Learning to Fly

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I was about halfway through a flight to Las Vegas when I first saw her. She had been working the front of the plane when we took off, but for some reason had switched with the flight attendant in my mid-cabin section (I usually sit just behind the wing.

She walked past me the first time, and with a glance, I was already in thrall. The slightly older woman was a little heavier than me; short, dark red hair framed her face perfectly. Upon watching her check the back of my section and return, I discovered that she had a really nice body to go along with her hair. She was a little heavy, like I said before, but just enough to complement a nicely curved ass, accentuated beautifully by her dark khaki uniform pants. Her chest rounded out nicely but not quite strained her neatly pressed white short-sleeved dress shirt, of which she had two buttons open at the top.

Thinking that she would at least continue up to the emergency exit row where another attendant was standing, I continued to watch her hips sway slightly as she walked up the narrow aisle of the 737. Suddenly, she turned around and saw my head sticking out.


The flight attendant from heaven, whose coveted golden wings I could now see read “Rachel”, walked over to my seat and smiled at me. “Did you need something?” she inquired.

I shook my head and muttered, “No, thanks,” sliding back into my seat. I could feel the tips of my ears turning red like they did when I got embarrassed. How stupid did I look just then?

Rachel passed me again, rather quickly. Great, she was probably going to go laugh it off in the galley. I took a sip of my drink and cursed my bad luck.

A few minutes later she returned. “Here’s another napkin, just in case,” she told me, and laid it on the tray table. What the fuck?

As the captain made the announcement that we were beginning our final descent, I idly flipped the napkin over, wondering if the airline had changed the pattern since the last time I’d flown. There was no change; however, underneath the airline’s route map was a phone number, Rachel’s name, and the instructions to call in an hour. Now what had I gotten myself into?

I quickly shoved the napkin into my pocket before the fat grandma that had been working my section before came by to collect the trash. As we landed a billion different scenarios flew through my head. This was going to be one hell of a night.

I made it off the plane (not without Rachel smiling at me again on the way out, though) and outside in about ten minutes, thankful that I hadn’t checked any baggage. There was even a shuttle waiting as promised, and within a half an hour I’d checked into my room at the MGM Grand.

The first thing I had to do was make up a huge excuse. I was supposed to be meeting up with a friend who had already arrived; we were planning on several days of hanging out and generally being stupid. Upon realizing that my cell phone a) worked and b) had the area code for L.A., I instantly called and, thank God, got voicemail. I left a message making an excuse that the flight was overbooked or something and I couldn’t make it until the next morning.

Hoping she believed it, I shut my phone off and checked my watch. Fuck, that hour had gone fast. I looked at Rachel’s number again and noticed it was long distance, which meant I had to turn my phone back on, and stop beating around the bush in case my friend decided to call me back. I took a deep breath and dialed.

“Hello?” she answered after a few rings.

“Hi, I’m not even sure if this is the right number… you gave it to me on the plane?”

Rachel laughed. “Hey, thanks for actually calling. What’s your name, by the way?”


“Cool. Listen, if you want to go through with this, I’m at the Luxor, room 1246.”

I grinned. “What time is good for you?”

“I don’t care, come over now beşiktaş escort if you want.”

“Okay.” An idea came to me suddenly.”Hey, can I ask a favor really quick?”


“Can you leave your uniform on?”

Rachel laughed again. “See you in a few minutes,” she said tantalizingly, and hung up.

I decided that what I was wearing would have to do – jeans and a T-shirt – grabbed my room key and my wallet and left the room. I walked down through the casino (briefly wishing that I could gamble for a few minutes), out into the blazing Vegas heat (why hadn’t I worn shorts?), through the Excalibur (more slots taunted me), and grabbed the monorail over to the Luxor.

I tried to get out safely but got crushed in the sardines/tourists getting off the tram. Stupid sheep. I finally entered the pyramid and immediately spotted Rachel standing in front of one of the giant King Tut heads that graced the atrium.

“Hey,” she greeted me. “I forgot that there were fucking guards that check your key, so I had to come down and get you.”

“That’s cool.” She led me over to an elevator. “Can you believe the airline gave me a room in the pyramid? Usually we just get some shithole next to the airport.”

Rachel showed her room key to the guard and he pushed the elevator button for us. “So what are you doing in Vegas?”

“I’m supposed to meet a friend… but my flight is overbooked and I’m actually still in L.A. right now.” I laughed. “I think she’s staying all the way down at the Sahara anyways.”

