Beth Finds Magic

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Beth could not wait to get a hot, soothing shower after a stressful day at work.

As she approached her apartment door, she noticed a small package on the mat in front of the door. She picked it up, slid the key into the lock and opened the door. As usual, the cat was the only one there to greet her. She bent over to pet her beloved Sammy, thinking how wonderful it would be to come home to a man instead of her cat.

She walked over to the kitchen table, setting her keys and the package on top of the table. Hanging up her jacket, she thought, “I don’t remember ordering anything.” Now, she was getting curious.

Beth walked back to the table, picked up the package and gave it a gentle shake. She did not recognize the return address but it was definitely addressed to her. Opening the package, ever so carefully, she was surprised to find what was inside.

Inside was a magic wand vibrator.

“Oh, that Cindy,” she thought to herself. She immediately knew who sent the gift to her.

Cindy was an old friend. They grew up together and attended the same high school. They remained friends and manage to do things together when they have the opportunity.

Beth carried the vibrator to her bedroom and placed it on the nightstand next to her bed. Thoughts of what led to getting this strange gift danced through her mind. She pulled her sweater over her head and took off her bra. Standing in front of the mirror she noticed how hard her nipples had become. She had a slender body and long dark hair. Her ample breasts were a sight to behold, especially with the way her hardened nipples jutted straight out. She was very aware of her appearance and took pride in keeping herself in excellent shape.

She cupped her breasts in her hands and pinched each nipple with her thumb and forefinger letting out a low moan. “God, that felt good” she thought to herself. She released her breasts and unbuttoned her slacks, removing them in quick fashion. She reached her hand down the front of her bikini panties and felt the warm wetness of her juices as she slid a finger along the swollen lips of her now soaking-wet pussy. Her finger brushed against her clit as she thought about why Cindy sent her the magic wand vibrator.

It was a couple of weeks ago, after a workout at the gym. Cindy had asked her to stop over for a bite to eat. Her husband was out of town on business and she was tired of eating alone. Beth understood, as she was also tired of being alone at home. It was for this reason that she joined the health club in the first place.

“That sounds great Cindy” Beth said. “Let me stop by my place for a shower and a change and then I will be bursa escort right over.”

“OK, I will get dinner started and will see you shortly.” Cindy replied.

Beth thought it would be nice to stop for a bottle of wine along the way to Cindy’s house. She figured it would give Cindy time to get dinner started, shower and change. A nice white wine would be a good choice. She was looking forward to the company and a homemade meal.

Beth rubbed her clit in a circular motion as she recalled what was about to transpire on that day just a few weeks ago. Her knees were beginning to buckle as she brought herself to the brink of orgasm. A soft moan escaped her lips and a smiling face glanced at her from the mirror. She removed her panties and socks in quick order, grabbed a towel and headed for the warm waters of the shower.

As she showered, she thought of the day at Cindy’s. She rang the doorbell and Cindy came to the door with a beautiful, red robe of a satin-like material.

“I’m sorry I’m not dressed Beth” Cindy said ” I had a phone call after I got out of the shower and I couldn’t even use my hair dryer… sorry about the wet look.”

“No problem Cindy,” Beth stammered as she handed Cindy the bottle of wine. “I completely understand.”

“Why, how thoughtful of you Beth” Cindy said as she reached for the wine glasses on the rack.

Beth got an eyeful as Cindy’s robe climbed up as she reached, and staring Beth in the face, only a few feet away was the most beautiful ass she had ever seen. Not only that, her neatly trimmed pussy was fully exposed for Beth to admire, whether she wanted to or not.

Beth’s face turned red as Cindy turned to her and questioned her “Are you embarrassed by the show you just had?”

All Beth could do was stammer “No, no I am…not.”

Beth knew that Cindy could be very direct. It was her demeanor. She would always say what was on her mind. Beth envied the way that Cindy went after what she wanted, almost with a reckless abandon.

“Did you like looking at my ass and pussy?” Cindy asked, knowing full well that she not only liked looking at it but, it made Beth’s nipples stand straight out, straining at her shirt.

“You have a very nice ass Cindy.” She thought about how lucky Cindy’s husband Dave was to have this beautiful woman to make passionate love to.

“How about my pussy? ” she asked. “Here, take a closer look at my wet pussy Beth”

Beth did not know how to react. She just stood there, looking at the glistening pussy lips and wanting nothing more than to lick this woman’s pussy. What a strange feeling that was for Beth.

