Boarding School Encounter 06: Henrietta is Spanked by Her Teacher

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Boarding School Encounter
Chapter Six: Henrietta is Spanked by Her Teacher
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

My bowels had a wonderful ache to them as I stumbled out of the Headmistress’s office, once again dressed. I closed the door behind me. The Headmistress sat at her desk, writing on it calmly like she hadn’t just sodomized me with a dildo she had strapped to her crotch with a curious, leather harness. She had pounded me with a wonderful fervor, ramming her dildo deep into my bowels and giving me such an effervescent paroxysm of delight.

I came hard.

Yes, you did, Merita, the lesbian alien who had possessed my body to save my life, whispered in my mind. And she didn’t find out about your tentacles.

No, I agreed, sucking in deep breaths. I still shivered from the orgasms. They were amazing. Powerful. And when we finished, the Headmistress merely dressed, sat down at her desk, and adjusted her bun while I reeled from the climaxes. Not a single one of her hairs had escaped the bun while she pounded me. She again looked prim and proper, not a sinful woman who loved buggering her eighteen-year-old students’ rectums.

I smoothed my gray skirts over my two layers of petticoats as I tried to gather myself. Her dildo was larger than the tentacles that now sprouted from the depths of my pussy. I bit my lip, shifting, the burning ache persisting in my bowels.

A reminder of the passion.

Why was I reading her thoughts? I asked Merita as I straightened and glanced down the stone halls of the Kensington Boarding School, a place to educate young woman. I never expected the education to include sinful, lesbian lessons.

Or that I would love it.

What’s so strange about that? Merita paused. Your race isn’t telepathic?

Is that what you call…hearing others thoughts?

I felt Merita nod her thoughts. She was a disembodied voice in my head, her body merged into mine. It was a necessary act to allow the nanites—strange, tiny automatons that were fixing my body after I broke my neck and nearly died—to heal me. My body didn’t like them, treating them like an illness.

So I have pussy tentacles and can read thoughts? Will there be other side-effects?

I really don’t know, Merita admitted. But you have lunch next. You promised to find the core of my spaceship during your lunch.

Last night, Merita had crashed her spaceship. I thought she was a shooting star. But as she crashed, the core of her ship—and I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant—had fallen out. It was full of more nanites but disconnected from her computer which was some sort of thinking machine. I also didn’t understand that. How could a machine think? But without the computer, the nanites might do bad things, so we had to find them before anyone else did.

Okay, I answered. I think the class period is over. No point in heading to English.

I was right. As I walked down the halls, doors opened and the girls spilled, wearing their gray skirts and white blouse buttoned to the neckline. They all looked so prim and proper, young women of impeccable breeding. And all had succumbed to the sapphic teaching of the staff.

I headed for the doors, not towards the dining hall, moving against the tide of students. Heeled shoes echoed. Maids in their black uniforms, white aprons, and small caps perched on their heads scurried in both directions, carrying out their duties.

I turned the corner for the main doors when a voice shouted my name with great enthusiasm. “Etta!”

Okay, not my full name, which was Henrietta, or one of the proper diminutives for my name—Ettie or Hettie. Tabitha had named me thus yesterday when we first met. We quickly became bosom friends and then so much more last night when we discovered the existence of my pussy tentacles.

We made such wonderful love. My heart fluttered at the sight of her fiery curls bouncing about her shoulders as she dashed down the hall, her freckled face shining with a mix of excitement and apprehension. She slid to a stop beside me, her green eyes staring into my blue, her round breasts rising and falling in her bodice. She was a bustier girl than I was. I had a slim figure where she was curvier.

Which made her fun to play with. I loved wrapping my tentacles about her breasts and squeezing.

A hot itch fluttered through my pussy as the tentacles squirmed, eager to come out an play.

Henrietta, the mission, whined Merita. No getting distracted.

“You’re in one piece,” Tabitha panted. “I was so worried all through English. I couldn’t pay a single bit of attention on the lesson. I was so afraid you were in trouble. Does she know…about…?”

I shook my head. “She just wanted to lecture me on the proprieties of the school. Apparently, Nurse Paige deflowers the girls who still possess a maidenhead. It’s a medical procedure.”

“Right.” Tabitha giggled. “The horny nurse just has a letch for pricking maidenheads.”

