Catherine , Thomas Ch. 02

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After that first weekend with Thomas my life was changed forever. Every waking moment was consumed by thoughts of him and what we did. I didn’t regret making love to my brother but I was plagued with doubts. I couldn’t help but think of the ramifications of our actions. Foremost in my mind was what would happen if our parents found out. I knew it would break their hearts. They would never, could never, understand how Thomas and I feel about each other. How could they? We didn’t really understand it either.

Besides making love, Thomas and I also talked…a lot. He told me about his life, his work, past relationships (I found it impossible not to be jealous when he spoke of other women) but mostly he spoke about us, how he felt about me, and how it all started for him.

As I said in the first chapter of this story, he is handsome, intelligent, extroverted and very charming. All these qualities (and the fact that he’s financially comfortable) make him a very desirable catch for any woman. For as long as I can remember Thomas has not lacked for female company. He is by no means perfect – he’s prone to arrogance, infuriating stubbornness and on several occasions I’ve seen him treat his girlfriends with a discomfiting lack of regard. As wonderful as he is, he is not Mr. Perfect, nor would I want him to be. The point I’m trying to make is that while Thomas has his faults, he could still have just about any woman he wants. That left me with the question – why did he want me?

Thomas told me he realised a few years ago that his feelings for me went beyond what was acceptable between a brother and sister. Until I was 17 he looked on me purely as his little sister – cute, clever little Cat.

In hindsight, it changed the day he came to visit and our parents were out. Until then our interaction was usually limited to times when one or both of our parents were present too. It was rare that we spent time alone together. That particular day, instead of leaving after a few minutes he decided to wait until our parents returned in a couple of hours. I was in my bedroom reading a book – Anthem by Ayn Rand. Thomas wandered into my room to borrow a book and noticed what I was reading. He’d read the book a few years before and he asked me what I thought of it. That started a conversation about the theme of the book – a society’s attempt to abolish individuality – that led to other topics. The next two hours flew by as we talked about books, religion, philosophy, politics, and just about anything that came to mind. It wasn’t only a serious discussion. We teased each other, traded mock-insults and generally had such a fun time challenging each other that the conversation often deteriorated into helpless laughter.

When our parents arrived home I don’t think I imagined that he was as disappointed as I was that our time alone together had come to an end. Our mother was usually the one who monopolised Thomas’s time and I rarely got a word in sideways when she was present. He and I did manage to spend a bit more time together in the years that followed and those were the years that formed the basis of our relationship. I attributed my eagerness to be in his company to the normal hero-worship of a little sister for her big brother. I learned to ignore my resentment and jealousy of his numerous girlfriends and my relief as each one disappeared from the scene. There were times when I wondered why his relationships never seemed to work out but I concluded that he was probably waiting for Ms. Perfect. That was Thomas’s way – he only wanted the best.

He told me that he found himself eagerly anticipating the moment when he would see me again. The women he normally dated usually didn’t stimulate him intellectually and he liked being able to talk to me about any subject. Then he started noticing the way I looked – my hair, what I was wearing, the way I moved, little gestures I made when talking. It was as if he was discovering a whole new person. For a long time he tried to deny it but eventually he had to face the truth – he was falling in love with me. He was horrified and disgusted with himself and subsequently made a conscious effort to keep away from me. That was made easier when I went to university and he started his rapid ascent in the business world.

I listened intently as he slowly revealed layer after layer of a Thomas I never knew existed. My heart ached for him as he spoke of his frustration and heartache at the hurt he would cause if his love for me were ever exposed.

We spent hours talking about how to deal with the situation and after much discussion we reached the conclusion that we didn’t have a clue! Of one thing Thomas was certain though – he wanted to be with me. Now that he knew I returned his feelings, nothing would stand in his way. Thomas’s intensity scared me. I felt he was being unrealistic about us. He grew up used to getting his way – if it wasn’t given to him he worked until he got what he wanted. He was fiercely competitive and hated losing at anything. I am not like that and I was pessimistic about our future. I couldn’t see any torbalı escort way to make it work.