Rachel gave me an inquisitive look. “A friend, or…” I blushed and looked at the floor. “I’m not really out to her yet…I’m not sure how she’d take it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She gave me an apologetic smile as the elevator stopped.

As we walked down the hallway Rachel’s smile widened. “I lied. They not only gave me a room, they gave me a fucking suite.” She opened her door and we entered; I noticed that we were almost on top of the pyramid.

“Awesome,” I commented. The bed was giant, the bathroom was huge with marble and a Jacuzzi; the furniture was all leather and marble and expensive-looking dark wood.

“Oh, yeah,” Rachel said while bolting the door, “just for useless information, I’m 35, I’m from Phoenix, and I’m on a three day layover.”

“That’s not useless,” I replied as she walked over to me. “I’m 24, I’m from Los Angeles … and you’re really fucking hot for 35.”

“Thanks.” She stopped about a foot away from me. “You don’t look too bad yourself,” she said in a low voice.

I took the initiative and stepped closer, brushing a hand over her shoulder. “I think you’re one of the few people I’ve seen who actually look good in this,” I breathed, trailing a finger over the airline’s logo just over the top of her left breast.

She just smiled again, then reached up and slowly undid the third button of her blouse. “I think it would look better if I took it off right now, huh?” she asked me teasingly. Staring me down, she continued to slowly unbutton her shirt, untucking it and letting it hang open when she reached the bottom.

“Better, yeah?” she nearly whispered.

I couldn’t do much else at that moment than smile and nod; Rachel then leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were soft and full; instantly I felt desire stir through me. After a few moments I pulled away and slowly pushed her blouse off her shoulders; she in turn pulled my T-shirt up over my head and dropped it on the ground. Bras came off next, and we kissed again deeply; I moaned as our breasts pressed together.

“Well, that didn’t take long,” Rachel observed as we pulled away. She gently stroked my right breast. “You have really nice breasts, by the way.”

“Thanks… actually, I think yours are better,” I said, blushing. Rachel’s were a little bigger than mine, with slightly şişli escort larger, darker nipples; I couldn’t help but gently suck on both of them. “Yeah, that’s good…” she groaned in response.

She stepped back for a moment. “I’m thinking we should slow down a little, you know, enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, so to speak. What say you?”

“I’m thinking Jacuzzi,” I replied.

“Oh, yeah, I didn’t think of that. Good idea.” Rachel started to turn towards the bathroom then stopped, giving me a wicked look.


She sat down on the black leather sofa, sinking into it with a hiss. “I want to see you take your pants off,” she said huskily.

I raised my eyebrows at her. “Okay,” I laughed. I stood in front of her and kicked my shoes off, then undid my jeans and slowly pulled them down. Rachel couldn’t resist; she spread her legs and slowly began to stroke herself through her uniform pants.

“You have no idea how hot that is,” she muttered. I pushed down my panties, peeled my socks off, stepped out of the pile of clothes on the floor, and walked over to her.

“Yeah, but it’s going to be even hotter when you do it,” I replied, reaching out to help her off the sofa.

Rachel stood up and kissed me briefly. She grinned and rubbed herself a little more through her pants, then undid her belt and the clasp on her pants and slowly pushed them down. Black panties soon became visible, which she rolled down her thighs then let fall to the floor with her pants. I couldn’t help but glance at the neatly trimmed hair between her legs as she stepped out of the pile of clothes and walked over to the bathroom with me, hitting the switch to turn on the Jacuzzi on the way.

The Jacuzzi was about the size of two rather large bathtubs. As the tub filled and heated up, I surveyed the bathroom and noticed a small cabinet directly in front of me.

“I wonder…” I thought aloud and opened the door. “Hey, a mini bar,” I commented.

“Cool.” Rachel looked inside and pulled out a few Heinekens. “Want some?”

“Aren’t those, like, ten bucks each?”

“Nah… they’ll pay for it.” She opened one of the bottles and took a sip. I accepted the other one from her and did the same.

By then the Jacuzzi was ready so we got in facing each other and sat down. I groaned as the water instantly began to relax my muscles.

“This is really nice,” I said.

“It is.” She finished the rest of her beer, put the bottle aside, and moved closer towards me. I finished my drink as well and smiled at her.

Rachel raised an eyebrow suggestively then put a hand on my thigh, slowly stroking it. I moved over enough so that our thighs were pressing together, then leaned over and kissed her again, this time letting my tongue slip inside her mouth.

