Beach Bitch

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Beach Bitch (Petes TV 7)

I had to meet my cycling friend at the beach at 7am, we had a nice 2 hour cycle and then she had to go to work. I had the day off and it was pretty warm so I changed in the change room from cycling lycra to my baby blue speedo’s. The beach was almost deserted being a work day. I went for a proper swim, about half an hour of free style 50m out along the beach and back. When I got back to my towel I noticed that Mr 10 inches or Roger was laying on his towel near by. He waved at me but I ignored him. I’m not usually rude but the last time I saw him, he fucked the chick I was with on the beach, and she was my mates girlfriend. He also went to her apartment a few times and even fucked her in a gangbang MMMF. That’s not respectful and I didn’t want to be friendly.

After a while he walked over to me and held out his hand saying “Roger” I ignored the hand and said “What do you want” He was pleasant enough and said he was sorry we had got off on the wrong foot and that he thought we could try and start off again, as We both used the same beach and he was also a cyclist and saw me out on the bike paths a few times. I told him I was unimpressed that he had shagged my chick at the beach and wanted nothing to do with him. Roger pointed out she came onto him and she had told him I was just a friend, albeit a friend with benefits. Any way, long story short I could not be bothered keeping up the rude attitude, its just not my style, so eventually I gave up and introduced myself then said , “I have to go now, see ya”

I picked up my towel and small bag and wandered up to the showers. Once I got undressed and into the showers I realised he had followed me, and was getting undressed just outside the showers. Once naked he came walking in with his cock hanging down and fairly soft. It was very thick.

He noticed me checking him out and said “You Like? You have a hot cracking body too mate, no wonder Sue wants you”. He started soaping himself, particularly his cock and was working it so it got hard. He was looking right at me, stroking his big fat 10″ cock. It was very hard and over 10″ long. My cock was soft and I didn’t have any soap. He leant over and said “can I help”. He stroked my cock. I backed away.

He said, “Its cool man no one will come in.”

He came into my shower and pushed his soapy hand on my cock again. This time our cocks actually touched and it was like electricity. I was watching the door so I didn’t move right away and he took that as a yes. He started rubbing our cocks together and soaping them both at once with his one hand. It did feel good. I could hear that no one was anywhere near the showers and the light from the outside door would flicker if some one walked in. It was pretty safe.

I was curious about how big he was and how it would feel so I relaxed and took his big fat hard cock in my hand and started stroking it. It felt huge compared to my own fat cock. It was almost as thick as a can of coke and almost twice as long.

Roger dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock. He was very skilled and I was getting very hard. After a few minutes of sucking he turned me and had his tongue licking my ass. Surprisingly it felt great and he was stroking my cock at the same time. I had my eyes closed and began to forget it was Roger not my mate Pete doing the licking. I’d had a couple of unexpected plays with Pete and that was the extent of my MM experience. Soon he stood and I could feel the head of his cock rubbing between my ass cheeks, it was slippery so he must have added soap. I lent down and pushed my ass back and the big head of his cock started stretching my ass. He was almost twice as round as Pete and it broke the mood and reminded me it wasn’t Pete.

I pulled away and said “get a bloody condom if you want to do that”

Roger said “I don’t have any condoms and I am DDF so no need”

He held my arms tight behind my back and forced me to bend over. He was easily 30kg heavier than me and as fit. His big cock was standing up and he was sliding it on my ass, then he was sliding his soapy cock up and down my ass crack. Soon he was pushing at the entrance to my ass. I hadn’t decided to let him fuck me so I was struggling. I didn’t attempt to kick him or break free. He was very strong and fully taking charge. Even though I was flexing he had me for weight and strength and he kept rubbing that big cock at my anus.

His pushing resulted in the head of his cock going into my ass. It was huge and felt fucking great. He kept pushing in. All I could feel was increasing stretching. It felt like I was being opened up from the ass inwards.

I was saying “You’re fucking raping me you shit”

He said “No I’m not, you haven’t told me to stop”

I said “fucking stop raping me”

He said “I can’t stop something I’m not doing. You haven’t told me to stop so its not rape”. He kept pushing his cock into my ass. I could feel the head stuck in my entry. I knew where the helmet of his cock ended and the shaft began.

