Jim and Edie Again Ch. 19-20

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Chapter 19 — Rehashing Our Party Weekend

Monday night after our friends from the Nude Retreat had visited with us, Jim and I went to bed early and then slept for twelve hours. Twelve hours! I never sleep for twelve hours, and Jim was also horrified when we woke up and it was nine-thirty a.m. He was usually up at six or six-thirty most mornings, and sometimes earlier. It was excusable because we barely slept Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights; we were sexed up to almost new levels of arousal and action.

He suggested eating breakfast out, so we dressed and left the house to go to Station 400 — a popular breakfast and lunch place nearby. I had a tuna salad and he had an omelet.

Jim smirked and asked, “So, how’d you like our weekend?” I knew he was both teasing and serious. Teasing mainly because I had sex with almost all the other men. Of course, he was doing the women.

We had just hosted an orgy at our house that started on Friday afternoon and ended Monday morning when our guests departed. We had over twenty-five people attending and had barrels of fun and sex, assuming that sex came delivered that way.

By Friday morning we’d heard from six of the eleven couples that were at the Gainesville Retreat Center for our Nude Intimacy Retreat the prior weekend: Bart and Leah, Keith and Monica, Rob and Julie, Webb and Emily, Franklin and Trish, and, to our surprise, Tammy and Ethan. The twelve of them showed up. Three other couples called with regrets but wanted to go on records as wanting to come and see us sometime when they weren’t booked. Wolf and Vivian even pleaded for a future invitation and made me promised to let them know within another week.

As for our other lovers, everyone was in attendance: Jim and me; Rita and Hank; Bruce and Mindy; David, Penny, and Jean; Josh and Amy; and Carolyn and Matt. — so, there were thirteen people of our ‘regular’ crowd — six men and seven women.

Our first arrivals were for lunch on Friday: Rita and Mindy came to help prepare some of the side dishes for the three dinners we’d be having for the group: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. We were busy making potato salad, three-bean salad, and lots of other light dishes. I’d also bought a bushel of corn on the cob at a farm stand.

Each one of the men had assumed the responsibility for the main entrée for dinner for each of the three nights. Jim was doing steak medallions, then Bruce would do Salmon, and lastly Hank planned on barbecued ribs and chicken. We had a very large barbecue, so could handle meats for that many people, plus even cook the corn that way.

Rita, Mindy, and I worked nude in the kitchen and tried to be as sexy as we could. We were all wearing Come-Fuck-Me shoes and teasing Jim and the other men when they were around. We were all wet with anticipation, and Jim and I had sex that morning.

Amy, Jean, and Carolyn had combined their children at one house and hired a savvy mature woman as a sitter. She had a thirteen-year-old daughter she wanted to educate in the finer skills of babysitting, so they’d agreed that they’d provide the training ground. They knew the parents were at a weekend party with overnights. The teen thought little of it, but the mother smirked and commented that she wished that she was going to such a party.

The doorbell rang at four-thirty, and I went to answer it, naked, of course. The new arrivals were Keith and Monica. I gave them both full body hugs and then showed them where to ditch their clothing. Five minutes later, they appeared in their birthday suits with large smiles. Monica understood about the CFM shoes and was suitably attired. She also had a gossamer sarong that nicely added to her allure.

Leah and Bart arrived ten minutes later and got welcomed by everybody. Leah only wore a simple summer frock beside her CFM shoes. She promptly pulled it off over her head, and she was as naked as the rest of us. Leah was one of our new friends that was blessed with exceptional good looks. Bart wasn’t all that bad on the eyes either.

Everyone else was there by five-thirty, and the chatter of self-introductions filled the patio. Despite our nudity, we ignored a large power boat that slowly motored by in the bay, obviously with a half-dozen people onboard ogling our private party. They waved, and a few of us waved back.

Many of the group went into swim or to just sit on the side of the pool with their legs in the water, and always with their drink nearby. I took stock, and Jim and I were the oldest couple there.

I had talked to each of our ‘routine’ couples during the week, telling them about the party and what I knew about each couple. They were also amazed about the Nude Intimacy Retreat we’d just helped deliver the previous weekend. I charged each of them with pairing with their counterpart from the ‘outsiders’ to make love and develop intimate relations.

