Blame It On The Weather

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(All characters are over eighteen.)


Lewis heard a gasp of surprise as he barged into his sister’s bedroom.

“Lewis!” Sophie scolded him.

She grabbed the front of her blouse and held it closed as she turned to the door.

She was sitting on her bed in front of the electric fan.

Lewis saw it and grinned.

“You could have knocked,” Sophie said.

“Too hot,” he told her.

Her legs were bare. She was wearing only a blouse.

She smiled as she clutched the front of it against her small breasts.

The electric fan turned slowly side to side and Lewis dropped down beside her with a grateful sigh.

“I think I’m melting,” he panted.

It was almost midnight but the fierce heat of the day was concentrated in the upstairs bedrooms of their home.

Lewis closed his eyes and raised his chin gratefully as the cool breeze passed over him.

He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

“Better?” Sophie said.

“I might have to kill you for it,” he told her and opened her eyes. “Why is it so hot? There’s no air.”

“I imagine it’s the time of year,” Sophie said. “Stop pushing. I want some too.”

Her face was flushed and her eyes were shining as she tried to push him away with her shoulder.

“Quit it. It’s too hot,” Lewis said.

He pulled off his T-shirt and used it to dry the perspiration on his face.

“We need to move house. Somewhere cold.”

“Or get another fan,” Sophie said.

“We can’t afford either,” their mother said behind them.

They both turned and she came into the room wearing a thin summer dress and fanning herself with a newspaper.

Her face shone with a light sheen of perspiration.

“Move along,” she said and gestured with the newspaper. “We need to share.”

The bed creaked as she joined them. Her hair was damp.

“I had a shower. It didn’t make me feel any better.”

Lewis found himself sitting between the two of them.

“People of my generation die of heatstroke all the time,” she told them.

She put the newspaper down and pulled the front of her dress away from her breasts.

“I think it’s the end of the world,” Lewis said.

“Sooner the better, if you ask me,” she said.

The fan stood on a chair beside Sophie’s bed. Lewis watched it oscillate. It paused momentarily when it reached the end of its pass. He willed it to come back.

“Maybe we’ll have a thunder storm,” Sophie said.

She’d relaxed her hold on the front of her blouse. It gaped a little to show the tops of her breasts. She put out her lower lip and blew a stream of air that lifted her fringe.

“I didn’t see any clouds,” Lewis said.

“We might get it in the night,” their mother said.

The fan began its return journey. Lewis welcomed the short-lived breath of cooler air against his skin.

“We need air conditioning,” he said, watching it turn away towards his mother.

Her eyes were closed. He saw her part her legs slightly as the fan briefly turned her way.

“What we need is a house you can take the roof off,” Sophie said.

She was watching the fan. Her knees were parted. She breathed deeply and put out her chest when the fan passed over her. Her nipples showed stiffly through her blouse.

Lewis felt perspiration trickle slowly down his side. The heat was oppressive.

“When I go to town tomorrow,” their mother began, “if anyone tells me it used to be hotter in the old days, I might have to slap them.”

She lifted the hem of her dress as the fan turned her way. The material billowed and Lewis thought he heard her sigh.

“There’s no breeze at all from the window,” Sophie complained. Her blouse hung open almost to her waist where she still held it loosely closed.

Lewis could see almost all of one small breast.

“People do crazy things in the hot weather,” their mother said.

Lewis waited but she didn’t say anymore.

The heat was stifling. They suffered together in silence. He felt it wrapped around them, the heavy air too thick to breath. The house was still and dense with it.

“Oh, the hell with it,” their mother said beside him. Small beads of perspiration glistened beside her nose. She smiled wearily. “Excuse me, honey. It’s too hot for modesty.”

She unbuttoned the front of her dress then held it open to catch the meagre breeze from the fan as it passed on its ceaseless journey left to right.

“Mmmm.” She sighed and turned her upper body to follow it.

Lewis glimpsed the round upper swellings of her pale breasts before becoming embarrassed and looking away before she caught him.

To his right Sophie had also forsaken modesty in the hope of finding relief. Her blouse hung open all the way to her thighs. He could see her small, round breasts crowned with stiff, pink nipples.

Lewis was glad he’d held onto his T-shirt. He moved slowly and used it to cover his crotch. He alone, sat leaning forward, hunched towards the fan with his elbows on his thighs.

“Was that thunder?” his mother said. She turned hopefully to look beyond him at the izmit rus escort window and the front of her dress gaped open.

