Asian Games: The Final Event

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Mike returned to his Bombay hotel room exhausted. The meetings had all been in the hotel meeting rooms, but those Indian businessmen had drained him. The exhaustion may have also been because of the hours of intense fucking he had shared with Sonia, the flight attendant from his Singapore flight. She was the most beautiful woman Mike had ever seen, let alone sexed in every conceivable position. She had turned out to be an expert on yoga and kama sutra and had taken him in ways he had not known were possible. She had gorgeous, black twinkling eyes, lined with long, curled eyelashes. She had a fair face, high cheekbones and a cute narrow nose. Her lips were sucking machines and just thinking of her mouth, her wide hips, round ass, luscious tits and ripe pussy was making him hard in the elevator. By the time he had reached his room, he felt a little damp spot arise in his boxers and he was ready to jerk himself off in his bed.

He opened the door and was immediately hit by the unexpected smell of lavender and vanilla. He checked the room number and noticed that the room light had been on and the bathroom door was open. He shut the door, and his foot caught on a shoe. A woman’s red pumps. Just past them, also on the floor, was a black dress. Mike picked it up and brought it to his face.

Sonia. Her distinct aroma filled his mind. He noticed her lacy, black and purple bra with D cups lying just before the bathroom door. He picked that and the skimpy panties that were lying just beyond them at the entrance to the bathroom. As he brought the last item to his face and smelled, the memories of Sonia’s deep, aromatic and spicy cunt rushed into his mind. The bathroom lights were off, but as soon as he stepped in, he entered he saw her lying in the bathtub, covered with bubbles and surrounded by votive candles. That was the erotic scent he had smelled at the door.

“Hi baby,” she smiled up at him, lazily moving the bubbles around, exposing flashes of breast and nipple, “How was your day?”

He bent down and kissed her full on the lips, feeling her tongue enter and explore his mouth.

“A college classmate of mine works the front desk. She gave me your key,” she explained when he stood up again, “you are not upset with me, are you?” she asked coquettishly. “I just had to have you inside me again tonight.” And with that explanation, she sat up in the bath, bubbles running down the slopes of her firm breasts. She reached for his belt buckle and expertly opened it and his pants while rubbing her wet boobs on his crotch. By the time he was only in his boxers, his dick was poking out of the opening. Sonia touched it with the tip of her tongue and it twitched in appreciation. She pulled the waist band carefully over Mike’s distended organ and dropped them.

‘Come in and let me relax you,” she said, instinctively knowing that he had not had the restful day. She sat him down between the candles at the back of the tub. He rested his head against the soft towels behind him, as she took both her boobs in her hands, and rubbed them on his swollen and exposed cock helmet. He moaned.

She then licked the very tip running her tongue around and around the head, pausing to push it the slit for a second. Precum dripped out and she moved her face so that a white line of his goop ran from his dick to her soft lips. She stood up and kissed his lips, and let him taste his own precum. She knew that turned him on and he moaned louder. She went down again, but not before using her large tits to smother his face.

Once facing his pole, she opened her lips and let his head into her mouth. She closed her mouth and used her tongue in a circular action around the head. Mike was tempted to grab her head and thrust into her throat and fuck her face ..hard. But he held back and let her turn him on more. She let his cock out and licked him from the dark pink eye at the head all the way down his 8 inch boner to the base. He lifted his legs giving her easy access to his balls which she took in her mouth one at a time. He yelped.

She licked back to his asshole, around the wrinkled brown skin there, and back to his cock and to the head. She let her tongue go on this journey five or six times until he was breathing in short, shallow bursts. His cock was twitching by the time she took him in again. This time she took him half way and sucked him hard, massaging his full balls. He could feel her running her teeth around his dick. She started moving him in and out. At the rise of every suck, he could feel her incisors on the very tip of his mushroom head. He screamed.

“Tell me what you want.” She said though she knew better than he did what would excite him next.

“Suck me deep!” he sighed, and immediately he was fucking her throat. Her mouth was wide open and he saw her eyes shut with the strain of taking his thick monster cock that far. She was still moving her tongue in circular movements around his pole. He could feel her finding and exploring his veins with her tongue. She let him fuck her throat for a few minutes before güvenilir bahis she felt him begin to throb with a regular rhythm.

