Good meets Evil at the nightclub

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Emma, a 25 year old young professional and relatively new in town, headed out with her work colleagues on their first social night out. After several bars, she was surprised how drunk some of her more senior colleagues had become, but felt she needed to keep up to make a good impression. As the night wore on, she had it in her mind that after one more bar, she would head home. They entered a nightclub recommended by some members of the group who had already left.

Emma and Angeling stood at the bar as a group of men circled around them, all mid-30s with short-cut hair, some well built and others average, jeans and crew-cut, tight T-shirts. The leader of the lads leaned into Emma:
“’Scuse me love, but you better leave right now, or we’re going to grab your ass”
“We’re just here for a drink and a good time”, said Emma.
“I didn’t ask, I’m telling you what’s going to happen darlin’” said the leader.

Emma whispers into Angeling’s ear what was going on, hoping she’d sobered up enough they could leave. Angeling was still too intoxicated and offered no response to Emma. Determined to have a good end to her evening, Emma ignored the group and ordered her drinks.

She quickly felt a large, firm hand first place itself onto her left ass cheek and then give a tight, stinging squeeze. Emma couldn’t believe he had gone through with it, let alone the jeering it had just received from his mates. Deep down, she couldn’t help suppress a feeling of disgust mixed with a dark lust. Emma did not turn around, instead firming up her buttocks as she leaned over the bar further to get the attention of the barman.

The hand slid quickly over to her right ass cheek and gave a harder, painful squeeze around her petite ass. Emma swatted the hand away this time, realising people might see and wonder why she wasn’t reacting. She glanced around and saw the leader with another of his well-built lads standing very close to her, too close for normal interaction, whilst their friends had formed a circle to block anyone seeing what they were doing. Emma turned back to the bar, half hoping the barman would see the events and put a stop to it, but half hoping things would continue.

This night was particularly busy, so the barman was 5 or 6 punters away from where Emma was standing. The rough hand migrated down her thigh to wear her loose skirt was cut, quickly slithering underneath it and back up to grope her bare ass with a renewed sting. Emma bit her lip, knowing she had now let things progress too far. Suddenly, a second, even bigger, more powerful but clumsier hand had planted onto her other bare ass cheek and exacted a more painful compression. She knew both men were capitalising on her failure to withstand that dark lust in her; both their heartbeats beating as fast as hers, wondering where things might progress.

Emma şişli bayan escort surreptitiously leant her ass backward, making it look was if she was actually bending further over the bar. The lead pervert felt her acquiescence and decided to take advantage quickly. He moved forward to slide his hand between her buttocks, tracing the lining of her underwear to the crease of her moist pussy, where the underwear are pulled into her valley of lust. Emma’s mind made one more attempt from the shock of his forwardness to end this and leave, but the tingling, warm sensation arising from her pussy was too powerful and overcame her, pushing her down and down into that dark, lascivious dungeon.

She felt his shoulder pressing against hers and the smell of past cigarettes, as he spoke into her ear, “Thought you just wanted a quiet drink, love? Didn’t know you were up for a proper fingering in the club, like a good little slut. Isn’t that right, darlin’, that you wanna feel my fingers up your pussy, like a little whore who can’t get enough?”

Emma knew she shouldn’t respond; she couldn’t for all the intensity of the situation. He remained in the same position, now looking to others as if he knew Emma and she him. Emma kept her eyes fixed on the barman and his spirits, feeling the strangers filthy stare almost as strongly as his fingers, now roughly and vigorously pulling aside the thin strip of material to access her cunt.

His nervous and amateurish fingers found her moistness and slid straight up into her pussy, burying themselves deep in her cleft. Emma winced, but she kept her eyes forward, enjoying the pain and the simplicity of her assailant. He quickly enclosed his hand to cup the lower part of her pussy and extended his thumb up to rub her ass hole. Emma jolted at this sensation, remembering her hesitation but desire for anal excitation. She heard whispering. Agreement. Hands moving.

The large hand inflicting pinching pain to her other buttock withdrew for several seconds, replaced by 2 sticky, moist fingers directly onto the rosebud of her anus. With miraculous co-ordination, the fingers from her pussy withdrew to focus on her clitoris, which was throbbing with want, whilst one of her new moist attackers pressed into her relatively unexplored anal canal. It found initial resistance, as Emma unwittingly clenched around it. She focused on the barman again, trying to forget the stinging pain of her rectal exploration. The big fella found her ass hole to relax and he quickly capitalised, pushing his big digit further into her shit-pipe. Emma pushed back, giving in to this assault on her senses, at once joining the attackers to defile her own body.