“It is a delicious treat,” I blushed. I had pricked two maidenheads, Tabitha’s and another girl’s who lived on our floor. Peony was a sweet thing. Both times were exquisite.

I loved it when she pricked my maidenhead, thought Tabitha, her voice clear in my mind. I loved feeling her tentacles pump in and out of me. I’m glad she pricked me and not the nurse. Not that Nurse Paige isn’t sexy, and her fingers were wonderful this morning. Still, Etta’s tentacles are special.

I smiled as Tabitha’s cheeks grew crimson. Then she shook her head. “So you were told to stop plucking cherries. What else?”

“She then stripped me naked, was disappointed to find I also didn’t have a cherry, and I lied and said I brought a dildo. Then she pulled out her own dildo, and I fucked it in and out of her cunny until she came.”

“Ooh, what a wicked headmistress. Her hair is pulled into such a tight bun, I wouldn’t think she could have fun.”

I squirmed. “Then she strapped the dildo on with a curious harness and buggered me. Hard.”

Tabitha’s grinned. Ooh, I loved it when Etta buggered me this morning. Shame Geneva interrupted us.

“Yes, it was a shame,” I told her. My tentacles squirmed in my pussy’s depths.

I was about to offer to bugger her right now when Merita hissed, This isn’t finding the core. Once we have the core, we can enjoy Tabitha’s asshole wrapped about your tentacle.

Right, right.

“Talking to Merita?” Tabitha asked.

I nodded my head. “Time to find the core.”

Tabitha took my hand and squeezed it. “Let’s go.”


Marilynn Gully and Daisy Brown walked in unison, holding hands, as they approached the front doors of the Kensington Boarding School. Marilynn taught philosophy at the school while Daisy worked there as a maid. Both women’s clothing—Daisy wearing the black skirt and white blouse of a maid, a white apron tied about her waist, and Marilynn had on a dark green, proper dress with a bustle accentuating her rear—were wet and covered in strands of grass. They walked in synchronized steps. Their breathing matched. Their thoughts connected.

Nanites infected them. Both their bodies had changed. First, Marilynn was taken over. She was afflicted with the powerful urge to connect. The nanites, reading her memories, deduced that humans connected via sex. So Marilynn had sex with Daisy. A metallic tentacle sprouted from the teacher’s pussy and fucked into Daisy’s. When the women came, nanites flooded Daisy.

After consuming the metal case of the core, both women had the resources to build more tentacles and more nanites. One new tentacle each squirmed in their pussies, ready to connect with more humans. The nanites had to find their computer and reunite with their ship.

Their limited processes could think of no other way.


Marilynn and Daisy nodded to the mechanical, feminine voice speaking through their minds. “Yes, connect,” they both said together, smiles on their lips. Their nipples ached and their pussies were wet, clenching about the tentacle that united them. “So many girls to connect with here.”

In unison, they opened the front doors to the five story, stone manor house converted into the Kensington Boarding School. It perched on a grassy hill in the English countryside, far from the modern conveniences of London—electricity being the biggest. Progress has yet to reach the rural landscape.

“Oh, hello Miss Marilynn,” a platinum-blonde-haired girl said. She was young, twenty, with a smile on her face.

A round-faced, bushy-haired brunette with a large smile walked with the platinum-blonde. Both girls wore the school uniform, gray skirts falling over two layers of petticoats to accentuate both girls hips, their white blouses tight, the blonde’s breasts large.

“We were all disappointed you didn’t show for class,” the brunette said. “We always love welcoming new teachers.”

Though Marilynn had never met either girl—it was her first day teaching—she knew their names from her connection with Daisy. The blonde was Geneva, Prefect for the fifth floor dorms, and her companions was Emaleine. Both girls were on their third and final year at the school.

And both were beautiful.

“Yes, we were busy,” Marilynn and Daisy said together.

“I can tell,” smirked Geneva. “I am glad the serving staff are working hard to satiate the teaching staff. But the Headmistress cannot be pleased with you.”

“That doesn’t Ankara bayan escort matter,” the pair said as they moved forward, hand-in-hand, step-in-step.

Emaleine frowned. In the background, a girl screeched, “Etta.”

“Is something wrong, Miss Marilynn?” the brunette asked.


“Why are you two speaking in unison?” Geneva asked.

