First Time Posing Pt. 02

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Submitting the photos

It was Monday morning before the Carter family knew it. Sunday was one of the best days the family has had. Charlene had this feeling of well being that she hasn’t had in a long time. She feels closer to her husband and son than she has in a long time also. She was making breakfast for her husband and humming a happy tune when he came down stairs and gave her a kiss on the back on the neck which sent shivers down her spine shooting right to her pussy. Tom knows this turns on his wife that is why he did it.

“You better stop or you’re going to be late for the office?” She stated.

“Worst things could happen.” Laughed her husband noting, her outfit he continued. “What a difference a few days makes. My love, you look ravishing in the red negligee you have on today.” Looking down to notice she wasn’t wearing the panties which go with it, so her pubic hair was showing and when she bent over, her bum was showing also as the nightie rode up on her back. “You want me to get you a house coat before our son comes down for breakfast, your showing everything you have.”

Laughing Charlene said. “Tom I think that ship has sailed, I don’t think I have to protect my modesty anymore in front of you two. Come to think of it I am feeling good being the center of attention for my two men.” Becoming serious the mature woman continued. “Are you comfortable with me being a model for our son’s visual arts class?”

“Are you having second thoughts about modeling for the class?”

“No, I guess I am just nervous that I am not pretty enough and young enough to model for the class.” Stated Charlene, fishing for compliments from her husband, while she was seeking permission to model for the college visual arts class. She wanted to make sure her modeling nude wouldn’t come between them after she models.

“Char, I want you to model for the class. It will give you some spending money, so I won’t hear you gripping that you have to ask me for money all the time and it will show you that your very pretty. You mark my words they will be calling you all the time to model once you do your first session.” Said her husband as he kissed her good-by and patted her ass and left for work.

“I don’t think I will be called when the professor sees the audition photos. In fact I hope he doesn’t call me as it will probably humiliate me to be nude in front of our son’s class and what if I see them out. How am I supposed to act?” Her thoughts were interrupted by her son coming down the stairs.

“Hi Mom!” Going to her, to give her a hug, when he noticed her outfit for the first time. “WOO you’re a sexy momma today in that outfit.” Embracing her anyway, feeling her breasts on his chest, causing her son to pitch a tent in his pants. Turning his back to her trying to adjust his cock ,without his mother seeing him do this, but he was caught.

“You were pointing at me when you just hugged me. Did your momma do that to you or is it morning wood?” She teased.

“What can I say mom you turn me on.” He admitted.

“Thank you.” Said his mother with a smile, looking at her son she could see something was bothering him. “What’s the matter Jamie? You look down.”

“Mom, do you want me to give the flash drive to Professor Beatty today?”

“Why, are you having second thoughts about having me model nude for your class?”

“No, I really want you to model for us you look so good in the photos we took I think the class will be able to take some great photos with you as their model.”

After listening to her husband and son Charlene finally made up her mind. “Jamie, give the flash drive to your instructor today to see if he will want to use me as a model? But, I am not going to hold my breath waiting for a call. I figure I am too old and there are younger woman that would want to model for your classes.”

“Mom, don’t be surprised when Professor Beatty calls you after he sees your photos you look great.” Said Jamie as he left for college.

Jamie turned in the flash drive to his instructor when he went to class stating. “Here is the audition tape we did of my mother over the weekend.”

“Thanks” Is all the Professor Beatty said as he put the flash drive in his pocket.

Fast forward a month.

Charlene has almost forgotten the Saturday she posed nude for her son although she is now very laid back when it comes to her outfits. It is common for Jamie and Tom to see her topless, in just a tee shirt without panties or nude around the house. The men never get tired of seeing her almost nude or nude and she knows this, so she wants to give them a thrill and it is good for her ego also, Tom has become very attentive to her needs presently which she is enjoying.

If was a Friday night, Jamie told his parents he will be home very late as he is going to a party.

Well the party was boring and Jamie came home early from the party to find his mother and father in the living room watching Television, she had on a white negligee, sitting on his fathers istanbul escort lap and his father was playing with her pussy. “HI All!” he said to announce his presence after he watched his parents for a few minutes.

