First Gay Time with Coach Pt. 02

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Caressing Pussy

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


The week flew by. The minute I came home from work I jerked off to an issue of Penthouse I had with a letter about a guy who was bi that was forcefully fucked. On Thursday I got home and my mother said Coach called and to call him back. I did and he asked if I was still coming over the next night. I said yeah and told him about the letter I read and he said he would make it come true for me!

My mother wanted to know why the coach called and I said it was about working out at his gym. The next day I came home and nobody was there. Again the enemas but this time I gave myself a beer and vodka one! I held it for 15 minutes, expelled it and was off to see the coach. I had brought a pair of 501 jeans, a jockstrap, and tight t shirt.

Once I got to his house the lights were out but his car was there. I entered into his backdoor and before I could try the lights I felt 2 sets of hands grab me! Before I could say anything a hand covered my mouth and a pillow case over my head. Then my hands tied behind izmit rus escort me and a muffled voice tell me if I screamed I would be hurt! I was both scared and excited! They forced me down a flight of stairs and tied my hands now above my head. The pillow case came off but a blindfold in place. All I saw of the men were their bodies but it was so quick I could only hope it was the coach.

Next thing I felt was pinching on my nipples from clothing pins. Before I could complain a gag was put on me. Then they pulled off my pants and once said I must be real slut, ready to be fucked! At this point the alcohol kicked in and my cock was hard in my jockstrap. Then I felt three fingers force in some lube in my ass followed by a butt plug. This was larger and wider than the one I took the week before and it hurt. As he was forcing it in again came a dust mask of poppers! In it went! The burning sensation was there and while I was scared I was also very excited!

They roughly pulled the pins off my nipples and both started to bite them. They also started to fondle my cock and izmit escort balls through the jockstrap. That did it, I shot a load. One of them laughed and told the other I must like it rough. After coming the butt plug started to hurt but they took no mercy. They untied me and then tied me over a padded saw horse. I was spread open and the gag removed. Before I could say anything a cock was in my mouth. This cock was not the coach. It was longer but average thickness and uncut!

He started to fuck my mouth and as he did so I could tell a flash was going off. That made me panic but between the booze and the cock I sucked as best I could. All of a sudden I felt the plug pulled from my ass. Then I felt the head of a cock entering me. Once he started he pushed until I felt his balls on my ass! Then he fucked me hard. He was wide and thick and my ass felt on fire.

I could tell more flashes went off. Then he slowly pulled out and switched places with his partner. I started to suck the head of his cock but he forced in as much as he could and gagged me! His friend just started to fuck me hard and fast. kocaeli escort I could feel my own cock get hard again. After a good 10 minutes they switched again. This went on for almost an hour!

Finally the guy with the thick cock unloaded in me! I could actually feel his cum squirting! Then his friend pushed in and I had to lick the thick cock clean! His buddy now only lasted a few minutes as I fucked back. Then he came too. Again I was licking his cock clean. Then they said if I told anyone about this the pictures would get out! They left me tied to the horse!

After 10 minutes or so I was getting worried when someone pulled off the blindfold! It was coach. He looked and laughed, asking if I enjoyed myself? Before I could answer his cock was down my throat. Then I felt him finger my ass and he said no need to lube with all that cum dripping! He then fucked me, hard and fast. He didn’t last 5 minutes! He then untied me and asked if I enjoyed it! Of course I did!

After I got cleaned up he showed me the Polaroid pictures he had taken. While I couldn’t see the faces clearly of the guys who used me I could see mine! He said that they were on the football team from 2 years before my graduation! He said don’t worry cause he keep them. I went home, ass a little sore but very excited, not knowing what or when we would meet again!

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