I said “Stop fucking me. Get your cock out of my ass now”. He kept pushing into my ass and holding me tightly. My ass was on fire. His cock was huge. The head was huge. I moved my ass a little and the head slipped past the hard muscle at the entry. He just pushed harder.

Roger said “You’re ass is sweet and tight, you moved to get my head in your ass. Are you sure you want me to stop? If I pull my cock out I wont put it back in”.

His 10″ cock was easy 3 inches in me now. I had realised I was extremely turned on by being forced. The sheer size of his cock was great as well. He shifted hands and had 1 hand holding my arms behind my back and one on my hard cock stroking. He pushed again and was 4″ in me. My ass was relaxing and self lubing, plus the soap, so his thick 10″ cock was going in easier.

I said “Roger stop fucking me, I will have you charged, this is not consensual” He pushed harder and was 5″ in me, he stroked my cock as he kept pumping into me. He said nothing.

I said it again “Roger stop fucking me, I will have you charged, this is not consensual” Ankara bayan escort

He ignored me and kept humping me, pushing in another inch. My ass was on fire, Id never been so full of cock before. He was rock hard and pulsing. I could barely think as the pleasure was so full on. My cock was spasming and my ass was doing big contractions on his cock. The white hot pleasure was going up my spine to a place in my brain I never knew I had. I tried to say “Roger stop” but it sounded a lot like “Fuck me”. He kept forcing that big cock in and had about 8″ in me now. I couldn’t fight it so I pushed back and soon had the whole 10″ up my ass.

He said “fuck you’re tight, what a beautiful ass”. He started pulling out the full 10″ and pushing back in hard. I was helping him. We were getting into a rhythm. I was getting my ass fucked by a stranger I didn’t really like and I was loving it. His cock was so big it was giving me a whole new type of feeling. My ass was pulsing and there was a feeling like I was going to ejaculate out of my ass. Roger kept stroking my cock and fucking my ass, his breathing was ragged and he was working hard fucking me. I could tell he was working up to a big cum and I wanted it all. He had my face up to the shower wall and my body bent over to present my ass for fucking. He was stroking my cock like mad and fucking me even harder. I started shooting cum out of my cock all over the wall, and my ass started pulsing massively and clamped down on the last few inches of his big cock head deep in my ass.

I was pushing back and pulling off as he fucked me. Soon I feel him cuming in my ass deep and powerful, big jets of hot creamy cum. He’s still pulling out and pushing back in firmly. My orgasm is fully up my entire ass tube and halfway up my back. Its like how a chick ass cums when I ass fuck her. It’s my second ever guy fucking me in the ass and I’m having a real ass cum. My knees collapse and I drop to the floor. Roger is there still in me, still fucking me, and still cuming from what I can tell. He keeps pumping me and runs us both up again. His cock barely gets soft and he’s pulling out firmly and ramming his big cock back into me. I realise where I am and make him pull out of my ass and we shower.

I said, “are you vers, do you get fucked as well”.

He said “No, I’m strictly top and you’re only the third guy I’ve fucked.”

I was a bit cross “You fucking raped me, not fucked me”

Roger said “Mate I’m sorry, I just knew you’d get into it and you did”

There didn’t seem to be any point in arguing. I did get into it and wanted it again. He must have known what I was thinking as he said “come home with me, I want a lot more of that ass of yours” even his cock swelled a little as he said it. There was still no one in the showers, and I could see a little cum drop at the end of his cock so I bent down and sucked him clean.

He said “Come home with me, I’m just around the corner” I still had his massive cock head in my mouth and I nodded agreement. My own cock twitched and hardened as I gave in to the lust of his huge cock and deep throated him in one go, the taste of my ass was still a hint on his skin.

We dressed quickly and I followed his car in mine. We walked up the stairs to his door in silence and once inside he dropped his bag and towel and then just grabbed me and was rubbing my cock with his hand, and rubbing his cock against my leg. Then he surprised me and kissed me deeply and passionately. When I resisted he held my head and pushed me against the wall. I don’t kiss guys so I struggled. He held me very strongly and tightly forcing me to kiss him. I’d had enough so I used my martial arts on him and stamped on his instep foot, elbowed him really hard in the solar plexus winding him badly, then inverted his wrist and dropped him to his knees with his back to me.