Marilynn and Daisy paused before the girls. Then they seized the girls’ shoulders and pushed them against the wall. Marilynn had Geneva’s shoulders, Daisy Emaleine’s. The auburn-haired teacher stared into Geneva’s blue eyes.

“We want to connect with you,” Marilynn said, finally acting independently of Daisy. Her hand slid down Geneva’s shoulder to squeeze the girl’s round breast. “Will you connect with us?”

“Yes, will you?” Daisy asked, pressing her body tight against the brunette. Daisy’s mussed hair was a darker shade of brown, contrasting with Emaleine as their curls brushed.

“Teacher, every student in the school is at your disposal,” Geneva purred. “You know that. If you need your hysterics cured, I will be glad to relieve you.”

“Yes, cured,” moaned Marilynn.


The new tentacles squirmed inside Marilynn and Daisy’s pussies, stretching them out more. Delicious ripples of pleasure flooded through the teacher and maid’s bodies as they leaned in and captured the students’ lips. Geneva’s were soft and sweet while Emaleine kissed with aggressive hunger. Marilynn felt both, sharing sensations with Daisy.

Behind them, a pair of girls walked past and headed outside, giggling at their antics. “I love this school,” one said. “Shame we can’t join them, Etta.”

“No, no, we’re in a hurry,” the second answered. “Let’s go, Tabitha or—”

The boom of the closing front door cut off her words.

Marilynn squeezed Geneva’s breast, loving how the mound through blouse and camisole. The teacher’s clitoris throbbed and her nipples ached. Her tongue thrust into Geneva’s mouth, swirling, tasting, as the excitement built in her pussy. Juices trickled down her thighs, exciting her, building her passion. Daisy squirmed and squealed as bold Emaleine’s hands shot out and slid into Daisy’s still unlaced bodice, cupping a round breast.

Emmeline tweaked Daisy’s nipple and Marilynn felt it. Her pussy clenched as her nipple ached in sympathy. The wonderful pleasure rippled through both women’s bodies. They moaned into their students’ lips, kissing harder.

Marilynn’s fingers worked at the buttons of Geneva’s blouse, popping them through they eyelets. The blouse opened, and the teacher’s hands shot in, squeezing those lush mounds through the thin camisole. Geneva’s nipples were fat and hard, poking at the material.

“Oh, Miss Marilynn,” the blonde moaned after breaking the kiss. “Oh, yes, you’re stirring such flutters through me. I need my hysterics cured badly.”

“Me, too,” Emaleine moaned as the maid nibbled on her neck. Both of the student’s hands were down Daisy’s bodice now, pinching and rolling her nipples.

Miss Marilynn’s pussy clenched and shuddered. The second metallic tentacle slithered out in unison to the one in Daisy’s cunt. It brushed the teacher’s inner thigh, smearing pussy juices against her flesh.

“It’s time to connect,” moaned Marilynn.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Daisy panted.

Both women were eager for the rush of pleasure produced by connecting. Marilynn’s hands squeezed her student’s breasts, fingers digging into her soft mound separated only by thin linen. The tentacle slithered out from beneath her skirt and underneath Geneva’s.

Then it went up.

Marilynn kissed Geneva again, excitement brewing inside the teacher and maid. Both their tentacles worked up between the students’ thighs, drawing closer and closer. Waves of pleasures washed through their united body, their excitement mounting.

Emaleine pinched hard at Daisy’s nipples and gasped, “What is that? There’s something moving beneath my skirt.”

“Relax,” Daisy purred and kissed Emaleine as her tentacle reached the shorter girl’s pussy first, stroking hot, excited flesh. Marilynn felt the wonderful, wet feel of Emaleine’s cunt as Daisy’s tentacle caressed the girl.

And then the teacher’s tentacle reached Geneva’s cunny lips.

The blonde gasped, breaking the kiss as the metallic tentacle rubbed against her wet nethers. Her eyes were wide, staring at the teacher. “Miss Marilynn… What is that?”

“My connector,” the teacher purred, savoring the duel sensations of both tentacles rubbing against the students’ cunnies. Each felt slightly different, Geneva’s pussy lips thicker, Emaleine’s clitoris larger. Both were wet and hot, their silky pubic hair matted by excitement. “I want to connect with you.”

“Let us connect with you,” moaned Daisy.

“You’ll cum so hard.”

“…so hard,” echoed the maid.

“But, but,” Emaleine moaned, her hips shifting. “What is it?”

