Four-Way in Vegas

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The summer was only half over and I missed Shauna. We had been keeping in touch both by phone and e-mail, but I decided a trip to Vegas was in order. I decided to give Shauna a call and ask her if it would be OK.

“How about some company one of these days?”

“Are you serious?”

“I think its time for a little trip. Don’t you?”

“I can take off whenever I want, so when do you want to come?”

“I was thinking about mid July.

“First weekend?”

“Works for me.”

“Bringing anyone along?”

“Well……I thought I might ask Robin if she wants to go, and maybe Kelli, the new friend I told you about who caught me.”

“Oh yeah, that’ll teach you to write about us.”

“What do you think?”

“The more, the merrier! Of course, sleeping arrangements will be cramped!”

“Like that really matters! I’ll let you know as soon as I get it arranged.”

Right after I hung up I called Robin and she was a go. I then called Kelli at work.

“Want to go to Vegas in two weeks?”

“Oh, I’d love to, but it’s too expensive right now.”

“Can you go second weekend of July? You’ll need to take Friday off.” “I can get the time off, but I really can’t afford to go right now. Sorry.”

“Just get the Friday off, I’ll take care of the arrangements.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll cover it. We don’t have any cost for a room, drinks will be comped, and all you’ll need is a little spending money for food. We’ll be staying with Shauna. You remember her, don’t you?”

“Sure do!”

“I really don’t want you to pay for the trip.

“Look, I want you to come with. Robin is flying with us from Tulsa, so you’re going!”

“If you insist.”

“I’ll call you later with our flight time.”

“Thanks, I’m excited. I’ve never been to Vegas.”

I got online and had the three of us booked for a early morning charter. It meant that we would all have to spend the night in Tulsa before our flight. Oh darn! I booked us a room at the Embassy Suite for that night. I then called Robin and Kelli and told them about the plan. We would have almost three full days in Vegas to party. Everyone was pumped.

Three days before our scheduled departure, I was going to go get some things for the trip in town. Carl was out in the drive changing oil on my SUV.

“Just take my pickup. I’ll be here a while,” he said.

I opened the garage door, and to my big surprise, there was no pickup, just a new BMW Z4 in it’s place.

“Bond Blue!” I screamed. He just grinned from ear to ear and said, “It was time to get rid of the pickup, so I thought you could use a fun car instead. I know you have wanted one for a while. It was hard to find one in the color you wanted, but they delivered it yesterday. Drove back to Dallas in my pickup. I’ll just use the SUV to tow the boat.”

“I don’t think I even kissed him before I got in it. My panties were instantly wet as I got behind the wheel.

“See you in about two hours, I said as I backed out and took off down the drive.

This man is a true gem. Let’s me go to Vegas with the girls and gets me the car I’ve always wanted since I saw it in “Goldeneye”.

The seven miles to town never went by quicker. I pulled up to the teller window, top down to show Kelli.

“Wow!” was all she could say.

“I believe we’ll be driving this to Tulsa next week. Probably with the top down all the way.

After calming down a little, I did my shopping and drove back home. As I parked in the garage, Carl came out, still grinning.

“Like it?”

“Words don’t describe it,” was my reply.

Needless to say, he got a big reward that evening, but I digress from the story.

The day arrived for us to depart on our trip. I told Carl I would try to behave myself in Vegas.

“I know better! Just have fun and don’t lose too much money. Remember. No debit or credit cars in the casinos. Only the cash you have with you. That’s just a law!” We kissed good-by and I drove off to pick up Kelli. When I arrived at her house, she was ready to go. One small suitcase later, we were on our way to Tulsa. I left the top down as we turned onto the highway. Since we both have short hair, the wind was not a factor. We got about half way there and my cell phone rang. It was Robin.

“Where are you?

“We’re about halfway there. Where are you?”

“Just getting on the road!”

“See you there about six. We’ll go out for dinner. If you get there first, just check in and wait.”

“See you soon.”

We arrived at the Hotel right on schedule. Robin’s car was in the lot and when we walked through the lobby, she greeted us from the free bar area.

I hugged her and then introduced her to Kelli.

“You’re in for a great time in Vegas. We get really crazy. What happens there………….Well, doesn’t necessarily stay there! Just remember that! Right, Marsha?”

“You weren’t supposed to tell, you read the story without me knowing it.”

