Girlfriend’s Away Pt. 04

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Not surprisingly, I saw neither Sean nor Sara on the Thursday after Sara shaved me. But we actually had plans on Friday. My girlfriend Rachel had been away for about two weeks in Europe with her family, and even before she left I’d made plans to take this Friday off. Just because Rachel had two weeks off and I decided I deserved to take at least one day off also during her vacation.

Sean and Sara were also ready for a day off. Their summer-semester classes started the following Monday, but they had been working during the past few weeks on something called “symposium.” I never took that in college. I just went to classes (except when I didn’t) and took the tests. There were some research papers along the way too, I guess. But whatever.

So on Friday Sean and Sara and I drove about an hour to a state park north of town and went hiking. It was a really pretty park, with lots of great views overlooking the lake, and beautiful trails through woods and plains. But in the back of all of our minds, we knew what was waiting at the end of the day. Sex.

As a result, the day was filled with a plethora of adolescent remarks. Several tree trunks were commented on as resembling erect cocks; hollowed out sections of trees were vaginas; and distant hills certainly resembled breasts (although Sara did try to convince us that two distant hills that were particularly close to each other resembled the contours of two butt cheeks — she did not specify gender).

It was a hot and humid day and we all sweated a lot. The air conditioning in Sean’s car cooled and dried us off on the ride home, but that didn’t matter. There was a seeming consensus, mentioned multiple times during the day, that, when we got home, we would be showering. Together.

So, of course, when we got back to Sean’s and my apartment at about 9:00 that night, we kicked off our shoes and socks and all headed straight to the bathroom. By this point in our very unusual relationship, Sean and I had come to accept Sara as the leader in these erotic games, so we both stood still and waited for her to give some indication as to how the undressing was to occur. Would we be taking each other’s clothes off? Or our own? Or a combination?

Sara turned and looked at Sean and I, who were standing side-by-side facing the tub. Sara was between the tub and us, smiling. She then simply raised her arms until they were pointing straight at the ceiling, and Sean and I somehow knew what to do.

Sean lifted the bottom of Tara’s faded black t-shirt and pulled it off, revealing a grey sports bra that did not conceal the erect state of her nipples. She kept her arms in the air and I removed her bra just like Sean had removed her t-shirt. Sara’s perky breasts seemed to smile at their newly found freedom. Or maybe I’m just projecting Sara’s smiling face to her breasts (quite likely).

Sara lowered her arms so they were at her sides pointing at about a 45 degree angle towards the ground and simply looked at the waist band of her tan shorts. Sean and I needed no further instruction.

Sean reached out and unbuttoned and unzipped her fly and pushed the shorts down past her hips and ass until they could fall to the floor on their own. As they fell, Sara pulled Sean close to her and kissed him deeply. Sara was now clad only in a pair of pink cotton panties, and I could see a definite damp spot on the crotch.

As Sara and Sean kissed, I stepped behind Sara and began lowering her panties. I pushed them all the way to the floor, running my right hand over her bare muff as I knelt to the floor, permitting her to step out of both the panties and her shorts.

Sara and Sean continued to kiss as I stood up behind Sara, running my hands up the sides of her legs and across her warm, soft butt cheeks as I did so. I could smell the sweat in Sara’s hair as I ran my hands over Sean’s (which were on her hips) and up her rib cage.

Then suddenly Sara broke her kiss with Sean and said “Okay, everyone stop!”

Sean and I stopped, of course. Sara was standing completely naked between the two of us, who were both still wearing our shorts and sweaty t-shirts. Before we could ask what the matter was, Sara said, “You guys have too many clothes on, but I like the position I’m in with one of you on each side of me. I want each of you to grab the bottoms of each other’s t-shirts, and when I say so, I want you to take them off of each other in unison.”

Seemed easy enough to me, as long as the naked girl stayed between us. So I reached one arm around each side of her and grabbed hold with both hands of the bottom of Sean’s white BoDeans concert t-shirt (remember, this was the early 90s). Sean did likewise and grabbed hold of my grey Reebok Pumps t-shirt. Sara then said, “Okay, now!” and Sean and I raised our arms and removed each other’s t-shirts in unison with naked Sara in the middle of us.

Sara laughed and said, “That was cool!” As I instinctively began to put my hands on Sara’s breasts from behind her, she continued, “But you’re not done yet. Same thing again, but with your shorts. And istanbul travesti boxers. Same time.”

