Banging the Babe in the Wheelchair

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August Ames

Vicky Ralston was propped up on three pillows in the middle of her bed reading an engrossing book. She was almost half finished with her book and she had reached a very erotic section. She held the book in her right hand and used her left hand to rub her pussy through her pants. The twenty-year-old girl had taken this warm, August Friday afternoon off from the bookstore where she worked. Most girls her age would have been at a swimming pool or outside soaking up the sun’s rays on a day like today. Vicky was content to lie on her bed and read. The erotic portion of this book was getting the best of her and she was determined that she was not going to start masturbating yet. She set the book aside and decided that she would go to the kitchen to get a soft drink. Vicky was unaware that her twenty-two year old brother, Jim, had also taken the afternoon off from work. Jim had graduated from college in May and was working at an entry-level management position for a local manufacturing company.

Vicky had just entered the hallway when she noticed movement in her brother’s bedroom. Vicky saw a naked blonde girl in the middle of Jim’s bed. This girl’s breasts were very large and they were quivering. She finally realized what movement had caught her attention. It was her brother’s head bobbing up and down as he lapped at the blonde’s pussy. Vicky knew that she shouldn’t stay to watch and she never before had had any voyeuristic tendencies; but the sight on her brother’s bed was mesmerizing. She watched her brother aggressively attack that pussy until the blonde began to moan and utter incoherent words. Jim pulled his head from between the girl’s legs and moved his body over hers and began to kiss her. Then Vicky saw her brother take his hard, thick cock and begin to slide it into that wet, waiting hole. She was in awe at the sight of that hard cock with its purple cap as Jim slid it in and out of his willing blonde partner.

Vicky had already been aroused by the erotic content of her book; but this sight really had the juices flowing between her legs. She rubbed harder and harder and finally, was able to fight the urge to return to her room to masturbate. Jim pounded that cock into the girl at a much more rapid pace and the blonde began to moan again. When she heard Jim begin to grunt, she turned and quickly wheeled herself to the kitchen and took a can of soda from the refrigerator. As she moved toward the kitchen table, she still could not get the vision of her brother’s cock out of her mind. She found herself somewhat envious of the blonde girl with the big tits.

Vicky sat at the table slowly sipping on her soda. She was thinking about how she had been put in this damn wheelchair and about how envious she was of the girls who were enjoying satisfying sex lives. Vicky had been just a few weeks shy of her thirteenth birthday and she had been a star player on her grade school basketball team. On the Sunday after Christmas, the entire family had gone snowmobile riding. Vicky had been riding behind her father and was enjoying the thrill of gliding across the snowy surface. They had been at a large public park, a scant ten miles from their home. Vicky and her father were riding on a marked snowmobile trail when another snowmobile flew out of the woods and crashed into them. Vicky had seen the approaching snowmobile less than a second before impact. Now, seven and a half years later, that memory is still etched in her mind. It was such a short time that she didn’t have time to warn her daddy or even enough time to scream. It seemed to her, though in her memory, that the other snowmobile was in the air hurtling at them for at least five minutes. Every millisecond of the time is etched in her memory as a still picture.

The impact had sent them airborne and they had landed on their heads. Mr. Ralston had been killed instantly and Vicky had been rushed to a nearby hospital and then airlifted to a trauma center where she was near death. The young girl had remained in a coma for three days and the doctors had not been optimistic. She had no feeling in her limbs. When she regained consciousness, she still was unable to move her arms or legs. Almost a week after the accident she began to feel sensation in her right arm and soon after she began to regain some use of that limb. Over the next few weeks, feeling began to return to her other limbs. She regained some use of her left arm about three weeks after the accident. Full use and strength in that arm has never completely returned.

The driver of the other snowmobile had been drinking and he was charged with reckless homicide. He spent nearly a year in jail as a result. Vicky’s father had been a very successful businessman and he left his family well taken care of. The driver of the other snowmobile may have been irresponsible by drinking when operating the vehicle; but he had been responsible enough to have good liability insurance. Connie Ralston, Vicky’s mother, had reached a reasonable settlement with the insurance company and Vicky’s medical bursa yabancı escort and rehabilitation needs had been covered. After paying the medical bills, Connie had put the money in a trust account over which she had control. When Vicky needed something related to her handicap, Connie paid the bills from the trust. Vicky was unaware how much of the money remained.

