue? Once I get to truth or dare you’ll have your chance.”

“Have you guys done this before?” Sue looked back and forth between mother and son.

“Poker, yes. Strip poker, no. And that’s the last question I’ll answer until in the game” Diana waved the cards.

“Craig can never know about this” Sue brought her hand up but hesitated, hand hovering before the deck.

“That’s entirely up to you because he’ll never hear it from us.”

“Even from Matt? How could he keep this to himself? I mean this is juicy material.”

“Matt has been doing an incredible job about keeping very juicy material quiet for a while now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nope, that’s a question. How badly do you want the answer?”

“Ahhh. I…I…I…I am so sick of being old and boring.” Sue reached out and grabbed the cards from Diana’s fingers.

“Way illegal bahis siteleri to go, Sue. Welcome back. Five card draw, normal rules and game goes until the last person loses the last piece of clothing and if I win you guys really stink at poker,” Diana laughed.

Sue looked at Matt, “You did turn eighteen, right?”

“Do you want me to get I.D.?” Matt started to rise out of his chair.

“Don’t let him Sue; he’ll just use it as an excuse to get more clothing on. He has a very devious mind.”

“I keep telling you that I am learning from the best.”

“You’re learning from your mother? Oh shit, are we in trouble.”

“Just for that I might gang up with Matt to get you naked first.”

“Bring it girlfriend.”

“Trash talk before the first hand? Wow, when you jump in you don’t half step do you?”

“I can honestly say that I didn’t see this coming.” Sue shook her head.

“Will you two shut up so I can get at least one of you naked sheesh. Some of us have school tomorrow.”

The cards were dealt and hands were flexed. Cards were drawn and hands were shown.

“Woo Hoo! Take it off my boy. Who’s getting naked first huh?” Diana patted her son on the back.

Matt just grinned and slipped a sock off.

“Lame” Sue joked before handing the cards to Matt who shortly lost the next hand and the other sock.

“Still lame”

Diana dealt next. She could tell by Matt’s grin that they wouldn’t be so lucky this time and bet to pressure Sue. Sure enough when the hands went down Sue was on the low end.

Sue looked at both Matt and Diana and then reached down and pulled her blouse up and over her head revealing her black bra and pale flesh.

“Well certainly not lame girl,” Diana clapped.

“Yeah, boys are always such wussies.”

Sue took the cards and looked at Matt as she dealt, “Don’t get too distracted dear; we still haven’t nailed Miss Smirky over there.”

“I’ll try, Mrs. Lynn.”

“Christ, I think we can advance to ‘Sue’; don’t ya think?”

“Nah, it’s too weird.”

Diana and Sue howled in laughter while Matt looked on sheepishly.

Again Diana pressured Sue but it is hard to beat a flush and Matt lost yet again.

To whistles and cheers Matt threw his shirt to the side.

“Now that makes the evening worthwhile,” Sue’s eyes were gleaming as she scanned Matt’s bare chest.

Matt grabbed the cards, “Do you girls have these cards rigged?”

“Nope. It’s a proven fact that girls are way smarter than boys. We just let you occasionally win at things to keep you coming back for more.” Sue spoke while adjusting her bra.

Matt dealt and Diana felt her stomach drop. She didn’t have shit. After two draws the best she had was a pair of threes.

When the hands came down she was already going for the belt to her robe.

“About time somebody wiped the smirk from your face. Let’s see what eight years of gravity has done to you.”

Diana smirked and pulled off her robe and threw it across the table at Sue.

“Oh you suck. Did you gain any weight in eight years?” Sue went from her topless friend to look at Matt who was grinning at Diana.

“I knew it! Your eyes aren’t all bulged out! You’ve already seen the goods! Oh you are so dead when the questions start.”

“I believe you said it best – bring it girl.”

“Well, I got a girl naked, and I have school tomorrow, so good night ladies,” Matt started to get up.

“Sit back down or you are walking to Jamaica,” his mom called sternly.

“Yeah, if you ever want to see Craig again, sit down. Besides, I’ve already seen your mom naked many times. Where’s the thrill in that. Actually with the shape she’s in it’s kind of depressing. Did I tell you that you suck!”

Diana cupped her breasts and jiggled them “What? Are your ears hanging a little low after all these years? You’ve had twice as many kids as me haven’t you?”

“Two to your one; don’t make it sound worse than it is. Just deal the damn cards.”

After a heated exchange of cards Sue again came up on the low end. She reached down and pulled off a stocking.

“Now who’s lame Mrs. Lynn?”

“It’s called pacing oneself at this stage of the game, my dear.”

Diana leaned over towards her son, “In other words, Matt, lame.”

“Just wait; I’m itching to ask you some questions.”

And after the next round she got her chance with a straight.

“So Miss Mom, when was the first time Matt saw the goods?”

“Actually we took baths together until he was probably three.”

“Oh no. Cut the crap, you know what I mean.”

“Hey can I help it if you can’t ask a good question?” Diana held up her hands and smirked.

“You really suck, you know that!”

