Becoming a Cuckcake: Saying Yes

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Note to Readers: This is the second installment of “Becoming a Cuckcake”. Please feel free to read the first installment “Becoming a Cuckcake For Best Friend”. You don’t need to read the first story to enjoy this installment.

Summary: Recently divorced friend (Chrissy) finds herself contemplating if she should be a cuckcake for her best friend. After having a bit of fun with Tony the night prior, Chrissy decides to do research and see if this is something that should be taken further.

“Becoming a Cuckcake: Saying Yes”

As I head home after dinner with Jess and Tony my mind swirls with the idea of seeing Tony regularly. I’m not sure if this is what I want, but I have already had sex with Tony. Pulling into my driveway and walking into my condo, I sit my tote down and see the lingerie I wore for Tony tumble out. Smiling as I pick it up and head to my bedroom.

I take a quick shower to clean up and feel wonderful and in bliss after my crazy-filled night. Sliding on a pink nightshirt and leopard print boyshort panties I make my way to bed. Laying down in bed as I plug my phone into charge and see the text messages from Jess with the articles about the cuckquean lifestyle. I open the first one, biting my lip as I feel my nipples begin to tighten. Having never been dominant in a sexual relationship but being assertive in my professional career the articles caught my attention.

The first article explains what a cuckquean is in general terms. Simply stating it’s the opposite of a cuckold relationship. Having never heard of that either but quickly understand that it’s where the male partner watches his wife or girlfriend with a more dominant male. Taking a deep breath as I think of humiliating Jess in front of Tony or better yet, dominating and humiliating her without Tony present. Smirking as my right hand disappears into my panties.

Seeing the text for the second article, Jess made sure to let me know this is what she wanted and that jealousy would not be a factor. This article goes on to explain the true role of a cuckquean and how they want to serve the husband and cuckcake. The article goes on to explain that a cuckquean receives pleasure out of being a tier lower than the other woman (cuckcake) and the desire to serve her. My mind racing with thoughts of Jess between my thighs, cleaning up the mess Tony made all while Tony explains to her how great I am in bed. My fingers now massaging my clit in a circular motion.

Wanting this lifestyle but knowing Jess and I will need to speak. I reach for my favorite purple vibrator, turning the vibrator on low as I glide it up and down my sex, focusing on my clit. Placing my phone down as I think of Tony getting me on all fours, looking right at Jess as he pulls my hair. My large breasts sway back and forth as I feel Tony grab my ass, commenting on how it’s great to be with a “real woman”. Gliding the vibrator into my pussy as I take my left hand and massage my clit. My orgasm overflowed with the thought of Jess moving her body under me and giving me oral as Tony fills me over and over again with his amazing cock.

Waking for the day, I make my coffee and check my work email. After responding to a few high-priority emails, I fix myself a yogurt bowl and then head off to get ready for the day. Since I work from home I decide on a cute floral printed loose top and yoga pants. Walking back to the kitchen I get my coffee and start my day of meetings. After five hours of meetings, I decided to clear my mind and go for a walk. I retrieve my phone from the kitchen and put my running sneakers on. As I look at my phone I see a text from Jess, smiling as I open my condo door and begin my walk.

“Hey there, Chrissy I hope you had a great time, last night. Hoping to hear from you soon!”

As I begin to respond I make sure to respond in a firm but gentle way. Knowing our friendship will change. “Last night was great, something I will never forget! We do need to talk, please come over at 5 PM so we can have dinner and chat, this is an invite for you and you only.” Pressing send as my heart races, wondering what the response bursa escort will be.

Five minutes later I received a text from Jess, “I will be there, thank you for the invitation.”

I decided to send one last text to Jess. “Great, see you at 5 PM. I expect you to be wearing a club dress, heels, black thigh-highs, and nothing else. Understand?”

Picking up my pace as I make my way around the neighborhood, feeling a deep yearning for pleasure. My phone vibrates and it’s Jess with a simple response. “Yes, Miss.”

As I walk back into my condo I slide off my sneakers and continue my meetings for the day. As planned my day ends at 4:30 PM which gives me time to order dinner for Jess and me. Going to my closet and picking out a light blue dress that shows off ample cleavage, black thigh-highs, a purple lace bra, and a matching thong. I decide on four-inch heels as well. Just as I exit my room I hear a knock on the door. Walking to the door and opening it, seeing Jess wearing a sparkly metallic mini-dress that has a plunging neckline and high slit, her body exposed as you can see the tops of her thigh highs.

Smiling at Jess as I stand in the doorway for a moment, sensing she wants to come in I give her a long hug, hoping a neighbor sees her. I eventually allow Jess in.

“Wow, just look amazing Jess!” Smiling at her as she slowly turns for me.

“Thank you, Miss, I figured you would enjoy it. Tony let me know he enjoyed it but would rather wait for you, a real woman.”

