Hey, Who Says I Lost!

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This story got started when I lost this dumb Super Bowl bet to my friend, and occasional lover Murphy. So yippee, guess who got to be his sexual fantasy come to life, for an entire weekend? Yeah, me Judi! And later, when I told another friend about a few of the more tasty parts of that sensational, practically unbelievable weekend, he suggested I write it down and make a story out of it. It sounded like fun; sure it did! Only pretty quick that single story, initially called A TASTE OF PINK SUGAR, swelled in to an entire collection of wicked tales I’m calling TASTY BITES OF PINK SUGAR. And, after I showed the first two stories to Murphy, and then Ann and you’ll meet her later too, well, let’s say they insisted on getting in on the act. So, in a few of the upcoming stories, you’ll be hearing it in their own words. Alright already, so here’s the first of that sensational weekend’s stories, HEY WHO SAYS I LOST!

Hi; it’s me Judi, and I’m really looking forward to sharing the story of that unreal sexual weekend. And maybe, I could sort of skip over the first night, OK? See, we got there real late, ate a great room service dinner; oops, and then I fell asleep. Murphy, my hero, carried me off, and tucked me in to bed. Fine, I’m blushing; so let’s just cut to the next morning, OK!

Sliding out from under the hand resting high on my bare thigh, I rolled on out of the big bed. Standing there bathed in warm morning sunshine, I stretched luxuriously, feeling just a bit like a cat, meow! That glorious sunshine slanted in, blazing like a spotlight over my naked body. Yeah, you bet I just love the spotlight, and being the center of attention too! But honest, that’s not why I play lead guitar in an all girl rock n’ roll band., But then, I do love being on stage, standing alone in the spotlight, while I wale away on my neon purple electric guitar. Right then though, my only audience was me, revealed in a set of mirrored closet doors.

I grinned, Liking the way that bright light played with shadow, to highlight the bit of Eurasian that usually only shows in my eyes. Sleekly muscled and tanned, I admired my body’s soft sensual curves. My hands slid up over a flat belly to cup a double handful of perkily upturned, and deliciously firm size 34C breasts. I couldn’t resist, giving in to the temptation to roll , fast hardening nipples between thumb and finger. Turning, I used that mirror to check out my, world class ass. Hey, everyone seems to agree on that, and who am I to argue! Honestly though; I think it’s my smile that really works for me. Or maybe, it’s really just the way my exotic eyes flash with mischief, not so subtly hinting at my naturally erotic nature.

Bending I picked up my bathing suits thong bottom, but then threw it aside. Fuck it, I thought, this sexy bitch might just as well skinny dip! So, naked and alone, I dove in to cool pool water that sent a sexy tingle racing through my body. Hearing a splash behind me, I knew that Murphy had joined me. His dive left him with his arms wrapped around my legs. The nasty fucker, pulled me under, and gave me my good morning kiss there, under water. Well, OK it was a first anyway! Squirming out of Murphy’s embrace, I sent a playful splash his way, before swimming off with him in hot pursuit. Together, we swam a few fast laps, before he pulled himself up to sit on the side of the pool.

Of course, knowing he’d be sitting there admiring my naked body, I continued swimming slow laps. Gosh, and being a naughty little bitch, well I even did a few in a nasty back stroke, complete with a butterfly kick intended to show off lots of bare pink pussy. You bet; I really do love teasing that man! But hey, it’s a game we both love to play! And, because I’d lost that dumb bet I figured it was going to be a weekend full of sexy fun and games. But gosh, who knew it would turn out to be a weekends worth of nearly non stop wickedly sexual escapades? And already I was thinking, lucky Murphy; as horny as I am, he’s not going to need to give this hot little bitch any orders at all!

Stopping in shallow water, I stood, hands on hips, shooting him one of my magnificently wicked smiles. Nasty bastard, I thought, he’s sitting there grinning right back at me; yeah, and with his beautiful cock standing stiffly at attention! It was eight inches of hard thick cock, glistening wetly in the sun, and I wanted it! OK sure, and I wanted the man attached to that jutting bit of rigid cock too. Murphy’s a decent looking guy in his late thirty something’s. He’s almost six feet tall, and he’s in pretty good shape, even if it does look like he drank his six-pack, if you know what I mean! His eyes are hazel, like mine, and his red hair only has a touch of gray. Yeah, and the poor man couldn’t tan to save his life!