Next round and Matt came up on top to Diana’s loss.

“Well my son, truth or dare.”

“Well, Mrs. Lynn was right. That was a crappy answer so give her the answer that she really wanted.”

“Oh brave boy. Okay, he got the very unmotherly full view about a month and a half or two months ago.”

Sue thought for a moment, “Yeah the timing seems right. How canlı bahis siteleri did it all start?”

“Nope, winning hands cause the talking. No freebies.”

Next round and Matt finally pulled a royal. “Yeah, you guys think you’re so smart. Beat that!”

Sue reached down and pulled the other stocking off.

“Oh, come on. A stocking for a royal flush?”

“Who’s smarter?”

“Why did I even bother,” Matt shook his head.

“Girls often ask that among themselves about you boys. You are such gluttons for punishment.” Diana remarked.

Sue laughed, “Like the Energizer bunny of Masochists. They keep coming back and back and back.

“Hey pants or bra next smart mouth,” retorted a red-faced Matt.

“Oh yeah, Mr. no socks or shirt. What are you losing next?”

When the next round ended neither lost their pants as Diana pulled the low hand.

Sue rubbed her hands together, “Now where were we? Oh yeah, so what brought about the unveiling two months ago and no skimping on the details.”

“Well, you remember how you didn’t like my answer the other day on how I got Matt to improve his grades? Well, we have a deal. Matt, care to explain?”

“My telling doesn’t break the deal right?”

“You’re safe suspicious one.”

“Alright. Since two months ago as long as I have a decent job, at least an eighty average and promise to go to college in the fall she can’t wear any clothes in the house when we’re alone.”

“No way! You have got to be kidding me.”

“He forgot to mention that he can’t tell anyone and there is absolutely no touching.”

“Are you kidding? Wait, no you’re not. That is exactly what the old Diana would do.”

Sue looked back and forth between the blushing eighteen-year old and the smirking forty-four year old.

“That is so wild. And it worked, didn’t it? You have matured so much Matt. Wait, you can look but not touch? Oh, you poor boy.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Oh yeah, like you have such a shitty deal. Don’t feel sorry for the little shit Sue; he has finagled me into doing a lot of crap since then. Just like his father used to do.”

“Ooooooh, do tell.”

Diana picked up the cards, “Earn it, babe.”

Finally Diana pulled a lucky hand and grinned as she watched her friend carefully pull her pants off while sitting.

“So Matt you’re closer, do the panties match the bra?”

Matt leaned over, “Yup.”

“Stop it. You’re both jerks.”

“This is definitely not over, but I need a bathroom break. Can you refresh the drinks Matt?” Diana got up and walked out of the room.

“So Matt. Your mom’s been prancing around naked for two months all the time?”

“Pretty much.”

“Well she certainly has the figure for it.”

“Oh come on Mrs. Lynn; you’re pretty hot yourself.”

“Well thank you young man, but you’re just saying that to get me naked like your mother.”

“No seriously, don’t tell them I told you but Craig, Chip and I often argue over who has the hottest mother.”

“Really? But your mother hasn’t aged at all.”

“That’s not true, Mrs. Lynn. Before our deal she kind of just moved through the days. Kind of went through the motions with no heart in it. She looked so pale and old. Now some days, I swear she practically glows.”

“Believe me, we all noticed right away. Are you both really happy this way?”

“Honestly, it is hard not to reach out and grab her some times but it wouldn’t be right, deal or no deal.”

“So there really is no hanky panky involved. Wow.”

“No way. She’s my mom. I love her. That’s just not right.”

Diana walked back in, “Soooooo, you are still sitting here in your underwear; that’s a good sign.”

“Excuse me ladies, the bathroom calls.” And it was Matt’s turn to leave.

Diana went over to the counter and leaned back resting her elbows on the counter behind her while crossing her feet.

“Soooo. What do you think?”

“Besides it’s not fair you have that killer of a body still, I don’t know what to think. Other than I can’t remember when I felt the butterflies in my stomach like I do right now.”

“Exactly. It is such a buzz. I missed it so much. No, wrong. I totally forgot about it for so long. Being with Matt like this has brought back so many incredible feelings I can’t begin to describe it.” Without realizing it Diana started to swirl her fingers around her bare stomach.

“Haven’t you ever thought of taking it any further?”

“Sue, he’s my son. He can’t be my equal partner; he needs to grow and experience life like I did, on his own and turn into the man he should become. He can’t do that with me. And he’s too young and inexperienced to really give me what I need.”

“It doesn’t need to be life altering, just simple pleasure sex.”

“Listen to yourself. It’s never simple sex. It should never be simple sex. It’s too special for that. It demeans it way too much.”

“You really are the old Diana. Wild and crazy and would do incredibly insane things but never sex with anyone but David.”

“Exactly. I always thought it was so weird how I could do things that you all were too chicken to do but yet you could sleep with each other so easily, and I can’t even remotely consider it.”

“Ha, those days are looooong gone my dear. And probably for the best. It tore apart Lacey’s marriage for one.”

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