BtB: Becca’s Ballgame

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It was September, which means Football Sunday. Ever since I was ten years old and started watching football with my dad, there had been Football Sunday. That meant sitting in front of the television watching your favorite team. Chips, drinks and whatever else you wanted. In college and now in real life, I’ve had friends over to watch my beloved Cincinnati Bengals crash and burn on another Sunday. This year, it was different, though. My Bungles had shown some flashes of greatness this season, so I was feeling a little more confident then the guys came over.

High fives were exchanged as Kyle, Josh and Luke came over and made themselves at home. I grabbed drinks out of the kitchen and had Becca bring some of the food. Ashley wasn’t at home because she hates football. I forgive her that one cardinal sin just because she’s so damn hot.

The guys settled in and we rearranged the furniture so everyone got a good view of the television. We pulled the coffee table closer for easy access to drinks and food. I grabbed the remote and hit the power button a few minutes before the game started, catching some of the pre game analysis. We talked about work and this and that. Just before the coin toss, we had to make our game day wager. It was always something like the loser washed the winners’ cars or some such. During last years Super Bowl, Josh had made what the rest of us thought was a stupid bet and ended up having to walk around the neighborhood, in January, in only a thong singing “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls. Now THAT was quite amusing. Especially since the rest of us followed him in a car honking the horn.

Well, we started with the usual stuff, like lunch for the winner(s), washing vehicles, cooking dinner (for those of us who could cook). During the banter that always went on, I noticed that Kyle hadn’t said much. “K, you all right, man?” He nodded and I followed his gaze, where I saw Becca in the other room tidying up. “What? You want to hook up with her or something?” He almost blushed and looked at me. I saw something flash in his eyes. I had no idea what it was, but I was sure I’d find out shortly.

Kyle took a minute to collect his thoughts. He huddled with Josh and Luke, presenting a plan of some kind. They agreed and Kyle elected himself spokesman. We went out to the kitchen and he presented his option to me. “Okay, dude, here’s the deal we want. You’re rooting for the Bengals and we’re cheering for the Browns. Browns lose, we go in together and get you that big screen plasma TV you want.”

‘Wow,’ I thought. ‘They have something big in mind.’ I looked at him suspiciously. “Okay, I’ll consider that. What if the Bengals lose?” Kyle licked his lips and looked at me nervously.

“If the Bengals lose and it’s cool with you, me and the guys want to…you know…take turns with Becca out there.” I tilted my head, having been completely taken by surprise with that one. One thing I have NEVER done and never would do would be to try to make Ashley or Becca do anything without their consent. Granted, early in our relationship, Ashley and I learned that Becca was slightly submissive, but there was a limit to the things she would do.

“I’ll have to talk to her about it. You know I won’t agree to that without discussing it with her first.” Kyle nodded and then went back to the living room as I went to the dining room to talk to Becca. “Hey, Becks. Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Becca turned around and nodded, wondering what was going on. I guessed that she knew we had been talking about her, but I don’t think she knew what we were talking about. “Okay, Becks, here’s the deal. Feel free to say no, because I wouldn’t promise you to be involved. You know how the guys and I make a bet on the game every Sunday? Well, what they want as their part Ankara bayan escort of the bet is if they win, they get…you. Not permanent like, but you know, for the afternoon. What do you think?”

She opened her mouth to say something and then shut it again. I could see the wheels turning in her head. I knew she had had multiple partners in the past, even before Ashley and me, but I didn’t know if she’d want to take on three guys at the same time with me watching, no less. She peeked around me into the other room, where the guys were watching the game, though I knew Kyle, if not the other two, were at least paying some attention to us. She chewed on her bottom lip, something that made me want to take her right there, even with the guys in the other room.

She took a vote with herself and decided something. She smiled and said, “I have a slightly different idea…Master.” She didn’t call me that very often and it was mostly said in humor when she did. I chuckled and leaned way down so she could whisper in my ear. I smiled at her and nodded. I took her by the hand and we walked into the living room, entering just as the game went to commercial.