“I want you to have the biggest, most draining orgasm of your life. What will make that happen for you?”

“Hmmm,” he thought for the briefest of seconds, “smelling your honey-sweet pussy would do that.”

She reached out of the tub and handed him the panties he had dropped when her joined her in the bath. He raised it to his face and it had the immediate expected effect. They both knew he was cumming soon. He could sense it was going to be huge. He had been remembering her sex all afternoon and had been producing the semen for this orgasm for hours. It was all ready to come out. She moved her head up, easing him past of her vice-like lips.

She looked at him, never stopping her wanking actions with her hand. He was turned on to sense real desire in her eyes and voice when she said, “Baby, I have been thinking of this moment since you left my room earlier. I have been touching my pussy, just imagining what this would be like, how you would taste,” and at this point she licked more of his dripping pre-orgasmic juices, “Mmmmm … how you would smell, feel, sound and look when I sucked you off. But most of all, I could not stop this burning desire to suck you and lick you and kiss you until I made you cum,” she paused to look him straight in the eye, “ Until I made you come on my face and tits.”

And with that she increased the pace of her hand movements, until Mike knew he was only seconds away. She rubbed him against her dark areolas for a few seconds, forcing one hard nipple into his pee hole, and then palcing his thick rod between her creamy boobs again. He fucked her tits even harder now.

‘I am coming …oh Sonia, oh god, fuck me, I am cummmmmmming!” he yelled out so that the whole hotel must have heard. Sonia took his throbbing prick from her pillowy tits and aime it directly at her mouth. She kept wanking as he kept screaming. The first jolt up his cock shot out a huge white blob of his cream onto her waiting lips. The next, even bigger spurt hot her straight on the nose, and was already dripping onto her lips when repeated, short, staccato shots of cum hit her on her neck, her tits, her chin and her cheeks. She never stopped wanking and his screams never ceased either. He needed her to stop, but he wanted to cum more, and he did. As his screams became exhausted whines, his last few milliliters of rich, full bodied creamy cum, shot out of his cock and hit her above her right eye.

Mike looked down to see Sonia’s lovely face soiled with his think, gooey cum. He had painted her face eyes, her nose, cheeks, chin and especially her lips with white cock paint. She was smiling contentedly, rubbing his twitching, sensitive, pink head allover her lips and chin. He could feel his own cum, warm and slippery on his dick. Finally, she opened her mouth and sucked him for a few more seconds, not bothering to wipe off the remains of his pleasure.

He sat back and watched as she sat back in the bath tub, the bubbles submerging her mountainous boobs. She then ran her tongue all over her lips and chin. Her long, serpentine tongue which she had used to assfuck him earlier, was now cleaning much of her face including the lower part of her nose. She rubbed the finger over her eye and the bridge of her nose and her cheeks, collecting the fuck cream on her forefinger before sucking it off.

“Hmmmmm…smells and tastes like sex. Makes my pussy twitch.”

Mike collapsed into the tub, with a big smile, sitting opposite her. The problems of his day were forgotten as his toes immediately touched the insides of her wet pussy.

“Let me make you come, baby,” he said to her wiggling his toes inside her.

She shook her head and said, “Not yet, my sweet, you relax and get back you strength. Let’s sit here, you relax, and tell me about your day. Then I will feed you the Indian food I made for you and brought along. Then, when you are ready, you can fuck me until I scream for mercy.” With that she reached up to the sink next to her side of the tub and brought two wine glasses and a bottle of red. Her boobs swayed above the water line as she poured him a glass. He kissed her tit, took the glass, sat back and sipped. He looked across at this generous, talented, gorgeous and sexy-beyond-all-belief woman and smiled at her. She caught his eyes and smiled back.

Mike closed his eyes thinking, “I have fallen in love.”

Mike and Sonia left the bathtub after an hour long soak in the lavender bubble bath she had run for him in his hotel room. They dried each other in silence. Mike took his luxurious time drying each of her generous breasts, but then immediately wet them with his tongue. He watched her sway her well-rounded ass as she walked naked out of the bathroom. She was spectacular in every way. Her long black hair only emphasized her fair skin which only highlighted her sparkling dark eyes, which were matched in eroticism by a pair of creamy breasts each tipped with a canlı bahis coffee colored delicious, and highly suckable, nipple. But even more than her looks was the way she could make Mike feel at ease and calm. He had traveled half way around the globe to find himself at home in the arms of this beauty queen in Bombay. And could she fuck!