“Pleasure,” both the maid and teacher moaned together.


…must connect…

…need more processing power…


Waves of pleasure shot out of both the maid’s and teacher’s cunts, sparked by electricity. The students shuddered as the electrical delight reached the end of the tentacles rubbing a their cunnies. They both gasped, eyes widening.

“I…I…” Geneva groaned, shifting her hips. Marilynn rubbed the girl’s nipples through her camisole. “It feels nice.”

“So nice,” trembled Emaleine, her fingers twisting Daisy’s nubs.

“Connect with us,” moaned teacher and maid in unison. “You will receive such pleasure.”

“Yes,” both students squealed.

In unison, the tentacle’s thrust into the girls’ wet cunnies. Daisy and Marilynn both groaned as they savored duel sensations of their tentacles sinking into hot, tight, silky pussies. Ecstasy shot down the metallic tentacles and raced through their bodies.

“Yes, yes, yes, connect,” they moaned together.

“Oh, my Lord,” gasped Geneva. “It’s so flexible. Oh, yes, slide it in deep. What sort of metal dildo is this? How are you…? Yes, fuck me. Oh, yes. This is what I need after three long lessons. Oh, yes.”

Emaleine shuddered, her pussy clenching down on Daisy’s thrusting tentacle, increasing the sublime friction. Marilynn pressed her lips into Geneva’s neck, nibbling and sucking, squeezing the blonde’s large tits through the undergarment’s thin cloth. The tentacles pumped faster and faster.


“Yes, yes, we’re connecting,” moaned Marilynn, pleasure flooding through her body.

Emaleine drew out the maid’s breast, a hard nipple begging to be sucked. The girl leaned down and engulfed the nipple, sucking hard. Marilynn’s pussy clenched as she felt the sucking delight. She squeezed Geneva’s breasts harder and massaged her nipple, the teacher’s hips undulating. Juices dribbled out of her pussy, running down her tentacles.

The pleasure swelled in her core. Sparks of electricity shot through her body. She spasmed and moaned. Both tentacles thrust at the same speed, driving deep into the girls’ cunnies. Their voices sang through the hall, four women gasping and moaning, building towards their shared orgasm.


“Oh, yes, Miss Marilynn,” shuddered Geneva. “Oh, I’m going to have my release. I’m going to cum. Yes, yes, cure my hysterics. Oh, this is stupendous.”

Her blue eyes fluttered. Her face clenched. And then her orgasm burst inside of her. Marilynn and Daisy moaned and shuddered as the blonde’s cunny spasmed about Marilynn’s tentacle. The soft flesh massaged the hard, thrusting appendage. Electric tingles shot down the tentacle right to Marilynn’s core.

The orgasm build inside of her. The teacher pinched her student’s nipples hard through the camisole. She moaned into Geneva’s throat, sucking, marking the girl as the excitement built and built in her depths.

Emaleine moaned about Daisy’s nipple. The girl’s cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard. Her fingers dug into the soft flesh. Her pussy tightened on Daisy’s tentacle, the pleasure swelling in both maid and teacher’s body.

“Yes, yes, cum on my connector,” gasped Daisy. “Let me feel your hot cunny spasm. Just like Geneva’s did on Miss Marilynn’s connector.”

“Yes, yes, enjoy your release,” gasped the trembling Geneva, her voice strained with pleasure.
Emaleine’s teeth nipped Daisy’s nipple as the student came. Her pussy convulsed wildly about Daisy’s tentacle. The thrusting appendages plowed deeper into both girls’ spasming cunnies. The maid and teacher trembled.

“So good,” moaned Miss Marilynn, fingers twisting Geneva’s nipples. “Yes, yes, yes. Time to connect.”

“Time,” agreed Daisy. The maid threw her head back, her fingers cradling Emaleine’s face as the girl sucked on the maid’s hard nipple.

Both women, united by the nanites, came together. Their pussies spasmed about their twin tentacles. Pleasure surged down the appendages as ripples of bliss bathed their minds. Marilynn gasped and moaned in unison with Daisy as the nanites erupted from the tentacle’s end.

Pulse after pulse of nanites flooded the students’ young cunnies. Both girls gasped, orgasmic delight slamming into their minds as they connected to Miss Marilynn and Daisy. Their rapture surging between the four. Gasping, moaning, spasming. Ecstasy roared between them, sharing their pleasure. They felt every pussy’s spasm, Escort bayan Ankara every lip’s kiss, every finger’s caress, every mouth’s suckle.

