Chance Encounter Ch. 02

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It is Saturday night and Angel is getting ready to go out on the town with her friends. She has her favorite exercise video in the dvd player and is standing legs spread, weights in hand, bending at the waist, side to side. Inhaling and exhaling, inhaling and exhaling, she is dripping perspiration. Lifting her tiny tee shirt up to her brow to wipe away the droplets that have formed there; her breasts just barely peeking out from under it; she catches her reflection in the mirror and smiles. Finishing the video she moves to the bathroom for her much-deserved shower.

Standing in the shower stall she lathers her hands with the expensive vanilla shower gel she loves so well. Bringing it to her nostrils she inhales the exquisite scent. It intoxicates her as she brings her hands slowly across her shoulders and down onto her breasts, following the hollow in her tummy and down onto her pussy. Moving down her inner thighs; closing her eyes and letting a tiny whimper escape her lips. Running her hand up and across her mound of feminine fur, she parts her soft inner lips and begins a slow finger search of her slit. Rubbing her clit she descends slowly to her rose bud asshole, then ever so gently back up again. Circling the little protrusion much like a tiny cock she plays with it and extends it from its hood. Rolling it in her fingertips she moans softly. Reaching up she cups one of her tits in her hand and brings it up to her mouth bending down to meet it and gently sucks on the already hardened nipple. Flicking it, biting it, she stretches it to its limit. Ripples of pleasure shoot through her body as she stimulates both her breast and her clit.

She thinks to herself, “God, I need a man to fuck me like this. A hot stud, willing to think only of pleasuring me.”

Thinking of having a strong virile man doing with his mouth, licking and lapping at her wet pussy, what she is now doing with her own fingers, a slow rise in ecstasy builds in her and the first waves of orgasm arrive. She moans loudly and tugs on her tit and clit more rapidly and hungrily. Bursting with orgasmic pleasure over and over again, she falls against the shower wall, totally spent.

Stepping out of the shower she pats herself dry, beginning at her milky white shoulders and working her way down her round, firm breasts and across her flat tummy. Then she runs the towel up her long slender legs and onto her thatch of wispy pubic hair. She wraps the cloth around her hair and steps up to the mirror. Looking into her own hazel blue eyes she sees the sadness there, built up over years of inner turmoil and worldly pressures. She has missed so much in life, the good pleasurable things. Having had an unfulfilling marriage and spending her youth, virtually alone, taking care of two small children has taken a toll on her spirit. She stands there gazing into her soul and comes to a conclusion, it is time for her to have some fun in life, to make herself happy.

Blow drying her hair she begins to feel life spring into her. She smiles at the thoughts going thru her head. “How would it be to have a threesome?,” she wonders.

To have two men fondle her and make her cum simultaneously. She shudders at the thought, feeling the heat grow in her loins. She giggles out loud, surprising herself.

“Good grief, Angel, get a grip,” she says aloud. Applying her makeup and the final touch of her favorite candy apple red lipstick she realizes that she is still quite attractive.

While sliding the low cut short black cocktail dress over her head, she looks at herself in the full-length mirror, appraisingly. She turns this way and that way admiring the reflection of her round tight ass.

“Hmm, not bad,” she thinks. “I think I still have what it takes to attract the opposite sex.” Again she giggles at herself.

Slipping on her black thigh high stockings she clasps them with the black lace garter that she is wearing. She smoothes the dress down over her hips and steps into the black satin stiletto heels she has chosen to wear. This makes her a bit tall for some men’s liking but she enjoys being with tall men anyhow so it does not inhibit her in any way. And it enhances the shape of her legs, showing off the sleek muscle tone from years of exercise. Grabbing her little black purse she heads out the door, with a happy little spring in her step.

Stepping out on the curb she hails a cab, the doorman eyeing her appreciatively, lustful thoughts running through his mind. He turns away a blush on his cheeks, not from embarrassment, but from lust.

She slips into the cab and without glancing up says to the cab driver, “I’d like to go to Liberty Avenue, please, the Metro Club to be exact .”

The cabbie turns smiling as he surveys her long legs crossed over one another and says, “Yes, ma’am, just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

She allows the hem of her dress to raise a bit more at his gaze, smiling seductively at him. She is feeling very sure of herself tonight. They reach the nightclub that she instructs him to and he jumps out of the cab to let her out, leering at her.