His Mother jumped up screamed and said. “You scared us!”

Jamie looked at his father’s lap and it was wet looking like he pissed himself, he said snickering. “Mom, I hope you’re excited and not incontinent? Either that or dad came while you were making out.”

Throwing a pillow at her son, she grabbed her husband’s hand and said to her son. “Don’t you have some friends you can go see, as Dad and I have some unfinished business to attend to.”

As they walked past Jamie his father gave him a thumb up and a wink.

“I got shot down tonight and my father is getting lucky.” He thought as he left the house to give his parents some privacy as he was in no mood to hear them anyway pounding away in their bed room.

Jamie was driving around town thinking how by talking his mother into modeling he created a monster that he is not getting into. She is always walking around the house nude or half dressed. He’s not complaining he is just not happy that he isn’t getting the benefit of her arousal as his dad is.

It was Sunday night a month almost to the day that Jamie gave Professor Beatty the flash drive. He laid it on his desk at home the day he received it and forgot about it. He was straightening his desk when he came across it. Wondering what was on it as there was no tag. He put it in the port on his computer and saw the name on the drive “CC aud”. He brought its contents up on screen to see Charlene posing in her negligee, skipping through the photos until he came to the ones where she was nude and spread. He couldn’t get over the beauty of the mature woman. Even though her body was showing signs of age, it enhanced her beauty.

The professor could see by the end of the audition Charlene is comfortable being nude. He is going to contact her during the week for a meeting he wants to make sure she will be able to recreate the poses she did in the audition.

It wasn’t until Thursday morning that the Professor had a chance to call Charlene dialing the number he waited for the phone to be answered.

“Helloo” The woman answered on the other end.

“Hi this is Professor Beatty may I speak to Mrs. Carter please?”

Charlene turned red with embarrassment when she heard who was on the line clearing her throat she croaked. “This is Mrs. Carter I mean Charlene Carter.”

“I finally had a chance to look at your audition photos they are great, but remember the question I asked you when we first talked, whether you will be able to model nude for a group. Did you think about that and did you come up with an answer to the question?”

“I think I will be able to model for the erotic photos?” She stated.

“That is not a good enough answer Mrs. Carter. I would like you to model, but we will have to make sure you will be comfortable enough to pose for a group, as the positions you will be in will expose you entirely to the group of photographers.. I have an idea and if you really want to model give me a call back. I will pay you for your time and we will find out if you truly will be able to model for erotic photos.”

Not wanting to have to call back the professor afraid she will lose her nerve, knowing her husband wants her to model she said. “I want to try modeling. What do I have to do?”

“Why don’t you meet me at my office about eleven AM tomorrow? I have some free time and we will see if you will be capable of posing erotically for a group. I will pay you a hundred dollars an hour.” Said the professor.

As soon as Charlene got off the phone she was a bundle of nerves. She was going to the college tomorrow to meet with the professor about modeling and he will be paying her. It took her just about the time her husband would be due home to calm down. Tom asked her to make a roast before he left for work in the morning. She had supper in the oven, checking it, everything will be ready on time, besides that there will be left overs, so it will be easier tomorrow to cook. Charlene ran upstairs to take a shower, she dried off and walked downstairs nude.

Jamie had some late classes and wouldn’t be home until Nine PM; Tom will be home any minute. She could hear his car in the driveway. Charlene was standing in the doorway when the door opened and in walked Tom with a man she has never seen before.

Charlene screamed and ran up to the bed room crying she was so humiliated being seen by the man her husband brought home saw her nude. Someone she has never met before.

“Jack, wait here Jack” Tom ran after his wife. “Charlene what are you doing? Didn’t you get my text that I was bringing home a very important client for supper tonight?”

“The professor called me and wants me to meet with him to discuss modeling for the class and I thought I would practice seeing Jamie wouldn’t be home until nine pm.” esenyurt escort His wife cried.

Tom let out a belly laugh saying. “Well you sure did practice. Get dressed and I will go down and explain to Jack we were going to be home alone as our son has late classes tonight.” As an afterthought he said “Put something on sexy, as Jack has seen everything anyway. I will shut down the oven and add an extra plate OK.”

