She Said Yes Pt. 05

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She Said Yes

Part 5

Rebecca woke up the next day happy to have had a good night’s rest. She and Amanda had been texting each other planning their time with Brady, what they would be wearing, and telling each other, again, how they had enjoyed their time together the night before. They would be meeting at the suite where Amanda meets her clients. Amanda keeps a box of toys there as well. Rebecca needed to make a trip to an adult store soon. She had her own toys but it would be nice to have a box that is separate just for clients. Besides, there were a few more toys that she’d like to add to her own personal collection.

A few hours before they were to meet with Brady, Amanda and Rebecca met in the hotel restaurant to have an early dinner. Brady liked to have sex and leave and Amanda and Rebecca knew they’d be tired and probably too sore to leave the room after being with Brady, at least they hoped.

Rebecca walked into the restaurant and noticed Amanda in a booth in the back corner waving at her. Rebecca sat down next to Amanda. They were both wearing casual sundresses. Amanda had her hair pulled up into a high ponytail that showed off her long, sexy neck and was wearing a spicy floral scent that Rebecca didn’t recognize from the night before.

“You smell yummy,” Rebecca said smiling.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Amanda said as she leaned over and kissed Rebecca on each cheek.

They spent some time whispering and giggling as they discussed the night before. Rebecca asked for suggestions on what to purchase at the adult store. They agreed Amanda would go with her.

“That would be a fun girl’s night out. Buy some toys, come back and play with them on each other, don’t you think?” Amanda asked Rebecca with a giggle.

Rebecca felt her clitoris tingle. “Oh, yes. I think so.”

As they finished their dinner, they continued small talk finishing their bottle of wine. Rebecca reached under the table and began rubbing Amanda’s legs. They were so soft and smooth, reminding her of Amanda’s pussy from the night before. She moved her hand up Amanda’s leg as Amanda looked at her, smiling, and taking a sip of her wine. Amanda leaned back and spread her legs apart welcoming Rebecca’s hand as it made its way to her upper inner thighs. Rebecca could feel the heat from Amanda. Like the night before, Amanda wasn’t wearing any panties. Rebecca began rubbing Amanda’s pussy that was now becoming very moist. As she rubbed her clit, Amanda leaned over and whispered that she was going to make her cum and they should probably stop because if she came, she would move the table and fuck Rebecca there in the restaurant. Rebecca smiled as she slid her finger inside of Amanda’s wet pussy. She circled her finger around inside of Amanda as she began raising her hips and trying to adjust herself in the seat without any of the other guests in the dining room knowing what was going on.

As they looked at each other, smiling and taking sips of their wine while Rebecca was fingering Amanda, the server walked up to the table unexpectedly asking if they needed anything else. Rebecca kept her finger inside of Amanda as Amanda said no and to bill her room for their dinner. When the server walked away, Rebecca pushed her finger inside of Amanda a few more times before removing it. Rebecca slowly moved her hand up to her face and slid her finger, wet with Amanda’s juices, into her mouth sucking the juices off. Amanda leaned over and kissed Rebecca, sliding her tongue in Rebecca’s mouth so she could taste her own sweet juices, too.

They left the restaurant and as they entered the elevator, Amanda said, “that was foreplay, darling. We need to get ready for Brady and wait until we see each other later before we continue our fun. I have a feeling tonight will be a night that he will never forget.”

“I have a feeling tonight will be a night that I will never forget, too,” Rebecca said.

Their suites were on different floors. Rebecca got off the elevator first to go to her room. When the door opened, Amanda held the open-door button as she kissed Rebecca again, sliding her hand up Rebecca’s dress squeezing an ass cheek.

“See you tonight, beautiful,” she said.

“See you tonight,” Rebecca replied.

Rebecca entered her room and decided to do a fireball shot. She was horny and couldn’t wait to be with Amanda but also looking forward to having a cock inside of her. She and Amanda didn’t talk about what they would do to Brady but as long as he fucked Rebecca, she didn’t care what they did to him.

Before she chose her lingerie, Rebecca picked out a short, red dress with spaghetti straps that was low cut and showed off her perfectly round tits, leaving little to the imagination. The dress barely covered her ass and when she put on her high heels, her legs looked much longer than what they actually were. She decided on her red and black bra and crotchless panties. They made her feel sexy as she thought about how she would look as she bent over or spread her legs, revealing lace panties and her smooth, visible escort izmir pussy.

She admired herself in the mirror as she finished applying her makeup. She knew she looked beautiful and sexy. She loved how she felt and how it felt having others touch her. She was so excited for tonight. She knew it would be a good evening. She brushed her long straight hair and watched as a few strands fell over her face in a sexy manner. She liked how her hair looked. She lined her lips with her favorite red lip liner before sliding the red lipstick across her full lips. Smacking her lips together and giving herself one last look in the full-length mirror approving of what she saw, Rebecca left her bedroom to go to Amanda’s client’s suite.