By the time, Mike left the bathroom, Sonia was lying among a bed rose petals. Her creamy complexion was a delightful contrast to the pink flowers. As Mike reached the foot of the bed, his erect cock in his hand, Sonia started playing with her breasts. She grabbed them from underneath and pressed them toward her mouth. She licked one gumdrop-hard nipple.

“I do this when I am alone, but it is so much nicer when you did it this morning.”

‘I would love to do that again, anytime you command.” He said as he looked at her body longingly.

She simply held her boobs out to him as her reply. Mike crawled up her body, rubbing his cock on her legs until his mouth made contact with her generous, still damp, breasts. He licked her around the areolas until she moaned,

“Suck my tits, baby” so he did. But not before raised his mouth off her and blew on her wet boobs. The nipples stood up into his open lips and he sucked them and nibbled them. She moaned, and let her hand drop to her pussy. Mike watched her hand as he began working his tongue around the tit trapped in his mouth. Sonia’s long fingers went into her cunt to collect some of her juices. She smeared these all over her enlarged labia and down to her asshole. She then ran her hand up her slit and into the musky hair above her pussy. She played with the hair for a second, before letting her index finger find her hooded clit. She moved the nub from side to side and he saw it grow in front of his eyes. When it was standing up tall, a mini penis above her pink pussy, she played with it.

“Aaaah,” she cried, “it’s never been this intense when I play with my puss. I love what you do with your mouth. How do you suck me and lick me at the same time. What you do …the thing you are doing with your mouth is making my clit vibrate. Such a talented mouth, I want to feel it everywhere.”

“Everywhere?” he asked switching his attentions to her other mountain.

She never stopped strumming her engorged clitty, “yes, everywhere.”

“Tell me where, and I will direct my tongue there,” he offered, blowing on her nipples again making goose bumps rise all over her skin.

“Hmmmmm, my shoulders, and neck,” and Mike licked her neck and shoulders, leaving a wet trail of saliva, “my arm,” she raised one arm over her head, “my underarms,” and Mike got a whiff of her sweet sweat sending a throb through his hard-on. “My belly, ooooooh, yes, stick your tongue there, my navel, and then around,” she turned onto her stomach, “my back from my neck,” she raised her hair for him to caress her long neck with his tongue and lips, “all the way down my spine …to my ass,” he licked, sucked and bit her ass cheeks, deliberately avoiding her crack for now as she guided him down her tapered thighs to her calves and to her feet. She was still playing with her wide-open pussy, dipping her finger in to pick up more wetness to provide lubrication for her clit job.

Mike sucked each of her toes. And then worked his way up her inner thighs to her ass. This time he licked her up and down the cleft of her butt. He was excited to find he could still taste her spicy flavor, even after the hour in the lavender water. She was breathing heavily as he ran his tongue around the rim of her asshole. Her aroma was strongest there, and her lingered there, darting in and out of her rear, until she cried out in desire.

“My pussy, lick it now, I am so excited …that mouth, that tongue.”

He ran it down her peritoneum until he reached flavor country. She stuck her butt high in the air, giving him full access to her pink pussy lips. He nibbled on the outside for a second, but she repositioned herself such that his tongue leapt inside her juicy, heavenly opening.

She moaned, but Mike knew he would not be able to do her excitement justice in this position. He raised his face off her body and flipped her on her back. She opened her legs wide and held them apart for him. He stood up and walked so that he was standing by her head that was almost off the side of the big double bed. She reached out and licked his scrotum as he took hold of her thighs.

“You were telling me that yoga made you flexible in bed …show me!” he commanded, pulling her thighs up so that she was almost doing a yoga headstand. Her firm tits still defied gravity, he noticed as he looked into her intrigued face. He then let her feet drop, but not to their original position. Instead her made them fall toward her face, so that her thighs went on either side of her ears, feet far above her head. He looked down and saw that this had opened her pussy just as he had imagined. The labia were stretched open to their maximum, her entire crotch under her pubes a wet, and smooth pink expanse. bahis siteleri He dove in and started eating her out .

