Good Neighbors Ch. 04

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Abbie here. Liz shocked me when she suggested we offer our lessons to Jeff and Benjamin’s friends. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was making all this too easy and I was all for the idea in a heartbeat.

I know now how dishonest Liz and I were being with each other, but at the time neither one of us knew how to approach the subject. I confess that I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about what I was doing with Benjamin — even if Liz and I were the best and closest of friends. The only thing that truly bothered me was not having someone to talk to about this wonderful change in my life. I suddenly felt like I had been a sleep-walker for the past ten years. Now, all I wanted to do was tell everyone how much I now adored the attention of a young man and how much I had loved rubbing bellies with a young, horny stud. I wanted more — much more — of all I had tasted last night and I wanted at least one person to know just how much I had loved it all.

Since I couldn’t tell Liz, I’ve decided to tell all of you instead. The second Liz left my patio I called Benjamin, told him to find two friends to join him for a dancing lesson the following night and that they were to pick me up at my place at seven. We talked about going some place else for the evening and we finally agreed that Benjamin would make the arrangements. The only restriction I placed on him was that the two friends be earnest young men like himself and that wherever they took me should be safe, private and have a way to play music so we could dance. Our lesson was not to be disturbed. I also instructed him to call me back to let me know who he had invited and, if I didn’t already know them, I wanted a brief run-down on each of them. I was sure Liz would never allow Benjamin to have the wrong kind of friends but it never hurts to be cautious.

The second thing I did was dash down to the mall to a tanning salon I had used off and on for a while. While I was on the phone with Benjamin, I had begun to look at my legs and arms and suddenly realized how pale I was. It was still early in the summer and I hadn’t spent much time gardening and walking yet. I had visited the tanning salon the week before but I decided it was going to take more than that. I wasn’t shooting for a deep shade of bronze in the next twenty-four hours but I certainly didn’t want to look like a pasty old zombie for my first class. (I guess that statement sort of implies I expected to hold more classes — and you’re right!)

I grabbed up a bottle of tanning oil and rushed out the door. Time was a-wastin’ and I had so much to do before tomorrow night. I was able to squeeze in another tanning session late the next morning and I have to say I was at least showing signs of a tan. I wasn’t the color of a sack of flour anymore and the faint tan lines from last year’s dowdy old bathing suit had at least disappeared. I had decided not to bother wearing a swimsuit at the salon. After all, I wanted my students to appreciate everything about me and an all-over tan was a part of that everything.

While lying there under the sunlamps a few minutes later, I mulled over my ideas on what to wear. There was some clothing stores nearby that would have a lot to choose from. My first priority was to wear as little as possible. My second priority was to select an outfit that was easy to remove. I didn’t want to wear a new outfit for very long tomorrow night and I wanted to make it easy and simple for my students to remove. I know from my experience as a mother that young men learn truly lasting lessons when they can discover things for themselves. I didn’t want to complicate their first lesson with too many hooks, buttons, zippers or straps. I wanted something simple enough for an inexperienced young man to figure out quickly but I also wanted an outfit that would knock their socks off.

I found the perfect outfit in the very first shop I visited. It was a little shop next door to the tanning salon that catered to teenaged girls. Why any self-respecting mother would ever permit their daughter to wear the dress I selected escapes me. It was a vivid, sinful pink. The hemline stopped long before it reached my knees and had a halter top with a deep ‘V’ in front and tiny strings that tied at the neck. It was made of a thin, stretchy satin-like fabric that did very little to conceal lumps, fat or wrinkles. Fortunately, I didn’t have any of those problems to conceal. I did however, have two very prominent round, swollen nipples that any self-respecting young man would find absolutely fascinating when they were poking out from this material. They looked rather striking as I admired my appearance in the mirror. There was no way my wayward big nipples could be hidden in this little number. I even found a little hot pink thong to go with it.

The dress came in two sizes. The larger size fit me quite nicely. The smaller size had a shorter hem, pinched a bit at my waist and squeezed my poor big boobs until they were almost ready to jump out of the dress. I şişli escort chose the smaller size. I must confess that the snug feel of this dress got me awfully hot and bothered. As I stood there in that little dress shop in front of the mirror with my pussy growing damper and damper, I wondered for just a split second if I should be doing any of this. That feeling didn’t last and I rushed right out to get a mani-pedi in a hot pink shade to match my dress.

