My Sister’s Armpit Fetish

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I have it pretty good. I’m Josh, 26, almost six feet. I’ve got a great paying job working at Tech Company. Bought a townhouse a couple of years back. Dating a few fine young ladies. A new car. Yeah, life is good.

And my life was pretty normal until a few weeks ago. Hey, I am not complaining, the change has been stimulating and different.

It was a typical Saturday. I got up early, had breakfast, headed to the gym for a light workout, showed and headed on back home. I was surprised to see my older sister’s car parked in my driveway.

My sister, Mary, is 32, married for eight years to Ralph. Two great kids, Kenny and Mark, six and four respectively. I love being an uncle.

Mary is about 5.8, a healthy 130, full “C” cup tits, nice round ass, brunette, shoulder length hair. Good sense of humor. Happily married, except for one little thing that was lacking, which I learned was the reason for her unannounced visit.

Ralph’s a nice guy. We get along. He’s 36. My height, a little heavier. Pretty strait-laced.


I never really looked at my sister on a sexual way. Well maybe when I hit puberty and caught glimpses of her coming out of the shower or when she wore a bikini on vacations at the beach, but nothing overtly perverted.

I go into the house, threw my keys into a bowl and called out her name. No answer. I walk into the living room and she’s not there, nor is she on the kitchen. I call her name out again as I go up the stairs to the bedrooms, again no answer.

I take a quick look in the hallway bathroom and the two guest rooms. Nope, she’s not there.

When I step into my bedroom, I get a shock. There is Mary, laying spread eagle on my bed, completely naked. Her brown hair splayed around her head. Her arms above her head. I notice a “V” swatch of brown hair covering her pussy. Her eyes were red from crying, tears streaks on her cheeks.

She looks up at me, and whimpered, “Josh, I’m so sorry. But I need your help to save my marriage. He won’t do it Josh. I’ve begged and pleaded with him. He says I’m sick, perverted, depraved. Josh, honey, I just can’t stand it anymore. I need it so bad. It’s been over nine years since anyone has done it to me. Please sweetie, please.”

She was now trembling. I had no idea what she wanted from me. Ralph thought it was “perverted, depraved”. wouldn’t do it. My first thought was oral sex. I looked down at her naked body, her smooth skin, her milf like shape. I sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

“What is it, Mary. What won’t he do? And you want me to…?”

I stopped myself. Was my sister, my big sister, going to ask me to eat her? Jesus!

She took a deep breath, looked up at me, “I know this is going to sound pathetic, sick, but Josh, honey, I need it, want it so bad. It’s the only way I can get-off, cum. Will you, can you?” She took another deep breath, “Lay down next to me, finger my pussy”, she paused then softly, pitifully added, “lick, kiss and suck my arm pits?”

My mind started to spin. She said it, “Suck her pits”. I looked at her laying completely exposed.

She tearfully stated again, “It’s the only way I can cum.”

I was startled, to say the least. “Ralph can’t make you cum? You haven’t cum in nine years?”

“Please, Josh. Not since, Blake, you know, the guy before Ralph. He used to love doing it to me. I should of married him. But he kept cheating on me. Please Josh. Will you, do it?”

I remembered Blake. That bastard broke her heart. Then Ralph shows up in her life. Great job, money, older, orderly. She rebounded into marriage.

Now I’m staring down to her. She looks so helpless, vulnerable. I rationalize, it’s not really sex, not really incest. It’s just doing my sister a favor. It’s not really intimate. It’s just, like…

Still fully clothed, ankara escort bayan I laid down next to her naked body. I lean over and kiss her softly on the cheek, tasting her salty tears.

I place my hand onto her stomach and now, watching my hand, I started to move it down to her trimmed muff of pubic hair. As I touch the top of the “V”, I turn my head. Her arms raised, resting above her head. I see the smoothness of her freshly shaved armpit. I inhale and there is only a very faint smell of her body odor. I think, she’s not wearing any deodorant, the taste and scent will be all her.

As my middle finger slides between the fold of her pussy lips, I kiss her under arm. Her whole-body shivers, shakes as she moans loudly, “OOOOHHHHH GOD!”

At the same time my finger reached the opening of my sister’s pussy and my thumb pushed down on her stiff clit, I ran the flat of my tongue up the entire length of her armpit. I was surprised by the smoothness of it. My tongue glided across it, no stubbles at all. And it had a slight taste of saltiness.

Again, she moaned out loud as I felt her other hand on the back of my head pressing my face i to her pit.