Holding my eyes riveted on Murphy’s, I reached out, wrapped one fist around his cock’s thick shaft, and cupped his big balls in my other hand. With a whispered “Mine,” My eyes shifted, and I stared hungrily at all the lovely treasure my hands held. Moving slowly my fist şişli escort sensuously stroked up and down over that beautiful cock’s silky smooth skin. Sure, I started slow, but quickly built speed with each tantalizingly long stroke. The fire already smoldering in my pussy flared, flashing a wave of heat through my body. Murphy sat grinning, quietly watching, as I sucked his balls in to my mouth. I say; sometimes, there’s nothing better then giving a hand job, especially when you’ve got the guy’s big balls in your mouth! Un-huh, and his balls were still trapped in the wet heat of my mouth, as I held his eye, and with a hand on each knee, pushed his legs wider apart. Gosh, and I was beginning to think that maybe, it was about time to let my lips and tongue work some magic on his lovely cock! Sure, it would be, just as soon as I convinced my mouth to free his balls anyway! And, just as soon as I did, I flicked my tongue teasingly up his shaft, playing it over that incredibly sensitive skin just under his big cock’s head. Oh boy, and was it ever delicious hearing his throaty moan; yeah and seeing his back arch too! I flicked and licked, swirling my tongue around his thick cock’s darkly swollen head, before slowly kissing my way back down to his balls.

Murphy lay back bracing on his elbows, returning my thoroughly wicked grin, with a sweet little smile, and a softly groaned “Do it!” The poor mans attempt at a growl, came out sounding more like a purr. But then, maybe that was because I’d just swallowed the throbbing head of his cock. Lips squeezing tight, I bobbed my head, letting his hard cock’s soft head pop in and out of my mouth once, twice ; and then, I let my lips slide right on down all that soft, silky smooth, and fiery hot skin to that flaming cock’s base. Bummer, but a girl just can’t grin with eight inches of thick throbbing cock filling her mouth and pushing half way down her throat! Still, I think its great fun to look up in to a man’s eyes, while you hold his cock deep throated!

Playfully torturing his cock with teasing nips along the way, I ever so slowly slid my lips back up its thick shaft. I paused there, holding only the head of that pulsing cock in my mouth. I sucked hard, tasted his precum, and sucked even harder. Popping my mouth off that tasty treat, I flashed Murphy a lip licking grin. And then, I flicked out my tongue, swiping up the remaining bit of precum decorating that lovely cock’s darkly swollen head. Being the natural showoff that I am, and because I absolutely love doing it, hands holding tight to his knees, I began pistoning my mouth up and down the full rigid length of his deliciously thick cock. And oh God yes, you bet I ripped my mouth clear off, freeing that cock’s head with every stroke, before again slamming it back down, and burying that fat soft head deep in my throat. No doubt about it, this nasty minded girl totally loves the feel of hot hard cock sliding through her lips, filling her mouth, and then plunging on, deep in to her throat! And as bad as I wanted to feel Murphy’s cock jerk hard, and then send a massive stream of thick hot cum exploding in to my mouth; well gosh, I wanted to tease him even more! Besides, the way I saw it, eventually, wasn’t I going to end up indulging that sweet temptation anyway? Sure, and meanwhile, what was great fun was hearing his growled groans of pleasure when I slowed my furious pistoning, and slowly, maddeningly slowly in fact , began pumping my lips up and down eight thick inches of deliciously throbbing cock. His hips would start to buck up, driving his cock hard in to my throat, and, then I’d give him fast again. Oh yeah I know Murphy alright; so , I stopped my wicked little performance, before, I figured just before he decided to reach for my head, hold it down, and pump my mouth full of cum.

Not that it was going anywhere; but, I grabbed for it, and wrapped a fist around that dark, wetly glistening, iron hard hunk of red hot cock anyway. With my fist sliding fast over the slippery hot skin of Murphy’s thick cock, I told him what I intended. “Ready lover? I’m going to take you now, yeah, and deep in my throat too! And, I damn well better get to swallow one damn huge load of hot cum for my troubles!”

I even trusted his breathily delivered “Count on it; oh but not yet baby!” So, I went right on pounding my fist up and down his cock’s rigid length, snickering at the sight of his dancing ball sack, and its treasure of bouncing balls. But when his hand reached for my head, I knew the darling man was about to get off. The horrid bastard absolutely loves pushing my head down, and then holding it there while he shoots shot after shot of cum down my throat. Ok yeah, usually I do love that, but this time I knocked his damn hands away! Swooping in fast, I closed my mouth around that cock’s ready to erupt head. It was perfect; that thick cock’s big head was just sliding past my lips, when his first eruption blasted hot cum deep in to my mouth. OK, and just for the fun of it, I kept diving down, getting his second mecidiyeköy escort eruption splashed straight in to my throat. Turned on, Hell, thoroughly swept up in a frenzy of erotic passion, I used my mouth to fuck that throbbing, cum spurting cock! Hey, and I managed to rip several more delicious blasts of cum out of it too! I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I really love the way a guy’s cock feels when it’s jerking deep in my mouth, and just fucking erupting hot cum. Bummer though, I just wish the damn stuff tasted better, oh well!