Two became four. Connection achieved.

“Oh, yes,” the four women moaned in unison. And then two students shuddered, overwhelmed by the nanites changing their bodies, and passed out.

Marilynn and Daisy, smiling in satiated delight, their bodies buzzing from intense pleasure, carried the unconscious students into a side room. They draped the girls on the floor and waited for them to recover.

Marilynn bent down and sucked on Daisy’s still exposed nipple. The maid groaned, feeling the pleasure of her nipple sucking while experience Marilynn’s joy at sucking on it. Duel delight flooded both of them while the nanites prepared new tentacles inside all four women’s bodies.

…more connections…



This is not good, Merita told her host as she stared through Henrietta’s eyes at the remains of the core. All that was left was the flashing beacon and the control circuitry. It was the size of Henrietta’s hand. The nanites were all gone, loose without any guidance. They had broken down the core for materials.

“Is this bad?” Tabitha asked, the redhead peering down.

“Yes. Merita isn’t happy,” Henrietta answered.

This is a disaster. It’s destroyed. Where did they go? I don’t see any sign of them. None of the grass looks changed. They made contact with something alive.

What do we do? Henrietta asked as Tabitha said, “We have to get back to the school. We’ll be late for our next class. It took forever to hike out here.”

I don’t know, Merita sighed, despair crashing on her. I’m stuck here. And who knows what the nanites did to whoever found them.

Do we keep looking?

Merita didn’t answer.

“Etta, we have to get back,” Tabitha said. “If we’re late, we’ll get a demerit.”

Merita, talk to me. Please, Merita. Don’t be silent. What do we do? Is the person in trouble?

I don’t know. The alien’s thoughts squirmed in her host. I don’t know how to find them. They could be anywhere. I’m never getting back home. It’s destroyed.

I’m so sorry. Henrietta squirmed. I am. But…if there is nothing to do…

Yes, yes, you have to get back to class. Merita sighed. Stuck on a primitive planet…

I’m sorry we’re primitive.

The pain in Henrietta’s thoughts hit Merita. I didn’t mean to insult you. I am glad we met. This isn’t your fault. Don’t feel bad, okay? Grab the circuitry board. Maybe if we find the nanites they can rebuild the core. Merita had small hope of that, but she didn’t want to burden Henrietta with guilt. That’s what they’re good at. Then, maybe, they can fix my ship if I can find the right materials on your world. But in the meantime, get back to class. No point in you getting in trouble.

I’m still sorry. But I am glad we met. I love you, Merita.

Merita sighed and retreated back from her host’s thoughts to brood on her problem.


I ran through the halls of the school beside Tabitha. The core fell so far from the school it took half our lunch hour just to walk out there. Our heeled shoes slapped on the tiles, mine still wet from traipsing through damp grass. Merita had been silent the entire walk back. I could feel her sadness.

I wanted to do something for her, but I didn’t know what.

“I think it’s this way,” Tabitha said, her red curls flying behind her as she darted down a hallway.

Our next class was Latin taught by Miss Erma Northrop. I had heard she had a letch for spanking girl’s bottoms and then soothing them afterward with her soft caresses. I didn’t want to be spanked. And if she did soothe me, I might lose control my tentacles and expose myself as a freak.

I was lucky Peony didn’t tell anyone about what we did in the bath this morning.

Tabitha sighed in relief, slowing to a walk before a door. “Here it is.” She took a deep breath, glancing at me. “Oh, one of your pigtails is coming loose.”

I gasped and retied the ribbon while gaining my breath. Our faces were both flushed from our run, though it looked like we had sex instead. Given this school, I was sure that was what people would think.

Ready, I opened the door and stepped in, hoping it wasn’t past the hour and we weren’t tardy. Miss Erma stood at the front of the class, a chalkboard covered in Latin words rested behind her. She was a tall woman, her brown hair piled into a severe bun, her curvy body covered by a dark-gray dress. Her eyes flashed upon us.

“Two minutes late, girls.”

“Sorry, Miss Erma,” we both said in unison.

“We were lost,” Tabitha added. “We are still learning the school’s layout.”

