Sweet Hitchhiker

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


All persons depicted in this story are over 18.

Gigi had just graduated from high school and turned 18 at the same time. Her home situation was getting worse all the time, with both parents being alcoholics and fighting and hitting each other. It was only a matter of time before it was directed at her. She decided that she would hitchhike to her aunt’s house that summer but didn’t want to ask permission. She knew her dad would say no. The rest of her family didn’t communicate with her parents but always were nice to Gigi, especially her aunt Sue. She called Sue and Sue had said to come on over, but she couldn’t come get her right then because of work.

She packed some stuff in her backpack and walked to the highway, sticking her thumb out.

She was out for quite a while, with nobody wanting to take a chance on picking up a stranger. Then a big rig slowed and stopped. She ran to the cab and hopped up and opened the door.

The driver was a fortyish man. He said,

“Where you headed?”

“Memphis, to my aunt’s house.”

“Okay, then I guess you’re in luck! I’m passing through Memphis. What’s your name? Mine’s Ed.”

“Gigi. Thanks so much for the ride.”

They started out. She was impressed with the sleeper cab and crawled in the back to check it out. There were two seats facing each other and a bed big enough for two if they laid close together. There was a mini fridge and storage cabinets and a mounted tv.

“Can I watch something on tv?”

“Sure, there’s some DVD’s in the cabinet, just pick one.”

Gigi opened the cabinet and looked at the titles. He had a lot of mainstream popular movies on one shelf but on the lower shelf he had porn videos.

“Is it okay if I watch a porn video?”, she asked Ed.

“Sure, go ahead if you want to.”

She picked one that was particularly interesting to her titled ‘incest schoolgirls’.

She inserted it in the player and sat on a seat to watch.

The film opened with two girls in school uniforms talking in the locker room. They were alone.

One girl told the other,

“Hey, Jenny, I saw my uncle jerking off last night!”

“Now way!”, responded Jenny.

“Way! He’s visiting and I was passing his room and the door was open just enough to peek in. He was looking at a magazine and had his thing in his hand.”

“Oh wow! I wish I could have been there! Was it big?”

“Yeah and some clear liquid was running out.”

Jenny started rubbing her pussy under her skirt.

The movie continued like most porn movies. The two girls had orgasms and then later were fucked by Jenny’s brother and uncle.

Gigi was getting excited watching the movie and started rubbing her own pussy. Ed glanced in the mirror and seeing her rubbing herself started to get hard.

He was nearing the time limit he could drive so he checked the nav system for a truck stop. The nearest was about a half hour ahead.

“Hey, I’m going to have to stop for the day. There’s a truck stop ahead so we can stop there. You can sleep in the truck with me or you can find a ride there, up to you.”

“I’ll stay with you. No telling how long it would take to get a ride.”

“Just to be clear, if you stay with me we’re going to fuck, so if you have a problem with that, you can catch another ride.

“I’m not a virgin, istanbul travesti so I not only don’t have a problem, I would be disappointed if we didn’t.”

He pulled off the highway and parked in the overnight area of the rest stop.

They had dinner in the restaurant and then returned to the truck.

When they got in the sleeper section, Ed asked,

“Do you want to finish that porn video?”

Gigi sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her tee shirt over her head,

“I don’t really think we need to watch that, do you?”

She wasn’t wearing a bra and had small, almost flat breasts with puffy nipples. Ed sat in a chair and watched as she lifted her hips and pulled her shorts and then her panties down. She had a shaved pussy that was just a slit between her legs.

She laid back on the bed, spreading her legs,

“Don’t you want to join me?”

Ed wasted no time getting his clothes off.

Gigi gasped as his cock was exposed!

“Oh my god! It’s big! I’ve never seen one that big!”

Ed was a full 8 inches long and thick all the way to the head.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll go slow. Just relax and you’ll love it!”

He got on the bed and Gigi was expecting him to get on top of her and shove it in like her boyfriends did, but instead he got between her legs and started licking her pussy!

“Ohhhhhhhhh Ed! Oh my god! Ohhhhhhhhh yes!”

