Saoirse’s Adventures Ch. 06

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Double Penetration

Saoirse’s Adventures Pt 6

The hum of machinery vibrated through the floor, and the air was hot and stifling.

“All this to show me a janitor’s closet?” yawned Saoirse.

Arthur had gotten up from their nap before Saoirse and proceeded to explore the sprawling courtyard. He’d nudged Saoirse awake insistently, and even retrieved her clothes for her. She’d parted from her cool patch of moss next to the stream to follow Arthur’s black-feathered wings up the hill on the long side of the courtyard. His hoodie was still drying in the sun, and he wore a t-shirt bearing the letters “RKLOG” over his swim shorts and flip-flops. Arthur’s curly dark hair hung loosely about his shoulders, still damp from washing in the stream that ran through the courtyard.

“Just because it has a mop doesn’t mean it’s automatically a janitor’s closet,” said Arthur. He handed his water bottle to Saoirse, who was already overheating, and she drank deeply from it. The door to the room had been unmarked and left unlocked. Around them, a maze of pipes snaked up the walls and out of sight, and large metal tanks lined the other side of the room. There was another door within, propped open by a chair. Saoirse’s eyes acclimated to the low light with catlike efficiency, and she smelled the distinct odor of-

“Yech, old nicotine,” Saoirse whispered to herself. An ashtray sat on the chair in the doorway, full of used cigarette butts. None of it smelled fresh, which Saoirse found encouraging. The door led further down into the building.

“This should be the living quarters,” whispered Arthur as they padded out into an official-looking lobby. A bare front desk presided over chairs, couches, and dirty folding tables, all wedged up against the walls and the latter still covered in brightly striped party tablecloths.

Saoirse turned to Arthur, who was already clutching at his crotch. “Just a sec, I’m going to pee,” he informed her.

“You need to go again?” yawned Saoirse.

Arthur shuffled over to the nearest couch, positioning himself right above what was clearly a piss stain-

“Wait,” hissed Saoirse, yanking Arthur back by the waistband of his shorts.

“What is it?” whispered Arthur.

“I’m going to smell it,” explained Saoirse dryly. “When I’m done you can hose it down.”

A small drip of urine escaped him, but he nodded, putting on a brave face, and stepped back. In her tie-dye t-shirt and swim shorts, Saoirse mostly appeared to be a normal, skinny, light-skinned young human. She was half Renoige, though; catlike ears the same color as her pale yellow hair matched the color of her fluffy knee-length tail.

The urine stain was years old but had been well-preserved in the dry, dark space.

“The person who left this was…” Saoirse sniffed. “Male, possibly haman or anth, not well-hydrated, and consumed lots of artificial sugar.” She let Arthur scoot up to the couch and pull down the front of his shorts while she patted down her pockets. “Damn it, I left my notepad back in the room.”

Arthur let go with a small fart. “S-sorry,” he grunted. “Can you really tell all that from an old pee stain?” His penis was smaller than Saoirse had ever seen it, though it was visibly growing in his hand as his flow pummeled into the couch cushion.

Saoirse realized she was staring and looked back up at Arthur’s face. “Y-yeah. Sorry for uh…”

“No no, look all you like,” said Arthur, stretching. “I have to drink lots of water for my pain meds to work, and I’m glad someone else can enjoy it with me.”

Saoirse took a breath to deny that she was enjoying it and paused, blushing.

“What bursa escort can you tell from my urine? I’ve always wanted to ask, but never got up the guts to do it,” said Arthur.

Grateful for an excuse to watch Arthur relieving himself, Saoirse inhaled. She didn’t need to bend down to smell it.

“You’re very andyne and very male, you’ve been drinking a lot of water, there’s a bitter edge that might be…dagger root?” Saoirse briefly glanced up at Arthur’s face. His jade green eyes stood out against a brilliant red blush across his cheekbones as he nodded.

“There’s something that’s either artificial sugars or medication.”

“For my wing,” grunted Arthur. “I can smell it too and I don’t like it.” He shifted, his flow slowing for a split second. He was about half hard.

“And you’re quite um…amorous, as you put it,” said Saoirse. Her stomach did a little backflip that pressed on her bladder. She didn’t need to go at the moment but she would soon, she thought, taking another drink from Arthur’s water bottle.

Arthur took a deep breath and stopped abruptly, shaking off. “Phew. Gotta save some for later,” he said. “I want to give this place a good soaking.”

They stopped at a working drinking fountain up the front lobby to refill Arthur’s water bottle.