While he was still panting and trying to recover from being hit, I took my belt off my shorts and tied him firmly behind his back on the wrists with about 5 wraps of my belt and locked it. His shorts had come down as we struggled, and now so had mine without a belt. I was surprised my cock had got hard with the struggle and also his cum had run from my bruised ass down my inside leg as well. I got a lot of his cum on my fingers and smeared it all over my cock and pushed him face down onto the rug. His ass was now exposed and his bum was in the air. I slid up behind him aiming my now thick hard cock at his ass crack. He was trying to say “No, No” but he still couldn’t breathe from being hit.

I slid my cock to the entrance of his ass. It was neatly trimmed and looked sexy. I pushed. He was so tight it made no entry at all. I grabbed his hips with both hands and pushed again, I could feel his ass hole stretching, so I kept pushing. Roger was wailing and saying “stop, stop, I don’t do that”

I said “you did it to me, I’m doing it to you”.

I kept forcing the hard head of my cock into him. After 60 seconds or so my cock actually penetrated his anus. I had the head in. I let him rest a minute to get used to it. I was sure this was his first time. As his anus started twitching I started easing more cock into him. He was very tight and I was very hard. Seems I like this rough sex stuff, interesting as I’d never thought about it. He was pinned to the ground by my weight and couldn’t fight as his wrists were tied. I was able to feed him my cock as hard and as fast as I wanted. I was forceful but also went a little slow to let him get used to it. He had taken a bit of time to shove his big cock up my ass in the showers. Soon I was all the way in him and my hips were rubbing up against his firm fit ass cheeks. I had to admit he had a nice body and sexy ass.

I started fucking him slowly. Not too fast as I didn’t want to cum too soon. I reached around and found his cock was rock hard and huge. It was leaking so much pre-cum that it was self lubing. I stroked his cock and his anus twitched. I started fucking him the same way he had just fucked me, stroking his cock and roughly pushing in then slowly pulling out. Time was going slowly but I think Escort bayan Ankara I’d had my cock up his ass for 3 minutes or more. I soon realised he was pushing back to meet my thrusts and pulling off as I pulled back. His breathing had changed from the wheezing from being hit to a ragged gasping sound.

I said “You’re loving that ass fucking you slut”.

All Roger could do was keep fucking and nod his head. His ass started pulsing and his cock leaked a lot more pre-cum.

He said “Cuming” and his body shook. I started really fucking his ass hard, long firm pull outs and very hard slams back in. His whole back was convulsing.

He was shaking and gasping out “fuck me, fuck me” He really went crazy now shaking uncontrollably and I had to hold on really tight as I fucked him.

I started cuming and blasted so much cum into his tight ass it was almost painful. As my jets of cum stopped I pulled out of his ass and moved to his head and forced my cock fresh from his ass into his mouth and made him suck me clean. His cock was still leaking, dribbling cum so I sucked that clean for him, then I untied him. Roger was not very happy.

He said “That was definitely rape. Its the first time I’ve ever had a cock in my ass. Guess we are even now hey”

We talked about it for a while. I showed him a pic of my clean STI test results. Roger offered me a beer and I accepted. We were both walking naked in his apartment. We went back to where I had fucked him and there was a big pool of cum where he had shot while my cock was up his ass.

Roger was very concerned that I not tell anyone what we had done. He insisted we both had forced the other, so we were equally at fault on the rape score. He also had concerns about being “outed publicly”. He had a divorce going on and wanted to see his kids. I agreed it was our little secret. We talked about how it felt to be fucked and how intense the cum is. I found myself touching the cum pool on the floor with my toe, and noticed his cock unfurling and filling down his leg. My cock was soft and that is a bad thing in that company, “man with hard cock does not get his ass raped”.

I was mesmerized by Rogers big fat cock, and soon I was on my knees sucking him. He got very hard very quickly.