After many months of physical therapy, Vicky was able to have limited movement of her legs. With the aid of crutches, she could stand for short periods of time and walk a very limited distance. Because of the weakness of her left arm, use of the crutches was difficult. This was the excuse that Vicky used for not using them very often. The last two times that she had used the crutches in public had been two years ago at her high school graduation and this past spring for a family picture at her brother’s college graduation. Vicky suspected that the next time that she would use her crutches in public would be two years hence, when she was due to graduate from college.

Vicky was just about to enter her teens at the time of the accident and her body had not yet begun to develop into womanhood. Vicky had been undergoing her arduous rehabilitation program when her thin, frail body began to mature. Her breasts were very slow to develop. In fact, at the beginning of her sophomore year in high school, she still went without a bra on a regular basis. At about the same time that she was due to graduate from high school, her breasts reached their current size. As she had for two years, she was wearing a size 30B bra. The bulky, baggy clothes that she normally wore disguised the fact that her nipples are quite large and quite sensitive.

Vicky’s blood circulation had never been the same after the accident and her extremities were constantly cold. For this reason and because of the lack of muscular development of her legs, she seldom wore shorts or skirts. Even in eighty and ninety degree heat, she usually wore baggy long-sleeved sweaters or sweat shirts. Her wardrobe coupled with the fact that she was usually sitting in her wheelchair, insured that no one knew how nice her tight ass was or how sexy her pert breasts looked.

Vicky had been certain for years that no man would be interested in her because she was confined to a wheelchair. This belief led to her disdaining all make-up and refusing to dress to appeal to the opposite sex. She was unaware of how little she would have to change to accentuate her better features. All through high school and now that she was in college; she had just been the plain-Jane in a wheelchair.

Vicky had always been a good student in school. Surprisingly, when she returned to school after the accident, her grades improved. She received one B while she was in high school and after two years of college, she was still earning all A’s. Since the latter years of junior high school, she had read about four books per week. This was in addition to all of the reading that she had to do to maintain her high scholastic average.

After her accident, her bitter attitude had alienated all of her friends and she had done nothing over the past years to cultivate many new friendships. During high school, she had overheard some conversations that the other girls had when they talked about how they could make themselves feel good with their fingers. She began to experiment with this practice and eventually learned to give herself a mild orgasm. She still used this form of self-gratification to achieve that pleasant feeling a couple of times per week.

Vicky had been interested in boys before she had been hurt and some of the boys at school had shown an interest in her. When she finally returned to school, that interest had waned on both sides. Throughout her years in high school, she had had about four dates and Vicky was sure that some of them were with guys who had pity for her. On a couple of these dates, she had been kissed; but she had done nothing further. Her knowledge about sex was limited to what she learned from the many books that she read.

Vicky knew of the satisfying sex lives that many of her peers were experiencing and she was quite jealous of them for this. This jealousy had been raised to a new level as she watched the rapturous look on the face of that buxom blonde as her brother pounded his hard cock into her. Vicky was determined that she was going to experience the same feeling. Aloud, she said to herself, “I have got to get fucked. I have got to do it soon.”

Vicky’s reminiscence was interrupted by the sound of people moving around at the far end of the house. Jim and the girl appeared in the kitchen doorway. The blonde with the big tits was now fully clothed. The considerable expanse of cleavage that was visible in the v-neck top that she was wearing did nothing to make them look any smaller than they had looked when they were bare. Jim had been somewhat surprised to see his sister sitting there. Jim said, “Hi, Vicky. This is Melissa Banks. bursa sınırsız escort ? Melissa, this is my sister, Vicky.” Then he looked back at Vicky and added, “Melissa and I work together. ? When did you get home?”