“What’s the score, guys?” They told me three nothing Browns. I shrugged. “Oh well. I’ll let you know that Becca and I have discussed your proposition and we’ve come up with something slightly different, but in the same vein.” They looked at me like I had a trick up my sleeve, so I raised a hand to calm them. “Here’s the deal. If the Bengals lose, Becca here will give all three of you and myself, of course, blow jobs. And, if you’re lucky, she’ll let you cum on her. Does that sound fair?”

All three of them gulped at the same time, not believing that something like this could possibly happen. I chuckled and settled into my chair and patted Becca on the behind. She smiled at me and hurried up stairs. They guys looked at me and I told them that she’d be right back. The guys turned back and the game came back on. We watched the next couple of series and that was probably the last good look at the game the guys got until the last thirty seconds or so.

The Bengals had just taken the ball back on a fumble recovery when we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Since the game was going to a commercial, we all looked at the stairs and I watched as three jaws dropped. Becca came down the stairs in bare feet and wearing the tightest pair of shorts in the house, of course with no panties. She had on a Bengals jersey I had gotten her as a joke. She had slit it up the front and tied it into a knot under her large breasts, which were not being held in by a bra. We all watched her jiggle her way over to my seat and sit on my lap. I turned back to the TV, a twinging in my groin. I could feel the stares that I was getting. I just smiled and watched the game.

The game was quite close up till the very end. Every time the Bengals scored, which was fairly often given that this was Cincinnati, Becca would leap off my lap and jump up and down cheering. I think by the time the two-minute warning sounded in the fourth quarter, none of us were watching the game any more. We were all hoping Cincy would score, just so we could watch Becca’s massive mounds bounce up and down again.

The game came down to a fifty-three yard field goal for Cleveland. The stat block came up and we read, along with the commentator, that the Cleveland kicker hadn’t made a field goal of this distance all season and that his career longest was only one yard longer than the kick he was trying to make now. In spite of ourselves, we were all leaning forward, watching intently, as if we could make the kicker miss or make it, depending on which team we rooted for.

The ball was snapped and the kicker put everything he had into it. You could see the flags Escort bayan Ankara on the goal posts and there was no wind. It was a straight shot, but did it have enough on it to make the crossbar? We all started yelling at once, Becca and I yelling no and the guys saying yes. We couldn’t tell from the angle the camera used, so we all froze waiting for another shot. The cross bar camera showed us, in slow motion, the ball making it over the crossbar by MAYBE three inches.

Kyle, Josh and Luke all jumped up and started cheering. Becca looked at me, a little fear in her eyes. I kissed her cheek and whispered to her that everything would be okay. She just had to give me the signal and I’d end everything right then. She had been with us long enough to know I wasn’t joking around. She nodded and waited on my lap as the guys settled down. Once they did, they remembered that they won more than bragging rights and turned and looked at me. I nodded to Becca and she stood up, her head toward the floor, her hands together in front of her. I stood in front of her and looked every one in the eye.

“Okay, guys. You won fair and square. There are, however, some ground rules. You break any of them, I break you and this whole thing is over. Got me?” Nods all around. “Good. I don’t want this to end up ugly. Rule number one is that if Becca says no to something, then you don’t do it. You don’t do ANY thing without her telling you to. Rule number two is that you follow Rule Number one explicitly. Any questions?” There were none, just like I thought. I stepped out from in front of Becca and smiled at her.

The guys, for all the bragging they had ever done, weren’t sure how to start. Becca looked up at them and smiled, no one moving. I rolled my eyes and made motions behind the guys’ back for her to play with her boobs. She giggled just a little and began running the tips of her fingers over her nipples. Now, I don’t care what tests have proved about women with large breasts, Becca has extremely sensitive nipples. It took about a second and a half of rubbing before we could see them through the material of her jersey. She closed her eyes and I could see her lips open slightly. I could also tell that the guys were getting aroused in a hurry. Josh was rubbing himself through his pants and Kyle had his hand in his pants already. Luke was the only one playing it cool. He walked up to her and kissed her, which she gladly accepted. Becca reached down and started feeling Luke’s cock through his pants. I heard him let out a small moan and Becca looked down, her eyes getting big. I stepped aside far enough to see a large bulge in the front of his pants.

