Karen’s Story-8

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Doggy Style

Her dad smiled at me. Like his daughter, he liked dirty talk a lot. He must have loved his daughter’s tight cunt squeezing his cock. And Karen was tight, even after all the fucking they had done earlier that week. I couldn’t get over the fact how big her father’s cock was, and how much bigger it looked when it was stuck in her wet hole, stretching her little pussy to the max. I could see it from where I was standing and the sight alone could have made me cum immediately. I wondered what his cock would do to her asshole.

I could see her asshole well, since her dad constantly pulled her buttocks from each other, letting her puckered hole get in touch with the bright morning air.

“God Karen, you are so tight. I can’t hold it anymore,” her dad screamed.

Karen took my tool out of her mouth: “Yes daddy, put your cum inside your daughter’s pussy. Fill me up….ooooooh yeah, I can feel it. It’s so nice hot and sticky!”

“Yeah baby, take it. Take my cum. Let me fill you up with daddy’s cum!” His whole body was shaking while he pumped that fat load into her cunt. After he finished, he pulled out his cock – it was still hard and covered with both their juices. Karen moved around on the bed, lay back on her back and shoved her pussy at my dick. “Please Rob, fuck me too!” she pleaded. I could see her wet labia, covered with her father’s cum. I didn’t have to think about it twice and just shoved my cock into her wet pussy. Her father’s sperm was spilling out while I pumped in and out of my girlfriend’s pussy. She was leaning on her elbows and watched my prick thrust in and out of her. “Fuck, I can see your cock shoving in my cunt. That’s so fucking hot!” she said. Her clit was engorged and looked huge. Her labia were red from all the fucking she had done in the last couple of days. She still didn’t have enough though.

While I fucked Karen furiously, her dad watched us, absentmindedly stroking his cock. “Yes Robert, fuck my daughter. Fuck that slut hard. She likes it that way..” he said, his hands jerking his dick faster and faster. I was like in a trance every time I saw that cock. Karen’s moans made me concentrate on her and I pounded at her pussy like a man possessed, slamming into her.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it I am cumming!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, waking up everybody in the house. Karen’s orgasm hit her hard and her whole body seemed to turn red with lust. The walls of her pussy were squeezing me hard and I spilled my guts into her womb. I spurted all my cum into her horny little pussy, mixing my load with her dad’s. When I pulled out my cock, it was covered with sperm. Then I felt a dick being pressed against my ass.

“Good morning everybody” Peter said. He shoved his prick a couple of times between my butt globes. “May I?” he asked politely. I stepped to the left, so he could hover over his sister.

“Yes Pete, fill me up to. Mix your jism with dad’s and Robert’s. Pete shoved his prick inside her wet cunt and pounded in and out of her. I watched my girlfriend getting fucked by her brother. She locked her legs around him, letting her feet rest on his ass, pulling him deeper and deeper into her wet cunt. Their bodies made slapping noises together.

I felt a wet prick press against my leg, of course it was her dad’s. I looked at his big cock. He asked if I wanted to help him clean up. Mesmerized by his size I sat down on my knees and started to lick his head. It felt wonderful to clean him, tasting Karen on his head.

“Yeah baby, suck daddy’s cock. Suck him, I love to see it,” Karen gasped. Pete had his cock buried into her to a hilt. I could tell by the grimaces on his face that he was close to cumming. Meanwhile I tried to get her father’s pulsing cock-head into my mouth. I took some effort, but I succeeded because his prick was so slick with juices. It seemed like my whole mouth was filled up with his meat.

“Yeah Robert. Suck me off, make me cum. Suck me just like my kids do, you are part of the family now, so do your duty as a son… suck my penis. Suck me off!” her dad panted. I was trying hard and loved the satisfied look on his face when he spurted his stuff into my mouth. God, it felt so good to please these people. While the inside of my mouth was being covered with dad’s big load of cum, Peter filled up his sister’s pussy, indeed mixing the cum of her dad and me that was already in there.

Karen came that instant, screaming harder than ever. “Yes! Yes! YES! YES!” She curled her toes when she climaxed. When she did stuff like that, she came hard. Peter pulled out his now flaccid cock. White fluid was gusting out of Karen’s wet slit. Peter ran off to get his camera and took a lot of pictures of his sister’s cunt. I think he placed these on a website somewhere, so you should be able to find them if you’re lucky. They look pretty hot. Her wet lips, her pussy standing open and a river of cum sipping out of her snatch: none other than the cum of three men. While Karen was relaxing I swallowed her dad’s cum, filling up my belly.

