Shower Time

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Waking up slowly… dreamily… feeling that wanting, that ache… needing the touch of my man… reaching over to him…

Shit. It’s Wednesday and he went in early to work. He told me he was last night… damn it. He was considerate and silent and didn’t wake me, but now I am waking up horny and would love some morning glory with him to get both of our days started right and he is gone. Well… fuck. That sucks.

I rise, take a walk to the kitchen, managing not to trip over the dogs vying for my attention by walking back and forth in front of me, and find a pot of coffee waiting. That brightens my outlook a bit, but as much as I LOVE coffee, it’s not the pick me up I woke in the mood for. I get my cup poured, toast is toasted and I head back to the computer in the den.

Sipping and munching, I check e-mails, browse some headlines and give Facebook a quick glance. (I really don’t care that so & so is having shopping with whoever, but it sure is great they can let everyone know about it!) I check the time and I have about 20 minutes before I need to start getting ready for work. Head to the TV and see what is on or…?

I bring the internet back up and browse… something more interesting than headlines.

I go to my favorite amateur video site and click on the swingers’ bursa escort category. Amateur my ass, most of these bimbos are models! I find a couple of videos that aren’t bad… then I click on a link and oh, my, yes this looks… fun.

I watch a couple and another man, in a hotel from the looks of it. The video is edited well and picks up with her on her knees, a cock in each hand. MMMM, that’d be a good way to start the day. Or finish it. Or spend my lunch time.

Soon she is on the bed doggystyle, a man behind her and one in front. She looks as if she is being bounced back and forth, the man behind thrusts his cock and she moves forward. The man in front pops his hips and feeds her his cock and back she goes again.

My ache is now in full bloom, the need for satisfaction much greater now than when I first awoke. Shit, the time is flying and I should’ve been in the shower 5 minutes ago. I close my browser and head back to the bedroom, shucking my PJs as I do. Naked in my bedroom I head towards the master bath when I stop, glance at the clock again and head to the nightstand. I slide open the bottom drawer and get out my favorite morning friend.

I grab the 8″ suction cup dildo and head for the shower. I slide open the door and step in, setting my toy on the built in ledge and turn bursa escort bayan on the water. Once it gets to a good temp, I get in and get soaped up, hair shampooed and conditioner rinsed out in a hurry. Once rinsed, I grab my toy.

I take my thick, veiny friend and get the cup wet enough and stick him to the back wall. Just a little below waist high, he lines up perfect as I bend over, my face towards the shower head, hands on the (firmly installed) hand holds to my right and to my left. Steadying myself on the, the hot water hitting my head, I guide myself back onto my substitute cock. About 3″ thick, it is just a tad bigger than my husband. Love the feel of my realistically designed toy, veiny, thick, fake balls at the base. I edge back until it is fake balls deep in me.

I love our shower. I can grab the hand holds and put my ass to the back wall and when I pull myself forward I get the hot water from the shower on my head and neck, but not a full soaking down my back. (How can shower water dry out your pussy? The biggest challenge of all shower sex I say!)

MMM, yes, this is what I wanted from the moment I began to become conscious. Oh fuck.. that fullness, that satisfaction. MMM fuck yes…

I rock back and forth, fucking my silicone cock good and hard. I know it is not escort bursa environmentally conscious of me wasting all this water but I don’t care. Love the feel of the hot water hitting my neck and my wet hair on my shoulders as I plunge back on my toy. God yes…

I take my right hand off the handle and give my nipple a little pinch. Fuck I wish I had someone helping me… my mind races as I fuck myself in the shower.

The recent porn images in my head… then I imagine my husband in the shower with me… standing to one side… watching me fuck my pussy with this dildo… stroking his hard cock… then stepping in front of me and holding that wonderful cock of his in my face, letting me suck him as I get fucked from behind…

Soon it is just a flood of images… hard cocks… I see myself… my tits swinging with the thrusts of a hard cock… a man on top of me, one moment my husband one moment a stranger, my legs up and his hips slapping into me as he fucks me…

Mmmmmm… yesss… I know I am close so I reach down and touch my clit…

Yesssss getting close… nnnn… fuckkkkkkk

YESSS! Fuck, oh fuck… oh… god…

My moans echo in the shower… my knees weak… the hot water feeling so good as I just stay there, bent over and the water running off me.

I slowly slide off my big rubber shower friend and stand straight again… whew… damn.

Fuck… no way I am not late for work… no matter how much I speed on the way… know… totally worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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