A Run in the Woods

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Note from the author: Please leave comments and let me know if you enjoyed the story…and if it turned you on. This is my first story submission and the thought of my words/story making someone cum is the reason I wrote and shared this.

Day 1

Jackson and his roommate Wesley laced up for their afternoon run just like they had since the beginning of the summer semester. These offseason afternoon runs helped keep their muscles loose and ready for their morning training with the track team. It was also a way to relax and enjoy a run without their coach watching over them. They stepped out of their apartment and into the warm summer air.

“I’ve got a new route for us to try. I’m not sure where it goes, but once we hit 2 miles we’ll turn around and head back.” Jackson said.

“Great” Wesley responded while loosening up.

This would happen every week or two. Jackson would get the itch to try something new and find a new route for them to run. There were plenty of options around campus, but this being the summer between their junior and senior year, they had tried almost everything.

“Follow me” Jackson said with a smile.

“Oh brother…I know that look, are we going ‘off-roading’ again”?

“You’ll see”

They ran for about a half mile then Jackson said “There is a small path on the left”.

“In the woods? I knew it.” Wesley said, shaking his head.

Wesley followed Jackson onto the path. It was overgrown and narrow with plenty of branches to jump over. Wesley fell back a few yards from Jackson so he would be able to see any obstacles before it was too late to avoid them. Soon they were surrounded by woods with no campus buildings or roads in site. It was cooler in the shade but still warm and they were working up a good sweat. After about a mile, Wesley called ahead to Jackson “maybe we should have brought some bread to leave a trail so we can find our way back. Let me know if you see a clearing and house made of candy with a witch inside.”

“Very funny” Jackson said. He looked at his GPS watch and saw that they were a mile and a half into their run. “Just another half mile and we’ll turn around. Don’t worry Gretel, I’ll get you home”

Wesley just smiled and shook his head as they worked their way up a small hill. A minute later as Jackson made it to the top of the hill, he slowed down and said “Well…it’s no house made of candy, but it looks like there is a house up ahead on the right.”

Wesley slowed down and as he made it to the top of the hill he looked ahead to the right. There was the backyard of a large house with a pool and a fence around it. Jackson had stopped and Wesley stopped next to him.

“I wouldn’t mind jumping in that pool right now.” Wesley said.

“No kidding…although it looks like there is someone there. Don’t think they want two sweaty college guys jumping into their pool. Come on, we are almost at 2 miles, let’s finish up and head back.”

They started to jog again, focusing on the trail ahead to avoid tripping or spraining an ankle on any random branches or rocks on the path. The path was leading them to the fenced backyard of the house and then veered off to the left again up another hill. As they passed the house they both noticed that there was indeed someone laying out near the pool, but being focused on the trail neither got a good look. As they got halfway up the hill leading away from the backyard Jackson’s watch buzzed indicating that they had hit 2 miles. Jackson slowed down and turned around to start back. Wesley seeing that he had stopped slowed down and looked up. His roommate was standing still staring in the direction of the house with a grin on his face.

“What’s up?” Wesley asked turning around to see what Jackson was looking at. “Holy shit, is she naked?”

“I think so.” Jackson responded without taking his eyes off the woman lying on a lounge chair next to the pool.

They were about a hundred yards away and looking down at the pool, so it was hard to tell, but they were both pretty sure that the woman was not wearing anything. If she was, it wasn’t much.

“Let’s take our time on the way back and get a better look…but let’s not get caught staring.” Wesley said.

They started back slowly, with Wesley in the lead this time. As they came down the hill and neared the backyard, they were able to clearly see that sunglasses was the only thing the woman by the pool was wearing. The lounge chair was parallel to the path with it’s back slightly inclined. It looked as though she might be asleep, but they couldn’t be certain. As they passed by the house and made their way back up the hill they kept a steady pace and kept their eyes on the path, doing their best to exercise some restraint. When they crested the hill and were out of site, Wesley slowed to a walk. Jackson was quickly beside him.

“You’re welcome” Jackson said.

“You are taking credit for us seeing a beautiful naked girl on our run?”

“Who picked this route?” Jackson shot back with a smile.

“Good point…damn, did you see her body? I only got a quick look but that was phenomenal!”