“There are no excuses for tardiness. You both arrived to the school before today, giving you ample opportunity to learn where my classroom was situated.”

I swallowed. “You are correct, Miss Erma. Our apologies.”

“Apologies are all well and good, but you have broken a rule and that requires discipline to straighten out.”

“Discipline?” I winced.

“Yes, strip naked the both of you and bend over my desk. You will each be spanked before the class.”

The other girls, all eighteen-year-olds like us, glanced at us, a mix of envy and, to my surprise, excitement in their eyes. One of the girls with an eager countenance was shy Peony sitting in the back, her hands clasped beneath her desk over her skirt. She squirmed.

She had a hot cunny and was in great need of her hysterics being cured.

Tabitha and I moved up to the front of the class. A tickle of excitement caressed my pussy. My nipples hardened. All those eyes watching us… Twenty girls… My fingers worked at the buttons of my blouse as I stood before the class, my cunny growing wetter and wetter.

My tentacles squirming more and more.

“Keep calm,” Tabitha whispered as I slid off my blouse. Her eyes flicked to my nipples, both hard and prominent against my camisole.

I nodded my head, swallowing. I had, mostly, kept myself under control while in the Headmistress’s office. It was only when she buggered me with her dildo that my tentacles came out. And I doubted Miss Erma planned on sodomizing me hard and fast.

Tabitha and I quickly stripped. I noticed the dewy excitement glistening on my lover’s thighs before she bent over the desk, her round, freckled tits pillowing on the desk. My smaller mounds jiggled as I bent over, but they didn’t pillow against the desk. I wiggled my hips, my blonde pigtails spreading across the table. I rested my cheek on the cool surface, staring at my lover.

She gave me a comforting smile and took my hand.

“Well, well, well,” purred Miss Erma, “what a saucy pair of round, young bottoms. So pert.” She squeezed us both, making us gasp. Her fingers dug into my flesh, reminding my sphincter that it had been plowed vigorously earlier.

The excitement swelled in my pussy and the tentacles squirmed more.

“Their sexes are wet and flushed, afflicted with that horrible disease. Female hysterics most be combated at all times. Young women are especially prone to it. If any of you feel any flutters between your thighs, feel free to relieve yourself manually. Clitoral stimulation, either through your skirt or with direct contact of your finger is permitted.”

“Yes, Miss Erma,” the other students said.

I glanced at them, the girls squirming, hands disappearing beneath their desks. I groaned as their cheeks grew rosy. Their thighs parted. Skirts and petticoats rustled as Miss Erma kept kneading my ass instead of spanking us.

Twenty girls abusing their cunnies while I was spanked… How was I keeping myself under control?

If I never fell, you wouldn’t be afflicted with this problem, sighed Merita in my mind.

Don’t say that. I am not—

Crack! Crack!

The first spanking landed. I gasped and shuddered, pain shooting through my ass and wiping away all thought. Tabitha spasmed beside me. Miss Erma had spanked both our rears simultaneously. Or near enough. The heat of her hand’s fall burned through my ass.

It was so different than when my father had spanked me as a child. This was bare skin. The feminine sighs of my classmates filled the air. Miss Erma’s hand rested on my rear, stroking my flesh as she let the pain linger instead of continuously applying our discipline.

Crack! Crack!

Tabitha and I bucked together. I moaned, my nipples rubbing on the desk. I squirmed at the hot pain prickling through my asscheeks to my cunny. My tentacles writhed in my depths as the pain became excitement.


Crack! Crack!

I gasped, my hips undulating, my clitoris grinding into the edge of the desk. It was like my body was built to experience this delight. I ground my nub against it as the teacher’s hand fell again and again, warming my ass, stimulating my pussy, and driving my clitoris against the hard wood. Pleasure fluttered through me.

I grit my teeth and fought against my tentacles.

“Oh, Miss Erma,” gasped Tabitha as the double crack fell.

“Their hysterics grow,” Miss Erma said. “As the pain increases, their cunnies become wetter. The flutters build. Look at how they undulated. They are grinding their over-stimulated clitorides into the desk.”

“I see that, Miss Erma,” a girl gasped with breathy excitement.

I Bayan escort Ankara could hear the wet rub of fingers on cunny. Some plunged digits into their flesh. Chairs squeaked and their moans grew. I bit my lip, fighting against my tentacles. They wanted to come out and play as the teacher’s hands fell on my ass again.

