Good Bye Husband Hello Lover

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It had been building up for some time. We had been drifting apart; our separate interests were taking us down differing paths in life and we both knew it.

“One last fuck then” Erik said after I told my husband that my mind was made up on moving to London from our home in Copenhagen.

I laughed as I took my bra off. “It doesn’t have to be the last Erik.”

“No true” he replied slipping out of his underpants. “But last as real husband and wife.”

“Yes I guess so” I said taking my panties off and moving to the bed.

We laid down looking at each other.

“When will you actually relocate there?”

“As soon as the agency says, probably next week part time then permanently next month” I told him as I grasped his deliciously familiar cock and he sucked my achingly sensitive nipples.


Erik and I are both Danish although I spent much of my early life overseas in America, the UK and the Middle East for my dad was a geophysicist in the oil industry. We have been married for nearly twenty years and by choice have not had children. Being Danish our sexual activities have not been restricted by marriage. Us Scandinavians have a totally different outlook on sex and being faithful than certainly the British and Americans and most southern Europeans. We are more open and liberal, we see sex as something to be enjoyed, shared and used as hobby. Hence, we do not generally accept that man is or should be monogamous. We believe having other partners and indulging in same sex pleasures are acceptable. Most of us do have other partners, enjoy experimenting with sex, getting involved in group sex and visiting sex clubs. We don’t see these sort of things as being deviant or activities that should be done covertly or behind one’s partner’s back. What we do believe in though is being open and honest with your partner.

That’s at the heart of our open and liberal attitude on sex. It doesn’t always work of course and some do have affairs, some fall for a friend when partner swapping and some want to indulge in activities that do not appeal to their partner and thus seek it elsewhere. For some time I had suspected that Erik was not open and honest with me and had felt that he was probably shagging some of the undergraduates at the university.

On the face of it our break up had nothing whatsoever to do with sex, far from it and it wasn’t the first time we had parted, it was the third. I work in advertising handling accounts. For some time I had been the account manager for Scandinavia for a French lingerie company Lejaby; they made exquisite and very sex lady’s intimate apparel. The agency for which I worked was part of a large group that had just won the global account and they had asked for me to be the European Account Manager. There was just one problem, well two actually. I would be almost constantly travelling and I had to be based in London.

Erik hated London, in fact he hated all cities. We had a small apartment near Tivoli in Copenhagen and a cabin in the country. He was a writer and a university lecturer and he point-blank refused to move to London and I refused to give up the chance of the big job. So we agreed to part and hence, the last fuck.

I think it was quite a relief to him that I would be leaving Copenhagen and that he could live in the apartment during the week and go to the cabin at the weekends having what visitors and taking what companions he wished with him.


“I’ll stay at the cabin until you leave, then we can sort things out” he’d said packing a case.

“Yeah that’ll be fine, no rush, the agency are providing me an apartment.”

We were both financially pretty comfortable so there was no rush to sort out our financial affairs or start selling property in the slow market.

When he’d gone and I looked at his empty wardrobes and thought of what lay ahead for I knew this time it was over. Realising the difficulties that I would have to go through with the divorce and being a 43 year old single woman was disturbing, but at least I knew there would be no money worries.

I mooched around the flat in a daze most afternoon and I felt lonelier than I ever had before. It was a relief then, when one of my neighbours turned up to return a box set of Mad Men we had lent them. She appeared shocked when she saw me and I realised that my earlier crying must be apparent.

“God Michy what’s the matter?” As I went to reply I felt the emotion welling up in me and I began to cry again.

Girchen came in and I found myself telling her about what had happened. She was aware of some of our previous difficulties and as she had been supportive before I suddenly found it all pouring out as we sat in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea that she had made. I told her that this time it was almost certainly over. I explained about the opportunity and Erik’s stubbornness and that this time we were finished.

