Lin Long Tongue

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Beth and her daughter were busy putting things away in their new home. It was a steamy August afternoon in sunny California; Laura was starting college the next month and Beth was worried about her beautiful, outgoing, but naive 18 year old girl so she sold her home in Ohio and moved here to be close to Laura and look out for her. Beth did not want some smooth talking Romeo taking advantage of her innocent child. The moving van left a couple of hours ago, the air conditioner had not yet cooled the house and they were both perspiring profusely. They decided to take a short break.

The 37 year old redhead looked in the mirror and thought what a mess they both looked. They both wore shorts, Beth had on a light blouse, and Laura wore a tee shirt. As they stood side by side Laura announced, “Mom you sure look good for your age, we could be sisters, you look so much younger than you are.”

Beth laughed and said, “Thanks but I’m not that old but we do look a lot alike except for the chest area. I think you got the huge breast from your father’s side of the family. His mother and sister were both rather well endowed in that area. Your hair is blond and your eyes are blue while mine is red and green but our faces are the same.” Beth was 5′ 6″ with 32C breasts. Laura stood 5’2″ and possessed a whopping 38D cup treasure chest. As big as they were; they appeared even larger on her small frame.

The conversation was broken by the ringing of the doorbell. Beth opened the door and beheld a strikingly attractive oriental woman. “Hi, welcome to the neighborhood. I brought you some food and a bottle of wine so you don’t have to cook on your first day in your new home.” The 29 year old woman was tall and lean with long flowing black hair.

Beth invited the stunning woman in the house and exclaimed, “You are a life saver, we are famished and the food smells so good. Won’t you please join us?”

“I am not hungry but perhaps I will have a glass of wine with you.” Beth instructed the exotic beauty to have a seat on the sofa and went to the kitchen to open the wine and put the food on a tray; she was grateful that they opened the kitchen supplies first and easily found the wine opener and glasses.

Lin introduced herself, they chatted for over an hour, drank wine together, and when asked about her husband Beth informed Lin that he died two years ago in an automobile accident. “Oh I am so sorry to hear that. Do you have a lover then?”

Embarrassed, Beth answered, “No I don’t. I did date for awhile but found it difficult fighting off the rude men. They are all animals, I don’t need them, and I am quite content devoting my life to my lovely daughter.”

“Yes but don’t you have needs? A beautiful woman like you still has strong sexual urges that must be satisfied. Do you use a dildo?

“I…I try to keep busy and not think about it.”

Lin changed the subject and asked Laura about school. When Lin learned that Laura was going to start classes at USC she offered, “Wonderful, you will like it there I am sure. My older sister has a 24 year old daughter that teaches there. She teaches art and her name is Chang. I will call her and she will help you get adjusted to your new school.”

Laura excitedly said, “Art is one of my subjects; maybe I will be in her class! That would be cool to know one of my teachers before I start school!”

“Well Laura, her and a friend are coming over this weekend to go for a swim in my pool, perhaps you would like to join us and meet her. As a matter of fact; why don’t both of you come over to my place around noon tomorrow and we will go for a swim?”

“That sounds super; mom can we? Please!”

Beth answered, “I don’t know why not; it sounds very nice. Thank you for asking Lin we will be there at noon.” Lin left them to finish putting things away. Mother and daughter were impressed with their new neighbor. They both agreed that Lin was so nice and extremely attractive.

The next day they went over to their neighbor’s to enjoy a fun day at the pool. Laura wore a red bikini and Beth had on a modest two piece black bathing suit. Both of their mouths dropped and their eyes opened wide when Lin opened the gate wearing a skimpy pink thong and a matching top the barley covered her 34C cup breast. The 5’10” Chinese woman hugged them in greeting and poured them drinks from a pitcher. Beth thought that it was lemonade and did not know that it contained vodka. Beth hardly ever drank and did not want her underage daughter to start drinking. A little wine was OK but not the hard stuff.

After serving the drinks Lin set the pitcher on a table and stretched out on a lawn chair. Beth felt uncomfortable and could not help but stare between the legs of her host. A lush crop of silk like black pubic hair could not be contained by the skimpy thong. Lin smiled as she caught them staring at her womanhood. Then she observed, “We certainly are a study in contrast; a blond with blue eyes; a redhead with green eyes, and an oriental with black hair and dark brown eyes. I will have to invite a Latino and black girl friend over at nişantaşı escort a future date and then we will be like the United Nations. Let’s go in the pool and enjoy the water!”