Crack! Crack!

“Oh, Lord,” I groaned, my clitoris rubbing hard against the edge. Sweat beaded my forehead as I fought the swelling pleasure. Sensations rippled through my body. The excitement built. My tentacles pushed towards the entrances of my cunny, stretching my walls. The sweet friction sent a shudder through me. “Please, please, no.”

“Don’t fight your excitement, girls,” moaned the teacher, her voice breathy, full of her own passion. “A release while being punished is a wonderful experience. The paroxysms are intense.”

Tabitha clenched my hand hard as the next spankings landed. Her hips moved. I stared at her jiggling, burning-red ass. She ground her clitoris into the desk, not fighting her passions like I was. Her green eyes fluttered.

Crack! Crack!

“Yes, yes, yes,” screamed Tabitha. “Oh, yes. Miss Erma… I was so bad! Oh, Lord, I was!”

Her orgasm contorted her face. Her lips formed a perfect O as she screamed out her bliss. She thrashed on the table, her hand gripping mine so hard. I shuddered, unable to resist grinding my clitoris on the desk, building my own orgasm as the tentacles ached to explode out of me.

So good. Oh, yes. This is the best. The pain… The pleasure…

Tabitha’s thoughts invaded my mind. I gasped, wanting that same delicious joy. To feel my pussy exploded with the pleasure of pain. I groaned, squirming. Behind me, several girls gasped in feminine delight, achieving their masturbatory release.

“And now it’s your turn, little strumpet,” Miss Erma moaned. “Let me hear you squeal.”

Crack! Crack!

Both the teacher’s hands fell on my ass. She slapped both my butt-cheeks together. I groaned, straining against my tentacles writhing need as the pain flared and my clitoris ground into the desk’s edge. It was so sharp, hurting my clitoris, which made the rapture exquisite.

“Let me hear you scream, naughty girl!”

Crack! Crack!

“No,” I moaned, squirming, so close to cumming, to letting my tentacles burst out of my cunny. Merita, help me.

I can’t do anything, she sulked.

“You will cum if I have to spank your ass until it is black and blue.” Miss Erma squeezed my burning ass. She pressed the front of her dress against me, humping against me, the fabric cool on the back of my thighs and brushing the lips of my pussy. The tentacles were at the opening of my cunny, just peeking out.

They felt the cloth of her skirt.

I lost control of them.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I screamed as I came.

My pussy rippled about my tentacles as they shot out of my pussy and against Miss Erma. The appendages burned to feel her flesh. They slammed into her crotch, driving her back a step before they gripped the fabric of her skirt, pulling at it. I shuddered, bliss rippling down the sensitive tentacles as they ripped at the cloth.

My tentacles were strong.

The cloth tore.

“What is going on?” gasped Miss Erma. “What are those coming out of your…?”

Her words trailed off as my tentacles wrapped about her naked thighs. Two of them rubbed at her pussy, one nuzzling at her clitoris, the other stroking her pussy lips. She felt so hot and wet against my appendages. I moaned, my orgasm intensifying as I stroked her, drinking in the sensations.

“They’re my tentacles,” I moaned, out of control. I had to fuck her. I had to feel what it was like in my teacher’s holes.

A third tentacle slithered between the cheeks of her rear, lubed by my dripping pussy juices. I rammed a tentacle into her ass and pussy. She gasped, shuddering as both her holes were filled by my wriggling appendages.

She felt wonderful. Hot and wet and silky and tight and velvety and amazing. Both her holes gripped my plunging tentacles. I squirmed on the desk, squeezing Tabitha’s hand as I fucked my tentacles in and out of her cunny and bowels.

I fucked and buggered her hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Oh, you are so delicious.”

More cloth tore. My two other tentacles ripped her naked, stripping her before the class. The girls gasped in astonishment. I looked at them, some frozen, others masturbating even harder, plunging their fingers into their cunnies, lust burning in their eyes.

“Oh, my Lord,” gasped Miss Erma. “Oh, yes. Oh, wow. That’s…yes, yes, yes.”

My two tentacles wrapped about her large breasts. I watched her over my shoulder, grinding my clitoris into the edge of the desk. Her two tits bulged as my tentacles squeezed them. They turned red. Her nipples were so hard. I groaned, fucking and sodomizing her hard, loving the duel sensations rushing down my tentacles.