After my nail treatment I slipped into a shoe store and picked out a pair of white high heeled strappy sandals to complete my look. On the way home I stopped by the corner drugstore and bought new makeup. I hadn’t worn much makeup in a long time but it seemed awfully important that I have a dramatic, sophisticated — and perhaps slightly ‘trashy’ look. I was beginning to think of myself on this adventure as “the tramp-for-a-night.”

I accomplished all of that in the five hours following my conversation with Liz. All that remained for me to do was get my hair done. I called my hairdresser and made an appointment for the next morning and then I started dinner for Jeff and I.

I was an efficient, organized mom and I was proud of that. Raising a son like Jeff was my proof. Sometimes I can be too efficient and too well-organized, though. The next morning, I slowly came to comprehend just how challenging my own efficiency could make my life.

It was 11:30 in the morning and everything except for my bath and dressing for the night, was complete. I had nothing to do for the next five hours. I felt like a million bucks. I looked like a million bucks too. My nails were a gorgeous bright pink. My long blond hair was nicely trimmed and had been freshly highlighted. I couldn’t do any housecleaning or gardening for fear of damaging my manicure or working up a sweat that would muss my hair.

Even more daunting was my arousal. Lordy, but I was horny. My body twitched all over with anticipation. Sitting at the kitchen table, idly trying to read the newspaper and shifting about on my chair, I felt like a long-tailed cat in a room filled with rocking chairs. I was going crazy with the anticipation of the coming evening’s lessons. I couldn’t wait to show Benjamin and my two new students a thing or two. The two new students were Preston and Marty and I had met them before. They were both nice young men and I had even done some charity work with Preston’s mother a few years ago. I had approved of Benjamin’s choices.

Still, I was feeling like a horny little cat in heat and now, because I’d taken care of everything yesterday, I had nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon. After stewing and sputtering around the house for a few minutes I decided to prepare for the evening by little bits. First, I would shave my legs. I could stretch that out for at least forty-five minutes, I thought.

I miscalculated. The act of running a warm sponge over the smooth flesh of my legs had a strangely bracing effect on me. Smoothing the shave cream over my thighs nearly sent me into a tizzy. I began purring and humming to myself. I even spread some of the foam up into all that curly blonde fur covering my slit. That only made me more excited. I shouldn’t be doing this, I told myself. I wanted to be positively at my peak sexual arousal when my young students arrived. I didn’t want anything to take the edge off my raging sexual excitement before tonight.

I wasn’t managing any of this very well. Before I knew what was happening to me, my hips were rolling, my legs, bent at the knees so I could shave my ankles, were opening and closing slowly and I had unwittingly shoved two shaving cream-covered fingers up my twat. I hadn’t masturbated in years and now, here I was lathering myself up into a hopeless frenzy. When my husband Ernie was living and we’d had an active and rich sex life, part of our sex play had been for him to watch from the bed while I got myself off perched on the edge of the dresser. When I had finished my dirty little deed and I was out of breath and squirming there in front of him, Ernie always delighted in lifting me off the dresser and telling he could do much better than that. He always proved his point by fucking me senseless. He really could do better and I dearly needed his strong, knowing touch in those strung-out moments after I had gotten myself off.

My first orgasm was small and helped take the edge off my excitement. I extracted both fingers from my hole and forced myself to get back to work with the razor. Things went well and I managed to take my time with the process until I reached my upper thighs. Each time I looked down and set the razor upon the smooth flesh of one thigh or the other, I was forced to look at the sight of my pussy with that dollop of shaving cream smeared all over it. It only served to remind me what my pussy would look like tonight. I thought of a hard, young cock inside me, erupting like a geyser with all that creamy goodness. I couldn’t help myself. I dropped mecidiyeköy escort the razor and plucked up my clit for a bit more personal attention. I was a hopeless mess by now and I couldn’t stop. I came again. This time it was bigger and I made a little bit of noise as all that pleasure swept over me.