All eyes were on her shapely buttocks as Lin ran to the pool and dove right in. Beth and Laura joined her in the water. They swam and played in the pool for over an hour then got out to have another drink. When Lin poured Beth a drink her left nipple popped out of the tiny top and caused Beth to turn red. Lin then did the same with Laura and then sat back down and pretended not to notice that her tit was bare for them to see. Actually she enjoyed displaying her seductive body to other woman. It was a prelude to their seduction; she wanted to entice them without being too obvious.

Beth gazed at the long stiff nipple and then her eyes went down to the long spread legs. The pussy lips were visible through the wet thong. The conservative mother was astonished when she felt her own pussy twitching and flooding. Never in her whole life had she ever been attracted to another female. She attributed her arousal to her empty sex life. Beth looked up at Lin’s lovely face and shuttered when the sensuous woman was staring back at her with an inviting smile. Beth was confused at how hot she had become and how she could not keep her eyes off of the tempting siren.

Laura also found the whole scene erotic and noticed her mother’s arousal. The young blond was inexperienced at sex except for masturbation. Once at a girlfriend’s house they watched porn films from the girl’s father’s collection including some hot lesbian films. The girls played with themselves, then fingered each other to orgasms but that was the extent of their love making. Her friend wanted to experiment with oral sex but Laura was too much of a coward and went home but she had often thought about it as she masturbated and wondered what it would have been like to have a tongue in her love hole and to lick another girl’s wet pussy.

Lin’s cell phone chimed, she answered saying, “Hi Chang, how the hell are you? We were just talking about you; my new neighbor has an 18 year old daughter that is starting at the university and she is taking art class. I told her that you would take good care of her. OK, hold on a minute. Laura she is going to the campus this afternoon; do you want to go along and sign up for your classes?”

“Yes, it will be good to go with someone that knows her way around the campus.” Lin hung up the phone after telling Chang to pick up Laura next door, walked her to the gate, and then told the girl that she would see her later. Lin swung her hips suggestively as she walked invitingly up to Beth and poured her another drink and rested her hand on Beth’s thigh.

Beth desperately hoped that Lin would not notice her arousal. She had no idea that she was being turned on intentionally. Lin looked her in the eyes; Beth felt weak as she stared into those dark eyes. It was mesmerizing looking into the deep, dark, and sparkling pools of lust. She obediently followed when the seductive beauty took her by the hand and led her inside saying, “Come with me and we will put a nice bikini on you; one of mine will fit on your luscious body. You are much too beautiful to wear such an old fashioned bathing suit.”

They entered the bedroom and Beth was breathing heavily; the strong sexual urges that she was feeling were driving her crazy. Never before had she been attracted to another woman and here she was panting like a dog in heat. Lin tossed a baby blue thong and top on the bed and told her to try it on. Beth inquired, “Where can I change? I really don’t know if I can wear something like this. There is nothing to it!”

“Nonsense darling, it is the same as mine. Change right here, after all it is just us girls.” Lin helped the frightened mother remove the bathing suit and cupped the quivering woman’s breasts. Beth could hardly stand and offered no resistance when she was led to the queen size bed and pushed on her back. Lin quickly jumped on top of the confused woman and kissed her passionately. Her first kiss from another woman sent chills all over her inflamed body. When her lips parted Beth felt what seemed to be a snake invade her mouth and lick her throat. Dumbfounded and startled Beth was trying to figure out what was happening.

It was not until Lin broke the kiss and licked her neck and washed her ear with her tongue that Beth realized that the long thing was Lin’s tongue!

The confused, frightened, and smoldering mother looked down as Lin was kissing, sucking, and licking her breasts and marveled at the size of Lin’s tongue. It was longer than any penis she had ever seen, Actually she had only seen a few but she had never in her whole life seen a tongue like that; she couldn’t’t believe the size of the darting serpent. Lin kissed her belly, thighs, and around her trimmed red bush. Beth released her girl cum when the monster tongue fucked her squishing pussy. She saw all the colors of the rainbow, bucked her hips, screamed out in divine ecstasy, and reached orgasm after orgasm on the long and şişli escort talented tongue of her new neighbor.

Lin let the mom regain her composure and come back to earth before standing up and ordering, “Now sit up and take my suit off and return the favor. Have you ever eaten a hot cunt before?”

