Cuckqueaned by Mistress Irene

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I finished cooking dinner, and ran upstairs to finish getting ready for my fiancé James. He messaged me a little bit ago telling me that he had a surprise for me, and he wanted me to be dressed in my absolute best for when he got home.

He had me cook enough food for four but asked me to set out two place settings at the table, and bring out my bowl for when I liked playing puppy. I couldn’t imagine why he would ask me to wear the nice clothes if he was just going to make me eat out of a dog bowl, but also two place settings. So maybe my surprise was a puppy.

I showered and changed quickly and made my way down stairs. I was just dishing out the cooled down meal when the door opened and James walked in with a woman, and a man. In comparison the woman was tall, almost as tall as James’ 6’4″ frame. She had dark black hair that rivaled my own Auburn hair in length. I was on the bustier side with DDD boobs and a thick ass and thighs, but a smaller waist the typical womanly figure. This woman was slimmer than me, but still had what looked like perfect breasts, and ass.

The man I had to assume was our puppy for the night. He was much shorter than the woman, probably an inch or two taller than my 5’4″ frame. He was lean, but looked like he had some muscle behind his clothes. Not nearly as built as James’, but a nice form none the less. He had brown hair that was short on the sides but swooped down over his forehead in front. James was only 38 so he didn’t have that salt and pepper look that I liked so much yet, but he had a full head of dark hair. So, I can only hope that one day he might.

I walked over to meet James at the door like he would expect. “Hey. Sweety. How was your day?” he asked, as he wrapped his arm around me, and pulled me in for a hug.

“It was good. I got dinner ready just as you asked,” I said quietly into his chest.

He pulled back slightly and placed a kiss on my head. “I want to introduce you to our new friends.” He gestured to the woman “Aria, this is Irene, our new friend. We can talk more about that over dinner, and this is her pup Frank. For now, you can call him pup, but if things work out the way we hope they will. She would like you to name him.”

Irene waved to me as opposed to reaching out her hand for a shake. I appreciated that. “Hi, Aria. I’m excited to get to know you over dinner like your D.. like James said first, I have to get my pup comfortable. He doesn’t like to wear clothes, so don’t be alarmed bursa escort if you see him running around without any on. He’s probably going to explore a bit, he’s curious like that. If everything goes okay during dinner, I would love for you to play with my pup for a bit after dinner. He likes attention.

While Irene stripped her puppy I walked to the kitchen with James. He pulled out a seat in front of one of the place settings, and said “For Irene”. He then grabbed my hand and walked me to the other side of the table in front of the other place setting. He took a seat, and pulled me onto his lap. Not something we’ve ever done before, but I wasn’t complaining.

He rubbed my back as we waited for Irene to join us. First pup came through sniffing everything. James had to push him away when he got a little too excited sniffing me.

Irene came in a couple minutes later and took her seat, across from us. “Thank you for this wonderful looking meal.”

I was getting ready to reply when James beat me to it. “Of, course. I promise you’ll love it. Aria is a wonderful little cook.”

“I can’t wait to dig in.” she looked to me “Aria, do you mind if I ask you some questions while we eat?”

I nodded, but James tapped my butt. “Use your words.”

I felt the blush creep up from my neck, “I don’t mind”

“Great. So, James here tells me that you’re both involved in a D/s relationship. Is that correct.”


“Perfect. James also tells me that you’ve recently tried a different form of submission. One where he humiliates you, as he jacks off looking at other women. Is this also true?”

I felt my blush deepen. I nodded, and again James tapped my butt and reminded me to use my words.

“Yes, that’s true.”

“Good girl.” she said as James began rubbing circles on my back.

“Tell me Aria. Do you enjoy this form of humiliation?”

I started to nod, but continued with words “Yes. I do.”

“Wonderful. Now let me tell you a little about myself and why I’m here. My name is obviously Irene, I’m 40. I’ve been in the scene for quite some time. We covered that Frank is my pup. He’s been in training for a while and is finally ready to be adopted, but he’s such a good boy. I decided to keep him. So, we’re a packaged deal.”

James continued to rub circles on my back as she spoke.

