Friendly Benefits Ch. 01

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“No WAY!” Amanda exclaimed. “With who?”

“The first time was with a girl we picked up in a bar,” Marge said. “The second time it was a woman I was friendly with in yoga class.”

“And he, you know, did stuff with you and them?”

“That’s the idea behind a three-way isn’t it? It was fun. It wasn’t like he was cheating because I was right there. We talked about it a bit beforehand. I’m telling you, it was pretty damn fun.”

Amanda stared open mouthed across the centerpiece of the restaurant table at her friend. They met often and gossiped and talked about relationships and work and clothes and, sometimes, sex. Amanda had revealed that it seemed like her boyfriend, Andy, predominantly liked to watch three-way porn. Marge revealed back that she had a couple three-way experiences with one of her boyfriends a while back.

“And would you, um, do stuff with the girl?”

“Yeah, but nothing heavy. It was more about him. He was the center of attention. Grab a boob, a little kissing, a little fingering. The yoga chick did go down on me for a bit. I didn’t hate it, but…” she trailed off.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe you. No wonder you’ve had so many boyfriends.”

The restaurant was crowded and there were people sitting at tables near enough that if they paid attention, they could catch the drift of the conversation between Amanda and Marge, but Amanda had become so enthralled that she didn’t care, and her voice rose with her incredulity.

“Cheated on me. Loved his car more than me. Loved TV more than me,” Marge was counting on her fingers as she listed the reasons for her breakups. “Loved the couch more than me. Had a really weird and close relationship with his mom. Christ, Homer,” -Amanda snickered at the mention of Homer-“lasted longer than all of them put together. If anything the crazy sex stuff kept us going longer than the relationship should have lasted. That one ended because he wanted to have kids and I wasn’t ready.”

“Kids? I thought you said he wanted a dog.”

“Well it was a dog, but I knew where that was going: first a dog, then a kid. I could have put him off longer, but he had to actually go and buy a dog. Stupid little purse dog. I wonder what ever happened to that little shit.”

“Wow, Marge, that is something. I had no idea. Still, I don’t know if I could convince Andy to do something like that. I mean I did all the girl make out stuff you’re required to do in college when I was drunk and stuff, but that’s as far as it went.” Amanda paused for a moment. “She went down on you? How was that?”

“It didn’t suck AT ALL. I wouldn’t go out looking for a dyke to dive into my muff because I really like the boy parts, but in that particular case, I had the boy toy to play with too.” Marge signaled for another round of margaritas and pantomimed drinking a shot to their waiter across the room.

“What about Tom,” Angela asked, “do you guys do anything like that now?”

Tom and Marge had been living together for a year or so. He was tall and handsome, just the way Marge liked her men. Plus he had fashion sense and managed their money well. It had become “their” money after they moved in together without too much discussion. As long as Marge had enough for a very minor shopping spree once in a while and drinks whenever she wanted, Tom could do whatever he wanted with her money. He paid attention to Marge like no other boyfriend of hers Amanda had met, but Marge always acted like she was the mature one, then one carrying the relationship.

“Tom? Oh hell no. I feel like I’m holding on to that man-sized cock with a boy-brain by a thread. If I uncorked that bottle, I don’t think I’d be able to put it back in until there was nothing left. Although…” She trailed off.

“What?” Amanda asked. Marge was openly appraising her with a smirk on her face.

“Tom is pretty fond of your tits. He hasn’t said anything directly, but sometimes he mentions how nice you look, usually after we’ve been at the beach or you have some slutty tank top on or something. I always catch him staring. He thinks he’s getting away with it.”

Amanda blushed. More so because she knew Tom stared at her boobs all the time and didn’t try to discourage him.

The drinks came and Marge went right for the shot of tequila, downing it without ceremony or routine. Amanda did the same but couldn’t help making a face when she did.

“I think we should gang up on Andy,” Marge said as she slammed her shot glass on the table. “He’s cute, he TOTALLY loves you, I think he likes me OK and I think he’s great. We all get along, so it would be a blast. Man, he would love you so hard.”

“No way,” Amanda was incredulous. “Really? You think so? I mean, how…What would…I couldn’t…Really?”

“He’s giving you a signal with all the three-way porn. Let me ask you, is it usually guy-guy-girl or girl-girl-guy?”

“I don’t know, I suppose it’s both, but maybe just a little more of the girl-girl-guy stuff.” Amanda answered.