“Seems like I did the same thing’, Kelli added.

We all laughed and went Ankara bayan escort and got a free drink. I took mine and went to check in. When I returned they were both laughing and carrying on like two old friends. I was glad they hit it off, for I knew they would be seriously having fun together later.

“Where’s your Toy?” Robin asked.

“At home.”

“You took Carl’s truck over here?”

I flipped her the keys and said, “Go find it!”

She noticed the BMW emblem on the key and screamed “He got you it, didn’t he?”

I just nodded and smiled.

“You spoiled bitch!”

I looked over at Kelli, who was laughing and said “That’s what you get for twenty five years without a headache!”

We all laughed at that and I suggested we get some room service instead of going out.

We grabbed our bags and went to the room.

“”Looks like you get the couch, new girl!” Robin said to Kelli.

“No…..I believe I’ll share the bed with you two. I think there’s plenty of room.”

“No fighting , ladies”

Robin ordered room service for all of us and a bottle of champagne.

“It’ll be about 30 minutes. Anyone for a quick shower?”

We all raised our hands and decided there was room for everyone. Robin turned the water on and when it was warm enough, we all stripped our clothes off and got in. I had the sense to bring a bottle of nice shower gel with me and squeezed some out in my hand and began soaping Kelli’s back. Robin grabbed the bottle from me and started on her front side. Kelli began to moan softly as we massaged every part of her with the soap. Robin stopped and Kelli began to rub up against her as I caressed her butt and upper thighs from behind. As Robin ground up against Kelli’s mound she suddenly stopped and stepped back a little, looking down. “Good grief, girl!” That is one big clit you have.

“Then get down there and suck it!”

Kelli had definitely lost her shyness already. I could tell this was going to be a really wild weekend.

About the time Robin knelt down and began sucking clit, I heard a knock on the door. Room service already.

I quickly got out of the shower, leaving them there and grabbed a towel, yelling, “Just a minute!”

I through on my sundress and answered the door. A very nice young man brought the tray with our goodies in and set it on the table.

‘Shall I open the champagne?”

“I think we’ll let it chill a while longer.”

About that time I could hear those sex noises coming from the bathroom. He obviously heard them too.

“Newlyweds!” I mused. “I’m just the maid of honor.”

I don’t think he bought it, but I really didn’t care. I tipped him and he excused himself. I opened the bathroom door and gave them the all clear sign. They were just getting ready to get out anyway.

“Dinner is served.” I said

“I’ve already eaten, thank you. Quipped Robin.

“Don’t think you’re finished!” Kelli laughed. “You’ve only just started. I’ll let you know when you’re done!”

“Bossy little bitch, isn’t she?”

“Did she hold your head down there, or did you know what to do?” I asked “She held it there. Made me suck that little cock.”

“”Maybe you’ll show me how you did it after dinner.”

“Open the champagne. I’m thirsty!” Robin whined.

I opened it and poured us each a glass, then revealed al the goodies for supper. A platter of boiled shrimp, crab claws, and assorted fruits and cheese. Everyone began eating like they were starved. I’m not sure if it were hunger, or anxiousness to start serious partying. As I looked a all of us, I realized that we hadn’t bothered to put any clothes on.

“We’re out of champagne!” Robin said as she poured the last into her glass.

I was on the phone to room service again, “Could you bring up two bottles this time? We’re really thirsty.”

I hung up the phone and turned to the girls. “Put some clothes on. Room service will be here in about ten minutes.”

They both put on tanks and panties and just sat around to wait. I decided I would do the same. When the waiter arrived, Kelli and I demurely sat at the table while Robin answered the door. Surprisingly, she let him bring the champagne in.

As she walked back to the table, I saw him looking at her skimpy panties that barely covered her butt. I giggled a little and whispered to Kelli, “Guess he got his tip.”

She laughed and said, “She’s evil, isn’t she?”


W sat there talking about how much fun Vegas would be, letting the champagne get icy cold. I noticed Robin squirming around a little in her chair. I could tell she was getting horney.

“Pussy a little damp?” I questioned. “”God, my panties are soaked!” she blurted, standing and showing us the big wet spot on her crotch. “Who’s going to do something about it?”

Neither Kelli nor I volunteered. We just sat there and stared at her.

“Well……..if neither of you will help..I guess I’ll just take care of it myself!”