Kicking away from him, I asked “Well lover, now that you’ve fed me an appetizer, are you going to order this girl some breakfast?” Laughing, Murphy sent a big splash my way, before he headed in to call down to room service and order our breakfast. I followed, intending to find something little and sexy to wear. Cool air conditioned air swirled over my tingling skin, sending sensual shivers racing through my body. Pow! My nipples popped right out, leaving them looking like a couple of dark ripe cherries. Walking in to our bedroom, I didn’t make it past the bathrooms vanity mirror. Right, I’m one of those women who just can’t pass a mirror without stopping to check her self out, hey especially when I’m bare ass naked! So, there this nasty minded bitch stood, sensuously running her hands over the smooth curves of her tanned body. My skin was deliciously sensitive, and I thought, no doubt about it, this girl is truly horny! Luckily though, horny is a curable condition.

Cool fingers teased hard erect nipples, pinching and rolling them expertly. Those teasing fingers ran down across my belly, ripping a sweet shudder from me, as I slid them between my parted thighs. Still watching my reflection, I leaned back against the wall and spread my legs wide. But hey, I told myself, it’s only going to be a little tease, right? Oh sure it was; until, those fingers started working their magic that is. Wham, and my stomach clenched, twisting, while shivers of pleasure coursed in rippling waves through my body. I didn’t give in to those rapturous erotic sensations; of course not, hell no, I took control, and just went for it! Anyway, lifting one foot up on the vanity, sure gave me a wide open view of my shaved bare, shiny wet, pretty pink pussy. Un-huh, and oh gosh, and just coincidentally left it delightfully accessible.

Eager fingers spread my labia, exposing a wickedly erect clit for a fast flicking finger tip to tantalize. , Hey now, that made a damn fine sight too! Pink is pretty, and glistening slippery wet pink is even prettier, don’t you agree! Good thing there was a wall behind me; because, when I used my free hand to push two stiff fingers deep in to the incredible slippery wet heat of my vagina, my knees buckled. Hey now, but isn’t that why they invented walls; so that we poor girls would have something to lean against? Slow penetrating thrusts with stiff fingers, worked with the finger tip circling fast on my clit, to ring soft moans of excited pleasure from me. Watching myself play was, of course, driving my passion higher, and knowing that only intensified my arousal. So oh yes; my finger flicked hard, and fast, and directly on a clit screaming for more! Ok, so add in a third finger, really begin to fuck hard, and just like that this sexy bitch was gasping for breath. No doubt about it; I really get off on doing myself! And I loved the silky smooth feel of my awesomely erect clit; yup, and the velvety liquid heat my thrusting fingers were sliding through too. Yes, and then there was the unmistakable swell of a fast approaching orgasm. Only just then, for the moment at least, I decided to back off. Sure, so I left my clit alone, and focused on finding my G-spot.

Surprise, I found it! Usually working my own sweet spot is just a tease, yeah usually! But gosh, it was already swollen, with the velvety soft skin over it stretched taut, and slick to my touch. Un-huh, and suddenly I was thinking, tease, why bother? So, two fingers began massaging that incredibly sensitive inner spot, while I got another finger busy working over a clit begging for more. For sure, I loved watching myself, as I slowly worked my way towards one truly monstrously over the top orgasm! And maybe, that’s why I changed my mind, and decided to tease it out some after all.

Honest, I intended to hold back, working it, and letting it build until it just fucking consumed me. But, that wicked finger working my clit had a mind of its own, and wouldn’t even slow down! But hey, I’m tough, and at least I did manage to pull those fingers out of the fiery infernal that was my pussy, and away from my throbbing G-spot. Those naughty fingers were glistening wetly, and just daring me to lick them clean! Of course I did! And, watching myself in the mirror, I doubly enjoyed every delicious flick of my tongue, yummy! Fine, but then I wanted a little something more then the tantalizing taste of pink sugar; so, I put those fingers right back to work. They held my pussy’s lips spread, so that nasty finger could keep on tantalizing a seriously aroused clit.