His cock was so thick that it hurt my jaw to get it wide enough for the cock to go in my mouth. Hard it was never going down my throat. He commented that chicks could never get his cock in their mouth and he’d only met 1 chick that could deep throat him. He also said that chicks could rarely get his whole cock in their pussy and few ever let him try to ass fuck them. Only 1 had actually been able to get his big cock in her ass. Sue could not. He said the other 2 guys he had ass fucked had been purely so he could experience a wild ass fucking session.

I said “You’ve had it two ways today, which way do you prefer?”

Rogers answer was slow and deliberate. He said “If I get to choose it will be some of each for a long time. I liked forcing you in the change rooms, and I liked forcing into you. You are so tight and I can get all the way in. You clench my cock so hard, it got me off big time, but I keep looking at your cock and want it in my ass again soon” I followed his gaze to my half hard cock laying down my inside leg. I scooped up his now cold cum off the floor and stroked the base of his cock with my slippery hand while I sucked his cock head as much as I could get in. I had him really hard quickly. Then he pulled out of my mouth and turned me, pushing my head down on the floor. I knew what was coming next. The head of his cock was pushed to the entrance of my ass.

I scooped up the last of his cold cum and rubbed it on my anus. Roger gripped my hips and started pushing. His cock was just too hard and too big to go in easily. My anus started slowly stretching as he forced the cock in. I allowed his impossibly big cock to force its way into my ass. The pain was blinding. Behind the pain was white hot pleasure. I closed my eyes and relaxed allowing him entry to my ass. I pushed back a little. As the head popped inside my ass there was some relief from the pain. His cum was already inside me from before so the way became slippery and soon he was forcing the big head of his cock well inside me. This time I was more prepared for how it felt, and was well lubed up by his first load of cum still in my ass. The sensations were still all consuming and amazingly powerful.

I just let Roger fuck me. He used long hard strokes, full length, full penetration and fully deep in. The feelings from my ass were much stronger than a cock cum. They were all up my back, not just inside my ass. Roger was going on about how tight and good my ass was. He kept fucking me for like 15 minutes. I looked down and saw I had my own cum all over the floor under me and on my chest. I didn’t even know I had shot. He finally started running up to a cum and when he came I felt like I had a litre of cum shot inside me, all hot and silky smooth. As Roger pulled his big cock from my ass, a nice dribble of cum ran down my legs. Nice, big cock, big cum load. I felt empty and wanted his cock back in there.

We agreed to meet the next day at the beach and to enjoy our mutual ass fucking for a while. I started packing up to get moving. Roger was still naked and was watching my every move. He kept saying don’t tell Sue, don’t tell Martin (his friend), don’t tell Pete. I assured him I had as much to hide as he did and would be discrete. Roger went off to a set of drawers and got some tablets out. He took one and handed me one.

“What are they” I asked.

He said “Cialis. Think we will need them to keep up this pace”

I took the tablet and washed it down with beer. “How quickly do they work” I asked

He replied “about 2 to 4 hrs and they really get strong by about 12 hrs. They last almost a week”

I said “mmm I’ve had the same experience with them. Also makes my cock bigger and harder”

Roger looked at my cock, fat inside my boxer shorts with the zip of my shorts still undone and said “Not sure I can handle any more Bayan escort Ankara cock than you’ve currently got”

I replied “Lol how would you cope if you had to put up with one your size, you are easy twice as thick as me”

Roger disagreed and got a ruler and made circles with his finger and thumb. He said “I think you are about 60mm (2.5″) and I’m about 85mm (3.5″) across. We are both about 10″ long, you just under, me just over”

I disagreed and the argument went back and forth for a while. Since neither of us could prove our points without a hard on Roger eventually started sucking me. He was making me feel very good and was getting me hard.

He stopped sucking and said “Please get hard I need to be fucked again so hard”.

Soon he was turning around and presenting his athletes ass to me for fucking. My cock was wet from his mouth and he was still leaking a little cum from his recent fucking. My hard cock slid straight in. He gasped and stayed very still as I pushed all the way deep into his ass.

