Fun at Jia’s

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Big Tits

I used to visit them occasionally. They were close family friends, and were warm folks. I do not know exactly when, but slowly I started getting attracted towards Jia. Her looks, her smile and her conversation, everything would make my heart melt for her. I wonder if she knew it at all that I was dying to be close to her, physically.

After each visit, my yearning for her would increase. I would dream of her, would hear her talk and even felt her close to me but all in my dreams. Once when I was visiting her place late in the evening, I found that her husband was out of town. I was reluctant to delay my departure. After the dinner was served, she said if it was too late to return to my hotel I could stay the night over. I willingly accepted the offer. Since I was staying the night and the next day was a Sunday, there was no hurry to retire.

I excused myself from our animated conversation that we both were fond of, and went to relieve myself. Inside the bathroom, her evenings discarded clothes were lying scattered. I picked up her blouse, brought it close to my nose. There I could get the aroma of my desirable Cherie. I could almost feel her close, with my eyes closed. It was the smell of a woman, whose sweat mixes with her perfume to make the most exotic aphrodisiac. I could feel the stirrings in my loins. I picked up the other things, her brassiere which gave the shape to her lovely breasts and smelt that too. Her aroma was lingering. Next I had her soiled panty in my hands. I was feeling intoxicated just at the thought that she had been wearing it all the whole day, and it had rubbed all over her to retain all the lovely smells that my lady had. I put my nose to the part close to her crotch. It had an acrid yet inviting smell. I licked that part of the panty to taste if there were any dried drops of her piss or cum. It tasted salty, may be of her sweat. My cock was all hard and bursting out of my trousers. I opened the fly to let the monster out. By now there was trickle of pre cum oozing out of my pee hole. I rubbed my cock with her panty as if I was rubbing myself against her groins. It felt nice, and I had a sudden urge to leak, to relieve my sexual tensions.

I sat down on the toilet seat, and stroked myself, covering my cock with her brassier and I had pulled the panty over my head, so that the panty’s crotch was on my nose and the mouth. This was I could almost get the smell of her cunt and lick with my tongue whatever dried secretions were there. It took me several minutes to peak, till I reached the point of shooting izmir escort my cum high up in the air. I have always noticed that the cum goes the farthest, if I am sexually over excited and am feeling real horny.

After having relieved myself, I stepped out of the toilet. She enquired as to what took so long. I gave her a sheepish grin and a meaningful smile. She turned her face away, as if knowing my deeds. Or did she keep her ears to the door, when I was busy stroking my rod into her clothes. Suddenly she got up and went to the toilet. I was afraid if my act would be discovered. When she emerged out, I felt she eyed me suspiciously but did not say a word. She sat next to me on a sofa.

She was showing me her old photographs when her knee brushed against my leg. I thought it was by chance and excused myself. After a while her hands casually brushed against my thighs. I straightened myself, since my cock had a mind of its own and would unwind itself into a monster without any shame. After a while she got up to make a coffee. I went after her, I was drawn by the scent of the woman, as a dog would chase a bitch in heat. Only if I knew if she was in heat.

In the kitchen, while turning around to pick something she brushed past me. I could almost have grabbed her in my arms, she was so close. Anyway, we sat once again to have coffee. Then the conversation veered around adult films and the pleasure of watching it. I was perplexed at her frankness, she had never been so frank during my previous visits. I told her about my surfing the adult web sites, and she enquired if I shagged while watching those. I shyly nodded yes. She said she too enjoyed watching good horny sites but her husband was never a game for such fun. By now she was stretched out on the sofa, with her legs close to me. I bent down to delicately pick her feet and put them on my lap. She did not resist. She had cute feet, very small, very soft. I was rubbing her sole, when she said oh it feels so relaxing. While making herself more comfortable, her shirt came out her jeans with a bit of belly flesh on display. I was now stimulated and would have done anything to lay this lovely beauty.

She too probably desired a good fuck for she was letting me touch her intimately. I bent to give a peck on her tummy. It was warm and I smelt something familiar. It was the smell of fresh cum, my cum I knew. So she too had the fetish of rubbing cum soiled lingerie on her pussy. I was delighted at the discovery and as if she could read my mind, whispered alsancak escort would not you like to see my bush down. I nodded and unbuttoned her jeans. She cooperated by lifting her ass up to let me slide it down. Inside she was not wearing a panty, and I saw her neatly trimmed bush covering her attractive pussy.