“No istanbul travesti shit man, straight out of the swimsuit issue…minus the swimsuit.”

“I think this might have to become our regular route.” Wesley said as he started to jog again.

“No kidding.”

Back at the pool, Kendra smiled as soon as the guys were out of sight. Her nipples were hard and she could feel herself getting wet from the thrill of being seen. She hadn’t seen anyone on that trail in the three years she had lived in the house. She wondered if they would be back tomorrow as her hand made its way between her legs and slid in between her wetness. She hoped they would.

Day 2

Wesley and Jackson struggled to stay focused during their morning training with the team. Neither one of them mentioned what they seen to the rest of the team. The last thing they needed was a bunch of horny guys running by the house every day hoping for a peak.

After training they both showered and headed to their classes. The day seemed to last an eternity. Once out of class they met back at their apartment to grab a quick snack and get ready for their afternoon run.

“Think she’ll be there today?” Jackson asked as he tied his shoes.

“I sure hope so. I have been thinking about her all day…I have no idea what was discussed in class today.” Wesley said laughing.

“No kidding…let’s just hope her husband or boyfriend isn’t there waiting for us with a shotgun.”

They walked out of their apartment and started on their run.

“If we see her again, we need to do what we did yesterday and keep moving. No stopping and staring.” Jackson said.

“Really? I was thinking about knocking on the fence to see if we could hop in the pool” Wesley replied sarcastically.

“Hey man, I’m just making sure we are on the same page and don’t screw this up!” Jackson replied.

“I hear ya, just busting your balls man.”

They turned onto the path a few minutes later, with Jackson taking the lead as usual. As they came to the small hill prior to the house Jackson slowed his pace and turned around to see that Wesley was with him. Wesley slowed to match Jackson’s pace and gave Jackson a thumbs up. As they came to the top of the hill, they saw the house on the right with the pool, but there didn’t appear to be anyone there.

“Damn, I knew it was too good to be true.” Jackson said.

Wesley’s heart sank. “Shit.”

They both kept jogging at a slower pace and as they followed the path. As they got closer to the back fence they noticed a white sheet of paper on the fence door.

“Looks like there is a note pinned to the fence door” Jackson said.

“Ugh, that can’t be good. Probably says something like “Hey perverts, please stop staring at me or I’ll call the cops.”” Wesley said.

They stopped at the door and read the note.

Hi boys, sorry I missed you today, I had plans that I couldn’t break. I’ll be around tomorrow though, so hopefully you’ll be back. Please feel free to take a dip in the pool, I left out some towels for you. One rule though…no clothing allowed in the pool. I’m sure that you noticed, I follow this rule as well.

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.



Jackson and Wesley stared at the note without saying a word for a good 30 seconds before Wesley broke the silence.

“That’s a hell of a lot better than calling the cops on us.”

“Love Kendra” Jackson said softly. “I think I love you Kendra” he said as he reached his hand out to test to see if the door would open. The door swung open and he looked at Wesley with the devilish grin that Wesley was all too familiar with.

“What do you say, want to go for a swim?”

“Yeah, what the hell.” Wesley answered.

They entered the yard and walked through the grass for a few feet before reaching the pool area. They saw the towels laid out as promised.

“Well, guess we have to strip.” Jackson said as he proceeded to take his clothes off.

“Guess so.” Wesley said as he followed suit. They had seen each other naked in the locker room plenty of times before so neither one of them thought twice about stripping down. Once they were naked, they both jumped in the pool and swam around.

“Weird being in someone else’s pool completely naked.” Jackson said.

“No kidding.” Wesley responded. “What the hell are we going to do tomorrow when we get here? You think she will be just hanging out naked again and ask us to come in and join her?”

“I have no idea, but based on her note, that’s what it sounds like.”

Kendra watched Jackson and Wesley from a window on the second floor of the house. She was naked and standing in front of the window, but based on the sun and the angle to the pool there would be no way for the guys to see her. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs. Her husband, standing behind her, put his hands on her shoulders and began to massage her.

“So, what exactly are you planning on doing with these poor little boys?” he asked as his hands made their way slowly to her exposed breasts. He cupped her tits istanbul travestileri in his hands and she could feel his hard on pushing against her back.

