And Your Aunt, Too Ch. 04

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When my dad returned from his Las Vegas getaway with his business partners he said he had an “excellent” time. He went on and on about the events of his trip and we were all very happy he enjoyed his Las Vegas getaway so much. As fun as his trip may have been, I couldn’t help but think that I actually had more fun than he did, given all the sex that had been going on at the house between my mom, Aunt Kim and me.

I grabbed dad’s travel bag and mom told him we planned a little backyard Bar-B-Q to celebrate his birthday, nothing special, just the four of us and some good food and drink.

Dad was beat from the minimal sleep he had gotten during his trip so he headed to his bedroom to take a nap. While dad was sleeping the three of started hanging up birthday decorations and getting things ready for the Bar-B-Q later that afternoon. Later, after dad woke up and was taking a shower, mom and Aunt Kim changed into their new bikinis, which they covered up by wearing tank tops and shorts.

When dad emerged from his room he was handed a drink and wished a happy birthday by mom. We all hung out inside for a bit, chatting and having a couple drinks. After a while dad and I got our trunks on, we freshened up our drinks, and we all headed out back. Mom and Aunt Kim headed to a couple lounge chairs and tossed their beach towels down on them as my dad and I sat in chairs at a nearby table, facing them.

Knowing what was to come, I kept an eye on my dad to see the look on his face when my mom and Aunt Kim revealed their skimpy new bikinis. Aunt Kim pulled her tank over her head then faced away from my dad, bent at the waist, and sexily pushed her shorts down, revealing her bare ass in the thong bikini bottom. She made sure to do it nice and slow for effect and I saw my dad’s eyes widen at the sight of Aunt Kim’s great ass. Mom then took off her tank top and shorts, revealing a bikini equal in size to her sister’s. Again dad’s eyes got big because I’m sure he’d never seen mom in such a tiny bathing suit.

“I’m afraid I’m a bad influence on your wife, Kevin,” said Aunt Kim as they showed off their new suits. “I talked her into getting a new bikini with me when we were out shopping yesterday and I think it’s a little skimpier than she’s used to.”

“It looks okay to me,” dad said smiling, “I think you both look hot.”

He looked over at me after he said that and I added, “Amen, pops.”

Aunt Kim again faced away from us and bent over as she straightened out the towel on her lounge chair and dad’s eyes were glued to her butt as she did. As was the plan, mom announced she was going back inside to grab some chips, dip, and finger food and she asked me to help.

Once inside we quickly got the food together and set it on the kitchen counter. We then went to the sink and peeked through the kitchen window to see what we already knew was going to happen. Aunt Kim grabbed her bottle of suntan lotion and held it out to my dad, asking him to put some on her upper back and shoulders. He took the bottle and sat down behind her on the lounge chair as he squirted some lotion out onto his hand. He put the bottle down and rubbed his hands together to spread the lotion between them, then began applying the lotion over Aunt Kim’s shoulders.

I reached down and ran my hand over my mom’s bare ass cheek as we watched dad smear the lotion over Aunt Kim’s upper back. The lotion we had her use doesn’t absorb very quickly. In order to not leave Aunt Kim’s back all white from the lotion, he had to rub it in pretty well. This would take a few passes over the area where the lotion was applied so he was practically massaging Aunt Kim’s shoulders to get the lotion to absorb.

After dad finished with her shoulders and upper back, Aunt Kim asked him to do her lower back and backs of her legs. Dad scooted to the edge of the lounge chair and she laid down on her stomach as he retrieved the lotion. He turned to face her lower half and squirted more lotion out onto his hand. Again he spread the lotion between his hands, then spread it out over the lower part of her back that he had not gotten to before. After finishing her lower back he scooted down to Aunt Kim’s lower half and squirted more lotion out. Dad ran his hands over Aunt Kim’s thong-clad ass and down her legs.

Dad probably didn’t want Aunt Kim to think he was groping her because his hands quickly passed over her cheeks and he spent more time on the backs of her legs. Given the lotion we used, he had to go back to Aunt Kim’s ass to rub the lotion in so before long his slick hands moved back up.

As my dad ran his hands over Aunt Kim’s ass I asked my mom, “Do you like watching him running his hands over your sister’s body,” and I massaged her ass as I waited for her answer.

“It IS turning me on. That, plus what you’re doing,” she said with a smile.

“I bet he’s just STARING at her butt. And he’s got a major hard-on, just like I do” I said, fueling her fire as I kneaded her butt cheek.

