Claiming Her Ch. 08

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Author Note: The characters in this story are all over eighteen years of age. Amelia is Aiden’s little girl simply because he’s much older than her. But she in in fact, a fresh flower of eighteen and their sexual tension began months after she turned eighteen.

PS. Comments encourage me to keep on writing. Tell me what you think and what you want to see happen next!

– Slutsy


Amelia awoke to a room full of pallid light. The clock read a quarter past seven. It was too early to be awake. And then she heard it, a deep masculine snore. She bolted straight up — Uncle Aiden was still in her room. Not only was he still in her bed, he was naked with a swollen cock that was standing straight up. Did he always have a boner when he slept?

She wanted to touch it. She wanted to squeeze the head and see what would happen. What he’d do. His cock was so big and intimidating. It bobbed as he stretched his long body and she gasped.

“You can play with it you know,” he croaked.

“That wouldn’t be at all appropriate.”

“That wouldn’t be at all appropriate,” he mocked.

She narrowed her eyes at him. So very unlike Uncle Aiden to mock and sound like a child. She certainly didn’t sound like that.

He thrust his hips up and down slowly. Unbelievable. She’d pay no attention to his horny desires. What happened last night was… Her stomach tightened with the memory of it. He’d felt so good inside her. Stretching her. Heat rushed between her legs. No, last night was never to be repeated.

With one swift move she got out of the bed and made her way to the bathroom. “You won’t be laying on the bed when I return.”

She glanced over at him now. He was pointedly looking at her, and his jaw was clenched so tightly, she thought his teeth would surely shatter. So he was upset — good! Upset didn’t even come close to what she was feeling.

“Don’t look at me that way.”

But he still did and now she no longer felt upset. She felt subdued. Uncle Aiden was very intimidating and more so when he was angry. She should apologize izmir escort but that would mean giving into him. So she did what snotty little girls did. She lifted one eyebrow. Not the best choice either for he smiled. It was a devilish smile. A smile that told her she would pay for her rejection and her attitude.

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t move. He didn’t even blink or take visible breaths. All he did was assess her until she found herself turning cowardly to hide behind the bathroom door.

It wasn’t like her to take baths but a long warm bath after her shower truly made her feel better. Uncle Aiden should’ve left the room by now. The door creaked as she pushed it slowly and peeked to see if the room was vacant. Thank god! He’d left.

She went over to grab her weekend bag and find her clean clothes when she realized her panties were gone. She looked and looked and nothing. Where could they be? She always brought a spare so they weren’t all dirty. It wasn’t until she became more desperate and looked everywhere that she saw them. The little white cotton pair was laid on the bed and drenched with cum.

Millie’s heart sank. Why would Uncle Aiden humiliate her like this? There was a big pool of cum right where her little puss would be should she wear them. Heat filled her cheeks. She wanted to wear them. Oh, she was a terrible naughty girl.

She touched her still rosy cheek as she made her way quietly out of the house. Her pussy was wet and sticky. Some of the cum had begun to spill down her slender thighs. She’d taken only three steps when a firm hand closed around her waist and reeled her back into a firm chest.

“Where are you headed, Amelia?” His voice was soft and patient yet deep enough to send a shiver down her spine.

“I-I’m going home.”

“Nobody’s leaving until later this evening. Why are you leaving now?”

There was something about his voice that made her feel comfort. Something about being in his arms made her feel protected and she sank back against him, pulling alsancak escort at his arm so he’d embrace her tighter. “I’ve made a cake out of myself . . . I don’t want to be here any longer.”

He let go of her as if he were releasing a kitten from his arms. Never had she felt more delicate.

“I see, it seems we are both on the same boat. I’ve never enjoyed family meetings.”

But Uncle Seth wasn’t a true family member. He shouldn’t feel the need to flee or perhaps it was why he did feel the need. They weren’t his family so he was uncomfortable there. Yet, if he felt uncomfortable why did he even bother visiting? But the real question of it all was how had he made a cake of himself?

“Right, well I’m going now.” Amelia didn’t want to think about other people or their reasons for doing things. All she wanted was to be gone and by herself for a while.

His fingers wrapped on her wrist, tugging at her arm in an almost desperate manner. “Wait,” he pleaded. She didn’t like pleading men but she waited.

“There’s a trail nearby, how would you like to have a walk with me? Then, we can go to town and lose our minds in different activities.”

It wasn’t easy for Amelia to accept someone’s offer to go for a walk in the woods but she trusted Uncle Seth. It sounded almost like a date and the thought of it brought a tightening sensation in her stomach. So she accepted his offer and they walked through the woods. He kept his distance and made no effort in conversation. He certainly was not behaving like he had last night.

Just a few feet into the forest there was a small creek. A singular bird sang happily, enjoying the sunny winter day. Millie stopped to look around for the little bird.

“Are you done walking?”

“No, I’m just searching for the bird. Can you hear him?”

“Yes. It’s a Song Sparrow.”

“How do you know?”

“Well, I recognize his signing.”

“Oh. Is he pretty?”

“Yes, he’s very pretty. Some might see him and think he’s a plain little thing; brown feathers, buca escort brown eyes.” He had gotten very close to her. She could feel his breath brush against her ear. “Just like you.”

“Me?” She was not plain. Yes, she had boring brown hair and eyes but she wasn’t plain.

“Yes, very pretty,” he murmured as he cradled both her little breasts in his big hands. He circled her nipples idly as he talked, and she bit her lip. “You’re beautiful and I want you, Amelia. I’m growing obsessed with you. I want to lick you, touch you” — she gasped, he’d reached down and cupped her sweet spot — “fuck you.”

“Uncle Seth,” she whispered. “You shouldn’t say that.”

He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. “Why not?” His fingers were rubbing on her little clit now.

For a moment, Millie only stared at him. “I think you want me too,” he rasped. She did. He’d gotten her wet. “Christ, you’re already drenched.”

But it wasn’t just from her excitement. She was drenched because of Uncle Aiden’s warm cum and Uncle Seth didn’t wait to find out. He’d pushed down his pants and his long hard cock sprung out. It was still bobbing as he backed her up against a tree lifted her little Sunday dress and pushed her panties to the side.

He grinned almost boyishly as he brought his penis in direct contact with her folds and shoved himself full-length inside her. She arched her neck at the shock, the thrill, of being filled so suddenly.

Then he was hitching himself up her, pushing apart her legs to their widest point. “Oh.”

“You like that?”

She could only nod. He’d grabbed both her legs now and pumped her hard twice. Her back rubbed against the tree but she didn’t care. He felt too good. She reached up and pulled his head close to hers and kissed him. He was thrusting frantically. “Oh, fuck!” His cock had splashed out his semen before time. She’d felt it burst as he’d withdrawn to pump her full again. “Fuck, I’m sorry!” But he didn’t stop squirting out cum. He’d pulled himself away from her and his hot load was landing on her dress now. “God, Millie I’m so sorry. I don’t. Ugh.”

She watched his cock until it stopped shooting cum out before looking up at him. His eyes were shut tight and his cheeks were flushed. He was deeply embarrassed. Pressing her lips lighting against his, she cooed, “It’s alright, Uncle Seth. It’s okay.”

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