“I also have something to ask you,” said Arthur, angling the bottle under the fountain as it filled. “Milly and her husband are dropping some groceries by the camp this afternoon. I could use that opportunity to go back to camp and bring you with me,” he offered. “We could come back here in the evenings, no harm done. Or I could stay here as long as Milly is away from camp; I still have to meet her to get my wing meds today either way.”

“What do you want to do?” asked Saoirse.

Arthur shrugged. “Stay here, I guess. This is a two-month dig. I’ve been digging in the hot sun for three and a half weeks and sleeping on a cot that pinches my feathers.” He topped off the bottle and set it on the fountain to screw on the lid. “I slept better last night than I have in weeks, and being here with you has been…” Arthur gulped and Saoirse found herself hanging on his words. She shook it off when he took a long drink of water.

“I’ve liked having you here,” Saoirse said earnestly, and it made her heart flutter. She took the water bottle and drank from it. “You’re the only person I’ve talked to in…maybe five days?” said Saoirse.

“Really? How did you get-” thump! Arthur’s wing had spasmed into a corner in the wall behind him. “Owwww.” he gasped. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he picked up, his hand shaking.

“Are you okay?” Saoirse asked.

“I’m fine,” Arthur grunted. “Hey M-Milly…You d-didn’t get me at a b-bad time, I just stubbed my bad w-wing…Yeah.”

Arthur became steadier the longer he recovered. He gave Milly some details about the building and hung up, turning to Saoirse.

“Milly’s husband is meeting us out front in an hour,” said Arthur. “He’ll have my meds, my sleeping bag, and some food for us.”

Saoirse’s stomach growled. “What kind of food?”

Arthur’s stomach seemed to growl in reply. “It’s Friday, so they’ll be stopping by the local deli for hot food, but she also gets stuff like instant coffee, powdered creamer, and instant noodles. Someone goes into town to buy it in bulk for the camp every week.”

Saoirse was already halfway to the maintenance room. “Come on, I’ll show you how I got into the building.” She paused next to the door, wrinkling her nose at the old ashtray on the chair. Arthur had followed and stopped close to her, looking at bursa escort bayan her expectantly. He was close enough for Saoirse to stretch up and kiss him, she thought. They locked eyes for a long moment, and Saoirse pulled away when she realized what she was doing, using her butt to push open the maintenance room door.

“Come on, standing too close to that ashtray is giving me a headache,” said Saoirse. Arthur’s expression was as confused as she felt, and he glanced thoughtfully down at the ashtray.

“How long is it going to take to get out there?” asked Arthur.

Saoirse shrugged. “Maybe ten minutes.”

“Let’s take our time then,” said Arthur. “I want to explore the living quarters for a bit.”

They turned back to the living quarters. A flight of stairs led up in one direction to a main entrance through the courtyard, with big windows looking out on a wide mossy area with a landscaped pool under the trees. Saoirse took care to prop open the door to the courtyard with a rock from outside, then went back and explored another hallway with Arthur.

A communal shower room lay along the second hallway, and Saoirse tested it. It had hot water.

“Arthur!” gasped Saoirse. She hadn’t seen Arthur come up behind her and stepped right back into him. He was carrying his heavy water bottle, and was easily knocked off his center of gravity when he slipped on the wet tile floor.

They fell in a heap, with a loud “OOF” from Arthur. Saoirse had landed directly on his bladder and scrambled off him onto the wet tile. The first thing Arthur did was take the phone out of his pocket, which struck Saoirse as odd until Arthur flooded his pants. He twisted back to check his bad wing, letting himself pee through his shorts.

“I’m so sorry,” said Saoirse. “Are you okay?”

“I’m alright,” said Arthur. He straightened some of his feathers and turned around, using his thumbs to pull back his waistband. Instead of just taking out his dick this time, he brought out his balls too, letting them rest on top of his shorts while he continued soaking the fabric. “I needed this anyway.” He grunted, rubbing at his lower belly.

Arthur’s urine gurgled down the shower drain, and Saoirse shifted. “Mind if I go too?”

“I don’t mind if you don’t mind me watching,” said Arthur.

“Deal,” said Saoirse, slipping out of her shorts. She tossed them over to a dry patch of tile and spread her legs, letting her half-hard clitoris hover, dripping, over the tile. She even had a fused labia underneath her clitoris, forming a sensitive pad of skin that made up a pseudoscrotum. Saoirse tensed and fired a jet of piss, aiming directly at the shower drain. It felt better than she thought it would, especially with Arthur watching.