Ever obedient, I reached around and unbuttoned Sean’s shorts, lowered the zipper, then placed my fingers inside the front of his shorts, making sure they were inside his boxers as well. I was aware of two physical phenomena at this point. First, my hard cock straining against the front of my shorts, which were pressed up against Sara’s naked ass. Second, the backs of my fingers against the top of Sean’s shaved pubic area. It felt warm from his body heat after a long day of exercise, and I could also feel the contours along either side of his pubic area where his torso turned into his legs and package.

Sean also reached around Sara and undid my shorts. He had a little difficulty because I couldn’t stop myself from pressing my cock up against Sara’s ass, but soon his thumbs were inside the sides of my shorts and boxers and ready to go.

“You guys ready?” Sara asked, more as a confirmation than a question, “Okay, one, two, three… go!”

As I proceeded to lower Sean’s shorts and boxers, I had the good sense to first raise them slightly and pull them towards me in order to get past his cock, which I knew by now would be erect. Sean did not have the same foresight. As a result, my cock ended up poking through the fly of my boxers, causing Sean fall forward when my boxers got caught up on the base of my cock. Meanwhile, because if this predicament, I was only able to get Sean’s shorts and boxers about as far as his knees.

Sara giggled, assessed the situation, and said, “What am I going to do with you guys? Can’t even execute a simple mutual disrobement!”

She stepped out from between us, and Sean and I stood up straight. His shorts and boxers were still at his knees, and mine were not even past my butt.

“Mike, finish lowering Sean’s remaining clothing,” Sara said to me in a mock stern tone, like a high school teacher (and boy, was I familiar with THAT tone).

I simply reached out my left foot, placed it between Sean’s knees, and lowered his shorts and boxers to the floor by pressing downward.

“Well, that could’ve been more interesting, but I’ll give you points for efficiency,” said Sara. “Now, Sean, finish your assigned task.”

Because my garments were caught up on my cock, Sean could not employ the same technique that I had. So, Sean dutifully stepped forward, put his hands on the hips of my shorts and attempted to lift them up over my hard cock. But because of the angle at which my cock was pointed, and the limited stretchiness of the waistband of my boxers, he was unable to get my boxers out over my cock, although my shorts did fall to the floor.

So, in a maneuver again showing a lack of foresight, he attempted to simply pull the boxers down with my cock still protruding through the fly.

“Ow!” I exclaimed as the boxers pulled my erect cock down horizontal with the floor before I pulled away. “My cock doesn’t bend like that! You should know that. Here, I’ll just do it myself,” I said as I pulled up my boxers.

“No, no, no,” interrupted Sara. “I gave Sean an assignment, he has to finish it himself. You’ve got a problem, Sean. You and I are naked, but this can’t go any further until Mike is also naked. How are you going to make that happen?”

Sean looked at my cock sticking through my fly, then back to Sara, then back to my cock. Sara stepped up next to Sean, put her right hand around his right shoulder and began rubbing his chest with her left hand, saying “It appears to me, the only way to get his boxers past his cock, is to press his cock up against his body with one hand, and then lift the boxers up over his cock with the other.”

Sean looked at Sara’s face, and she assured him, “Believe me. I’ve been in this situation before. That’s the only way to do it.”

Sean looked at me as if to ask if this was okay. I just gave a slight shrug. I knew Sara was right.

Sean stepped forward and with his left hand he took my cock between his thumb and pointy finger and middle finger and pressed it up against my torso. With his right hand, he pulled my boxers upwards and towards him, then lifted the waistband over my cock, freeing it from the fly.

Next he put a thumb in the waistband at both hips and began to lower them. This pair of boxers had a fairly tight waistband (as you have probably noticed) so they needed to be lowered past my knees before they would fall on their own. I watched as Sean bent over to complete his task. His face was just inches from my cock before the boxers would fall on their own, and I was sure I saw Sean intentionally look at my cock when it was so close to his face.

“Excellent job!” said Sara with a smile. She pulled Sean close to her and kissed him saying, “I knew you could do it, baby.”

Then she stepped over to me and kissed me on the lips and said, “Thanks for being so patient. That was a learning moment. But, and don’t take this the wrong way, it’s more apparent now than before that you guys really need a shower.”

