Bus Ride – Delhi

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It was a comfortable winter’s afternoon in Delhi. I was on my way from Dhaula Kuan on to NOIDA. The bus was not packed, but there was no empty seat in sight, so I had to stand. As I looked around, my carnal instincts looking for a appreciable female form, I could not locate any.

Suddenly the bus halted at one of the stops, and I was amazed to see about 20-25 middle aged women board the bus. It seemed there was some meeting of a multi level marketing company, and these ladies had come to attend that (this was the latest FAD among housewives in Delhi and the whereabouts.) As I stood, the women filled the bus to the extent that it was fully packed. These women being typical Indian housewives were a little plump, with ripe and juicy curves. Two of them came and stood right in front of me so that I was literally standing behind them.

I started checking them out. One was fair, with shoulder length hair. Her tits must be 34c, and the ass was definitely more than 36. She was wearing a light blue salwaar kameez. The other one who stood right next to her was slimmer, with small but cute tits. Her ass was also much smaller than the first one. She was in a pale yellow sari, with a sleeveless blouse. She was holding the bar above to steady herself in the moving bus, so that her armpit was clearly visible. She must have shaved it a couple of days back, since a hint of hair was starting to grow already. Her sari was also revealing a generous amount of her midriff, which looked delicious enough to lick. Smooth silky skin of her tummy, undulating around a small juicy navel. Though I could not see the navel clearly from my position, I could make out its contour. As with most young guys in their twenties, I too has a desire for women a little older, or should I say a fantasy regarding older women. Looking at these two lovely housewives so close to me, started to have an effect on my cock. Soon it grew to full attention, saluting these two forms of female beauty right in front of me.

I wanted to each out and touch them, but did not. One due to the fear of being called a molester, and second because I did not want a lady to go through the trauma of being touched if she did not want it. There was a lot of jostling within the packed bus, and I was being pushed further on to the woman with the big butt. Along with that the swaying movement of the moving bus resulted in me being pushed into her from behind. My cock was squeezed into her ass. She looked back in surprise, and I quickly apologized. She did not reply and turned away. As the bus moved on, I suddenly realized that she was moving back into me. I did not have any space to retreat behind me, so I stayed put. She had by now pushed her ass onto my crotch, so that my cock was şişli escort placed firmly on one of her ass cheeks. The swaying of the bus was causing my cock to rub on her soft ass cheek. My cock was throbbing hard now, and getting very, very uncomfortable.

I somehow managed to move myself a little to the side, so that my cock moved away from her ass, and I was between the two women, but behind them. As soon as I moved, she looked back through the corner of her eyes, with a questioning glance. I looked down sheepishly, too embarrassed to look at her. She looked away, but suddenly I felt something on my left thigh. Startled, I looked down, to see that she was caressing my leg with her palm. As I looked, she moved her hand over to my crotch and gripped my hard cock in her hand, squeezing it gently. As I looked up, I saw her smiling at me, and she winked. She moved her palm over the length of my cock, feeling for the size and girth. I generally do not wear underwear, since its pretty uncomfortable, and it cannot hold my size “in”. So when she started feeling my cock, she got a good feel of the entire monster in its full glory. Her eyes widened as she kept feeling it and she carefully looked down for a view. She used two fingers to hold by jeans tight around my cock, so that she could see the impression clearly. The amazement was always the same, I thought, and grinned to myself.

Now that I was reassured that she was willing game, I gently placed a palm on her married, juicy ass. As soon as I did that, she looked into my eyes. It was my turn to wink, and I squeezed her ass softly. I started exploring her ass, feeling both the soft globes, and then gently squeezing each of them. I slowly lifted her kameez and slipped my hand beneath it. Now I was touching her ass through only the thin cloth of her salwaar and her panties. I was amazed that she wore a g-string below that homely Indian costume. This gave me an unhindered feel of her soft ass. As I felt her soft ass, I could make out the smooth skin under that salwaar. I slipped a finger between the two ass cheeks and moved it up and down. This caused her to move her hips around, like a bitch getting into heat. All this while she kept on feeling and rubbing my cock over my jeans. I slowly lowered my hand, so that my fingers were now brushing against the lower part of her ass. She closed her eyes in pleasure, and I pinched her gently. Then I proceeded to touch her pussy from behind. It was HOT. As I pulled her g-string aside, a hot , wet feel greeted my fingers. Her pussy juices were flowing freely, and my fingers were coated with her love juices, wetting her salwaar as well. I fingered her pussy over her salwaar and she whimpered, shivering slightly. Luckily the noise was lost mecdiyeköy escort in the crowded bus, and nobody noticed her, except the other woman. She bent towards her and whispered something. In reply the fat ass one just smiled and indicated downwards, towards my cock, which she was still caressing. The slim one looked down, and her eyes widened in scandalous amazement, but the next instant a wicked and sly smile crossed her lips, as she looked back at me. She immediately smiled at the fat one and the next moment I felt another hand on my crotch. It was the slim one now, feeling away.

