Evening Splendours

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She was there. Nervously, she licked her lips. This was not exactly where she wanted to be, but she was here.

Annie Stevens. Twenty nine. Teacher. Two unsuccessful engagements. Straight. Ordinary.

Till tonight.

The bar was swinging, filled with women. There were two male strippers who were down to their G-strings and not much else. Women shouted and screamed at the men, their well-oiled bodies gleaming and extremely attractive.

But she was not here for men. She was looking for a woman.

The crowd suddenly stopped as a woman walked in. She was on the safe side of thirty, with a mass of blonde streaked brown hair falling down her back. She looked for someone, turning her head from side to side.

Then she spotted her. And Annie knew her fate was sealed. There she was. Lamia.

She walked with a dignity and grace that belied her body that was on the heavier side.

Annie gulped. Was she ready for this?

Half of her mind rebelled. Turn back. Run. Get out, and fast. You are NOT a Lesbo. You are straight and simple. Ok?


Yeah right. The only time you have orgasms is when you masturbate. No one, despite a lot of foreplay and all that, had made you come.

Well, how do you explain that?

She was right in front of her. She remembered the rules. No strings. No personal info swapping. No questions. Just sex.

She had come prepared. She had a hotel room ready not two blocks from here.

“Lets go.” The two words snapped her out of her thoughts and she complied.

* * *

She was ushered in by the bellboy. Not one word had passed between them after those two. They had drove silently, not to the hotel she had booked, but to another, much better looking, and bigger. Lamia was tight-lipped, but the bellboy knew her well, it seemed, because he grinned and led them to a room.

They entered. Lamia pressed a bill into the boy’s hand and the istanbul escort door closed behind them. Annie looked around her. It was a large room, done in cream and white, with a four-poster bed in the centre.

The sudden explosion of a single word cracked across the room like a whip.


She stared at the agressive female in front of her. Swallowing the load of saliva that had been accumulated in her mouth, she complied. She struggled out of her black jacket. She wore a light blue tank top underneath, teamed with dark jeans. She pulled the top over her head. Underneath she had worn nothing, and her dark pink tinted breasts thrust out pointedly. Proudly. They were small, but firm. She did not look at her at all, feeling her gaze on her. She unfastened the button and pulled down her jeans. Inside she wore a pair of black lace panties, and nothing else.

She pulled the black lace concoction off and lifted her face up to Lamia’s.

She was utterly impassive. Her face was expressionless. Slightly dissappointed and a bit embarrassed, she bent her head, not really sure what to do.

Lamia spoke for the third time. She jerked her head up to listen.

“You have never really done this before, have you?”

“N-No. Not really.” She spoke for the first time. She felt a bit stupid, standing naked in the middle of the room with Lamia fully dressed. The cold air surrounded her, and she felt the cool air hit her skin and goosebumps broke out on her naked flesh.

Lamia missed nothing.

“Are you cold?”

” A-A bit.”

“Then get under the covers. Its cold.”

Obediently, she accepted. She got under the cool sheets and shivered. Lamia was still watching her.

“Are’nt you going to come in too?,” She asked hesitantly.

“Yeah. I am.”

Annie watched her get out of the jeans jacket she wore tightly buttoned up in front. Inside she wore nothing. Not even avrupa yakası escort a bra. Her large breasts were slightly sagged, but the large nipples attracted her. They were flat disks, with atleast half-an-inch long nipples. They pointed out like two hard nubs, provocatively.

She wanted to suck. She bit her lips to stop herself from saying it out loud. It was against her shy, introvert nature to do so. All her life, she had never asserted herself. She had remained the giver, while her partner took.

And suddenly, tonight, her mind rebelled. She had come so far, and she wanted the satisfaction that she lacked in her life. For once, she wanted to prove that she was a warm, sexual woman who was in equal terms with her mates. Not a subservient little doormat that lay down at everyone’s whim and fancy.

She saw her sit down on the covers to remove her high boots. It was unbearably sexy, seeing a woman bared till her waist and then from there, covered in thick jeans that cupped her body lovingly and faithfully.

The boots were tossed aside and she unsnapped the single snap of her jeans and eased down the black pants over her thighs and knees. Annie watched as she lifted up the covers and slid inside.

“Lets get cosy, shall we?” Lamia ran her forefinger in a feather-soft caress over her left breast and pulled the covers over both their heads.

* * *

They were naked under the covers and she was sucking on the beautiful dark beads that stood out proudly against the pale skin of her breasts. Lamia moaned over and over again, and pushed her fingers through Annie’s hair and pulled her more firmly into her, making her gulp down more and more tit flesh into her mouth. Annie felt the tug and relished the pain in her hair. She was choking on the most succulent thing she had ever tasted in her life. She bit the large nipple she was sucking, eliciting another moan out bahçelievler escort of Lamia’s throat. Her fingers worked up and down on Lamia’s clitoris, distended and erect like a little cock.

She felt the fingers leave her hair and was going to be dissappointed when she felt Lamia’s left hand moving into her wet mound, deep inside her hot, moist cavern, lubricated by her slippery musky wetness. Her right hand massaged the little clitoris that was nearly hidden by a hood, but all the same, incredibly aroused by what was happening to it. Lamia bit out little encouragements, urging her to go on ahead and shyly, with her other hand, Annie touched the smooth flesh of her ass, running her hands up the little cellulite dimples that formed here and now on a woman ripened with age, like fine wine. Lamia moaned again and again when her fingers moved into the cleft between the two globes.

“Umm…. Yesss. More baby,” Lamia licked her lips, and pushed her knuckles further inside her. In response, she pushed one sweaty finger between her ass cheeks and rimmed her with her nail.

Lamia arched her back. It was almost too much. She had not come till now and she was damn near it right now. Annie was doing this the first time, but she was so damned innocent, and yet so willing to go on with everything. It made her think if what she was going to do in a few hours’ time was right or wrong. But then, it was not up to her. Ahhh….

She did not know when exactly the climax hit her, but one moment she was there feeling Annie’s fingers rim her, while her other hand manipulated her clit, and her mouth suckled her, and the next moment she was coming so hard that she was screaming.

She screamed harder as she felt a slim finger plunge inside through the rim of her puckered bud. Annie… She was in heaven, her body felt like it was made of feathers, she was floating…

As she stopped shivering from her climax, Lamia gathered Annie close and watched her drift into sleep. She almost felt sorry for the poor girl, but then, it was a shame to waste such delectable a hussy.

Should she do it? Her mind was making rapid arguments.

As a tremor of aftershock ran through her, she decided to go ahead…

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