I could not control and bent down to eat her, but while going down asked if I could eat her. She said if you could leak in my lingerie you would surely like to taste the forbidden fruit. I did not wait to respond to this, and was already burying my face into her inviting pussy. She was warm almost hot, and there was some wetness around. I nuzzled around with my nose, breathing in as deeply as possible to retain her aroused scent into my head. She pushed her pussy into my face, and I opened my mouth to taste all that she had to offer. Her cunt lips were delicate and soft. I bit them with my lips, then I went for the pleasure stick, her clit. She had a very nubile erection, as if a the sliver of moon was staring out of the sky. I rolled my tongue all over her clit, and felt that she was enjoying the attention to her joy stick.

By now I wanted to invade her cunt hole, and I wanted to suck all the dew drops falling out of her love trove. She did not disappoint me, and allowed me to suck almost mouthful of love juices pouring out of her love trove. I licked her cunt all over, stroking my tongue on the outer lips, paying attention to the inner delicate lips and trying to reach the depths of her cunt with my tongue. I wanted to reach as deep into her, to eat her to my heart’s content. She was a willing love partner. She would readjust herself to seek the maximum out of my insatiate pleasures. Whereas I was loosing my head with constant movement of my untiring tongue and lips into her now too hot cunt. She was really getting turned on, and I was on the verge of bursting out of my trousers.

She realized my agony of bulge. Gestured to me with her hands pushing my head away from her love trove, she unzipped my trousers. I let it fall down, next she removed my underwear to stare at my monster in full erect display. Was she pleased, I am sure she was, ‘cos she planted a full mouthed kiss on head of my red meat. She said that she liked the hard cocks which fill her cunt and give her the pleasures she needs. And without much ado, she slid on the carpet, pulling me down on top of her.

I was now awaiting what I had waited for several months, a good lay with Jia. I was desperate buca escort to be fucked by her, literally. I loved the way she had controlled the love events thus far, and I wanted her to lead me along in the fuck game, as well. You’ow, when I saw my wet lingerie, I smelled it – and once I got the fresh intoxicating smell of your cum, I could not but seduce you, she confided. I said that I had been dying to lick her and to fuck her. She retorted no, you wouldn’t fuck me. I had been eyeing you all along but you always behaved as if you were not interested in me. It was a wrong thing to say, Jia, my love, I have worshiped you all along. I was only afraid of losing you if I ever made a pass at you and you rejected me. She was playing with my cock all along, when we were exchanging our feelings for each other. Finally she seductively asked, are you just going to lay around or would like to come in my pleasure trove. I lifted myself away, and bent down to kiss her flooded pussy, took a deep slurp of the salty juices and came up to her mouth. She opened it hungrily to taste her own juices. We fought a battle of tongues trying to suck each others saliva, and taste the oral juices. We were burning hot with passions and desired to merge into each other.

I slid my cock head close to her cunt. She was warm and waiting. She spread her legs wide to make it easy for me. With one lunge, my cock found the passage to the pleasure trove. She was smooth and silky wet, and very tight. I could feel her cunt squeezing my cock as if the two were made for each other. She responded to my pumping with thrusting of her hips forward. We were riding high on the pleasures of sexual delight. Suddenly I becoming breathless, started to unload with a yell, I’m coming. Come my love, give it to me all, she whispered and responded by vigorous thrusts. It was as if I could touch the opening of her womb. She was also sucking my cock deeper and deeper. We were swaying at the height of ecstasy, when I started shooting my load. She was moving and shaking uncontrollably, she was breathless and flushed, and murmured repeatedly yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, don’t stop just give me a harder fuck…

I fulfilled her wishes of hard fuck, till we both lay exhausted. It was very soothing and very relaxing thereafter, and we dozed of in each others arms. We had two more marathon sessions of love game and each fuck seemed better than the previous. By the time we finished the third round of love making, she looked at the clock. She said, fucks, it is five o’clock and my husband would be back this morning. She implored me to leave immediately, and I had no choice but to leave her. While rushing out she kissed me hard and said you are my best fuck partner, and we must meet again. I could not agree more, except I had no desire to leave her…I wanted to fuck her yet again and again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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