“Thanks, escort izmit Rob. That was wonderful. I am going to hit the shower. I’ve got some work to do at the office today,” her dad said matter of factly and walked out of the bedroom. I just lay down next to Karen and kissed her passionately. We held each other for a while.

“Did you like sucking off my father?” she asked.

“Yes, it feels great to have such a large thing in your mouth.”

Karen laughed, “You’re becoming as much a fuck slut as I am.”

I licked her earlobe “Guess your family is bringing out the worst in me,” I said.

“Or the best. Maybe you should be a fuck slut. Fucking all day, just like me. I’d never thought I could be this way until a few weeks ago when all this started. Now all I want to do all day is fuck and suck…” she sighed. “I just love having you three big guys around to fill me up in every hole whenever you feel like it. I love to be used…”

I understood what she was talking about. I just felt like fucking everybody all day too. Every time I got in this house, I just wanted to have sex, and lots of it. I wanted to be part of the family fuck-fest and wanted it to never end. I didn’t mind Karen getting fucked by her brother or father and maybe anyone else for that matter, as long as I could participate, or watch. I didn’t mind sucking off her father, I wanted to please him. I didn’t mind fucking Pete in the ass if he wanted and I certainly didn’t mind getting sucked by him – he was quite good. I loved all of them, and loved to do anything with them. Like we were a commune of love and sex.

“Hmm, I am really fucked silly..” Karen whispered while she snuggled up against me.

That same day, somewhere in the afternoon, Pete, Karen and I were playing with each other in the garden. Pete’s head was between her legs, he was sucking on her clit. I shoved my cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her head.

“Ahum, excuse me,” a strange voice said. We all turned in its direction. A tall teenager was standing near some trees at the end of the garden.

Pete got up. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I uhm, just went into your garden and…” the boy stumbled on his words.

“He’s the one who’s been stealing apples from our trees Pete,” Karen said. She covered her tits with her hands and had closed her legs. She was right, the kid held a basket filled with apples. Pete walked towards him, the kid took a step back – afraid.

“So, little man this is trespassing. You had to climb over the wall to get here, wonder what the cops are going to say.”

“Pete, relax,” I said. “What do you care about some apples.” I walked to Pete and he just looked at me, I saw his face relax. “What’s your name, kid?”

“Jack, sir. I live a couple of blocks from here.” I could see he was staring at my dick, and staring at Karen’s luscious body. I could see he liked what he saw, he had a nice bulge in his pants. Pete grabbed Jack’s package. “So, you were spying on us, you little twit?”

“Ow, yeah… sorry about that. I just ran into you guys, doing it.”

Karen said mischievously “You liked what you saw huh?”

The boy felt more comfortable now. “Yeah, you have a killer body.”

Karen smiled. She let go of her tits, and showed her body to the kid. I think his cock almost burst from his pants. “I have shown you mine, let’s see yours,” Karen said mischievously.

The kid looked shocked, but then Pete had pulled down his shorts already. His nice hard cock stood proudly in the after noon sun. “How old are you, kid?” I wondered.

“Just turned 19 sir.”

“Your cock looks older than that,” Pete said. He started to caress the kid’s cock again. He seemed to like it. Karen looked at me for a moment, and I nodded “sure.”

Karen looked at Jack “Come here kid, let me see your nice cock.” Jack walked towards her hesitantly. When he reached her recliner, she parted her legs more and we could all clearly see her wet lips. Karen took a hold of his cock. It was about 6-7iches I guessed. Karen pumped his cock a couple of times. “Hmm, he feels nice.”

“Hey, you a virgin?” It was Jeanine’s voice, she was stepping into the garden wearing a skimp bikini. When the kid saw her round forms, his cock jumped.

“No, I am not,” he stammered. Jeanine stood before him, smiling. “Well, show me babe,” she said to the kid. She pulled her briefs off her butt, and threw away her top. She lay down on the recliner next to Karen and spread her legs. Her pussy was bald and shiny. Karen let go of the kid’s cock.

“Are you sure?” he asked Jeanine. She just nodded. She lay back and opened her legs. The guy gasped when he looked at Jeanine in all her glory. Then he recomposed himself and lay down on top of her, shoving his hard cock into her wet slit. “Oh yeah, that feels nice” Jeanine sighed. I started to stroke my cock, copying the rhythm in which Jack started to fuck Jeanine. He fucked her with short strokes, but it was very intense. He held Jeanine’s izmit escort feet and pulled her legs apart more, so he could get his cock deeper into her cunt. Apparently he did have some experience, because he knew how to push Jeanine’s buttons. She was clearly enjoying the fucking he gave her. Pete and I watched, but Pete was especially watching Jack’s hairless ass moving up and down between his sister’s legs. Jack might have been 19, he still had a slender boyish frame. Pete looked at the boy’s little puckered hole and his mouth got watery. Karen liked what she saw too, and she started to finger her clit. Jeanine gasped every time Jack penetrated her soaking cunt.

