An Erotic Dream

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Big Tits

She visits the same coffee shop every day, this woman, still young, fresh out of college, getting her career on track. She dresses conservatively as her parents preferred, she hides her true form under business casual, nobody knows how busty she really is, how her body is built for the most lecherous of men. Her parents ingrained in her to play last- an afterthought in her scholarly path. All work and no play has made her a dull girl- a lustful girl, school work and grades come first, she missed many parties and chances to let loose, taking her own virginity with Brutus, her nice sized dildo, practically every night, while her dorm-mate had the time of her life, getting dicked down at her leisure. Such ingrained parental programming left her horny… desiring, even away from home- only outlet being a night in with Brutus, reading smut on Literotica, Archive Of Our Own, where she can find it, or various porn based sites.

Declined too many parties and offers from her dorm-mate for real fun. She’s out and on her way, why can’t she let loose- they have no grasp on her, anymore- her parents, they wouldn’t even have knew back then, and it wouldn’t have hurt if she “took a break” even then, her learning wouldn’t have suffered. Why can’t she just do it? Clearly under that pencil skirt, button down shirt, and suit jacket, there’s something guys dream of; big tits, a fat ass, nice thighs, and nearly toned stomach. A relationship would be nice, but fresh in a job; extra responsibilities is not something she wants, she just needs, desires to be laid well, worry about such a serious commitment later, before she’s too old. Just once, she wish she could give herself to a real man… or a few times, or a few of them. Them she’ll hit the dating scene, where the things around a guys dick actually matters, but now; she needs to let loose, needs a good pounding.

She spots what would be her first victim; some generically handsome employee; what’s his story, who cares, he must like getting laid, so what if he’s some marginally paid barista, she’s not looking for a real date with him, that might hurt him on the bills, or something, since he might stay with four or five friends making a two bedroom apartment work. His lustful, sexually insatiable plaything is all she wants to be; that carnal relaxation she, and clearly he needs as much as she does, with the stress of being a public service employee. He was probably pretty fit under that uniform… and packing. She could only imagine, as her mine ventured to ideals, most lecherous, until a wake up call; on her second cup, as per her ritual of pre-morning work, to help her day move, she had to use the bathroom. Her imagination was ready to beat her there, with him in tow, she walked up with her receipt, ready to put in the code… but it didn’t work.

“Excuse me,” she asked her dream hunk, bursa escort “there seems to be a problem with getting in the bathroom.”

“Oh yeah… its kinda been on the fritz, a person is supposed to be coming to replace the unit.”

“Well is it still accessible, I really need to use it.”

“Uhh… sure, it’s been touchy, but you can get in.”

“Can you show me how to make it work, I need to finish up my work.”

“Ya just gotta play with it,” he pointed to the buttons.

“Can you do it for me, you seem to have it down packed,” she gave him a friendly smile.

“Yeah.. like this,” he forcibly punched in the employee code, and opened the door.

“Thank you so much.”

“Anything else I can help you with?”

“Well… since your asking; I need a refill, as they say, third times the charm… and if you could make sure nobody steals my stuff; that’d be nice.”

With a smirk on his face, he asked; “okay… do you need me to help you in the bathroom, too, or whatever?”

“I think I can handle the bathroom just fine, thank you.”

“Are you sure? You seem like the time that thinks we’re here for your beck and call, just ’cause you bought some of our overpriced fair trade coffee- I’m not here to pull your pants down, and wide, ya know.”

“I’m not that entitled, I can handle those things, but… since you offered; I can be a little… shy… in public bathrooms. Maybe you could help loosen me up? It gets so tight down there, I need something to… relax my… parts.”

“Relax your parts,” he gave her a look.

“Yeah. Think you could do that? I mean… you did offer help, despite not being part of your job. I don’t wanna hold up customers and take up the bathroom. I get so tense, it could be several minutes before I can get a few drops- people might think I’m not doing what I’m supposed to, them I’ll be so embarrassed on top of it all, and then I really won’t be able to go, it’ll just make it tighter, and hurt more, then I won’t be able to concentrate at work.”


“I’m serious. I’ll even tip you well enough.”

“A tip, huh? Just to loosen you up?”

“Yeah. I usually try to go before I leave home, but two cups of coffee run right through me, todays one of those days work is super stressful, and I just get… all tense.”

“Tense” he questioned, “it makes you tight?”

“Really tight. Tighter than usual.”

“And you need to be loosened up… for work?”

“That’s right.”

“How am I supposed to do that- get you nice and loose, so you can pee?”

“And ease my work day.”

“…yeah… and that.”

“I know you can think of something,” she looked at his crotch, “you make good coffee, and broke the secret to this janky lock… you can figure it out.”

“And you’re too tight to pee?”

“It makes me so bursa escort bayan tight down there… tense… my job could be on the line if I can’t focus, then I wouldn’t be able to come here every morning… and I can’t make my own coffee.”