Rebecca knocked on the door. Amanda opened it up looking like a model. Her hair was in long loose curls and she was wearing a black dress that had off-the-shoulder sleeves. The front was cut out where her breasts were covered by material that was held together by a clasp. Her flat, toned stomach was visible with the material coming back together at her low waist barely covering her hips and ass.

“Fuck girl, can we just go to bed now?” Rebecca asked as she walked in.

“We are going to have so much fun. I am so fucking horny I don’t know how Brady will be able to handle us,” Amanda said laughing. “Let’s get a drink. He just texted and said he’d be here in 10 minutes. I think he is in rare form, too. He’s funny and so much fun.”

They went into the kitchen and Amanda put some ice cubes in a couple of glasses and poured them a glass of peach vodka. She reached into the refrigerator and grabbed some cranberry juice and orange juice to mix with. After stirring the glasses, she gave one to Rebecca.

“You look delicious,” Amanda said. As she winked at Rebecca, she continued, “I can’t wait to smear your lipstick”.

Just as Rebecca was about to respond, they heard a knock on the door. Rebecca’s heart began to race. She suddenly felt nervous. She took a long drink from her cocktail as Amanda walked away to answer the door. Rebecca followed behind her.

Opening the door, Amanda squealed. “Hey baby! I’m so glad to see you!”

Brady walked through the door. He was very handsome. After hugging Amanda, he turned and looked at Rebecca. Turning back to Amanda and looking at both of them, he said, “hello kittens. Are we gonna have some fun tonight or what?”

Rebecca couldn’t help but laugh. Brady walked over to her. Standing in front of her, he stuck his hand out. “I should be a gentleman first and formally introduce myself. I’m Brady. And I know you are Rebecca. I’ve heard a lot about you from Matthew.”

Rebecca shook his hand. “Hi Brady. It’s nice to meet you.”

Brady smacked his hands together and turned around to Amanda.

“So, darling. I’d like a bourbon neat and then we can get comfortable. Although I have to say, both you ladies are looking fucking good tonight. I am one lucky man.”

Amanda laughed and went to the kitchen. As she made Brady a bourbon neat, Brady asked Rebecca how she was doing.

“I’m doing really well and I know I’ll be doing even better very soon.”

“Oh, how I like a girl who knows,” Brady said. “I think we are all going to be doing better very soon.”

Amanda walked in and handed the bourbon neat to Brady. As they drank their drinks, Brady asked Amanda if she had filled in Rebecca on what he likes.

“What you like?” Amanda asked. “I think the list would be shorter if I told her what you didn’t like.”

Brady laughed. “You have a point. Rebecca, I like sex. All kinds of sex. But I especially like fucking two beautiful ladies. And I like everything. I like to do everything and I like everything done to me. So don’t be bashful. I’ve never told a woman to stop doing something to me. I also like getting to the point. And the point is, I came here to fuck and have a good time. So, let’s get to it. I want to watch you beautiful kittens lick each other first and then I’ll join in when I’m ready. Sound good?”

“Always sounds good, darling,” Amanda said. Amanda and Rebecca put their drinks on the counter. Amanda grabbed Rebecca’s hand and began walking into the bedroom with Brady walking behind them holding his bourbon neat. Their dresses were so short, their ass cheeks were visible as they took steps. He couldn’t wait to fuck them both.

Amanda had low music playing in the background with some candles lit. Brady sat down on the chair across from the bed. It was the perfect place to watch Rebecca and Amanda fuck each other.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day, Brady,” Amanda said. “Rebecca and I had dinner earlier and we were talking about this evening. We’re both so hot for you.” She looked at Rebecca. “And hot for each other.”

Amanda walked over to Rebecca. Rebecca licked her lips in anticipation of kissing her. Amanda put both her arms around Rebecca’s neck. Rebecca opened her mouth as Amanda’s tongue slid inside. Rebecca put her arms around Amanda’s waist and pulled her in closer. She reached down and pulled Amanda’s dress up, exposing her ass and the g-string izmir escort bayan she was wearing. Rebecca squeezed Amanda’s ass with both of her hands and they continued kissing and moaning. Amanda was running her fingers through Rebecca’s long hair.

As Brady watched the girls kissing, he began rubbing himself. His cock was already starting to get hard. Brady had taken a Viagra before he went to Amanda’s in case he came sooner than he wanted and he wanted to make sure he’d get hard again without any problems.