Thus, even before dinner, I could see some of the pairings start. Josh obviously felt attracted to Leah, and escort izmir the two weren’t just talking, they were making out frequently as their discussion extended. Josh’s wife Amy was coming onto the Bart, dragging her bare breasts across his arms or chest as they talked. She liked to kiss, too; and he was a quick study.

Rita paired off with Webb, standing snug against him with his arm over her shoulder and one of his large hands openly fondling a bare breast. We could tell she was excited because her nipples were white hot and about to pop out of her body. Mindy was occupying Ethan, sitting in his bare lap, and no doubt feeling his arousal poking upwards at her wet pussy. I thought later that she might even have him inside her slit; she could be forward like that.

Julie and Bruce were in the pool standing facing each other and very close together. They’d occasionally kiss, but their hands were underwater, no doubt fondling breasts, pussy, and cock, as appropriate. A few feet away Monica sat on the edge of the pool as Hank slowly spread her legs so he could be closer to her for some kisses. Soon, he was eating her pussy as she put her head back, closed her eyes, and then enjoyed his expert skills at pleasing a woman.

Rob was a few feet further on with Penny’s legs over his shoulder as he ate her out. The others were getting increasingly sexual. I turned, and there was Keith with some kisses for me. He fondled my breasts as we kissed, and I kind of went into orbit. Franklin was on a chaise making out with Carolyn and Amy. Trish, his wife, was making out with Jim as Emily stood near.

I chuckled because at the grill, Jim was preparing the corn and steaks for grilling. Depending on the stage he was in, billows of smoke would flare up from the barbecue. While he was working, Emily and Trish had adopted him as their cause. Emily was fawning over him as Webb, her husband, ate out Rita twenty feet away.

Jim would stop, suck on Trish or Emily’s breasts for a minute or two then kiss, and then return to some cooking task. Eventually, the corn finished and he was ready for the meat. When that started several of us broke away with our partners and carried our side dishes, salads, and condiments to the outdoor tables.

We had a joyous dinner, and more ‘get-to-know-you’ conversations took place. Suddenly, poof, all the steak and salads were gone. A massive and very rapid effort carried every dish, piece of cutlery, and whatever, into the kitchen and helped put them in the proper place in the proper way. I just stood there directing the effort of a dozen helpers. Everyone didn’t want our cleanup tasks impeding the sexual part of the evening.

Those tasks being completed, everyone migrated back to the patio. The temperatures were still warm, with temperatures in the high seventies. There were a few of those moments where people aren’t quite sure what to do, so they stand around and look at each other hoping for some leadership.

I provided the leadership. I clapped and got everyone’s attention. “You’ve all made new friends, and I congratulate you all. Please recouple with them, if you haven’t already. You do have a choice at this point about where you’d like to be for the next hour, and then what you should do. The choices are primarily bedrooms, living room or media room, and here on the patio. Some of my videos will be playing on the TV in the media room.

“I’m suggesting you do the following. Make love or whatever with your new friends here on the patio. There are plenty of chaises and futons so that everyone can be comfortable, yet we can all be together. If you find group sex daunting, please don’t. Those of us in our usual circle are often together like this, and we can explain about the virtues to you.

“After you reach a logical stopping point, we recommend that you come up to our makeshift bar and wait until you find a new partner for the next hours or so. Repeat throughout the evening until you go to bed, unless, of course, you can go all night. Remember with your new Tantric skills, you can go all night.” I grinned with a hopeful look.

“Speaking of beds, there are spaces for sixteen sleeping individuals in the house, and more than that out here on the patio. In that cabinet are blankets, towels, sheets, and you can use the various pillows you see scattered around. I recommend you keep the futons dry so that you can sleep on them. Bed slots are on a first come, first served basis. If the spot is used and you find a wet spot, either enjoy it or put a towel over it when you go to sleep. We’ll do a lot of laundry tomorrow, and repeat all this. Questions?”

There were no questions, couples migrated to various comfortable quarters, and started to seriously make out. Keith reclaimed me, and we started a sixty-nine to my delight. A few feet away, Jim, Trish, and Emily were in a similar state of foreplay.