Smirking as we stand in my living room. “I am not going to argue with Tony, he is right! I mean why would he want you, he does love curves and I have what you don’t. Please take off your dress, Jess.”

I see Jess hesitate for a second and then she removes her dress. She does have an amazing figure and her freshly waxed sex looks amazing as well. Her nipples are so tight as I smile at her, hearing the doorbell ring. “Oh, please answer the door Jess, that must be our dinner for this evening.” I see Jess blush as I pull out my phone, watching her walk toward the door as I record the encounter. The middle-aged delivery man almost stumbles back as he hands the food to Jess. She smiles and thanks him as she turns and shuts the door. I stop the recording and send it to Tony. “Look at this slut showing off for the delivery man.”

As Jess begins to unpack the food I get out the plates and a bottle of wine seeing Tony’s response as I giggle a bit. “She looks good but I would be jealous if you were showing yourself off like that.” Raising my eyebrows as I look at Jess, showing her the message. I can tell she is turned on but decide we need to set limits now rather than later.

We both sit down to eat as we chitchat just as we normally would except for the fact my best friend is nude wearing only black thigh highs and heels.

Taking a bite of my salad as I take a deep breath. “Look, I do not want to lose my best friend but I think we have gone too far and we have to see where this takes us.”

Jess takes a deep breath as well and looks back at me, “Yes, I was thinking the same. I have also given this thought and if Tony were to enjoy another woman I would want it to be you. We had several cuckcakes come and go but they never turned him on or me on as you can.”

Hearing Jess’s words this all makes sense now. She wants the best for him and thinks I am the best. As twisted as it may sound, I was overtaken with joy. Sitting back and crossing my legs. “Well thank you and I look forward to giving Tony pleasure. I was wondering, do you want me to be dominant towards you? I would assume yes, but I want to be sure.”

Jess bits her lip, trying to hide her excitement, “Yes, I would love that and would like to experiment more with humiliation and even some bondage as well.”

Without trying to show my excitement I ask Jess my next question, “What would you think about not being permitted to orgasm or have sex with Tony?”

This hit Jess out of nowhere since she had not contemplated this but felt her body react positively to the thought, “If that is what you want, then I will bursa escort bayan try it.”

“Very well then. If at any time neither we nor Tony is comfortable then we will use the safe word of friendship.”

Jess returns a smile, “Great we will have to let Tony know about all this.”

Looking at Jess as I hold my phone up, Tony has been on speaker this entire conversation. “Tony do you have any issues with these ground rules?”

“Nope, no concerns. You two enjoy your evening, I am going out to golf.” Tony hangs up the phone as Jess and I finish our meal. we both express excitement about the future.

As our meal ends I back away from the table. “Jess please clean up and meet me back in the living room once you are finished.” Without waiting for a response, I walk away hearing Jess respond with, “Yes Miss.”

As I sit down hearing the clinking of the glasses and the dishwasher starting Jess appears in the living room, walking in smiling. I smile at her as I cross my legs. “Come on over and kneel in front of me please.”

Jess’s cheeks turn a deep red as she kneels in front of my feet. feeling my breaths deepen as my nipples harden again. I extend my heel to Jess and look down. “Go ahead, show me how much you want me to be your cuckcake, kiss my heels, show me how much you want your husband to take me over and over.”

Without saying a word Jess begins to kiss my heels. Starting at the toes and making her way up.

“Oh wow, look how wet you are. I am going to be such a slut for Tony, he will not even think about having sex with you.” I move my foot away and motion for Jess to place her sex against my extended leg, smiling down at her.

“Go ahead, show me your excitement! Slowly glide your pussy up and down my leg.”

“Yes, Miss.” Jess begins to glide her wet sex up and down my thigh-high-covered leg as I feel her wetness cover my leg. Reaching down, I twist and pull her nipples. I sense her orgasm.

“If you want to cum you will cum in five, four, three, two, one…” Jess begins to moan and let her orgasm take over all while humping my leg. “Thank you, thank you Miss for allowing me to orgasm.” Pulling Jess up to her feet as I stand, kissing her deeply and passionately as I step back. “Wow, you are beautiful,” I say to Jess. I then guide her back to her knees, her back against the sofa as I hike up my light blue dress and slide my purple thong to the side.

My sex pressed to Jess’s lips as I begin to rotate my hips, feeling her tongue glide over my clit as moans escape my mouth. “Oh, wow look how eager you are to please me, such a great married whore. Just think of Tony filling my amazing pussy over and over all while you sit and watch us.” Jess flicked my clit and gave me pleasure unlike anyone else. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a car pull into the driveway, knowing it’s Tony.

I step away just as I hear the car door close and smirk at Jess. I walk to the door and allow Tony him. Just as the door shuts, I give Tony a hug and deep kiss. His hands moved to the back of my dress, unzipping it and letting it fall to the floor.