She istanbul travestileri turned the water on, stuck her head in through the shower curtains briefly, then pulled it back out and said “We’re gonna need another bar of soap” and grabbed one from the cabinet under the sink. “Well, get in.”

Sean and I stepped into the shower, Sean standing under the showerhead and me towards the back end of the tub. Sara stepped in between us and handed me a bar of soap before leaning in to kiss Sean while at the same time putting herself in the stream of water.

“Mike, you soap me up while I soap Sean up.”

Sara lathered her bar of soap up between her hands and I reached around her to get my hand wet in the water stream so I could do the same with my bar. She then placed her soap on the side of the tub and began rubbing her soapy hands on Sean’s chest and arms before moving her hands down and lathering up his hard cock.

I copied those motions on her back and arms, also reaching around to soap up (actually I was more interested in just touching) her breasts and tummy. I brought my hands down to her pubic area and rubbed the areas where her legs met her torso, being careful not to get any soap in her vagina.

She then brought her hands up Sean’s sides, prompting him to raise his arms so that she could wash his armpits. So I moved my soapy hands to Sara’s armpits in unison. Her armpits were warm and I could feel a little bit of razor stubble and it turned me on even more. I never knew that a girl’s armpits could be so sexy to touch.

“Okay, turn around” Sara instructed Sean as she picked up the soap again and began lathering it up. I picked up my soap as well and lathered it. Sean placed his hands against the wall and Sara began to soap his back, quickly proceeding to his butt cheeks. I had already covered pretty much all of Sara’s torso, both front and back, so I was just rubbing my soapy hands on her butt cheeks before she got to Sean’s.

I then saw her soapy right hand move in between Sean’s butt cheeks. I. of course, followed suit on her, moving my slippery hand between her butt cheeks. Her crack was smooth and my hands slid easily. I was immensely aware that the side of my right index finger was rubbing gently against her butthole. This was the first time I had ever touched a girl’s butthole and it seemed so taboo. And, of course, it only turned me on more.

“Okay. Sean’s clean, Mike, you’re up,” said Sara.

Sean and I switched places, each of us going around a different side of Sara until I was under the water and Sean was behind Sara. She turned around and backed into me gently.

“Need to rinse off the part Mike paid so much attention to, first,” she said, looking back over her shoulder at me with a smile. I looked down and watched as the shower water rinsed the soap lather from her ass and crack, just inches from my cock.

Sara grabbed her soap and began rubbing it between her hands. “Mike already washed me, so Sean you can just watch and touch me however you see fit” she said with a giggle. “Turn around, Mike, I’ll do your back first,” Sara instructed, and I turned and placed my hands on the wall.

Sara’s warm, slick hands began working their way from my shoulders down my back. From the way I had seen her wash Sean, I was pretty sure she was going to put her soapy hand in my butt crack and, in the process, rub my butthole, even if oh so briefly.

I thought back to two days earlier when she had shaved me and ever so quickly touched my butthole with her tongue and how erotic it was. And how she had then inserted a finger into my butthole while giving me a blowjob and how it was the biggest orgasm I’d ever had.

Sure enough, her hands went to my butt cheeks, and the anticipation was excruciating. I looked down between my legs and saw my achingly hard cock looking back at me. It’s hairless appearance was still new to me, but in that moment I remember thinking how I liked how it looked.

Then I felt the side of her soapy right hand slip between my cheeks and I gasped ever so slightly. She moved it up and down, stroking my hole three, maybe four times, and the taboo and my titillation were just as real as two nights before. Then it was over as quickly as it began and I was at once disappointed and relieved.

“Okay, turn around.”

I turned to see Sara again rubbing the soap between her hands. Sean was standing behind her, kissing her right clavicle and caressing her breasts. She bent slightly to set the soap on the side of the tub and said “Raise your arms.”

I did as I was told, but to my surprise her hands went to my cock instead of my armpits. “Can’t forget this part” she said as she leaned in to give me a peck on the lips. She gently caressed my shaved cock and balls while looking me in the eye and smiling. She then took her still soapy hands and rubbed my armpits, still looking me in the eye.

“Almost done,” she said as she reached down again to pick up the soap. But this time, instead of rubbing the soap between her own hands, she took Sean’s hands travesti istanbul from her breasts, placed the soap in his hands, and began to move his hands in a lathering motion, each of her hands on the backside of his.