She was blown away that they were even having this discussion. şişli escort Her sex life with Andy was great. They had been together for almost 5 years and still had pretty good sex at least once a week. They had spontaneous sex sometimes, and they both got off on watching porn as foreplay. But actually bringing another girl into the picture, or another guy? She hadn’t thought of it as something that could really happen to her or anyone she knew, but if she was honest, when they would watch the movies, she didn’t have too much trouble fantasizing about her being in one of those scenes. She had wondered what it must feel like for those women who are getting attention from two men at once.

On top of that, she and Marge had been friends for years, since just after college when the wild times were fueled by money earned at grown up jobs. Although they had slept in the same bed so many times Amanda couldn’t count, she had never thought of her friend as a potential sexual playmate. She was almost certain that Andy had probably fantasized about Marge and her ample tits and shapely, firm ass. She didn’t slight him for it. She couldn’t believe she was even letting these thoughts roll around in her head.

“Ahhhh, you’re thinking about it!” Marge said as she pointed a finger at Amanda. “It should be easy. You just tell him ‘hey Andy, I’m going to bring a friend over to come in our bed with us and you can do stuff to both of us and we’ll both do stuff to you. OK?’ What’s he going to say?”

“That I must be crazy.”

“You’re crazy if you think that. He’ll act like he’s just doing it because you suggested it, but he’ll have a hard on before you get done telling him what’s up.” Marge took a long pull from her cold drink. “Ah, shit. Ice cream headache.” Her face scrunched and she rubbed her temples vigorously.

“I still don’t know. I’d like to think I’m the girl that could do that and be that free and fun, but…I just don’t know. Like how do I work out the logistics and get everyone together and make sure he isn’t upset. What if he likes you more than me when we’re done?” Amanda’s words were rushing out. She was, admittedly a little excited and was kind of getting a rush from talking about the taboo topic. But she still had her serious reservations.

“I can help you with some of it. After all, I am a BIT experienced. Tom is going out of town this weekend. How about if you tell Andy boy that I don’t want to be alone and am gonna stay with you guys? I’ll parade around as much as I can in something sexy, you can drop hints or talk to him directly, whatever. Should be like putting your size 5 foot in my size 7 shoe: easy! As far as that last bit, of course he’s gonna like me more than you afterwards. I’m really good in the sack, beautiful, charming and a great cook.”

“Great cook. That’s a good one. You open boxes and cans with the best.” Amanda’s resolve had weakened considerably, considering that she hadn’t brought up Andy’s porn viewing habits as a way of lubing Marge up to join him and Amanda in bed. But since Marge told her about her experiences with Homer, Amanda’s curiosity was piqued. “I suppose if you came over while Tom was gone, we could take it from there and see how it goes. In fact, what about Tom? Wouldn’t he be upset if he found out?”

“Yeah, well, we have to make sure he doesn’t find out,” Marge said with grin. “BUT, if he does, you might have to help me make it up to him, you know.”

“Wait a minute, you mean you want me have sex with you and Tom? How did we get here? All I did was mention that Andy is into three-way pornos. What was I thinking? Maybe…”

Before she could finish, Marge cut her off, “Oh don’t ball up your panties. I was kind of joking. But you for sure have to mention it in the ground rules. Trust me, after you give this wonderful gift to your loving Andy,” she said with a sarcastic tone, “he’ll be OK if you have to do a little payback. I’ll bet he’ll even want to come and watch or something.”

They went back and forth about the topic for a few more drinks and then all of a sudden Amanda was heading home with the skeleton of a plan to get her long-time boyfriend into a three-way with her and one of her oldest friends, a plan that started with Marge spending the weekend with them. And, truth be told, she was more than a little horny as she drunkenly walked up the steps to their apartment. She really hoped that Andy was home, awake and in the mood.

It turned out that he was all three of those things, and Amanda took advantage. She barely gave him time to put down the bowl of mac and cheese he was eating before she was on top of him and pulling her shirt off and kissing him passionately, ignoring the artificial flavors on his tongue. Even though he was surprised, he rose to the challenge and responded just the way she wanted, the way she needed.

The booze and the randy conversation with Marge combined to embolden her and she found herself more vocal than usual, which Andy summed up when he said “you’re sure bossy tonight.”