He stuck his tongue deep inside her cunt to taste her most intimate juices. He then moved his tongue to the nub she had been stimulating herself earlier. It jumped in recognition if his talented tongue. He ignored her calls to suck it, licking all around the hood before working the clit itself.

“Suck me, please baby, I have waited for this all evening, suck my clit, see how it is begging for you to suck it.”

Mike tortured her for a while longer until he could see her juices glistening on the inside of her thighs.

“I want yu to say the magic words first.”

“I said please, baby, PLEASE suck me, take my clit in your mouth and suck me”

“Not those, I want you to see the three magic words.”

“Suck my clit!” she guessed hopefully.

“Nope,” and he kept licking her, letting his tongue make surprise inspections of her wide-open cunt every now and then as Sonia tried a number of three letter word combinations.

“I’m so wet?” “You fuck me?” “Fuck me blind?” “I need you?”

He stopped licking, “you are close there,” he said.

She hesitated, placed her hands on his head and softly said, “I love you”

“And I love you!” And with those words, she felt his lips surround her swollen clitty and was lost in his hard sucking. She could feel the pleasure of his tonguing moving through her body. She could almost feel little cramps forming and relaxing around her body. She opened her eyes and saw his massive cock inches from her face. She raised her head, opened her lips and wrapped them around his head.

“Oh my god, yes suck me too!” and she did. But within seconds, the taste of his creamy precum was too much for her and her pussy started twitching. As he alternated his sucking action with brief, fluttering licks, he inserted two fingers in her pussy. She was wet enough that he could move inside her with ease. He turned his fingers so that they faced up and hooked them back so that they were rubbing a rough surface near the front inside her pussy.

“Oh god, you are driving my clit mad …and now you have found a spot that feels ..that feels…sooooooo …”she never finished the thought as a giant tidal wave orgasm washed away all words.

As her pussy clamped down on his fingers, Mike felt a flood of juice flow out of Sonia’s twat. Her abdomen muscles tightened under him, and she felt her calf muscles tighten in a cramp. Her muscles tried to force his fingers out, as he pushed them in. He let the fingers of his other hand play with her contracting asshole until she said,

“Baby, I am done.”

Keeping her legs pinned above her head, he slid over her body so that his mouth was on hers. She tasted her cum on his lips, his chin, his cheeks …he had rubbed her cunt secretions all over his face. She licked it off and noticed that her juices were thicker than ever before.

He stood up so that his feet were on either side of her slim waist. His feet rubbed against the erotic waist chain her had noticed when he had seen her the previous night on the flight to Bombay. Her pussy was still wide open, and now was a dark pink, almost red, hue. He positioned his dripping cock over it and rubbed her sensitive clit with his head.

“oooooh, I am still so sensitive there. You could make me cum just by doing that.”

“I plan to do a lot more, honey, I plan to fuck you in this position.” He was standing up with his cock facing down, feet on either side of her ass. She was on her back, legs heaved over and past her head. She lifted her ass so that, it was closer to his swollen head. He bent his knees, placed his mushroom against her lips, and pushed himself in.

For her the sight of his trim ass in front of her face thrusting into her was enough to send her into a series of extended, and repeated, orgasmic screams.

For him, the feel of her wide open pussy, in this new and erotic position, where he could see her ass as he fucked her cunt, was enough to bring him to the brink.

“I love it like this,” he informed her, “but I want to lie down when I cum in you.”

So he removed himself from her sopping wet twat. Her pussy made a few obscene sounds that made her giggle as he pulled out. She then climbed on top of him and let him eat her pussy for a minute. Then she moved down so that his head was standing between her labia.

“Fuck me, my love, cum inside me, let me feel your burning hot jizz splash inside my pussy.”

Who could refuse an invitation like that? He pushed in making them both scream in harmony. Within a few thrusts he could feel his juices build in his balls. Sonia had her eyes shut, feeling the sensation of a cock about to explode inside her. His thrusts were making her boobs sway in front of his face. He grabbed them and sucked each one in turn. She opened her eyes and knew she would never get tired of the sight of his lovely lips sucking her luscious boobs as he fucked her. He let one and slide to the sweat and pussy juice-drenched space between their bellies and reached to play with her clit. She felt herself tighten again, as another cock-induced orgasm ripped through her body. Mike felt his balls pull up into his body.

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