Jim liked oral sex, both giving and receiving. Hearing him moan while getting serviced was rare because he was izmir escort bayan usually concentrated on giving while he was receiving. I glanced over and Emily had every millimeter of his cock swallowed into mouth and throat — no easy feat given his size. I know. Trish was studying her technique and fondling his balls.

Emily was also twisting her head back and forth, forcing his glans to rotate inside her throat and receive nontypical stimulation, even from a deep throat. She was salivating like crazy, and somehow managing to breath while holding onto him.

I redoubled my efforts on Keith, and started to try Emily’s tricks on him. He liked all that, too.

Eventually, I heard Jim ask his partner to slow down a little. He then went to town on her slit, and soon it was Emily that moaned as an orgasm overtook her. He shifted over and repeated the activity on Trish. Jim was persistent.

About the time Keith wanted to start fucking, Jim did, too. We both moved into the missionary position adjacent to each other and Emily and I held hands as the two men slipped their cocks into our well lubricated vaginas. Webb came and claimed Trish, and she went off with him.

I know Jim got that charge of cuckoldry as he watched Keith slip his cock into me and start to pump in a slow and methodical stroking that I sure liked and he obviously did, too. He wasn’t really that slow, but he wasn’t manic about it either, and he definitely wasn’t slamming hard into my body. I’d had that, even in our own circle of lovers. Josh especially liked to claim me that way.

Emily had wrapped her arms and legs around Jim’s body as they kissed while he moved in and out of her body. He liked to vary the speed, and I could see him shift gears several times with Emily. I liked hearing her words of love to my lover. The intimate words were what we wanted from our sex partners otherwise our sex was just elaborate and facilitated masturbation. What a great way to masturbate, though.

On my other side, Penny, my daughter, was riding Rob — Julie’s husband. Now, Penny was moving fast. She wanted his climax and her own in short order. Beside them in our row of chaises, Bruce was being very loving as he fucked Julie. Her legs were flailing in the air around his body. They sure attracted visual attention. Bruce eventually knelt on a towel next to the chaise, and pulled Julie on and off his cock. Their union was very visible, even in the dim lights from inside the house.

I heard the gasps of a couple out of sight, and then Mindy’s unique and excited squeal as she orgasmed. Joining in her ecstasy, a deep male voice kept saying, “Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.” That turned out to be Ethan, the first of our orgy to ejaculate into his new partner. Mindy could be heard extolling his virtues.

I heard Tammy laugh. “Ethan, you needed that. Now, you can watch David paint my insides with his baby batter.” I loved hearing some of the crudeness of our friends come into play.

Keith soon painted my insides with his white goo. I didn’t insist that he clean it up, but he knew from various comments at the Retreat Center the prior week that Jim did that, and that other men in the group also did. We were both sweaty from our exertion so I led Keith down the steps into the pool. We floated around, kissing often, and then got out, rinsed off, and air dried as we waited for new partners.

Soon enough, Ethan and Mindy joined us. I had somehow not been with Ethan the week before so I went off with him. Jim and Mindy enjoyed some bottled water. Leah soon claimed Jim, and then moved off to a chaise. Mindy eventually went off with Webb, as further partner changes took place.

I watched Jean join Webb and Mindy, and soon their FFM threesome was a featured coupling on the patio as others around them watched the three of them make love and bring each other off. Webb was good at the Tantric sex, even with two partners, and managed to hold off until Jean and Mindy had each experienced four or five orgasms a piece.

Ultimately, Webb was my sleeping partner that Friday night. Jim ended bringing Leah to our bed. The four of us made love again, swapped partners and did it again, and then swapped back and went to sleep.

* * * * *

Despite the late bedtime to actually go to sleep, I was up at six-thirty. I got our large urn of coffee stoked up, and set out all sorts of other breakfast items. Even with the bright daylight of the early morning, the sleeping princes and princesses on patio didn’t move for another hour.

I managed to slip into the pool for a morning swim, keeping as quiet as I could. I’d dried off and returned to the kitchen with the towel tied around my waist. Carolyn joined me and we kissed for a while as I fondled her interesting body parts and she fondled mine.

Carolyn teased, “What will your new friends think when they find out that we’re father-daughter, and here we are at the same orgy?”