What made matters worse was that my life had to continue as normal – I went out, spent time with my friends and generally tried to do everything as I did before that weekend. I couldn’t confide in anyone and I tried my best to deal with the conflicting emotions raging in me. On the one hand I felt guilty and ashamed but on the other hand Thomas had awakened a long-dormant passion. I wanted him and had a physical ache to be with him again. Every night I lay awake for hours thinking about him. Scenes of our lovemaking played over and over in my mind – my tongue exploring his hard abdomen with it’s light covering of crisp black hair, his strong hands on my body, his loud cries as he came inside me. All these images, and more, tormented me night after night. I knew that, no matter what my misgivings, I would not be able to resist him the next time.

It was an agonizing three weeks before we saw each other again. We knew we had to be careful not to see each other too soon as this would arouse our parents’ suspicions. Also, Thomas still had a demanding career that took up much of his time. He called whenever he could but talking on the phone couldn’t satisfy our craving for each other.

One day he called and asked me to meet him in town. He had managed to cancel his meetings for the rest of that day and we could finally spend some time alone together. I was nervous, yet ecstatic at the prospect of seeing him again.

We met at a quiet little restaurant not far from his office. I was a little anxious about meeting him so close to his place of work but he assured me that no-one from his office ever went there. We sat at a corner table, away from the windows. At first it was awkward. We toyed with our food and spoke of everyday things. Neither of us seemed capable of broaching the subject that was foremost in our minds. Finally Thomas broke the ice.

“I missed you Cat. I can’t stop thinking about our weekend together.” He said. “Last week I was sitting in my office staring out the window, daydreaming about you instead of doing my work.”

I let out a sigh and said, “I missed you too Thomas. I think about you all the time and these past three weeks away from you have been hell.”

“Well I have good news for you my darling. I figured out a way for us to spend more time together.” He said. “I’m working on a project that should last about three months. We need someone to write user manuals and I think you’re perfect for the job. No, wait.” He said as I opened my mouth to object. “You’re not getting the job because of our relationship, well maybe just a little.” He laughed. “You’re getting the job because you have the skills. You’re intelligent, hardworking, well-organised, educated and you can write.”

“Are you sure about this Thomas?” I asked. “Won’t your colleagues look on this as nepotism? I assume you have an interviewing process and they won’t think it’s fair that you appoint your sister to the position.”

“My team understands the need to do whatever it takes to get the right people for the job and I don’t anticipate any problems. Besides, since I’m now an equal partner in the business, they don’t have much say in who I hire and fire.” Thomas replied.

Thomas’s complete confidence that he was right was a bit unsettling. The thought crossed my mind that one day, what I wanted and what Thomas wanted would be at cross-purposes. Would I then have the strength to stand up to him? I hurriedly brushed that thought aside and instead concentrated on what he was telling me.

The plan was that I would start the following Monday. In order to brief me properly he said it would be best for me to spend the weekend at his place. He grinned naughtily as he said this and I felt myself flush with desire as I looked into his dark laughing eyes.

My desire for him surged through my body. It must have showed in my expression because he slid his hand under the table and started exploring my thigh. I was wearing a short summer dress and it was easy for him to slide his hand far up my leg. I was worried that someone would see but as I glanced around the nearly empty restaurant nobody seemed to be paying us any attention. I parted my legs and allowed Thomas’s exploring fingers easier access. He smiled as he found me already wet. His probing finger slid easily inside me and I fought to stifle a moan of pleasure as he expertly went to work on me.

“You have to stop now Thomas.” I begged. “Someone will see us.”

He didn’t obey immediately but after another minute or so withdrew his hand and to my astonishment he sucked his finger clean! I couldn’t believe that he did that in a public place. Thomas laughed at my astonished expression.

“Finger-licking good!” He said, smacking his lips for emphasis.

I blushed and swatted him playfully as I dissolved into helpless giggles, setting off a bout of laughter in him too. It was so good to laugh again, after all the tensions and doubts of the past few weeks. urla escort When we finally stopped he signaled for the bill and a few minutes later we were standing outside in the sunshine.

“Come with me. I have a surprise for you.” He said.

I asked him what it was but all he would say was, “You’ll soon see. Be patient.”