Roger said “Oh fuck that feels good, I’m so hooked on being fucked after just 1 ass fucking. How can you stop yourself wanting this every day”

He was going on a lot so I cranked it up and was fucking him hard, he was gasping and saying the usual stuff like “fuck me”, “screw my tight ass” , “fuck me you stud”, “cum in my slut ass”

It was a big turn around from the dominant top that force fucked me that morning in a public shower. I had made him my ass slut in 1 hard forced fucking, and I had my cock up him right now. I was grabbing his hips and really pumping him hard. I grabbed his cock and he went off in my hand, cuming a big hard load over my hand. I kept fucking his ass hard and brought the hand with his fresh warm cum all over it to my lips and started licking his warm cum from my fingers. That did it as it was so dirty. I came hard deep in his ass and that made him start a massive ass contraction. I could tell he was having the same super intense ass cum he had given me twice that day.

My cock deflated very quickly after that cum. We showered and dressed. He walked me to my car and off I drove, wishing I was able to get hard again and go back there and fuck him again.

Around dinner time that night 9 hours after he had given me that Cialis tablet, I was thinking about his cock and his tight ass. I got a huge boner that just would not go down. We’d swapped mobile numbers on the way to our cars so I texted him a pic of the bulge. Within seconds I had a similar pic back from him, with the head of his cock poking out the top of his Kelvin Klein boxers. Then a message “So fucking horny, can you get over here please – PLEASE” I replied “I’ll be 15 minutes” I quickly dressed and got in my car. The 10 minute drive was taking forever.

I knocked on his door and it was answered immediately. I’d barely closed the door when he was on his knees, undoing my belt and fly. He had my cock in his mouth in seconds and was undoing his shorts and stroking his huge hard cock seconds after. We quickly ended up on the floor in 69 each sucking the others big hard cock. I just could not get his fat 10″ cock down my throat, no matter how hard I tried. Soon Roger wanted his cock fully wet and involved and turned me onto my knees with my ass facing him. I heard a lid pop and looked behind to see him squirting lube from a tube onto his super hard cock. Thank god I thought, that cock was bigger than this morning even.

The lube was cold as he brought his cock head up to my ass, I lowered my head to the floor, to make his aim easier and the penetration less painful. He lined my anus up perfectly and was stroking his cock head across my anus firmly. It felt great and he was almost teasing me. I pushed back a little and his cock stretched my ass. He firmly held me and his cock and just eased in. The fully lubed cock was so much easier to take. Maybe a minute later he was balls deep in my ass. I was on fire, my whole ass was full to tearing and was hot and pulsing. I just relaxed into the fuck and let him do what he wanted. He increased the tempo until he was slamming in the full 10″ WHAM almost slapping my ass with his pubic bone, then slowly pulling out all the way until just the last bit of cock head was still in my ass then WHAM, back in again. It felt awesome and I was sure I could feel him spasming a few times, wow he must have control to spasm that much and not cum. After something like half an hour and many of his spasms, my cock and balls were so drained of cum it was hurting to even try and cum. There were that many ropes of my cum on the leather lay low I’d grabbed that I was slipping on it as Roger fucked me. He finally ran up to a massive orgasm and pumped the last of his cum into me. I asked how many times he had cum in me and he said he had lost count after 6, maybe 10 times. His cock was still swollen and semi hard, fully coated in thick drying semen.

We kind of lay together on his ottoman couch, sort of spooning but not really comfortable. Roger was careful not to over step the mark with me like he had kissing me that morning. He would rub against me, then his cock would get hard, he would direct it at my ass with his hand, and he would push the hard cock into me. I would lay there as his fuck toy and he would just fuck me for 10 minutes then cum again and drift off to sleep and his cock would pop out of my ass taking with it a few big drops of cum. I was stirring and thinking of going home, when Roger started sucking my cock. I was hard after a few minutes and he turned asking me nicely to fuck him. I just pushed hard into him and forcefully fucked him hard for 20 minutes. I felt him shudder and spasm many times. I had my hand on his cock for most of it but very little cum came out by then as he had cum so much in my ass. When I finally built up to a big cum he reached between our legs and had a few fingers in my ass and squeezed my balls hard to get the last drops out of my cock. It worked, that last sensation felt fabulous and I gave up the last cum I had in my body.

I got up, showered and dressed , then drove home to my own bed. I wasnt that comfortable with guy sex to stay the

If you liked the story or would like to read the next part please PM me or write a comment. Its nice to hear if someone liked the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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