She seemed unaware of his interest and he stared openly at her large breasts only inches from his face.

Her skin was pale. She had freckles he didn’t know about. He could see the vee of her usual tan line. Her large, dark nipples demanded his attention.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Sophie sighed.

Their mother continued to look at the window then she took a deep, disappointed breath and sat down again.

Lewis armed the perspiration from his forehead. Sweat trickled from his temples. He wiped a bead from the tip of his nose.

He closed his eyes when the fan turned his way. The shape of his mother’s breasts was burned forever in his mind. Eyes closed he saw again her thick, puckered nipples, brown against her pale, creamy skin.

He sat sweltering, his body a bath of sweat and discomfort, relieved only briefly when the breeze passed over him.

“I must have imagined it,” their mother said.

“Wishful thinking,” Sophie said.

Their thighs were touching his.

His mother had pulled her dress up. Her thighs showed. Her legs were open.

“I can’t stand it much longer,” Sophie said. “I think I’m going to pass out. I feel like screaming. Isn’t there anything we can do?”

Lewis looked at her and she stared at him. Her fringe was dark with perspiration. Her breasts were exposed but she seemed not to care. She looked hot and irritable.

He turned to their mother. She looked like a flower that had wilted. The thin material of her dress clung to her skin wherever it touched.

She smiled sympathetically at them. She reached out and brushed back Lewis’s fringe.

“There’s not much we can do,” she said. “Honey, you’re burning up,” she told Lewis.

She ruffled his hair and he tried not to stare at her breasts.

Sophie moaned in complaint.

“It’s all right for Lewis. He can take his shirt off,” she said.

She moved. There was a click as the room was plunged into sudden darkness.

“I’m sorry. I can’t stand it anymore. My blouse is soaked.” She sounded as if she was suddenly smiling.

Lewis felt her stand. He sensed her moving in the dark. He heard something fall softly to the floor. A moment later as his eyes adjusted to the dark he saw the pale white glimmer of her panties as she pushed them down.

Sophie giggled in the dark. Her body was a vague moving shadow. The bed creaked as she sat down then sighed contentedly as the fan turned her way.

“Finally someone has a good idea,” their mother said.

Now she stood up. Sophie nudged Lewis. It meant she was pleased with herself but he could barely see her face.

Their mother’s white dress seemed to float almost ghostlike before them. A moment later it lay discarded on the floor.

“I feel better already,” she whispered gratefully.

Lewis glimpsed her pale figure before him. She bent suddenly. There was an accompanying whisper of sound and he cupped both hands over the T-shirt at his crotch.

“Poor Lewis,” Sophie teased him. He felt her flop back on the bed.

Their mother sat down again and the fan whirred softly in the dark. Lewis felt her wilt with pleasure beside him.

“Oh God,” she breathed softly. “Sorry honey. Needs must,” she apologised.

She leaned back on the bed the same as Sophie. He felt the mattress dip. The cooler air from the fan wafted over him and he felt her open her legs and heard her sigh contentedly. There was just enough light to see her legs, pale and ghost white, opened immodestly wide in the dark.

Sophie sighed a moment later. He felt the edge of the mattress dip as she moved her hips.

Lewis could hear the two of them breathing softly over the gentle whirring of the fan. First Sophie, then their mother drew deep, contented breaths.

Beside him in the dark their mother made a small sound of satisfaction, a gentle moan that seemed to go on too long.

Sophie giggled and their mother abruptly cleared her throat as if she’d suddenly remembered she wasn’t alone.

Lewis turned and glanced down at her. He saw the dark, bushy triangle of her pubic hair before he quickly turned away.

“This reminds me of New Mexico,” she said. She sounded happy. “It was too hot to wear clothes. No one cared.”

“I didn’t know you’d been to Mexico,” Sophie said.

“It was a long time ago,” she answered.

Lewis hugged himself and stared before him at the faint white blur of the fan. Sweat poured from him. When he looked down from the corner of his eye to the right he saw Sophie’s knees spread wide apart. To the left he saw his mother’s in the same position.

Their old house seemed on the point of exploding outward from the intensity of heat trapped inside.

“Lewis, do you mind?” Sophie said. “You’re dripping sweat on me.”

She nudged him with her bare leg. He turned to say something but his gaze fell on her stomach then jumped to her breasts and he quickly looked away.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” izmit escort she teased him.

He knew she was smiling.

“Don’t start arguing,” their mother said. “It’s too hot.”