She spread her thighs further apart, opening herself up to the manipulation of my fingers. She placed a leg over mine. And moved her pussy up to meet my probing finger.

She whispered, “Fuck me baby, fuck me!”

I shoved my index and ringer finger into her and did as she wanted. I started continued to lap at her pit. When I opened my mouth and sucked on it, her whole body tensed.

I pushed my three fingers into her as far as I could, moving and twisting them inside my sister’s drenched pussy. I licked up and down on her pit again. Its taste and smell getting more intense with her excitement. When I opened my lips against her pit and sucked again, she let out a piercing wail. Her whole body tensed. I pushed my fingers deeper into her spread them apart and held the still. She grabbed a fistful of my hair pressing my face hard into her pit. She let out a piercing scream and her whole body shook violently as she came, as her entire being was releasing years of frustrations and deprivations.

I couldn’t see her face with mine buried in her armpit, but I could hear her loud sobbing as her body trembled and her pussy spasmed around my fingers, squeezing them and relaxing around them with each pulse.

As her body started to relax, I gently rocked my fingers together inside her warm moist cunt. I kissed her now pungent smelling and tasting armpit, softly with my lips and tongue. I found myself enjoying my heightened senses of smell, taste, touch of my big sister’s armpit and hearing the pleasure I was giving her.

She now ran her fingers through my hair and whispered a thank you to me.

I wasn’t done. I wanted to see how depraved the bitch was and I wanted to make her cum again.

I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and with a quick motion put them to her face, against her lips and plunged them into her mouth. I was surprised when she hungrily sucked on then tasting herself, her pussy. Her eyes closed, a content, pleasurable look on her face.

I yanked my fingers from her sucking lips and literally tossed myself across her body, laying on the other side of her.

I pulled her hand over her head. Exposing her other, now sweaty armpit. I jammed three fingers of my other hand into her sloppy cunt. Pressed and massaged my thumb against her clit. I moved my face down and started in on Mary’s other salty, bitter, armpit with vigor and my newfound lust for its taste, touch and smell.

My cock now rock hard, a captive inside my pants and underwear, wanting to escape.

“Oh, my dear God!”, she squealed as I rubbed and lathered her pit with my saliva. She placed her hand again on my head, eryaman escort tangling her fingers in my hair. I licked and sucked every inch of her smooth warm armpit.

She growled at me, “God, you ever fucking little bastard! Why did I wait so long? God, damn you, I’m going to cum again!”

With that her body tensed and started to writhe in shear ecstasy. Her back arched. Her pussy and clit pressing against my fingers. A long, low guttural tone came from the back of her throat, through clinched teeth “ggggggggrrrrrrr”. The sound matching the convulsions of her body and her grinding cunt against my hand.

I became obsessed with the taste, smell, feel and especially the sounds. All the sounds mixing together, coming from deep within her throat, to the squishing of my fingers into her cunt, my tongue and mouth, slurping and kissing my sister’s arm pit. I didn’t want it to end. I was so absorbed in this new decadent, incestuous pleasure.

The waves of my sister’s orgasm edded, her body started to relax and her breathing turned to normal. I slid my pussy juiced covered finger out if her cunt, raised my head, and slowly took in her now glistening with sweat full figured naked body. Her painted red toenails. Her slender, thin ankles. Her toned calves, slightly knobby knees and her wide, but firm thighs. The matted wet tuff of her pussy hair around the slit of her cunt. Her flat tummy. Her large tits flattened and hanging off her sides. The indent at the nape of her neck a small pool of sweat. Her ruby lips, then our eyes met.

We both smiled, she said softly, “Thank you Jo…”. But I stopped her by placing my cum coated over her lips. I smiled again as her tongue licked it.

In one motion, I flipped over her. I stared down at her tits again, taking in her silver dollar sized brown areolas, her taut nipples still pointed up. I lowered my head and started suckling one, while my hand fondled the other tit, kneading it. My forefinger and thump gently pinching it, teasing it.

I felt her hand on the back of my head, stroking my hair. Pulling her teat into my mouth, I lashed at it with my tongue. I imagined sucking milk from it.

Mary moaned and kept stroking my head.

I leaned up and looked down at her again. She had a girlish grin on her face. I reached back and took her hand from my head by the wrist and brought it above her head. I took hold of her other wrist with the same hand and held her wrist together. She cooed, as I exposed her yet unserved armpit. Her legs still wide apart, I flipped one of my still jeans covered legs over her bare thigh. I thought a little roleplaying would add to the next phase of this new experience with the big sister. Pretending I was holding her down, wrists above her head held tight and my leg over hers trapping her beneath me.