My mom reached istanbul escort down and she ran the back of her hand up the length of my erection, then turned her hand over and ran her fingers up and down my cock through my trunks.

My dad finished applying the lotion and quickly stood to face away from Aunt Kim. He had a boner alright, and didn’t want his sister in-law to see it as he stood up. Now that the show was over I let go of my mom’s bare ass, and she let go of my erection, and we took the food outside.

Aunt Kim and my mom made sure to bend over and give my dad a good show whenever possible and his eyes were glued to their hot bodies for most of the afternoon. As it started to get dark I fired up the grill. After it was ready I went inside and got the shrimp skewers, steaks, chicken, and sausages I got. I wanted to make sure there was plenty of variety so everyone would be happy, and there would be plenty of leftovers for us to eat over the next few days.

Dad assisted with the grilling, since he considers himself a “grillmaster,” and one of the times he was checking the meat Aunt Kim went over to see how it was going. She looked at the meat on the grill and as my dad manipulated a sausage with his tongs she asked, “Got anything bigger?”

Dad didn’t miss a beat, saying, “Yeah, but I don’t want to put it on the grill,” with a smile.

“I bet,” she replied with a devilish grin, “Lisa’s told me…” she said, letting her words just trail off. Dad stood there holding a sausage in the tongs as he watched her ass wiggle as she walked away.

Before long we were eating the delicious food we had made and put up the remains inside. As we cleaned things up inside Aunt Kim, my mom, and I discussed how things were going. I’m sure dad was getting pretty worked up with the two of them parading around in next to nothing, and they found the suits were fairly see-thru when they got wet so he got even more of an eyeful after they went in the pool to cool. They stayed in their bikinis throughout the evening, wrapping towels around their waists once we came inside.

As the evening wore on, after watching some TV and giving dad his presents, I said I had to get to bed because I was going hiking with a friend early in the morning. I wished my dad a happy birthday and said goodnight to my mom and Aunt Kim. I then went to my mom and dad’s bedroom and set the digital videocamera up on a dresser that faces the side of their. I put it behind a vase and jewelry box, with only the lens peeking out from behind it wouldn’t be seen. I took the camera’s remote, headed to my bedroom, and waited for mom and dad to go to bed.

I didn’t have to wait all that long. I heard my mom’s voice coming from the end of the hall, saying, “Come on birthday boy, I have another present for you,” and they said goodnight to Aunt Kim.

Once their bedroom door closed I tiptoed over to the door and turned the camera on from the hallway with the remote. As I walked back to my room I saw Aunt Kim coming down the hallway. She quickly changed into the babydoll nightie she bought and went to mom and dad’s bedroom door, waiting for the signal from my mom. I could see right through the sheer top. Aunt Kim looked incredible.

(I was able to watch what transpired in my folks’ room when I watched the video the next day. What happens next was what I saw on the tape)

Once mom and dad got into the room they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. He thanked her for his birthday celebration and presents and she said she had one more present for him as she grabbed the crotch of his trunks.

“Mmm, I can’t wait,” he replied and kissed her again.

He unwrapped the towel around mom’s waist and tossed it aside, placing his hands on her bare ass as they continued to make out.

“You like the new bikini, huh?

“Definitely, but I think you may not want to wear it when we have friends or neighbors over,” he replied.

“Why not, don’t you want your buddies to see what they’re missing out on?” She reached down and slid her hand inside his waistband and continued, “Getting hard-ons like the one you have right now while they’re looking at your nearly-naked wife…going home and fantasizing about fucking me while they jack off, or imagining it’s my pussy they’re sliding their hard cock into instead of their wife’s?”

“That WOULD be pretty hot,” he answered as he undid mom’s bikini top and let if fall to the floor. He leaned down and began sucking her tits and she continued talking to him sexily.

“Given that Kim was wearing the same thing as I am, you sure got an eyeful of her today.”

“Sure did…,” he said, the words muffled by the mound of flesh he had in his mouth.

“I saw you putting lotion on Kim when I was in the kitchen. I bet you enjoyed running your hands over her ass.”

“Your sister’s got a great ass, it runs in your family,” he said as he reached around and ran his hands over her butt.

They quickly stripped beşiktaş escort down and dad enjoyed seeing mom’s newly bald pussy, stating, “That’s new too,”

“I pretty much had to do it because the bikini bottom is so small,” she explained.