While Jack continued to push his fuck tool in and out of Pete’s sister, Peter walked towards the fucking pair and pressed a index finger in Jack’s ass.

“Wow, what the hell’s that? It feels great!” Jack screamed. Jeanine pulled the kid closer to her face and kissed him. Pete’s index finger shoved in and out of the kid’s ass. He really liked the double treatment. But it was too intense and he felt his balls stir. “Shit, I am going to shoot my load!” he moaned. Pete took a hold if Jack’s cock, pulled it out of his sister’s cunt and pointed the thing at her tits. Globs of cum shot out of the throbbing little dick and landed on her big boobs. “Yeah,…ahhh, that feels great!” Jack said.

Jeanine was rubbing Jack’s sperm in to her tits. Making them shine in the sunlight. Jack’s cock was already shrinking a bit. “Shit that was wonderful Jack,” she said. “Not bad for a small kid.”

“Whom are you calling small?” he asked coyly.

Karen’s fingers were furiously playing with her clit. She moaned loudly and looked at me. “Stop jerking off babe, and put your dick inside. I need your cum.” She didn’t have to ask twice, I thrust my dick into her already wet cunt and started to furiously fuck her in the same position Jack just fucked her sister.

Jack and Pete sat down on the recliner next to ours. Jack looked in awe at Karen and me fucking. “You liked the finger up your ass, Jack?” Pete wondered.

“Man, that was great stuff. I loved her pussy, but that ass thing made me cum,” Jack said enthusiastic. “Good,” said Pete. “Wanna do that some more?” While Peter asked this, his hand was moving down Jack’s back and his finger started to caress Jack’s asshole. Pete’s other hand took hold of Jack’s left hand and placed it onto his dick. Jack knew what to do and while Pete was fingering his asshole, he was jerking off Peter.

I heard moans coming from the side and saw the two boys having some fun while I shoved my cock deep into Karen’s snatch. “Yeah, that’s it Rob. Fuck me, fuck me hard!” Jeanine was enjoying the show, looking at Pete and Jack and Karen and me, three fingers deep in her cunt and also playing with her big nipples.

I turned Karen around, and she sat on all fours on the recliner. Without any preparation I pushed my dick inside her ass, grabbed her waist and started to pound into her like there was no tomorrow. It was quite a show, and neither Pete nor Jack were able to keep their eyes off of us. Karen and I fucked savagely. My cock was going in and out of her ass at light speed and I felt my balls tighten up.

“Yeah, I feel it Robert. Fill up my ass. Spurt your hot load into my ass, now!” Karen came at the same time. I filled her ass up to the hilt. However I wasn’t finished with her. I pulled out my cock and stood in front of her face. “Clean my cock babe!” I said. I grabbed her long hear and pulled her towards my cock. Karen opened her mouth obediently and she sucked on my mushroom head.

“Shit that is so fucking hot!” Jack exclaimed. I looked over at him. His legs were spread wide, and Pete was sucking on his cock, while he shoved his index finger up the kid’s ass at the same time. After Karen had cleaned my cock I gave her a big kiss. I sat down on the recliner. She moved in front of me and lay her nice body on top of me. We both watched the two guys having fun. Karen was sitting with her back against me and fingered her clit during the show. Pete sucked Jacks cock and took the whole thing into his mouth. His finger was moving rapidly into the boy’s ass. “Shit man, I am going to cum!” Jack said. Pete started to suck even harder and received the kid’s load into his mouth. Pete cleaned the boy’s cock, when Karen said she had to go to the toilet.

She walked into the cool house and peed in the bathroom. When she came down in the living room again, her father was just putting down his briefcase. “Dad, you’re home!” Karen said with a big smile on her face. Her father looked at his naked daughter, feeling his cock starting to grow in his pants. “I see you guys are having fun in the garden,” he smiled. He saw her pussy lips were red and wet and he decided that he wanted to fuck her that moment. “Karen, please bent over the table,” he asked politely. Karen knew what was coming and she greedily obliged. She bent over the dinner table, her tits pressing on the izmit kendi evi olan escort cold metal. She heard her dad unzip and then felt his big cock head press against her lips. “Dad, don’t we need some lube?” Karen asked. “Don’t think so hun, you’re very wet already.”