She was very understanding and a helpful listener so she was just what I needed at that particular Mersin Escort time. Very organised and matter of fact Girchen just sort of took over. She’s a tall, slim, willowy blonde with the most incredible legs and wonderfully pert bum. Not by any means beautiful as she has a rather hooked nose and eyes that are slightly oriental she does, though have a way about her mainly brought about because of her height and truly excellent posture.

“Right you’re coming to mine for dinner, Tomas and the kids are away, and I think we’ll get well and truly plastered” she said making me smile for the first time as she added, “go and get yourself bathed and changed and come round when you’re ready.”

An hour or so later I was in her house dressed in a white blouse and blue, denim jeans with heels. I had bathed and washed my hair. Already I felt better and as she poured me a glass of white wine from a half-empty bottle that I suspected she had already drunk, I began to feel even bettwre. We had steak and salad and yes we did drink a fair amount before going into her lounge and sitting side by side on one of the large sofas drawn up around a blazing wood fire.

We talked and talked becoming slightly more tipsy and open with each other recounting past experiences and affairs that we’d had. Our legs occasionally touched and several times her hand rested on my knee or wrist as she accentuated points but, as is this is quite normal during ‘girly’ chats, I saw nothing untoward with the gestures merely taking them as acts of kindness and affection on her part.

My mood swings, though, were quite volatile. One moment I was laughing and joking about things and then I would find myself becoming weepy again, more at the loneliness and the longer-term prospects of being single in my forties.

I remember as clearly as if it were yesterday what then happened. I started crying and Girchen took me in her arms to soothe me and cuddled me to her. It felt so comfortable and reassuring being in her arms and I just stayed there for some time feeling better and more confident all the time. I can recall her holding me, the smell of her perfume, the feel of her hands on my back, the soothing touch as she stroked my hair and the pressure on my breasts and legs from her body.

Whilst I enjoyed it there were no thoughts whatsoever in my mind of anything sexual and the emotions she was touching were all to do with my state of mind the spectre of life alone after all these years. That is until she lifted my head up and, looking me in the eye, murmured in a very husky voice.

“In any case, love, who needs men?”

Staring straight into my eyes I saw the slight smile on her face as her lips opened and her head started moving towards mine and I knew then that she was about to kiss me. But the movement was so slow as to be almost imperceptible and I guessed she was testing the water. I could move my head and to all intents and purposes nothing untoward would have happened. Or I could stay as I was and accept the advance. The ball was very firmly in my court!!

I have to admit that at that point I felt the stirrings of arousal. But it also made me feel wanted and needed. Reassured and soothed. Sure I was nervous and I felt somewhat concerned and not a little confused. Thoughts of the earlier fuck with Erik rushed through my mind, as did memories of Jen and other women I had briefly ‘known.’ I suddenly realised, though, that although I had made love to several women it had never been in a one eo one situations as this was. It had either, been with another couple when she and I would get something on as the men recovered or in threesomes Erik and I had been in with another woman.

My heart was pounding as I must have unconsciously weighed things up. To turn my head and reject her subtle advance or to stay as I was and invite those lips onto mine? To move and not fulfil what my body seemed to be crying out for or to remain looking into her eyes and to undertake a journey into areas of unknown sexuality for me? I’m not sure that I made a decision as opposed to taking the easiest way out. I did nothing. I simply stayed there and Girchen made the decision.

Her lips closed on mine and she pulled my body tighter to hers crushing my full breasts to her own much smaller probably A cup boobs as her arms encircled my back and her hands became buried in my quite short, slightly butch looking blonde with dark streaked hair.

It was pure bliss and joy and my body responded to her immediately. I knew this was what I wanted and I suddenly found a calmness that surprised me for now her hand had strayed from my back and was on my side the palm touching the edge of my breast. Her tongue delving into my opened mouth that was eagerly receiving it. I felt as though I was about to explode as her hand cupped my breast and begin to gently caress it. Kissing and licking at my lips she quite rapidly, but not too quickly, moved on by sliding her hand inside my shirt and right onto the flesh on Escort Mersin the top of my boobs that was not covered by the bra.