“Thank nişantaşı escort you,” she coos at him with a smile.

Smiling broadly at her, he says in a deep voice, “Oh, my pleasure ma’am.”

After paying him she turns and walks toward the door her hips gently swaying under the fine fabric of her expensive dress. She thinks she hears a soft wolf whistle coming from the cabbie but does not turn; she just smiles and saunters forward.

Entering the club, Angel looks around, spotting the group of friends she is to meet with. She waves and begins her journey over to them, weaving in and out of people who are milling about everywhere. Finally standing before the table she greets her friends with hugs and kisses alike.

“Angel, so good to see you,” says Jessie. Jessie is a petite lady with an endearing personality.

“Hi! Jessie girl,” Angel replies, bending to kiss her on her cheek.

“Angel, you’re looking quite radiant tonight,” Debbie shouts over the loud din in the room. “Do you have something to confess?”

Blushing, Angel takes the seat they have saved for her. “Well, to be quite honest with you,” she laughs, “No I don’t.” winking coyly at her friend.

The others laugh along with her for a moment, and then return to the juicy gossip that has become such a familiar habit among them.

“Did you guys hear about Sally?” Jessica asks with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“No!” they all seem to exclaim at the same time.

“Well, it seems as if she has gotten herself into quite a bind with her husband,” she blurts out laughingly.

“Oh, really, what has she done now?” asks Mary with curiosity in her tone.

“Well, let me tell you……

Angel loses touch with the conversation as she looks around the crowded room. She giggles to herself at some of the sites she sees. One guy and girl are on the dance floor really bumping and grinding to the beat of the band’s music, oblivious to the onlookers watching them. It seems as if they are going to devour each other at any given moment. The site of them moving and writhing all over each other, again sends an all too familiar tingle through her body. She squirms just a little in her seat.

Looking up on the stage her eyes settle on the saxophone player. He is tall in stature, maybe 6’3,” lean and muscularly built, with long legs much like hers. He is wearing black chinos and a black silk shirt, with three buttons open in the front, exposing enough of his chest to tell that his muscles are quite defined. Her eyes lower to his *package* and she smiles approvingly. What Angel does not realize is that he is watching her appraisal of him. When she looks back up it is right into his gaze, their eyes locking on each other. A gentle blush envelops her whole body, and she has to look away. When she looks back he is again completely lost in his music so she returns her attention to the chatter around her.

The lead singer announces that they will be taking a fifteen-minute break but Angel hardly notices as she is engulfed in the conversation of her friends. The waitress brings her a fresh drink of which she says she did not order. Looking up at her, the attractive woman points over to the bar at the wall to a gentleman sitting there. Much to Angel’s surprise it is the sax player, smiling across at her. She smiles back and he motions for her to the seat next to him. Rising from her seat without a word to her friends she slowly sways across the room to where he is sitting.

He takes her hand and kisses it gently, saying, “Hello there pretty lady.”

At a loss for words, which by the way is not common for Angel, she manages a simple, “Hello.”

He helps her onto the bar stool and turns to face her. “My name is Rob,” he offers with a tender smile.

She falters for a second and then she almost blurts out, “My name is Angel.”

“What a beautiful name for such an angelic creature,” he whispers as he leans into her, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Angel.”

Her breath taken away completely, she whispers softly, “Oh no, the pleasure is all mine.”

It seems like they sit there staring into each other’s eyes forever. She has not felt this kind of stir within her in a long time. Gazing into her eyes intently he asks her with great enthusiasm, “I’ll be finished here at midnight, when the next band comes on. Would you like to go somewhere for coffee?”

Without hesitation Angel replies, “Yes, I’d love to.” Again he kisses her hand and walks her back to her table, then advances to the stage.

Of course the girls want to know what just happened, but Angel is hushed about it, as she wants to savor the event in her own mind. The rest of the evening is quite uneventful for Angel, although she dances and drinks and has a wonderful time, always holding onto the thought of what might be to come. As midnight approaches and the band switches Angel becomes more apprehensive of the ensuing situation. She is not so sure now of what she might be getting herself into.

But then she brushes her inhibitions away thinking to herself, şişli escort “This is just coffee, what could possibly happen?” Unbeknownst to her at that moment her life is about to take an unexpected turn.