Becca took a deep breath and undid the zipper on Luke’s pants and pulled them down. She gasped as she could see the head of his dick sticking out from the leg of his boxers. She looked up at Luke and he touched her face with his hand. She pulled his boxers down, knowing what he had, but still not able to believe it. Not even completely hard and he had to be seven inches already. Becca took it in her hand and gave it a couple of tugs, getting it really stiff. Once that was accomplished, she took the head in her mouth, which was almost too small to allow access to that monster, a full ten inches long and had to be five inches around.

Josh and Kyle now had their cocks out, both smaller than Luke or myself, who measures on the generous side of average, but still a decent size. They were stroking themselves until Becca noticed them, but she was otherwise occupied with something. Becca was bobbing her head up and down about half of Luke’s shaft, both of her small hands fitting in the space between her mouth and his balls. She took a deep breath through her nose and lunged further onto his rod, getting about seven inches in her mouth. She Bayan escort Ankara tilted her head back slightly and I could see her throat bulge slightly from the head of Luke’s cock. She pulled it back out and inhaled quickly, getting her breath back. As she came up for air, she noticed Kyle and Josh and motioned for them to come over to her.

They stepped up on either side of Luke, both taking off their clothes as they came over. What happened next can only be described as poetry in motion. The way Becca coordinated her mouth and hand movements, no one was left without contact for more than a second. One second, she had Kyle in her mouth and Luke and Josh in her hands only to switch her mouth to Josh and flip her hands to take both Kyle and Luke. I stood there watching all of this happen in my living room for what had to be twenty minutes. Finally, I could tell that the guys were getting close and that Becca was getting tired.

She looked from one set of eyes to the other and then took control. “I want you three to jerk off those beasts and cum all over me. My face, my tits…wherever you want. You just have to tell me when you’re cumming.” All three started beating off like it was the last chance they were ever going to get.

Josh was the first to announce his intention. Becca held up her breasts and squeezed them together. Josh’s arm was a blur as he jerked like mad. He grunted and we all saw a white stream leap out and smack into Becca’s chin, dripping down onto her boobs. The next shot hit her cheek and running down like water. Josh moved closer and started wiping his cock across her lips, coating them with the last of his cum.

Kyle stepped up next, aiming for Becca’s tits. He shot his load all over them, groaning loudly and then fucking Becca’s boobs as he finished cumming. He released his cock from her tits and stood up and smacked his cock head against Becca’s cheek a couple of times before she turned her mouth and took his head into it and sucked his balls dry.

Luke moved forward next, stroking his beast hard. Its head was an angry purple color. Becca looked a little apprehensive as Luke held his side of beef over her face. He stopped stroking and told Becca to lie down on her back. She looked over at me and I shrugged, not sure what he was doing. She nodded and lay down. Luke straddled her stomach and held the head of his big one at boob level. He reached down and put both of Becca’s hands around it and told her to hold her hands still. She held as still as possible as he started fucking her hands. About this point, I noticed that her hands didn’t quite fit all the way around the shaft of Luke’s cock.

He kept this up for several minutes until he mumbled something to Becca and she opened her mouth. The first blast of his cum covered her face from chin to her hair. The rest dripped from his bulbous cock head, landing in Becca’s mouth. She swallowed most of it, only a little leaking out of the corner of her mouth. Luke hadn’t moved, trying to catch his breath. After a couple of minutes, he stood up and grabbed his pants. The guys packed away their baggage and we all said our ‘see you laters.’

I stepped back into the living room and found Becca still laying on her back on the floor, her upper body covered with cum. She wiped a little jism from her eyes and smiled up at me. I looked down at her and chuckled. She licked a blob of cum from her lips and swallowed it. I knelt down and helped her into a sitting position. She looked down at herself and laughed, only to stop when I had pulled out my own throbbing cock and began stroking it over her face and head.

“Hey,” she started. “This wasn’t part of the deal.” I stopped stroking, leaving my dick twitching in the air over her head. “Okay,” I responded. “If you really want, I’ll stop.” She looked into my eyes and smiled and raised herself into a kneeling position. “Yeah, I want you to stop so I can handle it myself.”

She licked the helmet of my rod and laughed a cute little laugh. “So…are the guys coming over next week too?”

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