Amanda was caught short when mecidiyeköy escort his comment shined a light on her behavior, but she didn’t care. “Do you hate it?” She asked coyly as she cupped one of his favorite parts in her soft hand.

“Not at all. It’s fun,” he replied with a hitch in his voice.

“Fun. That’s good. How about we step it up a notch and you put in a movie?”

Andy looked like a kid who just found out he gets to open a Christmas present early. With exaggerated enthusiasm that was meant to be comical, he jumped up and opened the drawer under the TV that held the special DVD collection. When he came back to Amanda the screen lit up with the title, “Double Takes”, and the quick previews that followed showed several scenes with two girls and a guy and almost as many with two guys and a girl.

Amanda smirked at Andy knowingly. “Really, stud?”

Andy flushed a little. “What. You said to put a movie in. Were you thinking more along the lines of ‘The Notebook’?”

“No it’s OK. I like it. These are pretty hot. But are you trying to tell me something?”

“What do you mean? I think I’m trying to tell you I want to have sex with you, more sex with you, right now.”

“OK, but for just in the tiniest part of your tiny brain, are you sort of, I don’t know, fantasizing about doing that stuff? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Andy tried to ignore her question and went after her tits with his mouth, figuring that if he kept his mouth occupied, Amanda couldn’t trick him into saying something that was going to get in the way of him fucking her tonight.

“Slick move, dude. I know you’re imagining something, probably some other slutty pair of titties in your mouth right now.” Amanda blushed at herself. She was more drunk than she thought. But she could tell that just that little bit of naughty talk was really turning Andy on. He was moving eagerly down her belly, keeping his tongue, lips and mouth busy on his way to her neatly trimmed pussy.

“Oh you are going to avoid the subject all together aren’t you, you sneaky jerk. You really don’t want to…” her voice caught as Andy’s tongue found her swelling clit. “…um, talk about this do you.” She paused a minute, but wasn’t going to let up. She liked that her talking was making him uncomfortable and turning him on at the same time. “You think you’re so clever. I’m on to you and your plans. You want to convince me that all those 3-way movies are a coincidence, but I know better. One girl’s not enough for you. Well,” She couldn’t believe she was about to say what she was thinking, “maybe one guy isn’t enough for me.” She moved and got herself off Andy’s mouth and pushed him back so she could reciprocate. “Maybe I’m thinking about someone behind me while I do this,” and she took his cock in his mouth for a moment, “to you.”

Andy moaned and leaned back. “You are crazy. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it’s hot as hell.”

They played for a long time; sometimes Andy would take control moving Amanda physically the way he wanted and she would offer the slightest, tiniest bit of resistance but always gave in. Sometimes Amanda would be in control and would get into a position that forced him to move if he wanted access to her. And they talked. They talked more than normal, more than they ever had, and it was hot and awkward and sexy and nasty all at the same time. They had sex longer and more vigorously than they had in years. Amanda was spent in the end and passed out underneath Andy.

In the morning, she woke with a quilt thrown over her as she lay sprawled naked on the floor. Sounds of someone in the small kitchen and the smell of bacon made her smile almost as much as the thoughts of the previous night did.


When Marge came through the door on Friday, she had a small gym bag for her belongings for the weekend and a paper bag that was obviously a bottle, too short to be wine. It was probably tequila. She had a low cut, thin tank top on and very short shorts. The top did little to hide her heavy boobs and the bottom did the same for her shapely legs. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a tight pony that Amanda knew was meant to keep it from falling over the ample cleavage she was showing. Her blue eyes sparkled conspiratorially at Amanda as she bent in to kiss her on the cheek.

“Thanks SO much for letting me stay with you guys. There have been some break-ins around my neighborhood and I was kind of freaked out about staying alone without Tom for the weekend.”

“No problem at all,” Andy said. Amanda saw him barely keeping himself from ogling Marge. She had laid it on with the outfit and the hair for sure. There was little question her goal was to give Andy a fun, sexy surprise. She topped off her teasing with a warm, close hug that pressed her soft breasts into Andy’s chest for longer than normal.

“You can sleep in the office. It’s got a couch that will be more comfortable than the one in the living room,” Amanda said. Marge threw her duffle down the hall in the general direction of the office door and then ripped the paper bag off the bottle-it was tequila.

“Who’s up for a shot?” She asked as she walked into the kitchen in search of some glasses.