She went to push me back into the corner of the sofa, but I stopped her.

“What’s up?” She asked looking alarmed.

I smiled. “Let me take these off” I told her removing my rimless glasses.

Her eyes not leaving mine for a moment and with a gentle and loving smile on her face, Girchen leant over me and one by one undid the buttons on my shirt. Pulling it apart she gazed at me and muttered.

“Such lovely breasts” as both of her hands fell onto them and began stroking and gently squeezing them all the time gradually easing them out of their restricting cover, a delicate Lejaby bra of course. As she bared me to her gaze my nipples if anything became even harder. I felt fantastic and so feminine as her eyes roamed across them and as her fingers gently and so knowingly coaxed even more feeling and pleasure from them.

I was on an enormous high as we kissed again. This time it was a real licking and sucking kiss. Both of us sucked on the other’s upper and lower lips and their tongue as we licked all round and in the other’s mouth It was wonderful, but then I have always preferred kissing a woman to a man.

Seeing my acquiescence and clear acceptance of her advance, as I guessed most Danish females would, she gained the confidence to more overtly caress my breasts and roll my nipples between her fingers and thumbs. My shirt and bra came off and I sat with her just in my trousers. My emotions welled up and I realised that momentarily I would be naked before her and that after that we would make love. It was almost as if I climaxed and just stayed there. Time ceased to have a meaning. My pulse raced and my heart beat so fast. It seemed wonderfully decadent yet at the same time so natural. So wanton but simultaneously so beautiful.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she whispered taking me by the hand as she added. “Let me take you to bed Michaela.”

The simple, yet hugely erotic statement said so much and the words crashed into my brain as the enormity of what I was to embark upon finally hit me. She saw that and took me in her arms again whispering reassuring phrases and gently urging me towards the door as she said.

“Michaela I want you so much, I desire you utterly, I have lusted after you for ages. Let me make love to you as you have never been before.” Her hands, as she was saying these things, were so gently and lovingly touching and stroking me with a tenderness I had rarely experienced that all of my reluctance and resistance simply vanished and I knew I was now putty in her hands!

Laid flat on her bed I watched as she reached behind her back and undid the zipper on her dark blue clinging dress that emphasised her slimness and showed that she had little unnecessary weight anywhere. The thin dress seemed simply to flutter away from her to fall in a bundle around her feet so that she stood before me clad just in her bra and panties both of which were, black, silky and very skimpy. As she moved towards me she shed her bra and I saw her small, very heavily nippled breasts that seemed like magnets to me. At that point in time there was nothing in the world that I wanted more than those two small orbs. Nothing that could match the pleasure that I knew I could gain from them. Nothing that would excite me as much as feeling them, caressing them, touching them and kissing them. I wanted to have sex with her so badly it almost made me cum thinking about it.

We moulded our bodies together as we fell into each other’s arms and we were touching from lips to toes.

We kissed and delved into each other’s throats with our tongues. We pressed our breasts together, me feeling so wonderfully female as my larger, fuller boobs engulfed hers. Our bellies were squashed together and our pubic mounds merged into one, the hairy lumps rubbing on each other. Her hands aroused every part of my body as they travelled from my face and hair, down my back and up my front. As they touched and stroked my breasts, flittered across my tummy, ran up and down my spine and squeezed the cheeks of my bottom through my thin trousers. I squirmed with excitement and pleasure as my nipples were squeezed, then rolled in her fingers and then, eventually, were licked, nibbled and sucked. I clung to her as her teeth, lips, gums and tongue did things to them that surpassed anything they had felt in the past, or so it seemed at the time.

Then her hand edged enquiringly down me, moving from my breasts to my chest, onto my tummy and further onto my lower abdomen until it touched the join of my legs and cupped my sex in her hands. Squeezing me through the denim she applied the wanted and so wonderful pressure to my clitoris. That erupted with pleasure sending feelings of such intensity through me that I started to cum immediately. She instantly recognised this and, continuing the little circular movements of her fingers right on that magic spot, Mersin Bayan Escort she cuddled me tightly to her with her other arm so that our breasts were again pressed together the nipples merged into one mass of pink, rubbery sensations.