She then took the soap from Sean’s hands, dropped it to the floor of the tub, and said, “Sean, would you do me a favor and wash Mike’s chest?”

Sean reached his hands forward from behind Sara and began to rub my pecs. He moved his hands outward to soap the fronts of my shoulders, and then back to my sternum and down to the bottom of my rib cage. As he did so, his eyes followed what his hands were doing, never looking at my face. As his calloused hands passed across my nipples, I noticed that my nipples were erect, as they were slightly but not uncomfortably scraped by his rough palms. And I noticed that as he was doing this, Sara continued to look at my face while her hands gently caressed her own breasts.

“Okay, that was outstanding. Now Mike, turn around and rinse off.”

I did as instructed, and when I turned back around Sara was already in the process of leaning down and reaching around me with both arms to turn off the water. “Now get out.”

We got out and there were only two towels on the rack, so Sara said, “Don’t go anywhere” and walked into the closet in Sean’s room to get another. Her ass was mesmerizing as usual as she walked away and her smile was nearly as mesmerizing as she walked back.

“One towel per person, face this way” she said as she again positioned herself between Sean and me. Without instruction, we knew that each person was to dry off the person in front of them. Sara was in front of me, so I had the pleasure of drying her and feeling as much of her as I could in doing so. But at the same time, no one was drying me.

“Okay, Sean, get on the other side of Mike. I’ll do his front, you do his back,” Sara said after a minute or so.

So they situated themselves as Sara desired and began drying me. Again, Sara looked me in the eye smiling as he ran the towel through my hair, down my chest and stomach, down my legs, and back up to my cock, which she saved for last. In the meantime, Sean rubbed a towel up and down my back and down to my butt cheeks. It seemed to me that he spent more time on my butt cheeks than was required.

“That’s enough,” declared Sara, throwing her towel over the shower curtain rod, prompting Sean and I to do the same. She then took my right hand in her left and Sean’s left hand in her right and led us into Sean’s bedroom — the locale of all of our escapades.

She grabbed a pillow from the head of Sean’s bed and pulled it towards her, causing it to fall to the floor along with another pillow. She turned around, pushed the extra pillow to her right, and fell to her knees on the other pillow.

“There is absolutely no way that I could not suck both of your cocks at this point, as horny as I am,” she said as she took my cock in her right hand. Sean was standing to my right and she immediately moved her head to his cock, taking it in her mouth as she stroked mine.

She sucked Sean’s cock for about half a minute and I could not help myself from watching her lips run across it as she moved up and down his erection. She then removed Sean’s cock from her mouth and pulled my cock towards her face.

I had to take a quarter step towards her to meet her mouth. She began to suck my cock while now stroking Sean’s. My eyes were focused on her mouth moving up and down my cock as I felt her tongue swirling on the head and frenulum. Her eyes were closed and she made low moaning sounds.

Then she removed my cock from her mouth and pulled Sean by the cock slightly towards her face, causing Sean to take a quarter step towards her. I was focused on her face, her mouth now filled with Sean’s cock, and the low moans coming from her. She was now fondling my balls.

Again after about thirty seconds she took Sean’s cock out of her mouth and pulled my cock towards her mouth. I took a small step to accommodate her. This continued for a couple of minutes until Sean and I were standing so close together that my right upper arm was flush against his left upper arm. At this point Sara didn’t need to move her head at all to get to either of our cocks. She could pull back her head to take one cock out and simply turn her head slightly and lean forward to take in the other.

After a minute or so of this, Sara looked up at us. We were standing close enough together by now that she could look both of us in the eye by just moving her eyes and not her head. She pulled both of our cocks towards her until our heads were less than a half inch apart, and then stuck her tongue out and licked both cock heads at the same time. As she did so, she also pulled both of our cocks towards her, and we both moved our hips forward slightly to meet her pulls.

Sara looked up at us with a devilish grin then, her tongue no longer on out cocks, and pulled us both slightly towards her until our cockheads were touching. This was an entirely new and unexpected experience to me. I had felt every square millimeter of my cock over the years and knew how every square millimeter felt. But feeling my cockhead against Sean’s spongy cockhead (in all fairness, I guess mine was spongy too) was so different and so unexpectedly erotic.

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