Vicky replied, “I have been home all afternoon. I took the afternoon off. I was in my room reading until a few minutes ago. I came out here to get a soda.” Vicky could tell, as Jim and Melissa walked toward the door, that Jim had been embarrassed to find his baby sister sitting at the kitchen table when he was getting ready to take his bimbo home. When she heard her brother’s car start and he drove off, she returned to her room where she returned to her book. She had slipped her pants off as soon as she had gotten back on the bed. This time, she did not intend to fight the temptation to finger herself when she returned to the erotic portions of the book. A few hours later, Vicky heard movement in the kitchen. She assumed, correctly so, that her mother had returned from work.

Vicky went to the kitchen and talked with her mother, as supper was prepared. After they had eaten, Vicky returned to her room where she spent most of the weekend. During this time in her bedroom, Vicky alternated between reading a book and thinking about what she had seen through the door of her brother’s bedroom. Her mind kept trying to develop some reasonable plan that would allow her to feel that same wonderful sensation. By the time that she fell asleep on Sunday evening, it had almost developed to an obsession.

Monday morning saw Vicky arrive in the kitchen before six-thirty. Her mother and brother had not come out of their rooms yet. Vicky had heard the shower in the hallway bathroom running, so she knew that her brother was out of bed. Vicky and her mother each had bathrooms connected to their bedrooms. The coffee had just finished brewing when Connie Ralston appeared in the kitchen. Connie remarked, “You’re up and moving a little earlier than usual.”

Vicky handed her mother a cup of coffee and answered, “Yeah. I think that I got too much sleep this weekend. This is my week to open the bookstore, so I’ll probably get there about seven-thirty.”

Vicky had started to work at the bookstore right after she graduated from high school. She worked part-time during the school year and full time during the summer and other school vacations. Jerry Halpert was the owner of the store and he was very good to work for. He had a middle-aged woman who worked for him; but she took a lot of time off during the summer. That worked out quite well for everyone. Janice Watson also worked at the bookstore. Janice was Vicky’s age and had worked at the bookstore for a little more than a year. Janice and Vicky also had classes together during the school year and they had become quite close. In fact, Janice was probably Vicky’s only real friend. During the summer, Janice and Vicky alternated weeks that they opened the store. The store opened at eight o’clock and Vicky would probably be there at about seven-thirty. When Vicky opened the store, Janice usually arrived between nine and nine-thirty. Mr. Halpert usually didn’t come in until about nine-thirty and then he usually left for the bank within thirty minutes

Vicky was anxious for Janice to come in this morning. She needed to talk to her friend about her current obsession. Vicky knew that Janice was sexually active and really liked sex. Vicky and Janice had had previous discussions about sex and Vicky knew that although Janice was quite open minded about sex, she was cautious about having sex. Janice had told her friend that she had to have some close feeling for the guy before she would spread her legs for him. Vicky wanted some honest advice from someone about this and she wanted it from someone who would not ridicule her because she was a twenty-year-old virgin. Vicky was waiting on a customer when Janice came in at nine-fifteen. Janice knew that there was a box of books that needed to be put on shelves and she started on that as soon as she got there.

Mr. Halpert came in and checked that the girls were doing the jobs that he had given them to do and then he got his bank deposit ready. As he was walking toward the door, Mr. Halpert said, “Girls, if anybody calls for me, I probably won’t be back until early afternoon. I have another appointment after I finish at the bank. When that is done, I will probably go to lunch.”

Vicky and Janice both said, “Okay, see you later, Mr. Halpert.”

Vicky was pleased that she would have plenty of time to talk with Janice. She wheeled herself over to where Janice was working and started helping to put books on the shelves. After a few minutes, Vicky asked, “Janice, how old were you the first time that you had sex?”

Without batting an eye, Janice asked, “With a guy or with a girl?”

“You mean that you have had sex with a girl.”

“Sure, lots of times. I like it with a guy a whole lot better; but sex with another girl is usually a lot of fun.”

“How görükle escort old were you the first time that you did that?”