Lin reached out and helped Beth sit up. She directed the redhead to sit on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. The sexy Chinese girl moved closer and stood in-between her legs. Beth removed the girl’s top and slowly tugged down the thong. She looked up at her seducer and whimpered, “I’ve never done this before; I don’t know if I can do it but you are so beautiful.” Beth just stared at the lovely lotus-blossom just inches from her face. She licked her lips as the flower opened up at her gaze. She breathed in the musky aroma of the aroused pussy and stuck out her pink tongue and touched the brown pussy lips that were dripping sweet honey.

Lin looked down at her and directed, “Not quite yet; put your fingers in first and suck on my tits. I know you want them; I saw you flush with desire when you admired them earlier. Now they are all yours to play with, kiss, and suck on, see how hard my brown nipples are for you Beth? Wrap your lips around them while you finger fuck me. Do it, do it now.” Beth obediently obeyed and nursed feverishly on the rubbery nipples as she vigorously finger fucked the soaked pussy with a loud squishing sound.

The girls returned from the university and entered the house. They poured a drink from the pitcher and Laura said, “I wonder where mom and Lin are? They were out by the pool when I left. Where could they have gone?”

Chung heard the familiar sounds of lesbian lust and told Laura, “Your mom is upstairs having sex with Aunt Lin. She loves women and most find her hard to resist; by now they are getting it on hot and heavy.”

Laura protested, “Never, I don’t believe it, my mom wouldn’t’t do such a thing; she is a good woman!”

Chung laughed and said, “My you have a lot to learn, good women enjoy sex too. I don’t think she is a saint and Lin always gets her way. Be quiet and come with me and I will show you.” The teacher took her soon to be student by the hand and they stealthily climbed the stairs. They went in the adjoining bedroom and slowly opened the door a crack. Chung got behind Laura and had to put her hand over Laura’s mouth to muffle the gasp as they watched the erotic scene on the bed.

Beth was eagerly lapping the Chinese girl’s cunt! Lin was fucking her pretty face furiously yelling out, “Eat my horny cunt, Oh yes, are you sure you have never done this before? You are good, now you have to come over here every day and lick my oriental kitty cat. You would like that, wouldn’t’t you? Do you want to be my personal slit slut? You love my cunt don’t you? Come on darling, tell me how much you like my pussy while I explode my cum in your sucking little mouth!”

Beth lapped up every drop of the sweet pussy juice and cum she lovingly looked up at the beautiful face of her lover and submissively replied. “Your sweet pussy is like heaven. Yes, I love the scent, feel, and taste of your luscious love hole. I will gladly come over every day and drink your sweet nectar. I am a slut for your slit; never in my life did I ever imagine that I would do this to a woman but I did and yes, I loved it.”

Laura felt both shocked and aroused at what she was seeing and hearing. Chang reached around and massaged her ample mounds. Laura felt her own juices flow as the Chinese woman groped her breasts. With a free hand Chang quietly closed the door and led the excited blond to the bed. The 5’4″ teacher removed her glasses, pushed Laura on the bed, lifted her shirt, and nursed on Laura’s big tits. The blond was speechless and just laid back and enjoyed the breast stimulation. Chang pulled up the short skirt and thrust three fingers in the younger girl’s sopping cunt. The blond was trembling when Chang removed her lips from a stiff nipple and devoured her blond bush. As soon as the tongue entered her hole Laura reached a quaking orgasm. Chang chewed on the pink pussy lips and sucked the whole little pussy into her mouth and brought Laura to another rousing climax.

While Laura was catching her breath Chung took of her skirt and panties and straddled Laura’s head. The young blond was filled with fear as the bald pussy was lowered to her lips. She did not think, she just reacted by sticking her virgin tongue in the hot hole. The more she licked and sucked the more she liked it. Laura reached another climax as she sucked all of the love juice out of the messy hot hole. Chang got dressed and said, “I am looking forward to having you in my class. You will make a great student and I have so much more to teach you!” Laura just gave her a contented smile.

When Laura left her mother had already gone home. They discussed the school, the house, and other things but not a word was spoken about their sexual encounters. Once in her bed; Beth fingered herself as she thought about Lin’s long tongue in her pussy and the sexy Chinese mecidiyeköy escort woman’s dripping cunt lips kissing her mouth. Laura masturbated while thinking about her first lesbian affair.