He held himself rigid between them. The fan passed slowly left to right but the relief it afforded him was all too brief and fleeting.

“Well, he’s dripping on me,” Sophie complained. She put a hand on his shoulder to push him away but immediately snatched it back. “God, you’re soaking.”

“Well, what do you expect?” he demanded.

“Sophie, enough,” their mother said. “Lewis, honey. Take your shorts off and lie down. We don’t care. It’s too hot to wear anything.”

Lewis didn’t move and the bed creaked as his mother stirred beside him. He knew she was looking at him.


“I can’t,” he whispered.


Sophie giggled softly.

“Oh,” his mother said.

Lewis could feel his heart beating. It felt as if they were inside an oven inside a furnace and outside lay a baking desert. He didn’t know how the old timbers of their house could withstand the heat without exploding or suddenly crumbling to dust.

“Well, it doesn’t matter about that,” their mother said finally. “Sophie and I don’t mind. We have to be practical and adult about this.”

“Yeah, we won’t look,” Sophie joked beside him.

“Go ahead, honey. You’re burning up,” their mother said. “I can feel the heat coming off you.”

Lewis tried to swallow but his mouth was too dry. The breeze from the fan cooled him briefly but it was gone too long before it came back again.

“Lewis, it’ll be okay,” their mother assured him.

“Just do it and stop dripping on me,” Sophie told him.

There was silence then, broken only by the fan.

“Lewis?” their mother said.

“Okay, okay” he told her.

He raised himself just enough to quickly push down his shorts. His cock thrust upright as he raised one foot at a time and took them off.

“Lie down. Keep still,” Sophie complained, but she sounded amused.

Lewis lay back. He couldn’t bring himself to look anywhere but straight up at the dark ceiling. His cock leaned stiffly, angled upright over his stomach. He opened his legs and breathed a deep sigh as the fan wafted a breath of cooler air between his legs. It was the best thing he’d ever felt.

“Now, we’ll all just lie quietly,” their mother said.

Lewis closed his eyes but he felt Sophie and then their mother both briefly raise their heads at different moments. The mattress dipped when they lay down again.

“People do crazy things in the hot weather,” Sophie whispered.

The mattress shook gently as their mother laughed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter,” she said, controlling herself. “No one’s ever going to know.”

“We could get arrested,” Sophie said.

Lewis grinned when she and their mother laughed. He took a deep, contented breath as the fan sent its wash of cooler air over the length of his prone body. It felt especially good when it blew against his aching cock.

“We’re not actually doing anything wrong,” their mother said. “Anyway, who cares? It’s hot.”

“Sure, some people go around naked all the time,” Lewis said.

He opened his eyes and looked cautiously at their mother. He could see she was smiling in the dark. His gaze took in her breasts. He turned to look the other way and found Sophie looking at him. She too seemed to be smiling.

“This is actually, kind of nice,” he decided.

Both women moaned softly in agreement. He was conscious now of the closeness of their warm bodies. His cock continued to strain in the dark.

Sophie moved slightly beside him. She sighed and his cock jerked when he felt her hand brush his thigh.

Somewhere in the dead, oppressive heat of night an owl hooted mournfully.

“Did you hear that?” their mother whispered. She moved and he felt her warm, round hip against his. “Sometimes, in New Mexico, when it was too hot to sleep, I’d stand by the window and just look out for hours at the moonlight.” Her voice was soft with nostalgia. “I liked to hear the trains, way off in the distance.”

Lewis worked his toes into the carpet beside the bed. The breath of the fan blew softly between his legs as it turned. He moved his hips and barely stifled a moan of pleasure.

“Lewis, you were conceived in New Mexico. Did you know that?” their mother said.

He shook his head as Sophie groaned.

“Too much information,” she said.

“Is it?” their mother said. “I don’t think it is. I think it’s nice to know things like that.”

Sophie started to giggle. Lewis looked at her and she put her hands over her face. She couldn’t stop.

“What?” he said. He smiled at the pale blur of her face beside him.

She shook her head and waved him away.

It was contagious and Lewis started to laugh as well. The mattress began to shake. Then their mother joined in.

“I don’t even know why I’m laughing!” she said.

Lewis looked at her. There were tears in his eyes. She was trying to control herself. Her breasts were shaking.

His cock strained kocaeli escort and his mother turned her head to look at him and his smile faded. He lowered his head and stared at the ceiling.

Sophie and his mother quieted by degrees. Sophie took the longest. She fell silent for a moment, then giggled again. Then she groaned.