“You’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll be sure to give you a good show. Oh and they don’t look little to me” she whispered back.

Her husband’s hands moved to her nipples, giving each a hard squeeze while pulling on them. She shuddered with pleasure as he squeezed harder cutting off the blood flow to them. She reached around to his hard cock and started stroking it. “You know you aren’t allowed to fuck me until I’m done with them.”

Her husband felt light headed as she squeezed his cock and slid the tip of it along her ass crack, his pre-cum lubricating it. The thought of her fucking those two college studs almost made him come, but he needed to wait, needed to let it build up. He let go over her nipples and pulled away. She sighed with pleasure as the blood returned to her nipples.

“Good boy” Kendra said as she let his cock slip out of her hand. She could feel her wetness dripping down her leg as she saw the two runners emerge from the pool. She noticed that they were both semi-hard, their cocks much larger than earlier. They must have been thinking about tomorrow she thought. She couldn’t wait to be filled by them. She turned to her husband and nodded. He got down on his knees in front of her, her lips slick with her juices inches from his face. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face between her legs.

Jackson and Wesley toweled off and put their clothes back on. They folded their towels and placed them back on the chairs where they found them. They walked out the back gate, closed it and started back on their run as Kendra came loudly on her husbands tongue.

Day 3

Jackson and Wesley were on the trail again as soon as classes ended. The day had dragged just like the previous day. Images of the beautiful naked blonde laying out next to the pool filling their heads.

“You jerk off last night?” Jackson asked as they made their way through the woods.

“Yeah man, wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep if I hadn’t. You?”

“Yeah…twice.” Jackson responded with a laugh.

Wesley laughed as they continued their run. Soon they came to the hill before the house. They made their way up the hill and were rewarded with a view of the house and the pool with Kendra laying naked on her back next to it.

“Holy shit, this is really happening.” Wesley said.

Jackson just nodded and continued jogging slowly towards the house. The gate was open when they got to it and they both stepped into the backyard. Kendra propped herself up on her elbows and looked at the guys through her sunglasses.

“Hello boys, come on in…did you enjoy your swim yesterday?”

“Yes, thank you” Jackson replied as they walked towards her.

As they approached her, she reached out her hand and introduced herself. Jackson shook her hand and said “I’m Jackson and this is Wesley”. Wesley reached over and shook her hand. Kendra smirked as the guys tried their best to keep their eyes on her face, but they were both failing miserably.

“Nice to meet you, I’m so glad you could make it today. I do get lonely out here by myself.”

“You have a beautiful house” Wesley stammered.

“Thank you. I have put some towels out for you over there” Kendra said pointing to two chairs nearby. “Now why don’t you two get those sweaty clothes off and take a quick dip in the pool to cool off. I don’t want to be the only one naked.”

Jackson and Wesley made their way over to the chairs and stripped down. Kendra watched as they took their clothes off. Both guys were already semi-hard by the time they were naked.

“Mmmm, very nice boys.” she cooed. They looked even better up close than from the second story window.

The guys quickly made it into the pool and swam around for a few minutes. The reality of the situation started to set in and they were both fully hard now. Kendra stood up and made her way over to the pool. Both Jackson and Wesley were transfixed as they watched her walk over. It was the first time they had seen her on her feet, and they drank in the site. She looked to be around 5′ 7″, her blonde hair was slightly past her shoulders, her tits were definitely a C, maybe a D and seemed to defy gravity and she had a small landing strip of blonde hair. Kendra took her time walking over to the edge of the pool, enjoying their stares. She was already wet and the looks on their faces was making her wetter. She turned around to make her way down the ladder into the pool, giving them a good look at her perfectly formed ass.

Once in the pool she swam over to Jackson. He was standing in 4 feet of water so his hard on was hidden from view until she got right next to him. As she stood up, the water glistened off her tits and as Jackson was admiring the view, she looked down at his hard on and said “Well, it appears you like what you see.”

“I do” Jackson said, though barely audible.

Kendra still staring at his cock responded “I like what I see too.” Then looking up into travesti istanbul Jackson’s eyes she put her hand on his neck and brought him in for a kiss. Their tongue’s intertwining as she placed her other hand around his cock and started slowly stroking him. Wesley, who was only about 10 feet away stood motionless as he watched, his cock fully erect and aching to be touched.