“Are you OK, Mom?” Jeff asked through my bedroom door after tapping on it.

“Sure! Sure,” I huffed. I was out of breath and a bit surprised that he’d heard my little outburst through the closed door. This bigger orgasm only made things worse. I was on the verge of losing all self-control. My knees were opening and closing on their own now and my breathing was still ragged.

I needed to stop this. I told myself this was not how a dignified forty-two-year-old mother was supposed to behave. Then I promptly shoved three fingers up my twat, bit my lip and proceeded to make a horrible mess of my little ‘funpark’ as Ernie had always called it. When I finished this time, the shave cream and my juices were so thoroughly mixed that it truly did look like a river of frothy cum oozing out of me. I was whimpering like a baby and seething like a pressure cooker all at the same time. I had only made things worse.

“Are you sure you’re OK, Mom?” Jeff asked again through my bedroom door a moment later.

It took a moment to catch my breath. “Yes . . . yes. I’m fine. Just getting ready for tonight,” I finally told him as calmly as I could.

“You sure are putting a lot of effort into getting ready,” he said. Then, after a pause, added, “Boy, I hope Mrs. Nobbing is busy getting ready too.” There was some genuine boyish excitement in his voice.

My son’s words had a sobering effect on me. Here I lay, one of my hands drenched with my own excitement, shaving cream in places it didn’t belong and my son outside my door wondering what my best friend and neighbor is doing to get ready for his dancing and etiquette lesson. I suddenly wondered if Benjamin Nobbing was looking forward to his lesson with me tonight with as much excitement. This was all so confusing. Could my Jeff be excited and looking forward to tonight for the same reasons I was?

I lay in bed; my hand planted once more in my steaming little pussy and wondered if Liz had been giving my son the same sort of in-depth and priceless education I was giving her son. Jeff had seemed ever so pleased to be able to invite his new friend Eddie for lessons with Liz. I’d only heard bits of his conversations with him on the phone but he sounded so excited about it all. Benjamin had called me last night practically beside himself with joy just to report that his friends Marty and Preston had agreed to come.

It was too late to call any of this off. I didn’t want to anyway. I was far too excited to cancel now. I would have to speak to Liz about my suspicions, though — maybe tomorrow or the next day.

My thoughts returned to the razor I had dropped minutes ago and the shuddering tension in my thighs. I simply had to stop doing such wicked things to myself. I knew now that no amount of torment to my pussy could possibly spoil my absolute readiness for the young cocks awaiting me. In fact, I was hornier now than I had been before I began to shave. Toying with my clit wasn’t the answer to my dilemma though. Only a good man, preferably young, hard and true — and with stamina to spare could give me the sort of pleasure I needed.

I picked up my razor and finished the last bit of work on my upper thighs, careful to avoid any further torment to my sweet spot. When I finished, I got out a small hand mirror. I wanted to see my pussy and legs exactly the way my students would see them. I must say, my pussy looked positively lovely — but — I needed to do something to it. It certainly looked lovely nestled there beneath all those red-gold curls between my legs. Still, it wasn’t quite visible enough. It ought to stand out more, I decided. My young students deserved to have an unobstructed view of my pink little crease if they were to learn everything they possibly could about it.

The answer was obvious: I needed to clear away some of the underbrush. My clit twitched slightly and I felt my labia spread involuntarily at the thought of further torment.

I swallowed hard and fought off the urge to take this matter into my own hands. I’d made up my mind and I was going to tough it out. Instead of dipping a fist into my little toy box, I gingerly began to spread more shave cream along either side of my tender opening. I was determined to make the view down there at my belly, if not more striking, at least a bit more conspicuous. After all, as a teacher I had a responsibility to provide educational materials that were straightforward, meaningful and invaluable for my students. Shaving the lower half of my opening was about as educational as I dared in my present state of excitement.

I’m afraid my handiwork turned out to be less than aesthetically pleasing but it would serve its purpose, I hoped. I forced myself to stop shaving just below the crest of my pussy, leaving my clit and the peak of my labia still partially concealed. Had I shaved any higher I would probably have spent the rest of the afternoon diddling away at a feverish pace in my funpark.