“Okay, stop it,” she told herself. “It’s too hot.”

He heard her take a deep breath. She held it, then sighed, and lay still again.

Lewis was sweating again. He lay unmoving. His chest rose and fell slowly. There didn’t seem to be enough air in the room. His aching cock nodded in time with his slow heartbeat.

He closed his eyes and waited for the fan to blow his way.

“Does anyone know what time it is?” their mother asked.

He shook his head.

“Two o’clock?” Sophie suggested.

“Time has ceased to exist,” Lewis told them.

Sophie nudged him then lay still.

He listened to the sound of their breathing. All he could think about was their combined hot breath raising the temperature even more. The air felt heavy and thick, like a blanket, stifling him. He could feel the perspiration being sucked from his skin.

“I was laughing because I was thinking about if Gran came in now and found us,” Sophie whispered. She paused. “But it doesn’t seem so funny, now.”

Lewis heard the sound of heavy footsteps on the landing and a moment later the bed was lit by a band of light that fell through the open door.

There was a flurry of sudden movement on the bed. Sophie screamed and tried to cover herself with her hands. Lewis covered his cock.

Their mother was least concerned. She raised herself on one elbow and turned to the door.

“I need that fan,” Gran Tyler gasped. She stood almost filling the doorway framed by the light behind her. It shone through the thin nightdress she wore.

“You can’t have it. We’re sharing it,” their mother said.

“I’m burning up.”

“We all are.”

Lewis peered over his mother’s shoulder at Gran Tyler’s football-sized breasts. They hung full and round almost to her waist.

“Here’s a fine sight,” she said.

Their mother sighed. “Mom, it’s too hot to make a fuss.”

“All of you naked.”

Their mother lay down again.

“Can you close the door, please Mom?”

“I’m burning up,” Gran Tyler said again.

“If we all move over, there’s enough room. You can join us,” their mother said.

Sophie moaned in complaint. She moved and Lewis shifted to the right beside her.

Their mother moved next to him.

“Now I can’t feel the fan,” Sophie grumbled.

“Sshh,” their mother said. “Come on, Mom. There’s room.”

Gran Tyler hesitated. She shook her head slowly then reached down and gathered up her nightdress. Lewis gaped as she raised it over her head. She was naked underneath and he saw everything. Her enormous breasts swayed over the soft swell of her stomach. He saw a patch of dry, white pubic hair.

“Mom! Geez! Shut the door first,” their mother exclaimed. She put her hand over her mouth and laughed. “Dear Lord.”

Gran Tyler turned to close the door. Lewis saw her great, wide bottom and then the room was dark again.

“This is just like the old days,” Gran Tyler said. “But I think it was hotter then.”

Their mother sighed and Sophie giggled. The bed creaked as Gran Tyler joined them.

“Granpa always got horny in the hot weather,” Gran Tyler said.

“Mom, please. That’s too much information.”

“Well, he did,” the older woman said.

Lewis could feel Sophie shaking with silent laughter.

He was still covering his cock and now he moved his hands and held it in the dark.

“We didn’t have electricity or fans,” Gran Tyler said.

“Mom, please. Let’s all just try to sleep.”

Lewis closed his hand around the base of his cock. The cooler air from the fan wafted gently over his balls as it passed and he gave himself a slow, cautious stroke.

Gran Tyler sighed. Sophie cleared her throat and lay still beside him. His mother’s soft hip pressed against his.

He lay still listening to them all breathing as his cock throbbed in his sweating hand and he gave himself another impossibly slow, but delicious stroke.

It was quiet enough to hear a dry click in their mother’s throat as she swallowed.

He glanced to the right at Sophie. Her eyes were closed and he moved his gaze to her breasts. They were small and firm. Her nipples rose stiffly. He stared at them for long seconds then looked beyond at her flat, smooth stomach. He heard her take a deep breath. Her lips were parted. He raised his head a fraction and saw her fingers moving slowly in the dark patch of her short pubic hair.

His cock strained in his hand and perspiration trickled from his hairline as he put his head down again.

Somewhere in the house a stressed timber creaked. He could feel the slow, pounding beat of his heart and hear blood rushing in his inner ear.

He turned his head slowly to the left to look at their mother. Her hand cupped her right breast. He saw her thumb pass slowly back and fore over a large, dark nipple.

Gran Tyler lay unmoving. He raised his head. Her heavy breasts hung to the sides and her stomach bulged large in the dark. Her legs were open to the cooling air from the overworked fan.

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