“Yes thanks Tom, but next time make sure you get in touch with me Okay.” Mad that she was caught naked by Tom’s client. “This is the first time she ever did anything like this and she gets caught.” She thought as she repaired her makeup, walking to her closet she took out a red dress her husband likes and put it on the bed. “It has a built in bra; will I have enough intestinal fortitude to wear this dress without any panties? It comes to about 2 inches below the knee and Tom says wear something sexy well I think I will give him his wish and tease him a little.” She thought as she dressed leaving her panties on the bed.

Tom and Jack were discussing something quietly which Charlene could not quite make out. Jack turned at the sound of shoes hitting the stairs and he stopped talking to admire the mature woman coming down. Tom was admiring his wife; also at this moment he feels he is the luckiest man on earth to have Charlene as his wife.

Not wanting Charlene to be uncomfortable for the rest of the night Jack said. “I was telling Tom how lucky he is to have a wife like you. I don’t remember ever being greeted by my wife in her birthday suit although we have only been married twenty years.”

“Well, this is the first time I have ever greeted my husband that way and I don’t think I will ever do that again.” Stated Charlene her face red with embarrassment.

They all laughed and the ice was broken. Tom helped Charlene serve the meal and afterwards, they all cleaned up after supper. They sat in the living room and chilled out. Jack was to her right and Tom was sitting in front of her. Tom started to talk business with Jack and looked over at his wife. She spread her legs and Tom saw his wife’s pussy. She derailed his train of thought.

Jack wasn’t aware of what Charlene was doing and asked Tom concerned. “Are you having a problem?”

Not wanting to tell Jack the real reason he is losing his train of thought he said. “I’m tired and it was a busy day today.”

Jack looks over at Charlene who has a shit eating grin on her face and says. “Your teasing him aren’t you, you little devil.”

“Guilty as charged.” Charlene laughed.

“Tom, you have a great wife: the dinner was delicious, after checking out your company I have decided to bring all my business to you and see if I can talk some of my friends into going with your company also.” Jack got out of the chair continuing his thoughts. “I am leaving presently, because I know you have unfinished business. Isn’t that right Mrs. Carter?” He winked at her and gave her husband thumbs up.

The couple escorted him to the door. Charlene was standing in front of her husband, as they waved good-by to Tom’s client he was reaching under his wife dress to play with her pussy and he found it was wet as could be. She had all she could do to refrain from showing signs of sexual stimulation at their front door. As soon as the door was closed Charlene stripped off the dress the only garment she had on and dropped to her knees stripping her husband’s pants off him as she dropped down.

She was in the process of giving her husband a blow job in the entry hall when she looked to the side and saw their son standing there watching them. Stunned to see his son looking at them as Tom is standing there with his pants at his ankles; Charlene is completely nude with her dress on the floor.

“What are you doing here I thought you had a late class?” Said Charlene to her son, she is nude, still on her knees with her husband’s cock in her hand.

“Mom it is nine thirty my class is over at eight forty-five, besides I want to know what you two are doing. Boy, I can’t leave you alone for a minute.” He laughed as he walked up the stairs to his room.

“Well that was embarrassing.” Said Charlene as she put her husband’s cock back in her mouth, so she could finish what she started.

It was a few minutes later Tom grunted. “Where do you want my load?” .As his wife has reprimanded him in the past for blowing his load in her mouth, without warning her and that ends the fun with his wife mad at him for a few days.

His wife started to massage’ his ball sack and started to suck harder and deep throat him not being able to hold back any longer he shot his wad in his wife’s mouth and she took all of the discharge down her throat. Good thing he was close to the wall as his legs buckled as he shot his load. He reached down to help his wife up after he recovered a few minutes later. They walked arm in arm to their bedroom after Charlene helped Tom complete the removal beylikdüzü escort his pants. All the clothes were left on the floor in the entry way.

Walking by their son’s room nude his door was open. “Good night Jamie.” His parents said in unison.

“I’m not having anywhere near as good a night as you two have been having.” He chuckled.