Six-thirty finally came and I was nearly ready for my students. Jeff appeared downstairs looking quite dapper in his jacket and tie and I complimented him. Liz had at least taught him enough so that he didn’t need my help in dressing properly now.

“Why aren’t you dressed already?” he asked me when he saw me still dressed in a ratty old robe.

“A lady always waits until the last minute to finish dressing. We don’t want to take a chance on getting our dress dirty or wrinkled,” I told him. To be honest, there was no way in the world I wanted to let my own son see me in the hot little dress I’d picked out. I was afraid it might give him a hardon. Jeff nearly leapt out the front door to meet his friend Edward when he arrived in that rumbling monster truck Edward was driving. I watched the two of them bump fists in the driveway and then stride quickly toward Liz’s front door. It pleased me no end to see them so eager to learn.

The second Jeff left I raced upstairs, double-checked makeup and hair and then squirmed into my naughty little dress. Standing in front of the mirror looking myself over got me excited all over again. I stood and watched in the mirror as my nipples popped up. I could see the outline of both of them through the sleek satin of the dress. I imagined the impact this sight would have on my young students and it made me shudder. Goodness, but I was ready!

The doorbell rang a minute later just as I was coming down the stairs. I threw the front door open wide, spread my feet for a better stance and smiled. “Good evening, gentlemen!” I said.

I have never seen three more cocksure and eager smiles melt into shock so quickly. Benjamin managed to recover first. I guess that was because he was the only one of them who had seen this much of my boobs and thighs before. he did after all, know how it felt to have my thighs wrapped around his ears. Benjamin had given a huge boost to both my ego and confidence when he told me two nights before that I was hands-down the hottest MILF among all his friend’s mothers. It gave an even bigger boost to my confidence when he finally explained in vivid, deep, stroke-for-stroke detail what it meant to be a MILF.

“Hi, Mrs. Haffenshaft!” Benjamin managed to blurt out. His voice sounded shaken. That only made me smile more broadly and feel that much more wicked about my intentions concerning their education.

“Don’t stand out there with your mouths open! Come in, please!” I told them as I stepped aside and ushered them into the entryway.

I waited a moment, hoping one of them would get up the gumption to introduce themselves. I knew Marty and Preston, but only in passing. I thought it only proper — and polite — that we make introductions a part of our date.

“Aren’t you going to properly introduce us, Benjamin?” I asked my best friend’s son while staring at my two new students.

Benjamin sort of mumbled his way through part of it but by the end I knew who was Marty and who was Preston. They were both bright-looking and were almost as tall as Benjamin. Both were holding identical corsages. Each corsage was made from a single pink rose and a sprig of greenery. I feared two corsages might be too much to attach to this little dress, but if they had gone to the trouble to buy them, I felt obligated to wear them.

“It’s so thoughtful of you to bring me corsages! I guess I can wear them both,” I told them, eyeing their flowers and wondering just how they were ever going pin them to this dress. In the end, their corsages only added to the impact my breasts had on my young dates.

“Have you ever pinned a corsage on a date before?” I asked.

It was a foolish question that left both Marty and Preston with a panic-stricken look on their young faces. I pushed on with my torment. I’m sure Benjamin had at least hinted at what his lesson two nights ago had been like. They were too excited when they came to my front door for them not to have some ideas about what I was prepared to teach them.

My mind suddenly flashed back to the sight of my son and his friend Edward bumping fists and grinning at one another a few minutes ago as they approached Liz’s door. I recalled Jeff’s excitement when he imagined Liz getting ready for tonight and combined that with the knowing grins of these three young men at my front door and got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I quickly decided I was not going to make this easy for any of them. A bit of torment was in order. And I definitely needed to confront Liz with my suspicions — but that would have to come later.

“Why don’t the two of you unwrap your roses and pin them on at the same time,” I suggested, pointing carefully to the straps just above the swell of each big boob where each strap separated slightly from my bare, lightly tanned flesh. “Marty can pin one here . . . and Preston, you can pin yours here.”

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