Fiftieth High School Reunion

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Fiftieth High School Reunion

When I received my Fiftieth High School Reunion packet I almost shredded it along with the other junk mail. I went to my tenth reunion and never went back. I realized that I didn’t like anyone that I had attended school with, I was the youngest member of my class, and I was a nerd. I didn’t know I was a nerd. Not until I saw the movie called Revenge of the Nerds. That was when my wife and finally realized that I was a nerd. I had been sixteen throughout most of my senior year only turning seventeen a few weeks before graduation. I was not an athlete, I didn’t dance, but I was on the chess team and ranked in sixth place. I never fit in.

Then here fifty years later they contact me again. The letter that accompanied the invitation listed names and dates of the class members that had passed on. I could not believe that more than a third of my classmates had died.

My wife practically insisted that I go and have a good time…without her. I had not been out of her sight in the last five years, ever since I had retired. She said that week apart would be good for us. So I mailed in my intention to attend and asked for a room to be reserved for me. Again at my wife’s insistence I signed up for everything that was offered.

When I arrived at the airport there was an older woman standing there holding a sign up with my name on it. I approached her and told her who I was. She gave me a big hug and kissed me in my cheek. She told me that I had been assigned to her. Confused I questioned her and was told that those that still lived in our hometown were helping the out-of-towners get settled and to the various activities. She had been assigned to me but only after begging for the job. I hadn’t recognized Lavern but she remembered me. Apparently she had had a crush on me in the sixth grade and I hadn’t been interested in her. I told her that I didn’t really get interested in girls until after college. She could not believe that I lost my virginity when I was twenty-two years old.

I couldn’t help myself and I asked her when she had lost her virginity. She replied that it was in the sixth grade when she was eleven to my best friend at the time, Billy Turner. I asked how old Billy was doing and she said that he had dumped her after he knocked her up. She had been sent to her aunt’s house, had a baby girl that summer, and had adopted it out like good girls were supposed to do. After that she married a so-called bad boy, a jerk, and a really mean man. Not quite following her chain of thought, she had to explain to me that she had been married three times and that she had children by five different men.

As it turned out Lavern had always been in love with me but just kept making the wrong choices in her life. If I had only know maybe her life would have been different. But then again mine would have been different too.

Lavern said that she had had a long talk with my wife and that she had canceled my motel room. I was going to stay with her for the week.

When I got to Lavern’s I called my wife to let her know that I had arrived safely. What I heard next was a complete surprise, “Lavern said that you could sleep with her and that she would take care of all of your sexual needed. Since I can’t be there at least she can be. Take advantage of her while you can and don’t forget to bring a few pictures home for me to see. I really want to see Elmo.”

I hung up and looked over at Lavern. She smiled and asked me what my wife had said. I told her that I was supposed to have sex with her, take nude pictures of her, and that my wife wanted to see Elmo.

Lavern started laughing and I asked what was so funny. Lavern had an Elmo tattoo on her pussy mound but that at the moment it was covered with hair. She smiled and said that if I wanted to see him that I would have to shave her pussy. I smiled because shaving my wife’s pussy was one of my favorite things to do.

Lavern said that we had almost two hours to get changed and get to the Welcoming Ceremony in the school gym. Two hours was more than enough time.

I şişli bayan escort took Lavern’s hand and told her to take me to our bedroom. We walked through the house and into a back room. It was a nice bedroom and the bathroom was right there too.

I kissed Lavern and then I started undressing her. She stood there and smiled as I fumbled with her buttons, hooks, snaps, and zippers. Women’s clothes were not made to get out of quickly. Since I had to work at it I decided to enjoy it too so I rubbed her skin as I exposed it, I sucked on her nipples, and I fingered her pussy. As I held my finger up to my nose Lavern said that she had cleaned it out down there, just for me. It was a pleasant scent and it had a nice taste too.

Undressing her made me so hard and horny that I decided to fuck her and not worry about Elmo at the time. I could not remember the last time that I had sex with a woman other than my wife.

Lavern was easy to fuck and very cooperative too. Her breasts were soft and full, her belly was not too round, and her pussy certainly needed some attention. Apparently it had been a couple of years since she had a man in her bed. Her knees were up and my cock was in just as far as it could go when I fired my first stream of cum into her. She started humping up at me and calling out my name while she thanked God.