Arthur’s penis swelled and his testicles tightened, and Saoirse felt her clit doing the same.

“Can I practice doing oral on you soon?” asked Arthur, entranced.

“After we eat,” Saoirse replied. “And I want to stop at a bathroom to wash our hands on the way.”

“Of course,” said Arthur. “The one next to where we slept even has soap.” He slowed suddenly to a trickle and stopped, pulling back his foreskin to shake off.

“You should fully empty your bladder, you know,” said Saoirse. “It’s not healthy to ‘save’ it too often.”

“I know. I have somewhere in mind to put the rest of this though,” said Arthur, patting his lower abdomen. “May I um…” he glanced down between Saoirse’s legs. “May I touch?”

Saoirse stretched. “Hmm…I will if you let me suck your dick before we go up.”

Arthur scooted over to Saoirse and set his phone escort bursa on Saoirse’s shorts before extending one of his large hands. Saoirse let him play with her clit and delicately probe her pseudoscrotum. “So why can’t I-” he blushed. “Why can’t I suck on your clitoris but you can do me?”

“Because I’m going to teach you,” said Saoirse. She finished peeing and Arthur shook her off. Next to her, he was fully hard, weeping a large drop of precum at the end of his thick foreskin. Saoirse sat cross-legged and turned to face Arthur. “I feel like we’d be in a hurry if I taught you now, and it’s not something I want to rush.”

“I guess I can accept that,” said Arthur as Saoirse bent down over him. “But I still want to-“

Saoirse silenced him by pulling back his foreskin and popping the head into her mouth. She traced the lines on and around it with her tongue, caressing the shaft with one hand while the other explored the folds of his testicles.

Arthur lay back on his elbows and Saoirse went deeper. Her finger brushed the skin around his rectum and he squirmed, so she stuck it in, moving it up and down in time with her mouth. Arthur’s pelvis rolled beneath her, and she heard his wing spasm against the carpet, along with a small moan and a shiver.

Saoirse looked pointedly up at Arthur, who wheezed, “I’m fine!”

Since Arthur had already been horny when Saoirse started, she wasn’t surprised at how quickly his body began twitching. His wing jerked more than ever, and he let himself drop to the floor on his back. He raised his hips, his butt tightening until a split second before he came.

The first blast was in Saoirse’s mouth, and she directed the rest toward the drain, waiting until Arthur was all done before spitting it down the drain.

“Phew.” Arthur sat up, quivering. “That was intense,” he gulped, and raised himself carefully to his feet. His cock was still hanging out, red and slowly shrinking when he held out a hand to Saoirse. She took it and got to her feet before securing her erect clit in her waistband. Arthur put his dick away, and they stared at each other for another long moment, interrupted by Arthur’s phone.

The voice that came through when Arthur picked up was masculine. “Hey uh…Arnold? I’m here right now-” Arthur paled, and he exchanged a wide-eyed glance with Saoirse. “But do you mind if I stop by the camp first? I really need to use the bathroom.”

“Uh yeah,” said Arthur. “We still need to get up there to meet you, so take your time.”

“Thanks, Arnold,” sighed the voice. “See you soon.” Arthur took a breath to correct him, but found that he’d hung up and lowered his phone

“Was that…” Saoirse had to search her memory. “Milly’s husband?”

Arthur nodded, turning on one of the shower spigots and giving his shorts a quick, cold rinse that made him jump. “Yeah. He has one of those dumb traditional Andyne floral names…Daffodil, I think.”

“You think that’s dumb,” said Saoirse, leading the way up to the courtyard. She hitched the full water bottle up onto her hip. “Every time I go anywhere off-world, the Interworld Customs agents pronounce my name so that it rhymes with ‘divorce.'”

“How do you spell it?” asked Arthur. They passed the puddle Arthur had left on the couch. Saoirse spelled out her name while she held the door to the maintenance room for Arthur, but he’d stopped behind her.

“What’s up?” said Saoirse.

Arthur positioned himself over the ashtray on the chair. “Remember when I said I had somewhere in mind to pee?” He took out his dick and let go. The smell of his urine covered the worst of the old nicotine smell, pooling almost neatly into the ashtray. It had only overflowed a little when he finished, and he hastily adjusted his clothes.

“Come on,” said Arthur, taking Saoirse’s hand and shaking her from a daze. “Let’s wash our hands and get that food!”

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