She went over to the couch across from us and began to rub Escort bayan Ankara the sopping crotch of her panties. She slid her tank top over her head with her free hand and began to work on her puffy breasts, tweaking her nipples and making them point strait out. She began to pull on them and alternately squeeze her areola, making them stand out as well. I pulled my chair over by Kelli to watch the show. I could feel the dampness in my own panties as well. I glanced down at Kelli’s crotch and could see her clit straining against the fabric and a wet spot growing below it. I casually reached over and began to slowly massage her mound, pulling the material of her panties ever further up into her steamy crotch, creating a great wet “toe” with a little man in the boat totally overboard. She reach over and began to slowly stroke my dampened crotch as we both kept our eyes on Robin.

Robin now had her hand down her panties, and, from the squishy sounds had more than one finger in her wet hole. We could see the action of her fingers stroking in her and then being pulled quickly back out. Every so often she would pulled her glistening fingers out of her panties and shove them in her mouth as she groaned with pleasure.

She finally raised her legs in the air and pulled her panties off with one hand as she kept her other buried in her vagina. Into her mouth went the sticky crotch of her panties, her tongue busy licking and her mouth sucking the juices from it. Her pussy was wide open, hand thrusting in and out up to the last knuckle. Juices were sloppily flowing from her as she jilled herself furiously.

Kelli and I were still leisurely stroking each other, not in a rush like Robin. Kelli’s vagina was leaking her lubrication all over my two fingers that I was stoking her with. I pulled them from her and sucked them into my mouth as she watched. She groaned a little from just watching me suck her juices. I reinserted my fingers, this time pulling them back out and offering them to her. She greedily sucked them in whispering, “I used to do this for hours, fantasizing I was eating another woman. I love the taste of myself.”

“Me too!”

We now focused back on Robin’s show. Robin pulled the panties from her mouth and now was stuffing them inside her pussy. She was so wet, the silk material easily went into her vagina, leaving only a small portion of a leg band sticking out. Robin now went to work on her clit. She lick her fingers and began to pull and twist her clit, and stroke herself as fast as she could. I knew she was ready to orgasm when she pulled the panties from her hole and stuffed them back in her mouth. She sucked on the panties as she came with her whole hand buried in her vagina, this time her thumb and half her hand was inside.

I knew the words “I’m cumming!” were being uttered from Robin, but it was totally unintelligible what we heard. I guess it is difficult to scream with a mouthful of panty.

She collapsed back on the couch, hand still buried as she spit the panties out

“That was great! I deserve a hand!” she said as she pulled a dripping hand from her gash, brought it up to her lips and began to savor her juices coating it.

“Mmmm. Nothing better than the taste of your own pussy!”

“Marsha and I agree!” Kelli said. “Too bad we can’t lick our own.”

“I’ll settle for it second hand!” I chimed.

“Now that you did yourself, you can do us!” Kelli suggested.

Robin got up from the couch, grabbed a bottle of champagne and joined us at the table. After pouring everyone a glass, she went and got the empty bottle from earlier. She took her glass of champagne with her and, as she calmly sipped it, legs spread wide, and vagina gaping open, she grabbed the punt of the bottle and slowly began inserting the neck into her hole. A broad smile went across her face, “Always wanted to do this! God it feels wonderful. Filling! If you know what I mean.”

All Kelli and I could do was stare as the entire neck disappeared into Robin, then was slowly withdrawn. Her juices began to coat the neck and even to slowly leak down the sides of it as she casually slid it in and out. Staring into our eyes, she took a sip of her champagne, then took the bottle from her vagina, brought it up to her lips, and began licking and sucking the juices from it.

“Taste as good as the champagne?” I asked.

“Better!” she replied. “Want some?”

Kelli got up from the table and knelt in front of Robin, diving headfirst into her dripping hole. Robin set the bottle down on the couch beside her and continued sipping her champagne as Kelli buried herself between Robin’s legs.

Robin winked at me and pointed to the bottle, giving a little gesture that I should give Kelli a little attention with it. I got up and took the bottle from the couch, licking the neck where Robin had missed some of her juices, now drying on the bottle. As Kelli knelt there on the floor, I lay on my back and slowly worked her legs apart a little so I could get between them, I could see just how wet she was, as I looked up at her glistening Bayan escort Ankara lips. I spread her moisture around them, causing them to open a little further and she began to push back against my finger. I raised my head up and stuck my tongue into her pick hole, running it from bottom to top, circling her clit as I finished. I could hear her moan into Robin’s vagina as I sucked her mini cock into my mouth. I began to give her a blow job, just like I had when I made her cum the first time. I could tell Robin was bucking against Kelli’s face, holding her head. Kelli began to buck back against me in unison, forcing her clit to be more exposed and making me suck it even harder.