I again attacked her breast with my other hand, squeezing it hard this time. Manhandling it. And lowering my head I bit her nipple a little more than just playfully.

“OH, DEAR GOD, JOSHUA!” Her back arching up, her toes curled. I could tell this scene and my actions were exciting her. I also knew the affect it was having on me. My cock, rock hard was straining against my underwear and jeans begging for release. But I didn’t want to move my hand away to free it. Fearing of breaking the moment.

I slid my mouth off her nipple and sucked hard all around her areola and then down the side of the tit sagging to the side. Again, she cooed as I started to lick, kiss. nibbled and suck around her hairless pit. I teased her by just moving along the outside of her pits indentation. I could smell the salty, sour odor emanating from it, getting stronger the more my lips, tongue and teeth played around the rim.

I moved my hand off her tit and slid it down over her belly etlik escort to her tuff of damp pussy hair. I ran my forefinger and index finger on either side of her knobby little clit. I stopped at her pussy’s opening, place my gently on her clit. And then in one motion, I plunged my two finger into her cunt, pressed down hard on her clit and moved my mouth onto her smelly, tasty armpit and sucked and licked it hard.

She came instantly! Her back arched high. Her pussy pressed up against my hand forcing more of my fingers deeper into her. A slow guttural moan came from deep within her throat. She then started to sob, enjoying the release of pent-up frustrations and I guessed thanking me, for providing the relief. I kept lapping my tongue all over her pit, washing it, bathing her with it. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting around my finger, her clit throbbing under my thumb. The sounds, smells, tastes and touch made me want to please my big sister. We were now closer to each other than we had ever been.

As her body relaxed and her breathing started to return to normal. She unclenched her pussy from my finger and I let them slip out of her. I raised my head up, released her wrists and leaned forward to kiss her on her soft lips, but her tongue darted out of her mouth as she licked around my lips to taste her pit sweat the covered them. Her hands now holding my head firmly as he sucked in her armpit’s wetness. When my face was clean, she kissed me softly.

I moved face up and away from her. I then moved off the bed. She lay there, still spread eagle and again placed her hands over her head. GOD, she looked stunning. Her body glistening with sweat.

I stood looking down at her. I moved my hands up and started to undo my jeans and tugged them off with my underwear. My cock popped straight out. Mary’s eyes now transfixed on my hard shaft. I realized this was the first time she had ever seen it. I pulled off my t-shirt. I moved to the side of the bed, my pants around my ankles. I reached over with one hand and placed it beside her head and pulled her face towards my rigid cock. She looked up at me, then down at my cock inches now from her face. She reached up with her hands and took hold of the base of my cock the other cupped my balls gently. She moved her hand up and down the rod and I looked up and thought, “GOD, my sister’s giving me a hand job’. Then I felt her lips at the tip of my dick and looked down to see her suck the head of my cock into her mouth. Her perfect red lips seemed to absorb it into her face. She kept pumping my cock and sucking on the engorged helmet of my dick, lapping it with tongue, playing with my pee hole.

She moved her other hand from my balls and I saw her reach down and put her hand between her still widespread thighs and insert it into her sloppy wet pussy.

Jesus, she going to masturbate herself while she sucks me off. But she moved her hand out of her cunt. I was covered with her juices and she moved her hand up and placed it against my ass. She parted my ass cheeks with her one hand. I felt her finger at the tip of my asshole and then she pushed it into me. I heard my own voice shouting, “OH, GOD!” as finger fucked my ass. She then moved to my prostate. She massaged it gently. She sucked my cock head harder, her cheeks indented, then she pressed down with her finger in my ass on my prostate and I EXPLODED IN HER MOUTH! She kept sucking the head of my cock and swallowing each blast of cum down her throat. I looked down at her as my pulsating dick emptied my balls into my sister’s face.

When the last spurt and contraction finished, she sucked what cum I had left inside my dick and moved her head away from my mouth. I looked down at her. She smiled up at me and licked her lips. I moved onto the bed again and laid beside her. We didn’t say a word for a few minutes. Our bodies warmth was supplemented by its cooling, sweaty, moisture.

I looked up at her, kissed her a little more than a brotherly kiss. We both smiled when I calmly stated and asked, “We’ll have to do this again, sometime. Okay sis?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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