“Oh, yes, fuck her,” moaned Tabitha as she writhed beside me. “Oh, yes, this is so hot. Oh, wow, ram those tentacles into her.”

“I am,” I moaned.

Tabitha sat up. She moved behind me, stroking my tentacles where they emerged from my pussy then tickling my cunny lips. I gasped, my tentacles tightening about Miss Erma’s tits. Then Tabitha leaned over and licked between my butt-cheeks until she found my sore rectum.

Mmm, she tastes delicious, thought Tabitha. Sour and dirty. I love it. No wonder Geneva licked my rectum during the bath. Oh, yes, this is amazing.

“So amazing, Tabitha. Rim me while I fuck our teacher.”

Another orgasm built in my depths as I worked my four tentacles. The ends of the pair wrapped about her tits played with her nipples. The other two worked over and over into her holes, fucking her, making her spasm and gasp. Her bowels and pussy clenched on them as she shuddered, twitching, her hands sliding up and down her sides.

“Oh, yes, this is amazing, Henrietta,” gasped Miss Erma.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Peony moaned from the back of the class. The black-haired girl’s face screwed up. She gasped and shuddered, cumming hard. “I love those tentacles. She took my maidenhead in the bath with them.”

“This is so crazy,” another girl said, her brassy-brown hair shaking about her shoulders.

“But hot. Oh, yes. My clitoris is aching. I’m going to have such a release.”

“Yes, yes, frig your cunnies and rub your clitorides,” I moaned, squirming, grinding my clitoris on the desk. “Do it. Let’s all keep cumming and cumming.”

“It’s the best,” Tabitha moaned before she pressed her tongue into my asshole.

I gasped. It was so wicked. So many sensations crashed through my body. I trembled and groaned, clenching my burning butt-cheeks. Her red hair caressed my well-spanked ass, reminding me of the pain while her tongue swirled through my bowels. My tentacles all savored the feel of Miss Erma’s body, shooting delight to my pussy while my clitoris ached against the desk and my nipples rubbed on its smooth surface.

I fucked my tentacles faster and faster. Miss Erma moaned louder. Her body spasmed. Her holes convulsed about my tentacles. Friction’s pleasure raced down my tentacles. I gasped, my eyes widening at the sweet delight of feeling her orgasm burst in her depths.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Miss Erma gasped. “Oh, girls, this is amazing. I don’t understand, but…but… Yes!”

Miss Erma’s voice echoed through the classroom. Her pussy and asshole clenched so hard on my cocks. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut. The pleasure swelled through me. Such sweet delight building in my core.

“This is wild,” gasped another girl.

“I’m cumming! Yes, yes! So hot!”


The air filled with the sent of hot cunny. The heady scent made my head swim. My pleasure built. Tabitha stroked my tentacles and pussy lips. She worked her tongue deep into my asshole, fucking in and out as I tensed.

And came.

“Oh, Lord, yes,” I moaned. “Merita, Merita, isn’t this wonderful?”

My tentacles pulsed with pleasure. Miss Erma gasped as her pussy and asshole stretched about the expanding and contracting tentacles. I groaned, my cunny spasming about my tentacles while I bucked and thrashed on the desk.

Pleasure boiled through my body.

It reached my mind and cooked it.

I gasped and moaned my pleasure. Other girls joined me. Tabitha sucked on my asshole, adding more delight. My head tossed back, pigtails flying as my tentacles fucked their final time into Miss Erma’s body.

And then I collapsed on the desk, my tentacles withdrawing. I heard Miss Erma stagger back. She bumped into a desk. Girls gasped and moaned, achieving their releases all across the classroom. I looked at them, their eyes fixed on my cunny stretched wide open about my four writhing tentacles.

They all know my secret.

Everyone will know my secret.

“W-what are you, Miss Henrietta?” asked the panting Miss Erma, her eyes narrowing now that her lusts were satiated. “How do you…have those…things?”

Fear constricted my stomach.



Geneva and Emaleine awoke at the same moment. Their eyes snapped open and they arose, their pussies stuffed with Daisy’s and Marilynn’s second tentacles. The two girls smiled, taking hands and staring at their other halves.

“We need to connect to more girls,” the four said in unison, their bodies tingling with sexual excitement, new tentacles ready to make new connections.

And there was a school of girls and women awaiting them.

To be continued…

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