And she was indeed. Her dad slid his big fat cock into his daughter’s pussy. It didn’t go in very fast, but it went in a nice steady pace. Inch by inch he fed his thick cock into her cunt. When Karen felt his balls hit her pussy lips, she knew he was all the way in. She wanted to be fucked by her dad in the worst way. “Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard!” Her dad started to pull and shove his dick out and in of her in fast motion. He didn’t hold her, he held on to the table. Only his cock made contact with his daughter. Karen looked particularly submissive to him, being bent over on the table like that. He loved to fuck submissive women, especially his daughter. He looked at his cock slipping in and out of her cunt and loved the soaking sound they made.

Meanwhile a thunderstorm started. Big drops of rain came from the sky, so we decided to get into the house before we got soaked. Jack got the surprise of his life when he came in with us and saw Karen bend over on the table, getting screwed by her dad. He liked what he saw, because his cock grew another inch. And it was quite a sight: her dad pressed her on the table with his big hands, one hand on her head, the other one pressing at her back, smashing her tits on the cold metal. His big cock devouring her tight wet pussy. Karen screamed one orgasm after another. “Yes Karen, I love your tight pussy. It’s the best cunt I’ve ever fucked and I want to fuck it every day from now on!”

“Yes daddy, you can have my cunt anytime you want it. It’s yours to take!”

Her dad’s thrusts made the whole table shake, and at one point the vase with flowers fell on the floor. The breaking glass didn’t stop them however, and they were oblivious to our presence. They just fucked and fucked until her father said he was going to cum, spilling all his hot cum into his daughter’s tight cunt. Karen came once more when he filled her up.

Then her dad turned and saw us. We were all stroking our genitals, being so fucking horny by what we had seen. “Oh hello. Didn’t realise you guys were watching.” He looked kinda funny: his big cock coming out from under his shirt, his trousers around his ankles. Karen turned around too. She had to hold on to the table, and could hardly stand on her feet after that fucking she had endured.

Dad looked at Jack. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

Pete spoke. “It’s Jack dad, from the neighbourhood.”

“Oh, my. Quite the security breach,” dad looked concerned.

Pete took a hold of Jack’s cock. “I don’t think he’s gonna talk, are you Jack?”

Jack shook his head. “No sir, I won’t tell a soul.” Pete started to jerk off the boy.

“Good,” father said. “Well, you’re welcome to join us. But seems to me, you already have.”

I had walked over to Karen in the meantime, supporting her. Her cunt lips were engorged. Her father’s fertile seed was leaking from her lips. We sat down on the couch. Karen was lying half on top of me, but my cock was uncovered so she stroke it in a nice slow rhythm. We looked around us. On our right Jeanine was sitting in front of her dad, licking his engorged cock, enjoying the taste of Karen’s juice on her dad’s shaft; in front of us Pete was sitting on the couch, his legs spread wide so Jack could swallow all of his dick. We were surrounded by sucking noises. Jeanine was sucking on her father’s balls while she jerked him off. She took the left testicle in her mouth and sucked. Her dad moaned. “‘careful, Jeanine, my balls are very sensitive. Hmmm, that’s nice.” Pete had a big smile on his face, he was enjoying the blowjob enormously. “Yeah, that’s it Jacky boy, suck it, suck it”. Jack obliged eagerly.

Karen whispered in my ear: “Oh Robert, I am so happy. So glad that we can do this together, enjoying each other like this.” She kissed me. Her tongue caressed mine, her grip on my cock tightening. Her thumb smeared all my pre-cum over my cock-head. I felt my balls tighten up, I was almost ready to shoot my load. Pete was ahead of me. He grabbed Jack by his hair and screamed: “I am gonna blow! Swallow my load!” and shot about three salvo’s of rich cum into the boy’s mouth. Jack didn’t swallow however, but let the cum drip from his mouth over Pete’s cock and balls.

I heard Karen’s dad moan at the same time. Jeanine’s mouth was filled with her father’s cum. Then she released his cock. It was wet with cum and saliva. “Come here, Jeanine,” Karen said. Jeanine got up and hovered over us. She kissed Karen, sharing their father’s cum. Although she swallowed before turning to me, I could taste her father’s cum when I kissed Karen. So ended another marathon fuck at the family’s house. From that day on, Jack became a regular visitor. Usually he and Pete would fuck each other in Pete’s room, but every once in a while Jeanine joined them. Karen didn’t bother with the kid, she had her hands (and mouth and pussy) full with my cock, Pete’s and her dad’s.

One more chapter will do…..

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