We walked for about 20 minutes until he stopped in front of a small apartment block. He had a set of keys and we entered and went up to the 2nd floor. There were two apartments on that floor. He unlocked one and we stepped inside. It was a small, comfortable place, stylishly furnished but still cosy. I liked it and wondered who lived here.

“Like it?” Thomas asked.

“Yes I do. It’s lovely. Whose is it?” I asked.

“It’s yours.” he replied. “I bought it for you, well, for both of us really. We need a place where we can be alone together. It would be too suspicious if I asked you to move in with me so I thought this was the perfect solution.”

I was speechless. I couldn’t believe he’d bought me an apartment just to be with me. And he wanted me to live with him – Thomas had never had a live-in girlfriend.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea that you move in immediately. I think you should work for about a month and then tell mom and dad that the commute is too much and it would be best if you moved into the city. You’re over 21 and you’ll be earning a salary so they can’t stop you.” He continued blithely. “Until then, we can meet here in the evenings or during the day when we can steal time away from work.”

Thomas obviously had everything worked out and again I felt an uncharacteristic surge of irritation at his complete assurance that I would go along with his plans. I opened my mouth to protest but he cut me off by pulling me close and kissing me passionately.

“Oh my God Cat. I’ve missed you so much.” He muttered in between kisses.

His hands were busy pulling at my clothes and within seconds I was naked. My desire for him overwhelmed everything else and all I wanted was to feel his naked body on mine. Everything else could wait.

Thomas picked me up easily and carried me to the bedroom, where he dropped me onto the large firm bed. I lay back and watched him remove his clothes. The afternoon sun streamed into the room and bathed his body in a golden glow. I was so aroused that I wanted to devour him.

Soon he stood before me in all his naked splendour. His gaze swept over me, drinking in my nakedness. I sat on the edge of the bed and placing my hands on his hips, I pulled him closer. I looked up at him as I opened my mouth and gave his half-erect penis a tentative lick. His eyes flickered but he said nothing. My tongue swept over the head of his penis and I felt it twitch. I inhaled his male scent and felt another gush of moisture between my legs. I tried to control my excitement because I wanted to take my time enjoying his body.

Grasping his erection with one hand I slowly massaged it to complete hardness. As I did this, I sucked softly on the head, slowly pulling it deeper into my wet, hungry mouth. Thomas was unable to stifle a soft groan as I sucked on him. I gave an inward smile and reveled in the power I had over him. My other hand massaged his balls and his hips moved involuntarily as he thrust his pelvis towards my face. By now I had taken as much of his erection in my mouth as I could and sucking strongly, I slowly pulled back until only the head was left in my mouth. My tongue swirled all around it and I probed the hole as if I was fucking him with my tongue. When I did that he let out a loud groan and I looked up to see his head flung back, eyes closed tightly as his entire being concentrated on what I was doing to him.

I don’t know how much time I spent doing that – the passage of time was meaningless when we were making love. All I could think of was how much I loved having him in my mouth. He tasted more delicious than the sweetest honey and I was intoxicated by the smell and feel of him. My tongue swept over the length of his beautiful penis. I began licking him all over, from the head, down the shaft and over his balls. When I did that he let out a strangled “Oh God” and gripped my head, his fingers tangling in my long hair. I moved back up to his penis and let him hold my head as he slowly and carefully fucked my mouth.

When he could no longer stand it he pulled out and looked down at me, his eyes glazed over with lust. I smiled up at him and licked my lips to show him how much I enjoyed his taste.

“You little vixen.” He grinned. “You love teasing me. Don’t you? You love giving me a hard time.”

We laughed as his unintended pun occurred to us at the same time.

“Don’t move. I’ll be right back.” He said.

He left the bedroom and I heard him moving about in the kitchen. He returned a minute later with a small bowl.

“Well, now it’s payback time sweetie.” He smiled as he said this and my stomach fluttered as I tried to figure out what he would do next.

He reached into the bowl and pulled out buca escort an ice cube. I was mystified. What on earth was he doing? I soon had my answer.

He knelt between my legs and gently parted the lips of my pussy. I wriggled a little in anticipation and he gave me another grin. Then he touched the ice cube to my burning pussy and I nearly shot through the roof! He let out a loud laugh at my shocked expression and easily evaded the smack I aimed at him.