As Rebecca and Amanda stopped kissing, Rebecca reached down to the clasp in front of Amanda’s dress. She unclasped it and as she did, the material fell to the side of each tit. Rebecca leaned over and took one of her tits into her mouth and began sucking her nipple as she massaged her tit with her hand. Amanda pulled Rebecca’s dress up. Brady could see her smooth pussy and ass were accessible for his dick to enter her later without her taking off her panties.

“Good girl,” he thought to himself as he began rubbing himself harder.

As Rebecca began sucking Amanda’s tit, Amanda began rubbing Rebecca’s ass.

“Let’s fuck,” Amanda said.

They walked over to the bed. Amanda slipped out of her dress and let it fall to the floor. Rebecca turned around asking Amanda to unzip her dress. As Rebecca stepped out of her dress, Amanda said “Brady, wait until you taste Rebecca. She is sweet as honey. Mmmm, I can’t wait to taste her again.”

“Mmmm, fuck I know both of you are going to taste like honey,” Brady said as he sipped his bourbon.

As they took their heels off, they climbed into bed. Amanda moved Rebecca’s hair to the side as she unclasped her bra, taking it and laying it on the floor. She reached down to begin to take off Rebecca’s crotchless panties.

“No,” Brady said. “Leave her panties on. I want to fuck Rebecca with those on. They are hot.”

Amanda moved her hand between Rebecca’s thighs. “Brady, she is so wet for us. I love how wet you are, Rebecca,” Amanda breathed heavily.

Brady was so hard it was uncomfortable for him wearing his pants. He removed his shoes and socks and stood up and removed his shirt. He unbuckled his belt. Amanda looked over at him.

“Do you want some help, baby?” she asked.

“No, honey. I want you two to keep going. I’m just getting more comfortable.”

Amanda looked over at Rebecca. “Wait until you see his beautiful, thick, cock. He feels so good.”

Brady laughed. They both looked over at him as his pants fell to the floor. He looked at them as he grabbed his boxer briefs and pushed them to the floor. His hard cock was erect and Rebecca smiled.

“I can’t wait to put you in my mouth,” she said.

“Mmm, I can’t wait to cum in your mouth,” Brady replied.

Amanda looked at Rebecca. They were both sitting on their knees. Amanda put her hand between Rebecca’s thighs and began rubbing her clit. Rebecca moved Amanda’s g-string to the side and felt how wet Amanda was. She started caressing Amanda’s pussy, moving her fingers across her opening. As she slid one of her fingers into Amanda, Amanda started rubbing Rebecca’s clit harder.

Rebecca whispered to Amanda that she wanted to taste her. Amanda laid on the bed. Rebecca slowly pulled Amanda’s g-string off. As she did, Brady said, “let me hold those. I want to smell her sweet juices.” Rebecca looked over at Brady as he was stroking his cock. She threw the g-string to him and watched as he put them up to his nose to inhale the nectar left behind.

Turning around and looking at Amanda, she lowered herself between Amanda’s thighs. Amanda had her legs spread apart and was sitting up. She wanted to watch Rebecca. Rebecca started kissing the inside of Amanda’s legs. As she did this, she started rubbing her clit. She could feel Amanda getting wetter. She moved her mouth closer to Amanda’s pussy. Using her fingers, she opened her up and began rubbing the inside of Amanda’s pussy in a circular motion. As she did this, Amanda began moaning. Rebecca’s lips and fingers were so soft. She felt Rebecca’s breath getting closer to her opening. Rebecca looked up and made eye contact with Amanda. Amanda bit her lower lip as she watched Rebecca’s head move down. She felt her tongue enter her and she let out another moan.

Brady began rubbing his cock harder. He didn’t think he could hold back much longer without joining. He usually watched girls fuck each other for at least half an hour before he climbed into bed but he was so hot tonight, he didn’t want to wait. Rebecca’s ass was in the air as she was going down on Amanda and her pussy looked so delicious. As he kept listening to Amanda moan and watching Rebecca’s body move as she was licking Amanda’s pussy, he decided it was time.

Amanda had laid her head down. She was enjoying Rebecca’s warm, soft mouth as her tongue licked her. Rebecca began sucking her clit. She felt the bed move and knew that Brady had decided to join them.

Brady placed his hands on the back of Rebecca’s legs. With her ass in the air, he began rimming her.

“Ohhhh,” Rebecca moaned as she sucked izmir escortlar Amanda’s clit harder. She felt Brady’s tongue twirling around her and felt his tongue slide inside her ass.

Amanda grabbed Rebecca’s head. She was going to cum and started moaning, “don’t stop.”

Rebecca put two of her fingers inside of Amanda as she kept sucking her clit. Amanda began breathing heavier and let out a louder moan. “Fuck!” Rebecca could feel her pussy clinch and could tell she was going to cum. She moved her fingers and started licking the sweetness of her nectar out of her pussy. She tasted so fucking good.