It was going to take some time for Tom to recover, after the performance in the entry hall, so he placed his wife on the bed, with her legs hanging off. He got on his knees and put his wife’s legs over his shoulders and pulled his wife’s pussy into his face. He started to lick her labia and sticking his tongue in her pussy, as he fingered her brown star. She was so excited she squirted and had a screaming orgasm within three minutes of Tom starting to suck on her labia.

Jamie couldn’t help himself hearing his parents having sex he had to jack off to relieve the pressure in his balls before the top of his head blew off.

Exhausted, everyone in the house went to sleep. For Tom and Charlene it was a satisfied sleep. Jamie he got off by by hand and he was ready to find a lady friend with benefits to relieve his pent up sexual frustration. Living in a house with parents, who are acting like teenagers, making ‘it’ all around the house?

The next morning Charlene arose early to make breakfast for her two men. She was nude with an apron on. She picked up all the clothes in the front hall before her son awakened. Tom came down stairs and he was not dressed for work he had on jeans and a tee.

“You’re not going to work today? Are you sick?” Asked his wife concerned as Tom doesn’t miss work very often.

“I emailed David telling him I just signed up Jack’s company with us and also he will be talking to some of his friends to see if we can get their business also. He told me to take the day off since I wined and dined the client last night.” Explained Tom.

“I am going to see Professor Beatty today you know. That is why I was nude when you brought home your client last night. I wanted to practice some of the poses after supper.” Said his wife not sure she told her husband already.

“You didn’t tell me you had a meeting today? What time is the meeting?”

“Eleven AM. today.” Said the mature woman to her husband not sure if she wanted him to attend the meeting with her, furthermore she didn’t know if she really wanted to model either. Yesterday she was excited with the prospect of meeting the Professor. Today she isn’t so sure, even though she is making breakfast nude.

Charlene was making breakfast and Tom was reading the paper when Jamie came walking down to the kitchen to find his mother nude except for an apron she was wearing.

He wasn’t sure if he should say anything to her about her dress, so instead he asked. “What’s for breakfast?” Even though he could see they were having eggs, sausage, hash browns with toast and coffee. Looking at his father Jamie asked. “Not going to work today, Dad?”

“No, I just brought in a big account and the Boss gave me the day off.”

“Hope he gives you a big bonus also.” Said their son as he had his breakfast with his parents, getting up from the table to go to class he says to his parents. “Don’t wear out your tool today dad.” He ran out the door to his car, not waiting for his father to answer.

“Do you think we should let our son see me model nude? I’m still not sure this is right?” Said Charlene still trying to find a way to skip out of modeling, but she knows her husband wants her to try it. Tom has a way of making her feel guilty if she doesn’t at least try what Tom asks her to do. “I’m going up to take a shower to get ready to go.” She says as she removes her apron and walks nude to the in suite bath.

Tom follows her up and goes in the bathroom sitting on the toilet and watches her take a shower. “You are getting more beautiful every day Char.” Looking at his naked wife washing and shaving her legs and pubic area, hoping she will ask him to go with her to the interview.

Drying her body with a fluffy towel the mature woman asks her husband. “What do you think I should wear to the interview today?” Standing and facing her husband she continued. “Do you think I should trim my pubic area more or is it OK?”

“You should pick what you will be comfortable in to wear and as far as your pussy hair, it looks edible as usual.” Said her husband smiling.

Walking out of the bathroom nude Charlene goes to her dressing table and applies her makeup as her husband admires his mature wife saying. “Do you think I can come with you to the meeting?”

Hoping this will be her way out, because she knows her husband’s fantasy of seeing her nude in front of other people, but up to this point it has not happened except for her being nude in front of their son. “I don’t know if I want you there, Tom? It would be humiliating to me with you watching”

“Then it is a deal breaker. I want to go with you.” Hoping she really wants to do this and if he tells her he has to be there if she wants to model or he will forbid it, she will consent to his presence at the meeting.

Calling his bluff. “Okay Tom, if you want to go to the meeting today I decided to cancel it with the professor.” She went to the phone dialed the Professor’s number.

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