She had never been licked in her pussy before and Ed was an expert. He licked from her ass crack to her clit, stopping at her asshole and pussy on the way.

“Oh my god! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

He sucked on her clit and then pushed his tongue in her cunt. She was squirming around and moaning. She grabbed his head and pulled him toward her.

“Oh god Ed, fuck me! Oh god! I’m so fuckin ready!”

Ed crawled on her and rubbing his cock up and down, he found her cavern and pushed the head in.


Gigi moaned, “it’s fucking big! Oh god! Go slow!”

“Don’t worry baby, I’m going to go very slow!”

He pulled out and spit on his cock then pushed back in. She was incredibly tight and he pushed gently in and out, going a bit deeper each time.

“Oh god! It’s going in! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! Oh! Oh!”

“Oh fuck, you’re fucking tight!”

He pushed again and he felt her cervix. He still had an inch of cock outside of her.

“Oh god,it hurts a little but don’t pull out, just leave it in! Ohhhhhhhhh god!”

Ed braced his upper body with his hands and looked down at Gigi. His cock was buried in her pussy, stretching the lips. He stayed buried for a half minute and played with her nipples. She started responding and pushed up at him.

“Now! Fuck me now!” She moaned.

Ed was more than ready. He started a slow steady stroke, withdrawing to the head, then back in. His precum and her juice made it easier.

“Oh Ed! It feels so fucking good!”

They were just getting going when the cab door opened! They were both startled. Gigi tried to push Ed off. He was too heavy and he stayed on top of her but he had stopped moving in her.

“Damn, Ed! you should’ve told me you had a pussy in here!”

Gig was not sure about it, but Ed Told her,

“Relax Gigi, he’s a friend.”

“Any chance of me getting in on this?”

Ed looked down at Gigi with a questioning look,

“Up to you, Gigi.”

She wasn’t sure but really needed the ride. She looked at istanbul travestileri Ed,

“I’m not sure. I’m scared! I’ve never done it with more than one guy. He won’t hurt me, will he?”

“No Gigi, I promise. He’ll be as gentle as I am or I’ll kick his ass. Won’t you Jerry?”

“Yeah man, I don’t hurt, I just please!”

Ed started moving slowly inside Gigi’s pussy. She moaned as the feelings intensified.

“Oh god yes! Fuck me! I want more! Oh god yes!”

She was consumed by her passion and all she wanted was to be fucked.

Ed started fucking faster while Jerry took his clothes off. He was smaller than Ed but not too small. And he was also good looking, which made it easier for Gigi to agree.

He stood by the bed and put his hand on Gigi’s head, pulling her toward his cock.

She opened her mouth and he pushed his cock in. Her mouth was stretched around his cock.

“Damn! You’re going to suck the cum right out of my balls!”

She could only mumble something with his cock filling her mouth.

Jerry’s cock was drooling precum and Gigi had to swallow to keep from choking and it.

“Damn Ed, you better cum pretty quick, cause I want some of that pussy!”

“Yeah, I’m almost there, Jerry. Just hang on a minute.”

Ed sped up even more and Gigi started swiveling her hips and arching up to meet his strokes,

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes! I’m cuming! Oh! Oh! Oh!”,

Gigi moaned as her orgasm shook her body.

“Oh yeeeeaaaah! Take it baby! Take my cum!”,

Ed shouted as he emptied himself in her cunt.

Gigi kept moaning and arching up as she felt Ed shoot several long ropes of cum into her!

When Ed finally stopped cumming, he withdrew his cock, leaving a string of cum between them that fell to the mattress.

Jerry quickly took his place. His cock was smaller and it slid easily into her sloppy cunt.

“Oh man! I can’t believe I’m fucking an 18 year old! Damn, she’s fucking hot!”

Ed watched for a minute, then said,

“I gotta go get a shower then I’m going to sack out in your truck, Jerry. I’ll come back later.”

Jerry just nodded as he kept fucking Gigi.

Gigi was moaning,

“Oh god oh fuck! Oh! Oh, oh!”

As he left the truck, he saw a few other truckers he knew and told them there was a hot slut in his truck getting fucked. He smiled as he saw the men heading for his truck.