Guessing that Beth was getting bursa escort bayan a bit nervous and overwhelmed by her being so direct and coming on so strong, she asked Beth to have a seat and she would be right back.

Cindy came back a few minutes later with a grin on her face and a massager in her hand. It was a magic wand vibrator.

Cindy sat on the counter, plugged the wand in and in a few moments, clicked on the power sending a humming sound through the room.

“Please allow me to bring myself to orgasm Beth” she said. ” I’m horny as hell and I have very intense orgasms while someone is watching me masturbate.”

Beth knew this to be true, as Cindy was never afraid to share her sexual escapades with Beth during their “girl talk.” Cindy had told her some, if not most, of her darkest secrets. She loved to tie her husband up and masturbate in front of him until he begged her to untie him. She is almost a control freak, so to speak.

Beth knew that Cindy was capable of just about any kind of surprise when it came to sex. And with a body and face like hers, she knows she can have it any way she wants.

Beth watched in amazement as Cindy, still in her robe, opened her legs slightly and placed the vibrating knob on her clit, moving it ever so slightly. Using the wand on her clit and pussy lips, she closed her eyes and soon she was building up to her release. Cindy’s facial contortions were such that Beth could tell when she reached her orgasm. Beth even got up the nerve to rub Cindy’s shoulders as she came several times. Cindy was pretty much controlled and after turning up the speed, made a hissing sound as she had several more waves of a very intense orgasm. Beth was getting wet watching the pleasure in Cindy’s face.

After what seemed like a half an hour, Cindy was spent. She turned the wand off and she smiled at Beth asking her “Do you want to try it?” holding out the wand for Beth to take.

“I don’t think I am ready for that.” she replied, “Maybe next time.”

Cindy laughed “and I will hold you to it!”

They made small talk while they ate their salads and drank their wine. Beth left that day with the impression that this was not the last time she would see Cindy’s naked body.

And now, Beth was in her shower and visions of Cindy and her magic wand were just overwhelming her now. She had seen Cindy naked on many occasions but never had she seen her trimmed pussy so close up. As she rubbed the soap over her body, paying special attention to her nipples and her hard clit, she had an orgasm right there in the shower.

She had never had more than a couple of orgasms during sex with anyone. escort bursa She knew she was going to find out what it is like to be totally spent on this night. Thanks to Cindy and her gift.

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. After putting on her robe, she stood in front of the mirror and brushed her long dark hair. As she was brushing her hair, she noticed her hardened nipples pressing against the fabric of her robe. The excitement of what was to come was very much evident. She parted the front of the robe slightly and reached down to tease her wet pussy. There was no doubt that the vibe was going to be tested.

Beth headed for the bedroom and went straight to the bed and sat down. She lowered the lighting and turned the radio on to a soft rock station. She reached for the wand on the nightstand and unwound the cord. She plugged it in and turned it on. The wand came to life immediately, sending a chill down her spine. As she moved the wand to her waiting pussy lips, she recalled the day at Cindy’s. Beth spread her legs and leaned back onto the bed. Her robe fell away from her body as the vibrator made contact with her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my God” she said out loud. There was no turning back now. The vibrations sent sensations through her womanhood that she never felt before. She moved the head of the wand in a circular motion with just enough pressure that the sensations were maddening. There was no stopping now; she knew she was going to come. After a few minutes of pressing the head on her clit and moving it ever so slightly, she raised her hips up against it and had the most intense orgasm of her life. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh my …” she said out loud, never finishing the sentence as wave after wave of her orgasm rolled through her body. She moved the vibe to her nipples and watched, as they hardened with the help of the vibrations. It felt so good.

After a few minutes she slowly slid the wand down across her stomach and back to her waiting clit. She felt a sudden jolt as the pulsating knob made contact with her hard clit. An audible “Mmmmmmmmmm” escaped her lips as the excitement raced through her body once again. Within seconds, she felt the tightening of her muscles and knew this wasn’t going to take long. She tensed up and was breathing rapidly as wave after wave of her orgasm sent her into convulsions she thought were only seen in adult movies. After her spasms died down, she relaxed on the bed and switched off the wand.

She thought of how the wand got her off so quickly and easily. She wondered why she hadn’t bought one for herself a long time ago. The orgasms were unbelievably intense and satisfying and all she had to do was lay back and enjoy. She could very easily get hooked on this toy.

“This was almost heaven,” she thought to herself. Beth covered herself with the robe and fell fast asleep with her new friend, and her cat by her side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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