Rob approaches her table and not saying a word reaches out and takes her hand, pulling her to her feet. He leads her onto the dance floor, where he turns and pulls her gently into his arms. Wrapping his arms around her he tenderly moves her closer to him. There bodies as one they sway to the quiet jazz tunes being played for what seems like a lifetime. Looking up into his eyes, Angel sees a hunger there meant just for her, and she knows then that this man is going to turn her empty existence into a world of magic, if just for one night.

Rob suddenly breathlessly says, “Sweetheart, let’s get out of here. I want you all to myself.” Then as she grabs her purse and says a quick goodbye to her friends he sweeps her out of the crowded club into the night.

As they approach his car Rob turns to her, “Angel, I hope you don’t mind but a friend of mine is feeling pretty down tonight,” smiling reassuringly at her. “You see, he just broke up with his live in girlfriend and he needs some company.

Now I don’t want to make you uncomfortable in any way, but I told him he could join us for coffee,” he says with some trepidation.

Angel smiles back answering, “Oh God no, I don’t mind at all. I’d love to meet your friend,” never suspecting what is to come.

The car door opens and out steps a very handsome gentleman. He smiles down on her and leaning in kisses her cheek tenderly, saying in a very sexy voice, “Hi sweetie! My name is Joe.”

Angel is surprised by this action, but at the same time flattered. Joe helps her into the front seat of the car and slips in beside her while Rob slides into the driver’s seat. “Wow,” she’s thinking, “Sitting between two such handsome gentlemen.”

It only takes five minutes to reach the coffee shop where they sit and sip hazelnut coffee for over an hour, just talking and getting to know each other. Rob suggests that they all go back to his apartment for a nightcap.

This is a bit unsettling to Angel and at first she counters, “Oh, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

Rob chimes in quickly, whispering in her ear, “Baby, don’t worry we’ll have a nightcap and then Joe will be on his way.”

Somewhere deep inside her she knew that this wasn’t going to be the case, but remembering her feelings in the bathroom earlier, the thought of a possible threesome was still intriguing to her. She nodded and they left.

Arriving at his apartment Rob stops and parks. He then turns to Angel and drawing her closer to him kisses her with a passion that takes her breath away. He gently pushes her away and Joe turns her to him, looking into her eyes and kissing her deeply. She is completely awestruck by these gestures. Her panties have become instantly moist and the churning in her pussy surprises her. Joe gets out and helps Angel to her feet following Rob into the building. While riding up in the elevator they both move a little closer to her, just barely touching her sides, fingers entwining in hers. She is so overwhelmed with the intensifying heat that is growing in her.

“Am I doing the right thing?” she thinks. But then she quickly brushes this fleeting thought from her mind. “This is my night to shine. To find out what Angel wants from life,” she reassures herself.

No sooner does Rob close the door to the apartment behind them, than they are all over her. Joe is nibbling on her neck while Rob is unzipping her dress. Although Angel is extremely apprehensive of what is happening she cannot contain her desires and she moans gently allowing them to take charge of her body. Rob slips the dress down off of her shoulders and lets it slowly glide down across her breasts exposing her ample cleavage to them, allowing it to drop to the floor. Joe takes her beautiful tits into his big hands and draws them out of their captivity while Rob unclasps her black lace bra.

She is breathless and unable to move. Bending down to suckle her left breast Joe moans loudly into it. Rob moves around the front of her and begins to nibble on her right nipple, which is standing erect for him, while running his hand down the length of her body to her waiting, throbbing pussy. He moves her panties aside in one sweeping motion and plunges his fingers into her cunt, scooping out some of her sweet juice, then brings his fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean.

Angel gently throws her head back whimpering and moaning. Joe works his way down her body kissing and licking at her lovely scented skin. Reaching her belly button he pays special attention to it, pressing his tongue in and around it. He finds her panties all wet with her sweet nectar. He sniffs and inhales her scent. Spreading her legs gently he dips his head in for one quick lick of her lovely womanhood. They move over to the bed where they gently sit her down and lay her back, legs draped over the edge. Rob unclasps her thigh high black mecidiyeköy escort net stockings from the black lace garter that Angel is wearing. Rolling them down off her legs he kisses the tender exposed skin, licking and nipping at her. Lifting her hips up off of the bed Joe removes her black lace thong, then immediately bends in to kiss her wet thatch.

Fine ripples of electricity surge through Angel’s body, which makes her cry out with desire, “Oh God Joe, eat my hot cunt! Suck it, lick it, abuse it!”