Gigi was barely aware when the door opened and 3 more men got in. She was cumming almost constantly as Jerry fucked her.

When she saw a cock in front of her face, she opened her mouth and sucked it in, licking all around it.

“Holy shit! This chick sucks a mean cock!”

Jerry was almost ready to cum when he started fucking and the sight of Gigi sucking a cock put him over the edge and he started shooting into her,

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Oh fuck!”

He spewed his cum into her, adding to her already full pussy!

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Cum in me! Oh god! Cum in me! More! More!”

She was twitching all over and almost delirious. She was barely aware again as Jerry pulled out and another man shoved his cock in her. The night became a blur of cocks in her cunt and mouth. She lost count of how many times she was fucked as men kept showing up.

Finally, she begged,

“No more! Please! No more! I can’t!”

Ed had returned by that time and he told everyone that the fun was travesti istanbul over. He had Gigi dress and led her on shaky legs to the showers where he helped her get cleaned up.

They slept very soundly and she didn’t wake up until Ed started the truck.

“There’s coffee and donuts on the table there. You probably need the food after last night! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, sore as hell, but okay. How many guys did I fuck anyway?”

“I don’t know, but a lot. No wonder you’re sore!”

They arrived in Memphis in the early afternoon that day. Gigi had him drop her off at the nearest exit to her aunt’s apartment . It was only 6 blocks or so, so she could walk.

Her aunt Sue was only 8 years older than Gigi, having been a 40’s surprise for Gigi’s grandmother. They had always been more like friends the few times they were able to see each other.

Sue answered the door right away and gave Gigi a big hug.

“Oh Gigi! I’m so glad you’re here! I have been worried about you with my worthless sister and brother-in-law. Did you have any trouble getting here?”

“Oh no! I got a ride from a trucker and he had this awesome sleeper cap with a bed and tv and cabinet.”

“A bed, hey? And did you use the bed?”

Sue asked suggestively.

“Oh god yes! He had this huge cock! We stopped at a truck stop last night and, oh god Sue, I got fucked over and over by a bunch of truckers!”

Sue was wide eyed,

“Oh wow! Tell me details!”

As Gigi recounted her experience, Sue was breathing deeply and then started rubbing her pussy, first through her shorts, and then with her hand down her pants.

“Oh god Gigi! Oh god, that’s so fucking hot! Is your pussy still sore?”

Gigi pulled her shorts and panties down. Her pussy was still red and swollen.

It was also very wet from recalling the gang fuck.

Sue said,

“Oh my god, Gigi! Let me get some lotion.”

Sue returned and instead of handing the lotion to Gigi, she scooped some out and spread it on Gigi’s pussy.

“Oh Sue! That feels good!”

Sue smeared it all over the outside and then on her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh Sue! Oh god, that does feel good!”

Sue pushed two fingers in Gigi’s pussy and slowly moved them in and out, using her thumb to massage her clit. Gigi was still a little sore but the lotion and Sue’s gentle stroking had her moaning in pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Oh god yes Sue!”

She started to buck her hips up against Sue’s hand. She couldn’t believe she was being fucked again! But the feelings were so intense that she wanted more and more.

“Oh god Sue! Keep doing it! Ohhhhhhhhh yes!”

Sue pulled Gigi’s tee up,

“Oh Gigi! I love your nipples! They’re so big and puffy!”

She thought they looked like crinkly miniature pink marshmallows.

She leaned down and took a nipple into her mouth and licked around the edge then sucked hard on it. She used her finger to trace a circle around the other nipple.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Sue! Oh god! You’re gonna make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh god!”

Sue kept finger fucking her and sucking one nipple then the other. Gigi felt her orgasm starting deep in her pussy, then flowering out to consume her entire being.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh my god! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

She kept moaning as she came, writhing on the couch until she finally calmed down.

“Oh Sue! That was wonderful! I just love you so much!”

Sue sat back and put her arms around Gigi,

“I love you too, Gigi, We’re going to have so much fun together! Now, you need to get some rest. But I have one question before you do. Did you get that truck drivers phone number?”

To be continued…

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