We took a shower together and just fooled around a little. Then we dressed and headed out. Lavern left her panties off at my request. I told her that I might want to feel her up sometime during the night. Lavern said that she would flash me her hairy pussy if I wanted her too. Now that was a nice offer.

When we walked into the school gym Lavern was immediately recognized by the other locals. I was introduced and then we put on special nametags that had our names on it, our nicknames, and our senior class picture. Lavern pinned mine to my suit coat and I carefully pinned hers to her dress. She told me that I didn’t have to be so careful, that as long as I didn’t poke her with the pin that I could have copped a feel. I blushed because she had said it right in front of the two ladies at the check-in table. Then I was introduced to the two head cheerleaders from our class. Time had not been all that good to them. It just goes to show that time can be a bitch to girls that were bitches. I remembered them and I remembered that I never liked them. However, I do remember seeing them in those thick cheerleader panties as they pranced around school on Fridays before the football games.

Lavern took me away and started to give me a tour of the school. She was just trying to get me alone so I reminded her about flashing me. That excited the hell out of her and then she was going from room to room and lifting her dress up above her waist for me to take a picture. We walked into the library and found two women deep in conversation over some test that they had taken fifty-four years ago and how meaningless it had been. If it was so meaningless why did they still remember it.

Lavern told them that I was taking up-skirt pictures of her and that they should lift their dresses up for me too. They shrugged their shoulders, said why not, and lifted them up. I snapped off a picture but Lavern told them that they should take their panties off like she had. Somewhat reluctantly they lowered their panties while I took pictures of them. Then the fun began. Lavern challenged them to a follow the leader contest. Lavern stood up on an old heavy table and lifted her dress, the other two did the same. Lavern squatted down spreading her knees wide for me, the other two did the same. Then Lavern walked us all outside and lifted her dress in front of the school steps. The other two women looked around so as not to get caught, then joined her. It was an absolutely perfect picture too. The lighting was perfect, their stance was perfect, and every detail was crystal clear. It was suitable for framing.

The rest of the evening went well, we ate, we drank, and we talked about what we had done since high school.

I saw that the old jocks had not changed at all except şişli escort that they gotten fat and could only talk about football. It was still all brawn and no brain. Then when one mentioned that I was sleeping with the class slut I got mad and asked him what he met by that. He and all of his buddies had fucked Lavern in high school, after high school, and whenever she goes out drinking with them. I told her that she had been nothing but a lady around me that she was letting me say in her guestroom to save me money. Of course they started laughing and calling me the class looser. I very politely informed them that I owned a company worth in excess of a half billion dollars, that they had been talking about a video game that I had developed, and that they could all go to hell. Of course they called me a liar. Now under any other circumstances I would have walked away but they had pissed me off. I took them into the computer class, accessed the Internet, and brought up my company’s web page. My name and picture was there as founder and chairman of the board. The ringleader actually apologized and then he immediately asked me if I had any free samples to hand out. What an asshole!

I was pleased to get out of there and went home with Lavern. I told her most of what had taken place and she said that it was all basically true. Then she told me that the two women that had posed with her were stopping by her house on their way home. She had talked them into posing nude with her for me. The one woman was married to the big mouth football player and he had told her to be nice to me. Fuck him!

Lavern told me to get even with him by showing his wife that I was the better man in bed. After all Lavern had been in bed with both of us so she should know.

Shirley and Ginger arrived just a few minutes later and Lavern took no time in getting them naked and getting their clothes out of sight. They posed everywhere and in any position that I wanted them too. Shirley was the football player’s wife and Ginger had just split up with her husband a year ago.

Lavern seemed to need to get even with Shirley for something in their past too. Anyway as long as the jock had told his wife to cooperate Lavern was sure going to get hers too. Lavern got Shirley down between her legs and had her lick her pussy for me to photograph. Then she got out a couple of dildos, some fruit from the refrigerator, and a beer bottle. By the time Lavern was done with Shirley she could get that beer bottle in bottom first. Apparently the jock had revealed a few things during sex with Lavern that maybe he shouldn’t have because after that Lavern started clamping all of her spring clothespins onto Shirley’s breasts and pussy lips. Ginger helped out with that part. Shirley confessed that her husband had a mean streak and that he had let all of his buddies fuck her on more than one occasion and tortured her with bottles, clothespins, and gangbangs.