I shuddered to a rapid and very, very heavy climax in which my breath came in deep pants and I again began to cry at the sheer intensity of the feelings I was experiencing. Through every shudder and spasm Girchen was with me thinking nothing of taking and being intent on just one thing, making this the most wonderful experience she could for me. It was so different to be totally the centre of attention with my pleasure being the only agenda item. Different due to the lack of the urgency that precedes a man’s ejaculation. Different due to the gentleness, her knowing ways, her softness and sweet smell and the lack of body hair. The feelings I gained were similar to those with a man, but so different in many ways.

Momentarily sated I collapsed in her arms. Sobbing and heaving partly at realising the boundary I had just crossed, partly from the guilt and partly from my emotional state due to having parted from my husband just hours before. The tears, though, were caused by other things. There were thoughts of my future alone and me wondering whether sex with other women was my future, but mainly from the sheer degree of sexual pleasure that I had just gained.

We lay there for some time Girchen softly stroking my hair, lightly touching my breasts and planting small kisses on my cheeks. With me still in my jeans and her in her black panties there was a mood of gentleness combined with expectancy of what was still to come. I had never experienced anything like this for normally men seem to want to get away from the woman almost as soon as he has climaxed. But with Girchen that seemed the furthest thing from her mind.

We chatted with her explaining that she had been attracted to women for many years and that now she considered herself to be completely bi-sexual for she still enjoyed a very active sex life with her husband. She said she was never unfaithful to him with other men but was with women although she felt that was ‘different.’

I told her about my modest episodes with other women and that she was the first I had been alone with.

“Lucky me then darling” she whispered kissing me. “For quite frankly Michy you have been wonderful so far and I am positive that you will be an exquisite fuck.”

She told me, what I probably knew already that many women that she knew had done things like I had that and that in her opinion most would given the opportunity go one on one at some time. Obviously I took the chance to question her on whether the feelings I had gained with the others, to an extent, and with her, massively, meant that I was becoming lesbian or that I would in the future be likely to become more and more attracted to women. She explained that it doesn’t work like that. Her feelings and those of other bi-sexual girls she knew were sort of compartmentalised and that when with men they were totally straight but then, again, when with women they were quite the opposite.

As we were talking we were touching and cuddling and she was occasionally kissing me and gently licking my face and eyes and lips and neck. Stroking my hair and so softly touching my breasts and tummy I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I quite rapidly reached the conclusion that there could be nothing at all wrong with something as beautiful as this and I began to become a more active participant.

I returned her caresses by running my fingertips across her face and lips and by running my hands through her dark hair. I trickled them down her neck and across her chest. Plucking up my courage I trailed them across her small breasts and very dark nipples that, as I became more aroused, seemed to take on an almost magnetic attraction. To me they assumed enormous proportions and I felt myself thinking how much I would like to take them into my mouth and suck on them like a baby.

As Girchen saw my responses so she also became more active and the mood between us changed to one of increased intensity and passion. We were now both kissing each other on the mouth and our hands were moving across the other’s breasts with more urgency cupping and kneading the soft, pliant and, to me, such, exciting flesh . Girchen ever so gently rolled me onto my back and laid on her side her hand fully embracing my boob her finger and thumb rolling the nipple between them and pulling on it. Kissing deeply I felt her hand moving. It came away from the nipple and stroked the underflesh of my right breast, it moved further down onto the bottom of my ribcage and kept going until she slid her fingers slightly inside the waistband of my jeans until I could feel her nails on the skin of my belly. She stayed like that for a while her fingers gently rubbing me inside the material gradually pushing them further down until I felt them on the elastic at the waist of my panties. I showed no resistance at all to that very overt gesture.

So, presumably encouraged, she pushed herself up a little and, looking deep into my eyes, she brought both of her hands to my waist. Smiling, she murmured.

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