“I told you it was payback time.” He said, still laughing. “That’ll teach you to tease me. Now lay still.”

I reluctantly obeyed and watched as he once again touched the ice cube to my pussy. It burned with cold for a few seconds and then I felt Thomas’s hot tongue. He flicked his tongue over my swollen clit and licked the cold away. As I melted under his expert touch he used the ice cube again. For countless minutes he alternated between using his hot tongue and the ice cube. When it melted he simply used another.

The two extremes of the ice and his hot probing tongue were driving me wild. I grabbed handfuls of the duvet cover, arching my back and pressing myself up against his face. My loud moans echoed in the room. I heard a muffled laugh from Thomas as I gave out a particularly loud cry. He was certainly enjoying himself and so was I.

Eventually he stopped and stretched out on top of me. He held me tight as his tongue explored my mouth and we kissed passionately and deeply. I loved the taste of his mouth and aggressively returned his kisses. My hands were all over him and we rolled around on the bed, clutching at each other, desperate to get as close as possible. We would have melted into each other if we could.

Thomas rolled onto his back and lifted me up on top of him. I straddled him and he reached up to cup my breasts. I leaned forward against his hands and rubbed myself over his rock-hard erection.

“Mmmm…that feels so good honey.” He crooned. “Don’t stop. You feel so good.”

Thomas fondled my breasts almost roughly, pinching my nipples and causing me to cry out with pain and enjoyment.

“I want to be inside you.” He said, his voice hoarse with passion. “Ride me baby.”

I reached under myself and grasped his penis. I guided it slowly into me and watched his face as I sank down onto him. I rode him slowly at first – raising myself up until only the head was inside me and then sinking slowly down until the full length was once again inside me. As I raised myself I clenched my vaginal muscles and I saw his eyes widen as I tightened around him. I didn’t have to ask if he liked that!

Thomas grabbed a pillow and propped it under his head, allowing himself a more comfortable position from which to watch me. He watched me with a serious, intense expression that was slightly unnerving. I had a fleeting impression of being enveloped by his intensity and losing myself within him. He broke the moment by reaching up a hand to trace a lazy path from my face down to my breasts where he lingered for several moments touching and pinching lightly. Then his hand traced its way further down over my belly and finally between my legs. I gasped as his fingers slid easily over my moist pussy. He massaged my clit and then groaned as my pussy involuntarily tightened around his penis. He kept this up until he was rubbing roughly at my clit. His other hand was gripping my hip and his fingers dug painfully into my flesh.

Without warning he grabbed my hips and rolled me over so that he was on top of me. He kissed me roughly, bruising my lips. Then, for several minutes he drove himself brutally into me. I cried out in surprise but this did not deter him. He hooked his arms under my knees and pushed my legs up until my thighs were pressed against my breasts. Without pausing, he continued his onslaught. I was taken aback by his brutal pounding but I enjoyed it too. I knew that I could do nothing to stop him (even if I wanted to) and the feeling of helplessness added to the eroticism of the experience.

Thomas suddenly pulled out of me and without saying a word he flipped me over onto all fours. He parted my legs and I felt him push himself into me again. He then continued his relentless fucking. While doing this, he slid a hand between my legs and began stroking my aching clit. I knew he liked feeling me cum while he was inside me.

“Baby…come for me…I want to feel your cunt squeeze my cock…love fucking your hot cunt…”

Thomas’s words spurred me on. I had discovered I liked being spoken to so crudely while we fucked. I would never have tolerated such language normally but when we were in bed…

“Oh Thomas…Thomas…don’t stop please…I’m so close…make me cum…please…”

“Yes Cat…yes baby…I’ll make you cum all over my cock…fuck…oh fuck…your cunt feels so tight…so hot…all I could think about was fucking your sweet…sweet…pussy today…”

Thomas’s fingers worked frantically at my clit and he soon pushed me over the edge. I screamed out loudly as I came, not caring if anyone heard me. Thomas didn’t let up though – he kept playing with my clit until I came again and again. I was almost crying now…it felt so amazing…my entire being was focused on the extraordinary spasms ripping through my body. It couldn’t last forever though…I eventually pulled his hand away because by then I was so sensitive it hurt to be touched.

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