Brady was now fingering Rebecca’s pussy with one hand, while he rubbed her ass with the other hand. Rebecca moved her head away from Amanda’s pussy. She turned around and put her fingers that had been in Amanda’s pussy into Brady’s mouth.

“Taste her honey,” Rebecca said. Brady sucked on Rebecca’s fingers.

“Mmm, baby. You always taste so good,” he said.

Amanda was sitting up now. Rebecca moved over so Brady could slide in between them. Amanda leaned in and gave him a kiss. As she did, Rebecca reached down and wrapped her fingers around Brady’s hard cock. Amanda was right. He was very thick.

Brady pulled his mouth from Amanda and laid down. Rebecca and Amanda began kissing each other. They both lowered their bodies down next to Brady. Rebecca was on one side of him and Amanda on the other. They laid down with their heads next to Brady’s thighs. Amanda placed her hand around the base of Brady’s cock and began sucking the head. As she did this, Rebecca began licking his shaft, getting him wet with her saliva. Brady loved how it felt having two mouths wrapped around him. It was one of his favorite things about having a threesome. Fuck that. All of it was his favorite things.

Amanda moved her head away as Rebecca moved her mouth closer to the head of Brady’s cock while Amanda started sliding her hand up and down him. Rebecca did a nice job of making him wet with her saliva. She started kissing the head as Amanda stroked him. When Amanda stopped so she could kiss and lick on Brady’s cock, Rebecca wrapped her mouth around Brady to take him deeper into her mouth. He was so thick and her mouth could not open any wider. As she moved her mouth up and down, Amanda began stroking him again.

Brady reached out and grabbed both of their hair. “Fuck, you all are going to make me cum. Fuck!”

Rebecca slowed down her rhythm of sucking him. As Amanda kept stroking him, Rebecca took her mouth away and started kissing Amanda. Amanda whispered to Rebecca, “why don’t you sit on him cowgirl?”

Rebecca moved up toward Brady. Looking at him, she bent down and gave him a kiss. As they continued kissing, Amanda got out of bed and walked up toward the top of the bed. She got back into bed and straddled Brady’s face. Rebecca stopped kissing Brady and sat up. As Amanda lowered herself and Brady began licking her pussy, Amanda kissed Rebecca.

Rebecca moved down lower. Facing Brady, she straddled his waist. She started stroking his hard cock. She was so wet; she didn’t need lube. She placed his hard cock inside of her pussy as she sat down on him. She and Amanda were facing each other. As Brady was licking Amanda’s pussy, Rebecca grabbed both of Amanda’s tits with each hand as she started moving her body up and down on Brady’s cock. Amanda leaned over and took her hand and started rubbing Rebecca’s clit as Brady’s cock was sliding in and out of her.

Rebecca took her hands off of Amanda’s tits and leaned back, holding onto Brady’s legs. Amanda started moving her body up and down so Brady could suck her clit. As she did this, she was moving her fingers across Rebecca’s clit faster and harder. Rebecca started moaning.

“Oh, God. That feels good,” she said as her breathing started getting heavier. Rebecca started fucking Brady harder. Amanda could feel Rebecca getting even more wet.

“Cum for me, Rebecca,” Amanda said as she continued rubbing Rebecca’s clit while Rebecca was moving up and down Brady harder and faster.

“Fuck, yes!” Rebecca screamed as she felt herself orgasm.

“That’s it, baby girl. Make us wet,” Amanda said. Amanda was moving her hips up and down, giving Brady the perfect angle of licking her wet pussy and sucking, then nibbling her clit.

Rebecca was sitting on Brady’s cock moving forward and back. Amanda leaned forward even further. She started rubbing Rebecca’s clit again. Amanda stretched her body out, almost in a sixty-nine position. She lowered her head and began licking Brady’s cock as he was sliding in and out of Rebecca’s pussy. She could taste Rebecca’s sweet cum. Rebecca leaned back. Her clit was visible to Amanda. Rebecca heard Amanda make a moaning sound and suddenly felt Amanda’s tongue licking her clit.

“Fuck!” Rebecca said as Amanda would lick Brady’s cock and as he slid deep inside of Rebecca, Amanda would start licking Rebecca’s clit. Brady started fucking Rebecca slower so he and Rebecca could enjoy Amanda’s tongue licking and sucking them. Rebecca could feel Amanda’s mouth try to wrap around her clit. Rebecca stopped grinding Brady while Amanda would suck her. As Brady kept fucking Rebecca and Amanda sucked and licked her, Rebecca screamed. She could feel the warm juices building up inside of her as she orgasmed again.

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