Both men panted as hard as Emma, shell-shocked at her complicity. Their simple minds could not grasp how Emma had given way to a deep fantasy; they felt their şişli escort misogynistic threats had won them this dirty prize. Emma was trying with great care to hold onto her gaze of the barman, but the increasing deep, undulating sensation emanating from her back passage caused her knees to weaken, forcing her lower onto the bar where the wet surface dampened her thin top. She retained her position using her arms, as waves of pleasure built from her clitoris, despite the animalistic nature of her stranger’s rubbing.

The large fella had a sense of entitlement now, progressing to a better, closer, more central position behind Emma, working to not rouse suspicion. The leader gave room, seeing that he would lose in a battle of muscle. Placing his free hand around Emma’s lower waist, he extended his second, damp digit to join his first, as Emma spread apart her legs to allow his big fist space between her bouncing cheeks. The pain from the first digit was retold, but Emma new it was an investment. She quickly pushed back hard onto her hands, using the pleasure from her cunt to subside the initial abrasive pain. After several more minutes, the 2 fingers had slickened from her anal moisture and were darting in and out of her with ease. She enjoyed several minutes of his big fingers pounding her into her ass hole, punching up into her gut, delivering a pang of disgusting pleasure with each stroke.

Emma suddenly stopped her racing mind. Reassess. She was at a bar, any bar. She was effectively alone. She had been warned. She stayed. She was now being molested. By strangers. She had abandoned all sense. She didn’t want her drink anymore, but didn’t want to leave that bar. She had 2 avaricious fingers flicking and rubbing her cunt. She had 2 even bigger, rigid fingers buried in her ass hole. She was pushing back into all this. Her legs were spreading wider. She couldn’t stop panting. She wanted-

“You are a filthy whore. Has the slut got a name?”
“E- Emma” she whimpered, feeling his tone dominating her.
“Emma, good name for a slut. Short and simple, like it was to get your pussy on the end of my fingers. My mate’s got massive hands, and 2 of those filthy digits are up your arse hole, and you are fucking loving it”

“Hey, are you ok? Hey, hey, are you OK? You want a drink? What’s going on?”

Emma jolted out of her prison. She could see the friendly, handsome barman looking at her, cleaning a glass in his hand with a rag.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I lost concentration, I’ve been waiting a little while, but I know you’re busy”.

She felt the two hands strain not to leave her, but she gave a firm brush away and regained herself. The pressure inside her shit chute eased as the large fingers slid out of her loose sphincter. She let go of the building clitoral rush, feeling the firm hug her of her underwear mecidiyeköy escort back in their rightful place, as her skirt fell back brushing against her red, sore ass and her slimy thighs.

“That’s OK my sweet. What can I get for you? And a water for your friend? No offence at all, but perhaps she needs to be taken home? There are some pretty horrible people come in here, I wouldn’t see you get hurt.”
“I think you’re right; make that two waters”

The barman stepped away to pour the redeeming liquid, whilst the hands suddenly tried their return. Emma turned around to her assailants, “Thank you boys, but you can stop all that. We’re going home, perhaps next time you should buy the drinks”.

“Don’t stop now, darlin’, just because pretty bar boy smiled at you. We both know what you’re really after, you dirty cunt”

Emma knew he was right, she knew her mind wanted a charming barman to protect her, but now that she’d let the devil in, she wanted this vile thug and his buddies to have their way with her, despite her reluctance.

“Here, you forgot this”, interjected the big fella, as he leaned in and wiped his fingers across her top, smearing a slimy shit stain as they piqued her nipples through her bra.

Emma strained to focus. “My friend needs to get home, she’s really tired. I don’t know what happened earlier, but we’re having some water and you better leave us alone, or else my friend across the bar will have you chucked out”

“You’re talking shit, just like you smell of it, whore. Why not bring your friend back to mine, we can look after both-“

“Two waters for- What was your name again?”, said the saviour.
“Thanks, it’s Emma.”
“Well Emma, I’m Mike. I’ve asked the guys at the door to see you get out OK, I can see those guys are giving you some hassle.”
“Thanks Mike, you are so sweet. They are just horny idiots, nothing I can’t handle, but maybe yours is a good idea.”

Emma helped Angeling with her water and she seemed to be sober enough to walk home. Seeing the security guards moving over, the group of lads made some room and Emma slipped past, feeling a final, very stinging pinch of one ass check, and a firm smack of her other as she moved out with Angeling on her arm. Outside, the fresh air hit her as she changed her heels for flats. She immediately hurried on toward the streets leading home, hoping to hide her new stains.

As they stumbled down the busy streets, she could hear a whooping and cooing not far from her flat. She took a moment to stop on the penultimate corner, turning to see the group of 7 lads from the bar heading toward them, not yet having seen or recognised them amongst the toers and froers. Having propped Angeling up, she felt a jolt of sexual animalism rise up in her as the flats slipped off her feet and she bent to tighten on her heels. She came back to standing as 50 metres away the leader locked eyes with Emma, instantly recognising her; a sickening, ghastly smile spread across his lips as it did Emma’s mind…

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