Oops, and that’s when I noticed Murphy stroll in and plop down on the bed. Seeing him intently focused on my nasty play, I flashed him a devilish smile, and a “Hey, hello lover!” Turning my attention back to the wanton bitch in the mirror, I added “Oh boy, a live audience!” Now, I truly love a live audience, especially one that truly appreciates the nastily wicked side of me too. Masturbating alone, I’m pretty quiet, well sort of anyway, but if some one is watching, then I’m like a little porn starlet. For Murphy’s enjoyment, of course it was, I pushed three fingers in to my practically dripping wet vagina. Drenched with my pussy’s hot and tasty juices I raised them to my lips. And then, eyeing Murphy while I did it, I Slowly, and oh so sensuously, licked and sucked every sweet drop of my juices off them. What; of course, I took seconds! Why not, I love the taste of pussy; although, I much prefer collecting it from between some sexy young things spread thighs.

Right then though, there was a little something I needed; yup, and a whole lot more then I wanted the taste of pussy. So, quickly I had those fingers back delivering hard twisting thrusts deep in to my hot center. And yes, I just absolutely had to keep one finger tip drumming out a ripping beat on the slick hard bump of electrified flesh that was my throbbingly erect clit. Honestly, I tried to keep an eye on Murphy’s face as he watched my shameless play, but damn it, my traitorous eyes kept moving back to check out the action in the mirror. My breath came in fast gasps as the waves thundering through me built, threatening to sweep this poor girl off in to a monstrous orgasm. The fingers deep in my fiery hot and pulsing vagina stopped their hard rapid thrusting, focusing on my G-spot instead. Oh my god, my clit was so throbbingly hard, I was afraid it might just explode! Seriously, I just hoped it didn’t, not before I did anyway!

Deep contractions rippled and surged out from my molten center, sending waves of unbelievable pleasure crashing through me. Knees buckling, I sucked in gasping breaths, as my entire body trembled and shook. Loud shuddering cries ripped from deep in my throat. Screaming “Fuck me, I’m cuming,” I did! And then I added an echoing “Yes, yes, yes, oh God, it’s so good…fuck yes, I’m cuming…yes, yes, again!” A final strangled “That’s it, oh God no more,” and oh shit, this girl was done! Well OK, make that, done for right then anyhow!

Poor me was leaning back against the wall on buckled knees, still trembling, and just beginning to breathe again. And, that’s when good old Murphy caught my hands, and pulled me up in to his arms for one terrifically sizzling kiss. OK, I admit it; masturbation is lots more fun, when there’s someone there to hold you and kiss you sweetly when you’re done. Not that the nasty little endearments he was whispering in my ear weren’t pretty sweet too. I mean it’s pretty hot having a lover tell you “Baby you’re the world’s number one sexiest, most beautifully erotic little bitch,” and that he’s going to “fuck the brains right out of your head!” Sweet, don’t you agree?

Well, Murphy picked me up, carried me to the big bed, and laid me down. Oh boy, and even if I’d missed Murphy’s stiffly jutting cock, yeah as if, well the look in his eyes screamed, girl you’re about to get seriously fucked! Oh sure, and predictably that’s when the damn doorbell went and announced room services arrival. Well now, I figured, fine, at least it’s Edgar, that cute guy who’d delivered our dinner last night. So, I hopped off the bed with a cheery “hey, I’ll get it!” Stop to throw something on; not me! Hey, I was wearing a grin wasn’t I? I didn’t get far though! Nope; nasty old Murphy grabbed me, and with a ringing crack to my ass, spilled me back on to the bed.

Grabbing for his short terrycloth robe, he admonished me with a “tsk-tsk,” and a “What, you’d probably give the poor guy a heart attack!” Heart attack, how sweet; but, I gave him a loud raspberry, and flipped him off anyway. Heading for the door the evil bastard taunted me with a nasty “If you hurry Judi, you’ll probably be in time to catch Edgar; only, maybe you should be wearing something more then just a smile! Sure, and I’m betting you’re planning on driving the poor guy to distraction, right?” Hey now, I could do that alright!

Come on girl move it, I told myself, get your sweet ass going. Edgar, that way cute guy from room service, is already out on the patio, and setting up breakfast. Oh yeah, I’ve definitely got a seriously nasty mind alright! And just then, it was sizzling away, conjuring up loads of tantalizingly delicious teases I could unleash on poor unsuspecting Edgar. Oh yes, and of course on good old Murphy too! Getting it in gear, I quickly ran a brush through my wet hair, liking the nice blush of color my earlier orgasm had layered over my tan. With a touch of lipstick added, it was time to find just the right sexy little something to wear. Murphy loves the flirtatious teasing side of me. And never mind what he’d said; I figured he was hoping I’d show up bare ass naked. OK, yeah, yeah, I’ll admit that it did more then cross my mind!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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