Ginger had somehow gotten involved with the jocks too on a few occasions so it wasn’t just Lavern that they used and laughed about.

Using Lavern’s suggestion I showed Shirley and Ginger how lovemaking was supposed to be. I kissed all three of them, I bathed them all in a bubble bath, and I rubbed them all over with lotion. I stimulated their breasts, nipples, and clits. I reached my hand up inside Shirley’s pussy and stimulated her G-spot with my knuckles until she felt that she was going to die. I was able to give Ginger and Lavern some of that wonderful feeling with my long fingertips. They all accepted my fingers into their assholes too with my gentleness. By the time I was done with them they were ready to let me do anything and everything to them.

My video camera recorded me getting my cock sucked by all three of them and usually by two of them at the same time. My cock went into their pussies and into their assholes quite often. Shirley got my cock back into her mouth after every hole that I fucked. Lavern smiled every time that Shirley sucked my cock after it had come out of Lavern’s ass. Ginger did the same thing whenever it came out of her asshole and went into Shirley’s mecidiyeköy escort mouth. Shirley was enjoying everything way too much to care where my cock had been. After I had filled Shirley’s pussy with cum, Lavern and Ginger had Shirley lick their pussies and assholes directly, which she did gladly. Shirley pleaded to spend the night with us and Lavern and Ginger talked it over. If they sent her home her asshole husband would be mean to her. So they let her spend the night with us.

The next day was a group swim followed by the women and me going to a spa. Me? That’s right I had signed up for everything and a trip to the spa was part of it. The fact that I was the only man going was not a problem. Before we left I got to shave the three women. I wanted to see Elmo and I certainly did just that. I liked them shaved bald. They liked the fact that I shaved between their legs and around their assholes if they needed it. No one else had been that concerned about doing a good job, only fucking them afterwards.

The swim was rather nice, the ladies wore two-piece bathing suites as skimpy as they dared, the jocks played water sports, and I sat back and enjoyed listening to the various conversations taking place. It was like high school all over again.

When the jocks suggested a group photo I set up my camera and fired off a couple of shots. Then the jocks wanted a shot of just them. Okay! Me, I wanted a picture of just the women. With the help of my three women they got all of the other women to stand in a long line facing me, then from one side, the back, and from the other side. They then formed two rows on the bleachers and were staggered so that I could see all of them from the waist up. After that, single pictures of them from about their knees up were taken. I seemed to be the only one that had remembered to bring a camera. While I was at it though I zoomed in on their crotches. Some of those older ladies had very nice looking pubic areas. I saw a number of stray hairs and a couple of camel toes that I liked.

After the swim the women went into the changing room to get ready for the spa. I smiled knowing that Lavern and Ginger had planted my video camera up on a locker to record the process.

Later I would find out that I had been the center of their conversation. They all wanted to know how I was in bed and Lavern told them with Shirley and Ginger backing her up. They could not believe that I had gone to bed with three women and satisfied them all. They wanted a taste of that.

At the spa we were the only ones there so everyone decided that pretending to wear gowns was not necessary. I then had twenty-three naked women to look at. When they told me that I could take pictures of them, as long I didn’t show them to the rest of the class, I quickly agreed.

There were not enough attendants to go around so I always had a few women near me. They were eager to pose for me. I wondered if it was because I was a multi millionaire. To hell with it, if they were willing to let me then I was willing to do it.

Lavern took fairly close pictures of my cock sticking into all of the women without exception. Not just sticking into their pussies either but into each of their mouths too. Every picture showed the woman’s face. When they were finished with their spa treatment I got them to line up again for group photos but nude that time. I stood in the middle just as naked as they were sporting a very nice erection that had enjoyed them all.

I invited the three women to come out to California and spend a few months with my wife and I. Lavern and Ginger were all for it. Shirley really wanted to go but her husband said no, because I hadn’t given him any games to play while she was gone. I had three of the latest game machines and three of each of the latest games shipped next day air to Mr. Jock. Shirley joined my wife and I for the next three months then she went home leaving Lavern and Ginger behind with me.

High school was definitely not the same the second time around. I was looking forward to our sixtieth reunion already. My wife was going to attend too. By the way my wife loved all of the pictures, videos, and the other women in my class. She especially loved sharing me with them.

The End
Fiftieth High School Reunion

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