Joe goes to his knees and spreads her legs far apart, moving in between them. He sits down on his feet bringing him down to pussy level and bends his head in to take a taste of her sweet hot pussy lips. Joe loves to eat out pussy. He craves the taste, the smell, the mere thought of pleasuring this beautiful woman. Spreading her outer lips with his thumbs he inhales her essence deeply, loving the musky aroma she is emitting.

Rob has already taken off his pants and under shorts and is kneeling on the bed beside her head, his hard cock in his hand, stroking it. He gently turns her head and rubs it up and down the smooth soft skin of her face. It’s almost like he is marking his territory. Tracing her lips with the pre cum that has formed on the tip, she moans.

Moaning loudly he commands her, “Suck my fucking fat cock baby. Show Rob your sucking skills.”

She opens her mouth; wrapping her hot mouth around him and hungrily inhales him. He slowly lowers his cock into her open throat, so deep that he touches the fleshy back of it. Engulfing him with her mouth, she bobs up and down on his large member. Angel loves sucking cock. It is one of her many sexual talents. Rob groans with delight, watching this gorgeous woman sucking him off.

Joe is licking and lapping at Angel’s growing moisture in her hot tight pussy. She sucks and nibbles and licks at Rob’s hard cock while being eaten and fingered by Joe.

A fleeting thought enters her mind, “Fuck, this is what heaven must be like.”

Savagely sucking at her Joe is stroking his own growing cock. Moaning into her pussy, pulling at her clit with his lips, he takes one finger and moistening it with her love juice, inserts it into her rose bud asshole. She groans at this action, as it is the first time she has ever had it done to her. Sensing this at the tightness he is feeling, Joe eases his finger in slowly and gently, allowing her muscles to relax and open up to him. Soon he has his finger all the way in to the second knuckle. He twists and turns it in her feeling her loosen up more and more. She is moaning uncontrollably now, bucking and arching her back to get her pussy closer to his face.

Angel is still intensely sucking at Rob’s throbbing cock, taking him deep into her hot throat, and then pulling him back out again. He thrusts his hips driving his hard dick in and out of her tightly wrapped lips. She grazes him with her teeth ever so gently and reaching over takes his balls into her soft hands, rubbing and kneading them between her fingers. They begin to tighten and she feels his cock spasm for the first time. He groans loudly as he shoots his load of hot, creamy, white cum into her mouth, filling her throat. At this precise moment she feels herself come to a peak and she thrusts her own hips up into Joe’s face hard. She moans with delight as she cums in a gush of juices all over Joe’s face, filling him with her sweet nectar.

Joe rises up on his knees again and bringing her legs up over his shoulders thrusts his throbbing cock deep into Angel’s hot, dripping, tight pussy. This sends an animalistic urge thru him; he wants to take her from behind. He withdraws from her and flips her quickly over onto her tummy, bent over the bed, exposing her ass to him. Spreading her legs he grabs her ass cheeks and opens her up. He runs his hard cock head up and down her hot slit, driving her mad with want for him. She bucks back onto his cock driving him deep inside her waiting cunt.

Rob has laid down under her, while looking up into her eyes he takes her right nipple into his mouth and pulls and tugs on it with his teeth. She is moaning uncontrollably now, almost crying with pleasure. Joe fucks in and out of her hot pussy driving his hard dick deeper with each thrust. Gripping him tightly, Angel grinds her cunt onto his cock, moving her hips round and round on it. He takes his finger and wets it again, then plows it into her still tight asshole, slipping another one in beside it. This makes her crazed with sensations. Her cunt is filled with cock; her ass is filled with fingers and her sensitive tits being suckled by Rob.

“Oh my God,” she thinks, “If I die right now it’ll all be worthwhile”!!!

Joe feels his balls tighten and his cock spasm and he shoots his load deep into Angel’s cunt. Angel, feeling the hot cum shooting into her, cums again and again. Rob is still sucking her tits, loving the tender round shape of them in his mouth. She reaches down and begins to slowly stroke his again hardened cock. Rubbing her hand up and down the long smooth shaft, spreading the pre cum all over it with her thumb. He moans upon hearing the others cumming and he cums for a second time into her hand, spurting all over his stomach and up his chest. Angel bends down over him and licks it clean, loving the salty taste of it on his skin.

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