I shrugged. “Consenting adults can do what they want about izmir escortlar sex, right? No one is coercing you to have sex with me. Well, I would like to coerce you, but I’m not forcing you. At least at this point, no one has even seen us in that state. Maybe later, we can give a demonstration of a perfect family union.”

“Please. I love you.”

“How’d you do last night?”

“Very happy. Was with Bart, Webb, and Keith for the night. I wore the men out. They have no stamina, like you do.”

“You were deprived of orgasms?” I chuckled.

“Oh, no. I insisted on lots of orgasm-producing oral sex from each of them, and then milked their cocks for more. I had two sessions with Keith: one when we went to bed, and one about four in the morning. Josh and Trish were beside me for that one. She loves to eat cum, as it turned out.”

Edie appeared and kissed me and her daughter-in-law. “Plans?”

“I’ll cook breakfast for folks, if they want — eggs and bacon, etcetera. Other than that, we encourage people to fuck away all day into the evening. I want people to get to know each other really well. I have a new game I bought at the Triple-XXX Store to facilitate that. We could start playing anytime. I was aiming at after lunch for that.”

Edie kissed me again. “I like your plans.” She went off towards the kitchen. I rose and went to help.

Slowly, our friends, relatives, and guests started to arrive for our Saturday breakfast from the bedrooms and other sleeping space we’d created. Many found their spouse and inquired where and with whom they spent the night. The questions were not challenging but asked out of curiosity.

Also, the last of our guests for the weekend also arrived — Sean and Molly, who we’d met at the first Relationship Retreat that Edie and I had gone to. Molly was a nurse and had to work until the late evening the night before, so they just let us know that they’d join us starting this morning. They weren’t shy about either the nudity or introducing themselves. The two of them brought our numbers up to twenty-nine.

I could best describe the morning atmosphere of the group as sated and cuddly. Most of the group congregated back with their spouses or partners. No one seemed overly eager for a sexual union. Quite a few intimate conversations between husband and wife took place. Based on my own past experience with Edie, I assumed they were validating their continued love for their mate despite having been physically and even emotionally intimate with someone else.

Edie and I had gotten together with Bruce, Mindy, Hank, and Rita mid-week and talked about how to kick things up a notch. Of course, we had our own good time with each other as we doled out ideas. I’d ended up with some homework, but I liked the results of my homework and could visualize the way it would shift what was going on with the entire group.

People swam in our pool, and a few dressed and took walks around the neighborhood. The gym got used by many. Our children made runs home to check on their children and the communal babysitters.

I got a call from Carolyn about eleven a.m. “Jim, this is Carolyn. I have a kind of awkward question to ask. Our babysitter, the mom, that is, would like to invite herself to our party. It seems that after the kiddies were in bed last night, she took a walk over to your house and peeked into the backyard. She said that because it was a sleepover party that she had a good guess about what was going on, and she was right, of course. She watched all of us having sex and swapping around. She wants ‘in’ on everything. I should add that she’s good looking, if that makes a difference.”

I was aghast that a neighbor had ‘caught’ us. I should have guessed that our outdoor activity would be spotted by someone someday. I wondered whether anybody else had seen us.

I asked, “Is she single, married, what? And what about her daughter?”

Carolyn replied, “Daughter Megan, who’s thirteen, is clueless about her horny mother. She’s a skilled babysitter, has taken the Red Cross course on the subject, and even been certified. She needed a little practical experience. She’s what I would call an ‘old thirteen’ — meaning mature, and able to make good judgments. The kids like her, so we’d trust her with the overnight. She slept in the kids’ room last night, so was right there with them. Additionally, her mother will slip away and check up on her until the kids are all abed.”

“And her mother?”

“Her mother Debbie or Deb is divorced. She’s in her thirties, and I think she’s kind of hot.”

“And she wants to play around sexually with all of us?”

“Yes. She hopes to develop a relationship with some of us, but she’s not husband shopping, at least she says she’s not.”

“Did you explain to her about how we all have come to know each other?”

“Her reply was that it was time you involved more people from the neighborhood that weren’t related to you in some way. She said she read about you online, not the sex stuff, but that you were one of the big wigs at NASA for many years and also used to give a lot of speeches. She even noted that you were part of Carl and Alice’s team giving relationship seminars. She liked that especially.”

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