In the heat of the moment she forgot she was supposed to slip into her nightie, she simply had him get on the bed and joined him there, lying on her side next to him. Mom wrapped her fingers around his erection as she spoke again, “You must have been this hard when you were putting lotion on my sister,” mom goaded.

“Oh, yeah, I was hard as a rock pretty much all night long. I couldn’t take my eyes off either of you.”

“Imagine that it’s Kim stroking your hard cock right now.”

Mom moved her head down to his dick and began to lick up and down the shaft as dad moaned, “Ooh yeah…”

“What do you want me to do, Kevin?” she asked.

“Suck my cock, Kim.”

With that, mom put her head up and said, “Maybe you’ll get your wish,” and called out, “come on in.”

With that Aunt Kim came into the room and closed the door. Dad was dumbfounded.

“Happy birthday, Kevin,” she said as she walked over to the bed and into view of the camera. Aunt Kim moved to the other side of my dad on the bed and mom offered his hard cock to her sister. She wrapped her hand around it and began licking his throbbing rod, just like my mom had been doing.

As Aunt Kim worked my dad’s cock mom said, “Happy birthday honey, we wanted to do something special for you this year.”

“This is the greatest birthday present ever,” he said, “God, I love you,” and kissed her deeply.

“We’ll do anything you want, Kevin,” added Aunt Kim, as she ran her tongue over his rod.

“I want you both to suck me,” he responded, and mom moved down to Aunt Kim’s level.

He moaned as they both licked his cock, running their tongues from the swollen head, down the shaft to the base, and back up. A couple of times when their mouths met at the top and they kissed, causing dad to say, “That’s hot,” then they’d move back to his dick.

Aunt Kim took him into her mouth first and began sucking dad’s cock as mom massaged and sucked on his balls. The two of them took turns sucking his dick and working his balls. On one of Kim’s turns mom said, “That’s it sis, suck my husband’s hard cock. Take it all.”

Aunt Kim slowly deep throated dad, taking every inch of him into her mouth until her lips reached his pubic hair. She bobbed up and down on him, then let mom have a turn. As mom took over, dad had Aunt Kim move up on the bed. She leaned over and they kissed deeply, his hands moving up under her sheer nightie, making their way to her swaying breasts. He massaged her tits as they continued to kiss, mom sucking his cock all the while.

Dad then had Aunt Kim sit up. He took off her top, and moved his mouth to her nipples. Aunt Kim ran her fingers through my dad’s hair as he moved his mouth from one tit to the other, giving each one a good licking and sucking.

“You’ll do ANYTHING I want?” dad asked to verify what Aunt Kim had stated before.

“It’s your birthday Kevin, just tell us what you want,” she replied.

“That was so hot when you were kissing before. I want to watch you two together.”

With that he moved to one side of the bed and my mom and Aunt Kim got up on their knees and met in the middle of the bed next to him. Both were naked except for the sheer thong panties Aunt Kim had on. Gently, teasingly, they kissed, their lips and tongues lightly brushing against each other’s. Their kisses grew more passionate, with each sucking on the other’s tongue. Their hands began to explore each other’s bodies and after a deep, prolonged kiss, Mom tugged on Aunt Kim’s nipples and kissed her way down Aunt Kim’s neck. She cupped one of Aunt Kim’s breasts in her hand, guiding the nipple up to her hungry mouth and she took the stiff pink nub between her lips.

Dad stroked his erection as he watched his wife flick her tongue over her sister’s nipple, then cover it with her mouth. Aunt Kim’s hand moved down between mom’s legs and she began to rub her pussy as mom sucked on her tits.

“Her mouth feels SO good, Kevin…and her pussy is SO wet…” she purred.

He watched, mesmerized, as Aunt Kim pulled mom’s head back up and again kissed her deeply. Aunt Kim then moved her mouth down to mom’s tits and sucked on them momentarily, then had mom lay back on the bed. Aunt Kim was between her spread legs and she leaned down once again to kiss my mom. After breaking their kiss, Aunt Kim placed her nipple in mom’s mouth. Mom sucked on that dangling tit, and then the other one, as Aunt Kim moaned. Then Aunt Kim began kissing her way down mom’s body, taking her time, running her tongue around mom’s stiff nipples, sucking on them lovingly, then slowly moving down to mom’s bare pussy.

As she was bent over running her tongue between mom’s lips, dad told them to move into a sixty-nine. beylikdüzü escort Aunt Kim swung her lower half up, straddling mom’s head, and went back to licking mom’s pussy as mom raised her mouth to Aunt Kim’s slit.