Tony sees his wife on the floor kneeling, without saying a word we both walk over to her, Tony unzips his designer jeans and his large cock springs out as I reach down and begin to stroke him. I look down at Jess as I take a deep breath and kiss her husband, our tongues twisting and tangling together as I love the way he kisses.

After two minutes or so we end the kiss. Tony looks down at his wife and finally speaks. “Now Jess, when I say I am going golfing that means that I will be leaving to see Chrissy. When I ask if you are baking a cake that is to let you know Chrissy will be on her way. Chrissy and I both spoke earlier and wanted code words so if others were to be around, they would have no idea. As you wish, this will remain between the three of us and nobody will ever know.”

Seeing Jess take this all in while stroking her husband she responds with, “Yes, Sir”.

I look at both Tony and Jess, “OK, now that we are all on the same page, how about you give your husband and escort bursa me some oral pleasure before we enjoy ourselves further.”

Jess nods and extends her tongue, flicking the head of Tony’s already hard cock. Swirling it around the tip and then pressing her mouth over his hard erection. Tony presses his hips and his cock begins to disappear in Jess’s mouth. Jess reaches her left hand up and begins to massage my clit while Tony and I kiss once again.

Jess continues to give Tony oral, not being able to take the entire length of his cock, and seeing he wants more I slowly pull away from Tony. “Jess, on your back NOW.”

Jess hears my command and quickly lays on her back and responds with, “Yes, Miss”.

I position myself over her face and then bend my knees, I straddle her as my wet sex begins to grind against her nose and then her lips, feeling her tongue flick my clit. I take Tony’s cock in my right hand as I lower my head and begin to gently lick and suck his balls. Feeling his cock twitch in my hand from the pleasure. I then extend my tongue and glide from his balls to the tip of his cock. Rotating my hips as I moan from the pleasure of Jess’s mouth as I open my mouth and begin to glide my lips down Tony’s cock. Without issue, my nose is at the base of his cock as I feel his hips press against me as he moans out in pleasure.

“Fuck, nobody has ever been able to give me oral like you Chrissy, you are such an amazing woman.” Jess hears the words, not feeling jealousy but lust and a deeper loving for both Jess and Tony.

My mouth continues to glide up and down Tony’s cock with ease, each time his large cock is fully in my mouth I stop and let him feel the pleasure of my throat. Sensing his nearing orgasm I glide my lips off his cock and turn around, my wet pussy over Jess as I lower my head to her sex. Tony not needing instruction positions himself behind me and begins to glide his cock into my needy pussy. Feeling Jess’s tongue glide over my clit and then hearing Tony groan as I know her tongue is working his cock as well.

My tongue swirled around Jess’s clit and every so gently sucked it as one then two fingers disappeared into her. All three of us moan as Tony fills me over and over again with the most amazing cock I have ever had.

“Ohhh, yes Chrissy you are just amazing. This is the best sex I have ever had, even better than the honeymoon sex Jess and I had.”

Smiling as I lift my head, “Ohh yes, I am so happy that you have been able to find a real woman Tony, someone that can give you real pleasure.” As my words hit Jess’s ears I feel her soft walls collapse around my two fingers.

“You may orgasm anytime you wish Jess.” This gives Jess the green light to orgasm as I feel mine approaching.

Tony rocks his hips and fills me two more times before I feel his cock become hard. Pulling him deep into my pussy as I feel his cum erupt inside me. My orgasm takes over me from all the sensations of Jess’s tongue and Tony’s cock. “OHH YEES YYESS.” My orgasm fills the room just as Jess orgasms and fills the room with her moans of delight.

As Tony’s cock softens and I rock my hips back and forth as Jess’s tongue glides over my sensitive clit, feeling a shock go through my entire body as Tony’s softening cock leaves me and his cum begins to flow from me and onto Jess’s face. I rock back and forth. Creating a mess of my juices and her husband’s cum over her face. Giggling a bit as I roll off her. I stand up with Tony as we kiss once more.

“Hey Chrissy, how about you put that dress back on so you and I can head home. Jess, you will be staying here for the night.”

Jess, not expecting this turn of events and feels left out but knows this is what she and Tony have talked about and agreed to. “Yes, Sir. Thank you both for such an amazing evening. Chrissy, I will make sure your condo is cleaned up when you return.”

I pull my dress back over my head and pull my purple thong back so its covering me. Getting back on my knees and giving Jess a long, deep passionate kiss. I taste Tony’s cum and my juices as I pull away and stand up. “Jess, you are so amazing and such a strong woman. I would have been insane to say no to this. Thank you for wanting to share this lifestyle with me.”

With that, Tony and I exit my condo and make our way back to his house as his wife now fully a cuckquean stays behind.

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