“Sixteen. A bunch of us girls were sitting around trying to find things that felt good. We liked the way it felt when we played with ourselves; but we weren’t ready to have a cock in us yet. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were eating each other’s pussies. I did it a lot when I was in high school; but I haven’t had that many opportunities since then.”

“When did you start having sex with guys?”

“Early in my freshman year in college. Almost two years ago.”

“What made you decide that you wanted to let him do it?”

“He sort of made up my mind for me.”

“How was that?”

“I had let several guys get my pants off to play with my pussy; but when I thought that they were getting dangerously close to wanting to fuck, I would make them stop.”

“Why didn’t stop him?”

“I didn’t get the chance. Before he got to the point where I usually put a stop to it, his head went between my legs and he started to eat my pussy. I came so hard that I didn’t think that a hand job would do. I’m glad that he made me cum with his mouth, because I sure didn’t get close when he fucked me.”

“How come?”

“First, he just jammed it in to pop my cherry and then he came on about the third stroke. I damned sure didn’t go out with that asshole again.”

“I take it that the next time was a lot more pleasant.”

“Pleasant hell. It was fantastic. I waited about four months before I had sex with another guy. This time, I wanted to make sure that there was more than just sex between us. We had been going out about two months when we finally had sex. I really thought that I loved him and I thought that he loved me. We were together more than six months and finally I realized that all there really was between us was the sex. Since that guy there have only been about two guys for about a dozen times. ? Why are you suddenly so interested in my sex life?”

“I, um, ah, I was thinking that maybe I wanted to start having sex.”

“Wow. What brought that on? And do you have anyone in particular in mind?”

“Friday, when I had the afternoon off, my brother brought some bimbo home and he didn’t close his door all of the way. I watched him eating her pussy and then I saw him slide his cock into her. Damn, his cock looked so beautiful; I wanted it sliding into me.”

“Well, if you are so enamored with that cock, why don’t you just fuck your brother?”

“Shit, I don’t know if I could do that. Of course, I don’t really have any other prospects. You’ve seen all of the guys lining up around here trying to take the wheelchair girl on a date.”

“I don’t want to hear that self-pity shit. I’m willing to discuss this with you to see what we can do to get you satisfied; but I’m not listening to you blame it all on the chair.”

“I don’t even know what you can do to help me.”

“First, we have to figure out how much experience that you have had.”

“Experience, what’s that?”

“Okay, we know that you have never fucked a guy, because you said that you were still a virgin. Your reaction when I talked about having sex with women tells me that you don’t have any experience there. Am I right?”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“You have used you fingers to get yourself off; haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I’ve done that; it’s just that it doesn’t seem as fulfilling as I’ve read about and heard about.”

“Fingers are never as good as a tongue or a cock; but they can be pretty satisfying. I think that you need to get some personalized instruction on this.”

“Just where do I get this personalized instruction? Do they have a course called Fingering Your Pussy 101 at the community college?”

“You’re close. You and I will get together and I will show you what makes me feel good and we’ll see what can make you feel good.”

“I appreciate you wanting to help; but I was just asking for some advice.”

Janice looked a little disappointed as she asked, “Does that mean that you don’t want me to show you?”

Vicky smiled as she replied, “Now, I didn’t say that. It would be great if you could show me how to make it better. Even if I can’t find someone to fuck me, maybe I can learn how to make myself feel a little better.”

“That sounds good to me. It has been a little while since I have had any sex, so maybe this will help me relieve some of the sexual tension that I have been feeling.”

A couple of customers came in and they had to stop their discussion for a while. They waited on the customers and did some of the other work that they had to do. Later in the day, Janice asked Vicky, “Have you given any more thought to the suggestion that I gave on who should be your first man?”

Vicky shook her head for a few seconds and looked at Janice before saying, “I’ve thought about it; but isn’t fucking your brother wrong? I mean, I think that it is even against the law or something.”

Janice got right in her face and said, “Look, when it comes to how you use your own body, it is your conscience that decides if it is right or wrong. That is unless you’re talking about fucking some young kid or a mental retard that can’t make a determination if what he is doing is right or wrong.”

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