Kendra broke the kiss after about a minute and looked over at Wesley while still stroking Jackson. “I can’t tell from here, but I think Wesley likes what he sees also.” she said. Letting go of Jackson she glided through the water over to Wesley who was also in around 4 feet of water.

“Mmmm, looks like I was right, my God what a beautiful cock.” She reached up and kissed Wesley passionately but briefly.

“How about we make it over to the shallow end so I can put my lips on something else.”

She turned and swam the short distance over to the shallow end turned around and got on her knees waiting for Wesley to follow. The water was just below her tits as she knelt and she watched Wesley walking over to her. Each step revealing more and more of his toned body until his cock was clear of the water. It had to be at least 9 inches, and it was thick, much thicker than her husband’s. Soon he was inches away from her waiting mouth. She licked her lips and looked up into Wesley’s eyes as her hands made their way up the back of his legs. Without breaking eye contact she swirled her tongue around the tip and then pulled away.

“My God Wesley, this thing is going to stretch my pussy, I don’t know if I have ever had a cock so thick.”

She wrapped her left hand around the base of his shaft and her right hand started to massage his balls. She took him into her mouth for the first time, barely getting her mouth around him. He let out a moan as her left hand began to stroke him as her right hand continued to massage his balls. With each stroke she was able to fit more and more of his cock in her mouth and soon she had half of his cock in her mouth. Drool came down her chin and dripped on her tits as she worked his monster cock in and out of her mouth.

“Fuck that feels good.” Wesley groaned.

Kendra took the massive tool out of her mouth and looked over at Jackson.

“Come over here and put that thing in my mouth.”

Jackson was next to Wesley in an instant and Kendra happily took him into her mouth. It wasn’t nearly as thick at Wesley’s but it was close to as long as his. Kendra continued to stroke Wesley as she took Jackson in her mouth. For the next few minutes she took turns sucking and stroking them.

Her pussy was aching for attention and she decided it was time to give it what it needed. She stood turned around and holding both cocks in her hands led the guys out of the pool and next to the lounge chair she was laying in earlier. She laid down on the chair, spread her legs and looked up at Jackson and Wesley.

“Now which one of you is going to lick my pussy?”

Without saying a word Jackson dropped to his knees and got between Kendra’s legs. Her whole body was wet from the pool, and her pussy lips were slick with her juices. She was soaked. He lowered his head slowly savoring the view and began to lick her slit. Kendra let out a soft moan as Jackson worked his tongue up and down her slit, flicking her clit each time.

She looked at Wesley. “Stroke your cock for me…I want to watch you…I want to see you play with that huge cock…but do it slowly…I don’t want you coming too fast.”

She didn’t have to ask Wesley twice. He slowly worked his hand over his tool as he watched his friend go down on Kendra.

“Damn your pussy tastes good” Jackson said looking up.

Kendra put her hand between her legs and slid two fingers deep inside of herself, withdrew them and then put them in her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked on her fingers while the boys just stared with their mouths open.

“Mmmm, I do taste good.” she said opening her eyes. She put her hand down there again and inserted her fingers again. This time when she pulled them out and rubbed her juices onto her left nipple.

“Wesley, I want you to suck my juices off my nipple.”

Wesley did as he was told and got down on his knees next to Kendra and began licking her nipple while Jackson continued to taste her from the source.

Kendra looked up at the second floor window where she knew her husband was watching gave him a quick wave. It turned her on to know he was watching her with these two young studs.

As Jackson started focusing more on her clit, Wesley began sucking her nipple harder, placing it between his teeth and pulling on it, catching her by surprise.

“Oh God, Wesley, keep doing that…Fuck you guys are going to make me cum.”

With that, Wesley who was massaging her other breast with his hand began pulling on her nipple while continuing to suck and nibble on her other one. Jackson slid two fingers inside of her wet hole and continued to lick and suck on her clit. Kendra’s legs wrapped tight around Jackson’s head and she reached out and grabbed onto Wesley’s cock as her body locked up and she began to cum, her pussy spasming around Jackson’s fingers. She jerked Wesley with each convulsion until her legs spread, releasing Jackson’s head and her hand dropped away from Wesley’s cock and her whole body relaxed.

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