I knew they were both getting close to orgasm, so I grabbed the empty bottle and slowly began inserting it into Kelli. Once again I could hear her moan into Robin. As I began to Fuck Kelli with the bottle, her clit began to recede a little and I knew she was going to cum.

“I’m gonna cum! Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” she screamed as she raised her head from Robin’s pussy. I could barely see Robin humping the air in front of Kelli as she screamed at the same time. Kelli’s face was about a foot from Robin’s pussy when Robin let go. A stream of urine hit Kelli right in her open mouth as Robin came and went, so to speak, at the same time. Kelli was shaking all over, and still able to swallow the stream of second hand champagne hitting her mouth.

I pulled my lips back of her clit, knowing she was over the edge already, and removed the bottle.

“Pee for me! Squirt in my mouth!”

I locked my lips over her gaping hole. I didn’t have long to wait. I could feel her muscles tense and a hot stream began shooting into my mouth. I swallowed and sucked on her until she was finished. She finally pushed my head back down to the floor, and waved her hand across her pussy.

“Now that was an orgasm, no……. in fact that was several!” she laughingly spoke.

I had nearly cum myself, just from the force of her pleasure. She was perfect for our little group. Nasty! She was definitely not the shy girl I’d introduced to girl-sex a month ago.

When the two of them had finally recovered enough to be coherent, I stood up and pointed to the lubrication literally dripping from my vagina and when I had their attention just smiled.

“Eat, ladies!”

Robin got up from the couch and knelt in front of me. She licked the drops of moisture that had collected on my labia and then shared them with Kelli. There seemed to be more tongue action going on between the two of them than where it was needed so I grabbed Kelli’s hair and forced her face into my crotch. Robin quickly slid under Kelli and so I could tell she had a suction building on Kelli’s oversized clit. Kelli lapped at my hole, running her tongue deep inside me, then teasing at my entrance before sliding back to lick my puckered ass. Then back again she would go, driving me absolutely insane with her teasing. I smiled to myself as she was pleasuring me.” Even though I had little experience before her, I taught her well”. Maybe it is not a learned experience but more of a continuing journey that some of us want to make. She obviously wanted to make it.

I grabbed the back of her head and held her with her mouth glued to my sex, not allowing her to tease any more. I fucked her face, grinding my mound against her open mouth, wanting her to taste the juices as she drained them from the depths of my vagina.

Harder and harder I fucked her face, until I felt that deep burn within me, telling me I was going over the top.

‘Suck me Kelliiiii!” I cried as I came.

She kept her lips locked over mine and her tongue buried deep within me as I spasmed against her mouth. Wave after wave of my orgasm buckled my knees and I nearly fell to the floor. I could feel me knees trembling, no my whole body trembling as she released her mouth from me. I looked down at her, her face sticky with my goo, and a big smile on her face.

“Pee for me, pee in my mouth!” she said without a sound. I could read her lips as she said the words over and over.

“I reached down and spread my lips apart as she opened her mouth wide. I tightened up and forced that first stream directly into her mouth. She moved her mouth over my squirting hole and swallowed hard, sucking in every drop. At the same time, I could hear Robin swallowing and gurgling below, and I knew Kelli was doing the same to her. Wow, all these new things so quickly. I nearly came again as I finished peeing.

Kelli let go of my lips again and smiled at me, wiping her face with her arm and mouthing, “Thanks!” without a sound.

I sort of glanced over at the clock and noticed it was nearly midnight. I had a wakeup call for 6 AM.

“Ladies, it’s time to sleep. We’ve got an 8AM flight to Vegas in the morning and we need to rest. Let’s get to bed.”

There was no hesitation as we all piled into the bed and I turned out the lights. I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of those two kissing and sloshing around in each others pussy. I knew I would be rested for the next day, but doubted they would.

I awoke around five AM and jumped in the shower so I would be ready before they got up. The hot water cascading over me felt really great. I finished in the bathroom and opened the door.

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