Much more confident now, I moved my hand away from “fat ass” and placed my hand on the hip of the slim one, as she rubbed my cock. I gently pulled her closer to me, which she happily obliged. I moved my hand inside the pallu of her sari and felt the soft skin of her sensual belly. My hands seem to be in heaven as I enjoyed the feel of her soft belly. I ventured further, searching for her navel with my hungry fingers. As I found the little hole, I fingered it lightly. This mad her grip my cock tight, and she looked at me. I could see the raw desire in her eyes, and oh, did she look like a slut. I kept on fingering her navel, and she started rubbing my cock more furiously. I moved northwards, and after traveling a bit, my fingers encountered the soft slopes of her lower breasts. I used my thumb to push into if, feeling my thumb sink into the soft juicy tit easily. She had her eyes closed now, mouth slightly open. My palm was now cupping her small breast, as I squeezed it gently. Then the devil got into me, as I started squeezing it harder and harder. She almost winced, when I realized that I was hurting her, and softened my squeeze again. I found her hardened nipple and pinched it playfully, rolling it between my fingers. Thankfully all this was happening beneath her pallu and nobody noticed, or so I thought. As I looked around, I saw one of the women sitting right in front of us, looking up at her breast through the corner of her eyes. She was around 40 and wearing a sari herself. Her eyes were glazed, and I could see that she was squeezing her legs together as she watched us. I realized that she was watching every bit.

Suddenly she looked at me , and our eyes met. She did not move her gaze away, and neither did I. I looked into her eyes, as I continued playing with the nipple. The I smiled at the seated one, and indicated towards my cock, which was being caressed by both slim ass and fat ass now. She glanced down and her eyes were glued to it. As she looked up at me , I gestured towards my cock and stuck out my tongue, indicating whether she wanted to lick it. At this she blushed very heavily and looked away. A few seconds back she looked back at me. Then she absentmindedly took her fingers to her mouth and licked her middle finger quickly, and smiled at me. Another hungry bitch, I thought, as I smiled back at her and indicated towards her tits. She had quite well formed tits, which was quite evident ever over her pallu. She gently moved her pallu a little to one side, and shoved me the hint of her cleavage. Then she looked around to see if anyone was looking, and when she was assured that nobody was paying attention, she started squeezing her tit and pinching her own nipple, like I was doing to slim ass.

A naughty thought struck me, and I lowered my hand from the slim lady’s tits onto her belly. Then I slowly slipped my hand into her sari from in front. This made her even hornier. She leaned back into me and said” yessss….finger fuck me”. I moved my hand lower and found that she did not have any panties on. I searched with my fingers and found her swollen pussy lips. As I caressed her wet lips, I looked at the seated one. She was intently looking at what was going on. As she looked at me, I gestured towards her pussy, asking her to replicate this as well. She gently shook her head in refusal, and I smiled. At the same time I found the clit of the woman whom I was fingering, and started rubbing it fast and rough. She shivered a bit and leaned back completely into me. I could not see her face, but I guess it must an expression of pure pleasure. The seated one was now looking at the face of the slim one, and slowly her hands crept between her legs. She started digging her fingers between her legs, over the sari. She spread her legs a bit and was now furiously rubbing herself as she watched me finger the other one. Though she could not see my hands, she could see the movements under the sari, and imagine the rest.

The one I was fingering suddenly shuddered a bit, and stiffened. She squeezed my cock very hard, and I almost yelped. Seems she was through with her orgasm. Watching this, the seated one also started coming in short gasps. As I watched, her body stiffened for a few seconds, then slowly relaxed, as she sank down peacefully. I pulled my hand out of the sari, and looked around. Suddenly I realized that I had forgotten the plump one completely. She was still rubbing my cock. I bent into her and asked her if she was ready for a real session. She just grinned. After a while when the bus stopped, she quickly scribbled something on a scrap of paper and slipped it into the pocket of my jeans. The sitting lady noticed this. She did the same and slipped it into the other pocket. The slim one was too tired I guess. She just hung on to the support, eyes closed. As my stop approached, I gave the two standing ladies a final squeeze on their ass, and winked at the seated one. As I got off the bus, I realized that I had the tough task of walking along a public road with a hard on, and no underwear. SHIT!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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