The two of them hungrily lapped at each other’s smooth slits as dad continued to slowly stroke himself. Before long he decided it was time for him to get involved, and I can’t say that I blame him. Watching your wife and her sister, whom you’ve lusted after for many years, naked, going down on each other, would make any red-blooded man want to join in.

He moved down to Aunt Kim’s head and nudged her head up to meet his waiting cock. She opened her mouth and he pushed it inside. Dad began sliding it in and out, fucking her mouth, as mom continued to eat her pussy. He then pulled it out and moved it down to mom’s spread pussy. He easily pushed all the way into her soaking wet pussy and began fucking her.

Aunt Kim said, “That’s it, Kevin, fuck my sister,” as she began rubbing mom’s clit while my dad fucked her.

He would pull out periodically and again feed his cock to Aunt Kim, who happily obliged by sucking his tool, then he would move it back down to mom’s pussy. He began pounding her slit as Aunt Kim furiously worked mom’s clit and mom had to stop working on Aunt Kim as she felt her orgasm near.

Mom cried out, “Oh yes, don’t stop, I’m cumming…” and began moaning loudly as they brought her to the brink, then pushed her over the edge. She writhed and bucked as dad rode her, then, as her orgasm subsided, dad had mom move aside and he laid down on his back in the center of the bed.

“Come have a seat, Kim,” he said as she straddled his hard cock, which glistened with mom’s juices in the light. He guided his cock up to her pussy and she eased down onto it until it was all the way inside her. Aunt Kim began grinding down on dad’s pole like a stripper giving lap dance as he reached up to grope her tits.

“God that feels good,” he moaned, and moved his hips in unison with hers, making sure to get maximum penetration as she rode him. “Suck her tits, Lisa,” he added and he moved his hands away so she could do so. Mom licked and sucked her sister’s tits again as Aunt Kim began bouncing up and down on dad’s rod. He grabbed Aunt Kim’s hips and thrust up to meet her every time she came down, driving his dick even deeper inside her.

It wasn’t long before he announced, “I’m gonna cum.” Aunt Kim bucked on his cock and he pulled her down onto it as his body stiffened. Dad shot his load deep inside his sister in-law and thrust a few more times, emptying it with a few more spurts.

He held her in place, wanting to stay inside her as long as possible. He kissed them both, then rolled Aunt Kim over, switching places with her on the bed, his dick still inside her, and he thrust in and out of her a couple more times. When his dick slipped out of her sloppy box he stood up and fed it to my mom to clean off with her mouth.

After she had cleaned off his cum-coated dick he realized that Aunt Kim was the only one of them who hadn’t had an orgasm.

“I want you to eat your sister until she cums,” he ordered, and mom moved down between Aunt Kim’s legs. She buried her face in her sister’s pussy as dad started sucking on Aunt Kim’s nipples. They worked on her for a couple of minutes and Aunt Kim came with earth-shattering force. Mom could hardly keep her mouth on Aunt Kim’s pussy as she writhed and bucked when her orgasm hit.

After a break in the action, just enough time for the three of them to catch their breath, dad was back at it. “I’m going to make the most of this birthday gift,” he said as he spread Aunt Kim’s legs and got on top of her. He kissed her and ran the length of his still-hard shaft up and down her slit. Then he moved down between her legs and took his turn eating her out. He then moved over to mom, who was lying on her back next to Aunt Kim, rubbing her clit as she watched her husband eating her sister out, and he dove headfirst into her pussy too.

He then had them get doggie-style next to each other and he entered mom from behind. He rammed inside her for a time, then moved behind Aunt Kim and fucked her. He took turns fucking his wife and sister in-law, their tits jerking and swaying with each thrust, until he felt himself getting closer to his second orgasm.

As dad felt his peak nearing he stood up on the bed and had Aunt Kim and mom get on their knees on the bed in front of him. He told them to open their mouths and stroked his cock until he shot a load out on their faces, with some of his cum landing in their mouths.

That was the end of the action I saw on the tape. They all cleaned up and kissed one more time, with dad thanking them profusely for his “present,” and Aunt Kim grabbed her nightie and left the bedroom.

Needless to say I was not asleep when Aunt Kim passed my open door. How was I supposed to get to sleep knowing what was going on in mom and dad’s bedroom? I was imagining what was happening and had a RAGING hard-on. Aunt Kim saw my light on and came into my room, still naked and carrying her nightie.

“How did it go?” I asked.

“It was one hot time. I do believe that’s one birthday present your dad will never forget.”

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