“Oh… that’s nice…” she groaned in between kisses. She put her hands around my waist and repositioned my body so I was pressing against her; I then realized that the seat was wide enough so I could wrap my legs around her torso to steady myself and did so. Upon doing this Rachel groaned again, reaching down to fondle my breasts, then trailing her hands down my stomach to rest again on my now-open thighs.

She looked me in the eyes and grinned. “God, you feel beautiful. It’s been a while,” she said softly.

“Thanks… you do too.” I repeated what she had just done, enjoying the feeling of her nipples growing hard as I ran my palms across them. At this point I was so turned on I couldn’t resist; I let my right hand dip between her legs, very gently running my fingers over her.

“Mmm, you read my mind.” Since Rachel’s hand was already on my thigh, it didn’t take long before I felt her fingers insistently stroking my labia, then as I moaned, pressing harder and pushing me open, circling around my swollen clit. My back arched bahçeşehir escort bayan as an intense wave of pleasure washed over me, pushing me farther against her as my lips found hers yet again and my hand continued to echo her motions; I wanted her to feel the exact same way I did.

“Fuck… oh, god, I’m almost there already…” Rachel pulled away and gave me a glazed, desire-filled look. “Hey, Amanda, I think we should continue this in bed, hon.”

I smiled at the endearment. “Sounds good to me.” We shut off the Jacuzzi and helped each other up out of the tub. In between some of the most amazing kisses I’d ever experienced, we dried each other off and collapsed on the bed, somehow managing to pull the sheets down in the process. Rachel hungrily trailed kisses down my body, and without hesitation, started right in on my clit with her tongue. “Fuck, you taste good,” she commented as her other hand roughly, with wide strokes, pleasured herself.

“Not as good as you probably do,” I managed to laugh, which was cut off by my building ecstasy. “Ohh, fuck… where the hell did you learn to do this so good?” I cried out.

“In the air, where else?” Rachel paused and smiled at me mischievously. “There are uses for flights with two passengers that sit in the front and sleep the whole time.”

“Oh, God, I want a job there,” was my hasty reply.

Rachel laughed. “We’ll see,” she said teasingly and returned to me. I instantly returned to the point of arousal I had been at before, moaning as I came nearer to exploding. “Oh, please… don’t stop, babe… that feels so good,” I pleaded as her tongue continued to slide over me.

Eventually, she could see that I could take no more. Rachel looked up at me, grinned wickedly one more time, then let her teeth just barely scrape my clit. She then gently bit down.

The most intense orgasm I’d ever had rocketed through me. “Oh, fuck, Rachel!” I screamed, arching myself as far as I could into the air. She grabbed my ass and continued to suck me for the duration; I had almost come again when she released me and let me fall back onto the bed.

“Shit…that was amazing,” I groaned and pulled her back towards me. I could taste myself on her lips as I kissed her then immediately started to return the favor, stroking Rachel’s clit for a moment again before slowly lowering my head to her.

Rachel was already pretty wet when I started, so it was easy to just let my tongue slide around her folds, not really knowing what she liked. It turned out that what I was doing was exactly what she wanted; it didn’t take long before her breath shortened and she groaned every time my tongue flicked her clit.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, that’s good, don’t stop, right there…” As she had directed, I continued to circle her clit with my tongue, flicking it almost incessantly. Rachel let out a deep moan; her hands raced across her body and reached up to twist her nipples. I could feel her body shudder as she jerked against my mouth, grabbing my head and holding it against her as she climaxed. I continued licking and she squirmed, screaming, eyes squeezed shut in concentration; finally she had had enough and suddenly pushed my head away, falling back onto the bed.

“Oh, fuck, I needed that,” she groaned. “You, woman, are undoubtedly one of the best people I’ve ever fucked.”

“Same here,” I laughed, bringing myself back up to lie beside her. She pulled me to her and kissed me softly.

“Mmmm, you’re right, I do taste good,” she commented. I giggled and tousled her hair.

“I think,” she then almost whispered, “I may not be able to let you go, even.” I could see desire flash in her eyes, then linger there; I pushed a strand of hair out of her face and she smiled.

“I know.” I gestured over to the pile of clothes on the floor. “I swear I’m going to frame that stupid napkin or something.”

Rachel laughed and got up from the bed, switching the light on as she did so. “So… you’ve still got until tomorrow afternoon, at the earliest… what do you say we get cleaned up and hit a few casinos?”

“You had to ask?” I smiled at her and we walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind us, now unnecessarily.

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