“You are a great customer… everyday you come here.”

“And I tip very well.”

“One of our best customers…”

“Yep. So can you help me?”

“I… guess… I could… but how?”

“If you can figure out this door; I’m sure you can get me just as open- just another ‘door’ to unlock.”

“Fine, I’ll help,” he sighed.

“Thank you, so much… now the door?”

He worked in his code to get the bathroom to open, she pulled him in with her and made sure it was shut, pulled her bun down, panties down to her ankles, stepping out of them and leaning on the sink.

“Soooo… what should I do?”

“Try your fingers.”

He approached her, “like inside your…”

“Yeah, that, that’s how girls pee,” she gave him a flirtatious look.

“Okay,” he slowly stuck a hand under her skirt.

The barista felt her folds, trying to part her lips, he pulled his fingers back just to give them a good lick, slipping them easy between her lips.

“That’s it… see… I knew you could help,” she moaned.

His fingers breached inside her, his thumb knuckle pressed against her clit, she was indeed tight, his fingers stroked and wiggled around inside her, trying to spread her open.

“Mmm… yes… that feels good, I think you’ll have me opened right up,” she moaned.

“So it’s working?”

“Fee-feels like it.”

“You are getting wet.”

He kept working at her, moving his fingers around, pushing as deep as he could go, spreading them best he could against her walls, those manly fingers seemed to fill her inside, his thumb not only pressing, but rubbing her button, fingertips brushing her cervix. She could feel him inside fighting her walls closing around him, following her breathing, he was doing his best to spread her open, twisting his fingers, spreading them open far as he could against her reluctant hole.

“It might be easier if you’re not on your feet,” he whispered.

“What ever helps, I’m game.”

He pulled his hand free and lifted her on to the sink, spread her legs, and stuck his fingers back inside.

“Is that better,” she panted.

“Much better.”

She stifled a moan and couldn’t help staring at the bulge in his pants. He pushed deep in her, and she tried to push back.

“hard to breath in this bra.”

“Yeah… maybe better breathing will help you relax, you look all restricted.”

“So… should I take it off?”

He nodded, fingering her harder, she unbuttoned her shirt and undid the clasp on the front of her bra, letting her hefty tits hang out. He could feel himself escort bursa throbbing against his own pants, she took a deep breath and exhaled.

“This is much better,” she huffed on the brink of an orgasm.

He couldn’t take his eyes from her chest.

“Please… whatever helps you help me loosen up; do it.”

He quickly moved, putting one of her nipples in his teeth, tugging, pressing his face in the soft flesh, taking in her smell, sucking hard, she was tight around his fingers as she came, she wanted more.

Free from her breast, “I don’t think my fingers are enough.”

“They’re kinda working, what else could work?”

He unzipped his pants, “something bigger, just leave it to me.”

“You know best,” she smiled.

He pressed his cock between her lips, pushing it deep with force.

“Fuh-uck… that should do it,” she gasped.

Giving her long hard strokes, he held both her breast, massaging them, feeling their weight, her mouth hung open, Brutus could never make her feel this way, before she knew it; his lips were on her neck, biting hard, traced down to a breast he lifted to his mouth, suckling and nibbling on as much as he can reach, other hand working over her ass cheek, pulling her in to his thrust.

“Don’t… don’t stop… it’s working.”


She could only dream of being done like this, filled up with a mans lust so hard and stiff, making her body compliant to his will, his hands sunk in her bottom, pulling her in to his thrust, his conviction beyond the lie that brought them there, she could feel her muscles weaken with submission, impressed that the sink rivals them both in durability.

“I’m getting close,” he huffed.

“Me too.”

“What should I do?”

“Finish… the job.”

She felt him swell inside her, ready to explode.

“It’s working… it’s working,” she closed her eyes.

“Glad to hear.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Here I cum,” he huffed.

“Me too… me too,” she started to orgasm.

“You okay?”

“Oh yes!”

“Miss… you sure?”

Her body started to shake.

“You better believe it!”

“Are you sure? You’re making a lot of noise.”

“Yeah, but I keep shaking. I won’t make it to the toilet… right here must do,” she climaxed.

“That’s me shaking you- you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah… you just-,” she opened her eyes, “gave me- huh?”

She looked around realizing she was still at her table, the barista was looking concerned, so was other people.

“Miss, do I need to call somebody for you- EMS, or something? You were moaning and stuff.”

“No, no… no… I’m fine, now,” she grimaced, “stress from work, I guess,” she gave a nervous chuckle.


“I’ll just uhhh… use the bathroom, and be out your hair,” she stood up.

The barista watched her walk away, “damn… all that aside; I’d probably wouldn’t mind tapping that, bet she gotta nice body,” he thought to himself.

“What was I thinking… stupid fantasy got away from me,” she sighed to herself on the toilet, “like he would go for a girl like me.”

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