“It’s only six o’clock,” Amanda admonished. She thought she’d be in control of this thing they loosely planned, but Marge was kicking up the pace a bit. “Don’t you want to get something to eat first?”

“Count me in,” Andy chimed in. “It’s been a crap week at work. And there’s some pizzas in the freezer.”

“Pizza,” Marge said as she looked pointedly at Amanda. “I love when a plan comes together.”

“Well, alright. I guess a bit of booze to take the edge off sounds OK,” Amanda said.

They crowded into the apartment’s small kitchen: Marge going through the cupboards for shot glasses, Andy turning on the oven and getting the pizza out of the freezer, and Amanda just swept along on the wave of Marge’s unfocused enthusiasm. Unable to find shot glasses, at least unable to find them easily, Marge grabbed a few short tumblers, cracked the booze and poured two full fingers’ worth into each one, then passed the glasses out. “To…Fridays!” she offered as she tipped her glass and easily drained it. Andy and Amanda drained theirs too, but Amanda not as enthusiastically as Andy and Marge.

They ate the hot pizza, but in the 15 minutes it took for it to cook they had taken three more of Marge’s generously dispensed shots. Everyone was loose and happy and the frozen grocery store pizza tasted like the best gourmet pie they’d ever had. All three of them made satisfied noises as they devoured it.

Marge was flirty and forward with both Amanda and Andy, and, while Amanda demurred under her attention, Andy, lubed mentally by the shots, openly enjoyed her attention, both her verbal and physical attention. She never missed an opportunity to touch his arm, or to lean in and grab him in a hug that pushed her tits on him somewhere as they laughed at some stupid joke.

They mellowed some and were sitting around talking when Marge boldly asked, “Hey have either of you guys had the ménage?”

“Wait, what?” Andy gasped.

“Yeah, you know,” Marge clarified, “a three-way, a party, the love-sandwich, the triple crown. Ever done it?”

Andy looked mildly panicked and Amanda’s mouth dropped open for a moment before she quickly regained her composure. By the time Andy took his eyes off Marge and looked at Amanda, she thought her face belied none of the anxiety she felt. He swiveled his head back and forth stammering for a second before getting it together.

“Well?” Marge prodded.

“Yeah, I know you had a life before me, so what’s the deal,” Amanda added with more confidence than she felt. Her words were slurring just a tiny bit.

“Well, no. As matter of fact, I have not. Nope. Never. Why do you ask?”

“To rile you dumb ass.”

“What about you guys?” He asked looking at each of them.

“Marge has!” Blurted Amanda.

“Sure, but just a few times. With Homer after we’d been together a while.”

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief as the attention was focused on Marge now.

“That’s cool. Sooo…” Andy said trying to encourage her to give more details.

Demurring but somehow still lancing him with a steely gaze, she said “Ah, but I’ve already said too much,” with a fake accent, the nationality of which could not be identified, and then took a pull off her 4 fingers of tequila.

The conversation moved on and the three of them drank and laughed and revealed secrets both innocent and clean, and dark and naughty. The bottle was empty before 10 PM. Amanda’s jaw hurt from laughing so much, and she had relaxed thinking that, even though Marge was still randy and flirty, she had slowed her roll with the talk about sex, at least the sex that they had talked about earlier in the week. Amanda had been so confident when she and Marge drunkenly laid out a shaky plan earlier, but now, though not disregarding the plan completely, her feet were less than warm, not cold, but not hot either.

Eventually, it seemed like the whole thing had just been Marge and her drunk talking and nothing was going to happen. The bottle was nearly empty. The three of them had calmed down a bunch and conversation slowed. Marge stood up, stretched her arms over her head, which pushed her tits out tantalizingly, and said “I’m hitting the sack. See you love birds later.” She hugged Andy one last time with a kiss on the cheek, very close to his mouth, and gave a surprising open mouthed good night kiss to Amanda. When their faces parted, Marge looked at Andy and smiled, then disappeared around the corner to her couch. Amanda noticed the rising bulge in Andy’s pants.

Amanda and Andy made their way to the living room without talking and started making out on the couch. The bawdy talk around the table had gotten both their juices flowing and they were glad to be able to act on their excitement. At first they tried to be quiet, but then forgot that they had a guest down the hall and, even though they maintained themselves quietly, they were passionately groping each other as they kissed, and Andy had no trouble working his hand below her loose shirt to fondle her boob.

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