“Now, I met James at work a couple months ago, and we quickly became friends, and bonded over our shared love of our cute little bursa escort bayan subs at home. When James came to me concerned that he wasn’t giving you everything you needed to be happy, I knew I had to help him.”

I tried to turn on his lap so I could look at him, but he held me firm and whispered for me to listen.

“I’ve spent the better part of the last fifteen years training pups to go live with their masters. It’s been very rewarding, but most of the time lacking. I’m not sure if you saw, but my little pup isn’t exactly what you would consider well endowed.

I’ve been fucked by my pups but, most times they were using strap ons, and it’s just not the same as a good fuck, by a real man. Your D… James and I thought it might benefit us both if we were to start dating, and see if maybe we could make this a long term thing. James wanted to first ask you of your opinion, but I told him, that wouldn’t be necessary. As a cuckquean you would thrive more without the choice.”

I would say I started to get nervous at this point, but I was well beyond that, I went past nervous, straight to panic.

Unbothered by the state of my emotions Irene continued. “Pup and I will be moving in over the weekend, and you will effectively as of today start serving us both. Me as your Mistress and the pup as your beloved dog.

I’m not going to ask if you agree. I’m going to explain the rules, then we’ll do a little test to be sure you’re okay with everything.

She paused as James said “This is all for your sweety, because I love you.”

First and foremost, you are not our equal. You will serve all three of us. Your fiancé as your Daddy, me as your Mistress, for now. As for the pup, you will be in charge of taking care of him. Feeding him cleaning up after him, taking punishments for him if they’re of the physical variety. I’d hate to mar is skin. You will even be charged with allowing him to cum at least once week however he so chooses. This is to keep him from humping things.

Second rule- You will no longer be sleeping in our bedroom. Your Daddy will be getting the spare bedroom ready for you over the next couple of weeks. Until then you will be allowed to sleep on the dog bed with pup or in bed with us, as long as you are taking care of us.

Three- You will not only serve us inside the house, but outside of the house as well. All of the rules you are expected to follow inside you will be expected to follow through with escort bursa outside.

Four- Clothing. It was so nice of you to dress up for me tonight. Unfortunately. I think you’ll be wearing clothes a lot less often now. You will not be permitted to wear anything in the house unless stated otherwise. When we’re leaving the house your Daddy and I will be in charge of choosing your outfits.

Five- From now on you will only be allowed to enter the bathroom with permission. Sometimes the puppy gets a little too big feeling and doesn’t want to go out like a good pup. So, we’ll keep the door locked, and the key on us at all times.

Six- You will also be our little human toilet/toilet paper from now on. With the exception of scat, as that is a hard pass for all of us. You will be expected to either swallow, or sit directly in front of us as we use the toilet, and then you will lick us clean.

Seven- You will be in charge of cleaning up after all three of us. Whether that be our fluids during or after sex or our general messes around the house. That will all solely be your job to take care of.

Eight- you will be granted no permissions when we have friends over, you will still be our little quean and be expected to act accordingly

Breaking any or all of these rules will result in the punishment of our choosing, and we will be allowed to add rules at any time without discussion.”

I definitely did not agree with the rules, but I knew from experience I was not allowed to speak out of turn. My mistress looked to James, and he casually started to unzip my dress before lifting it over my head.

I couldn’t help it “I thought there would be a test before we started” I said nervously.

Mistress tsked at me. “You’ve now earned your first punishment; do you know why?”

I nodded. This time I felt a full-on smack to my ass “Use your words baby”.

“Yes mistress. I understand” I said.

I was sitting in front of her still on James lap when he pulled out my panties at the crotch and stuck two fingers in to test my wetness. Which is when I realized I was in a lot of trouble. Of course, that’s how they would test me.

James pulled his fingers from my panties and brought them up to my face before smearing them on my lip. “Go ahead sweety. You can lick up your little mess off Daddys fingers”

I eagerly did as I was told.

Mistress laughed from the other side of the table. “So, she agrees then?”

“She agrees.”

They talked like I wasn’t even there.

“Why don’t you take those dirty little panties off of her, and she can go get acquainted with the pup while we enjoy the rest of our dinner. Then afterwards we can discuss her first punishment.”


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