Most of the next day was spent getting the house in order. Chang stopped by and offered to show Laura her place and introduce the blond to her roommate. Shortly after they left the house the phone rang and Lin invited Beth to come over to her house. Beth’s heart skipped a beat and her pussy dampened as she walked next-door. She knew that she could not resist the long tongued, sex siren.

Beth walked in the house and was startled to see two other women with Lin. They were introduced as Helen and Vanessa. Helen was a slender 31 year old black woman with short black hair and small breasts. Vanessa was a 5’11” Hispanic woman. She had dark brown hair, big brown eyes, huge tits, and a big bright smile that would melt the coldest heart; Vanessa was also 31 years old. Lin announced, “I told you that we would have diversity; the only thing missing is the blond.” Beth hoped that she was not referring to Laura.

Then Beth turned crimson when Helen revealed, “Lin told us that she seduced you with that long tongue of hers. I’m feeling really horny, let’s have an orgy!” Before she realized what was happening they were all stripping her and disrobing themselves. Lin got on her knees and licked Beth’s pussy while each of the other women mouthed her breast. Her lust reached a crescendo and she could no longer stand. She was laid on her back and brought to a swift orgasm. The women then took turns sitting on her face and eating her pussy. Beth was disorientated by all of the intense sex and was led naked to the pool area.

Helen and Vanessa wore large strap-on dildos and pumped Beth from the front and behind. Beth screamed out in pain and pleasure when her tiny brown hole was penetrated for the first time in her life. Lin looked across to Beth’s house and saw Laura peeping through the blinds. She walked up to Helen and whispered in her ear to keep the mother occupied until she returned.

Lin snuck over to her neighbor’s house and smiled when the door was unlocked. Quietly she entered and snuck up behind Laura. The blond girl had her shorts and panties down to her ankles and was fingering her smoldering pussy with one hand while squeezing her breasts with the other. The young girl was alarmed when arms wrapped around her and lips were kissing her neck. The startled girl turned her head and saw that it was Lin and blurted out. “What are you doing? This is not right, please stop now.”

The sultry seducer whispered in Laura’s ear, “Don’t try to play innocent with me bitch. You are nothing more than a nasty little slut playing with herself while watching her own mother getting the shit fucked out of her. Chang told me all about how you guys watched your mother worshiping my delectable cunt and how you played tongue in twat. Your breath smells like pussy! Did you eat Chang and her roommate tonight? Well did you?”

“We uh, we got a little carried away. I didn’t plan for it to happen; it just did!” Lin turned the girl around and nursed on the huge tits and inserted two fingers in Laura’s sizzling slit. Then the oriental sex goddess went to her knees kissing Laura’s thighs. The young girl’s eyes opened wide when Lin’s long tongue invaded her hot hole.

The young blond humped and bumped like a stripper when the magnificent tongue snaked up her hot little hole and took her to a state of divine ecstasy. She screamed out, “Oh my god, I never felt this good before! Your tongue fills my pussy; it feels soooo gooodd, I’m cummingggg, yessss don’t stop…” Laura reached an orgasm that rocked her entire being. Lin told her to look and see what her mother was doing. Then she ordered the young girl to describe exactly what was happening. “Oh my god, she is on her knees sucking their cocks! I can’t believe my mom is doing this.”

When Laura turned around Lin was sitting naked in a chair, playing with her hairy pussy, and with her finger she beckoned the girl to come to her. Laura slowly started to walk toward Lin but stopped in her tracks when Lin sternly commanded, “No don’t walk; get on your knees and crawl to me. It is time for you to learn what it is like to truly worship a superior woman’s succulent cunt. Now that you have gotten a taste of pussy and enjoyed mutual satisfaction with other young girls it is time you feast on some prime pussy and totally submit to me.”

Laura was a bit frightened but found that being ordered around was a total turn-on. The young blond girl crawled over to Lin and kissed the legs and thighs of the alluring Chinese temptress. She stared at the magnificent pussy just inches from her face. She ran her fingers through the lush, black, and silk like pubic hair. When she saw moisture form on the swollen pussy lips and inhaled the pungent aroma of the fuming delicacy her tongue darted out and licked the appetizing treat. Her own juices freely flowed when she tasted Lin’s pussy and was ordered; “Eat my cunt slut, suck my clit, kiss my pussy lips, and stick your little pink tongue as far up my love canal as it will go and wiggle it all around. Yes that’s it, good girl oh shit! What the hell are you doing?” Lin grabbed a fistful of blond hair and pulled her head back.

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