A Dangerous Little Game

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My first story. Inspired by a previous old story I read called The Rules. Let me know what you think!


John couldn’t believe his luck. He was finally going to get a shot with Tara, his ex-girlfriend’s incredibly hot best friend. He thought he struck out when he couldn’t get a good night kiss after what he thought was a pretty nice first date, but she had just called him with an offer to join her at a nice hotel. “Jackpot!” John’s dick told him, and drowned out the suspicious part of his mind that should wonder why such a bombshell wanted to spend time with him at a hotel after only one date. Prior to their date last night, he hadn’t even spoken to Tara in over year since he broke up with her friend Patricia. What a mess that turned out to be.

After that disaster, John had decided to take a break for a while from the boyfriend and girlfriend routine. He wasn’t ready to settle down yet, and the clinginess of Patty had really cut into his privacy and freedom. After a huge fight, he broke up with her and for the next year he had been happily living the bachelor life. John wasn’t too bad looking, and he was great in the sack, something he had been taking advantage of every opportunity he could.

He heard from some mutual friends that Patricia had taken the break up pretty badly. He didn’t need to be told twice. The obsessive bitch left him dozens of messages and texts pleading for him to take her back. He was also fairly sure that Patty was stalking him. He kept getting strange feelings that he was being watched and occasionally his things would go missing. Things like shirts, boxers, photos of himself, and other little things that seemed odd to disappear. Overtime John told himself he was just imagining it, but something seemed off sometimes when he was alone.

Thinking back, starting out their relationship had been great. Patty wasn’t the best looking girl in the world. In fact, she was a bit of a butterface. She had a bit of baby fat but made up for it with shapely hips, large beautiful tits with dainty little pink nipples, and an unexpectedly tight pussy due to some exceptionally strong kegel muscles. Her face was broad and dull along with her hair muddy brown hair and eyes, but her enthusiasm in bed had kept John more than satisfied.

After month of dating, red flags started to show up for John. Patty started talking about destiny, marriage, starting a family, and having lots of kids. John had no intention of spending his life with Patty despite the great sex. In truth, he felt guilty about stringing her long a bit. In truth when they weren’t fucking, he didn’t enjoy her company in the slightest. She was extremely annoying, chatty, and loved to go on and on about the latest reality show and celebrity gossip. She spent most of her time watching her favorite T.V. shows and reading the celebrity gossip magazines.

The only real benefit other than sex was seeing Patty’s two best friends since they were sorority sisters in college. Tara and Natasha had incredibly sexy toned bodies and faces fit for the cover of magazines. John loved seeing them when he was spending time with Patty.

Tara was a beautiful blonde with the classic California girl beach bombshell. She was tall, leggy, with perky breasts and wore the clothing that showed off her assets and her golden skin.

Natasha had similar proportions on a smaller frame and was a stunning brunette. She was an exchange student from the Ukraine and was Tara and Patty’s roommate at their sorority house for several years. The tight little body, the accent, and the flawless pale skin got Natasha just as much male attention as Tara.

The two sexy coeds were often in John’s fantasies. John felt guilty on occasion, but he always preferred group dates with Patty since there was a good chance it meant he got to ogle Tara or Natasha. John spent more than a couple Saturday nights stealing glances at Tara’s incredible toned legs, or Natasha’s tight ass while his girlfriend would rattle on pointlessly about the newest gossip she heard about.

After less than three months of being her boyfriend, John made a chilling discovery when he found his condoms had been tampered with. A tiny hole had been made in the tips of them and John probably wouldn’t have noticed if they hadn’t been extra lubricated, some of which had happened to seep out of the hole made in the wrapper. John recalled the temper tantrum she had thrown a few days prior when he said he didn’t want to settle down anytime soon.

Confronting Patty about the tampered condoms had led to a similar reaction and immediately John dumped the crazy girl.

Tara and Natasha pretty much ran in different circles than John after he dumped their roommate. It was only last week when John was scouting for a nice girl to chat up at a local bar when he spotted Tara. After a few drinks he threw chance to the wind and asked her out and was shocked when she accepted.

Despite their first date going boring, izmit rus escort the invite to the hotel from her was a nice sign to John that one of his fantasies had a good shot to come true. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize his sexual fantasy was about to become a sexual nightmare.


John was nervous as he took the elevator up and approached the hotel room. Tara was a definite ten in the looks department and he had never been with any girl as sexy as she was. He double checked his wallet to make sure his condoms were still there and good to go before knocking on the door. Ever since the Patty incident, John had been especially careful with birth control that bordered paranoia.

Almost immediately it opened to reveal a blonde goddess wrapped up in a skimpy bathrobe that did a poor job of covering Tara’s long golden runway legs.

“Oh is it nine thirty already?” Tara asked with a sweet voice before letting out a little giggle at John’s reaction. The pearly white smile, twinkling blue eyes, feminine smell of her shampoo, combined with the glistening moistness of the shower still clinging to her tanned body had short circuited John’s brain. .

“Oh w-wow, I mean, h-hey what’s up Tara,” he managed to stammer as Tara grabbed his arm and drug him inside.

She beamed brightly at him as he continued to gaze hungrily at her sexy body. “Hey Johnny, I wanted to thank you for being such a gentleman on out last date, so I thought I would reward you if you’re up for it?”

Managing to tear his eyes off her body he returned her smile while struggling to remember what she had just said, “No problem Tara, a girl as beautiful as you deserve to be treated like a lady by a gentleman,” he guessed based on the bits he recalled.

“Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say,” Tara’s smile grew wider, highlighting her a pair of pouty pink lips, “Oh! I almost forgot. Go take a quick shower before your reward. I warmed up the water for you.”

John agreed and tore his clothes off the second he was in the bathroom. It was still steamy and aromatic. The faint feminine smell of Tara was stronger in here and seemed to sink into his skin.

He took one of the quickest showers of his life. “Huh, that’s odd…” John thought as he reached for a towel. The hotel was fairly fancy and while there was room for at least six towels, only one remained. John was under the impression that Tara had just arrived in town; even then the housekeeping at a place like this would have replaced them every day. “Dammit, now’s not the time to play junior detective,” John’s dick reminded his brain. “There’s a beautiful blonde goddess that wants to fool around not twenty feet away.”

The mystery was quickly explained when he exited the hotel bathroom. John’s fantasy was occurring right before his eyes on the king sized bed. Apparently, Natasha had been hiding when John showed up but was now on the bed kissing Tara passionately. She was wearing the same sexy little bathrobe as Tara. The pale Ukrainian had her hand under said robe and was doing something that caused Tara to mewl in pleasure. John’s cock immediately filled with blood at the beautiful sight in front of him.

“Hello John…” John jumped when he heard Patty’s voice. She stood up from a chair in the corner of the room. She was wearing the same thing as her much sexier friends making out on the bed.

Clearly she hadn’t been taking care of herself. She had gained weight since he had last seen her. Her hips and breasts had certainly gotten a good chunk of those pounds. The skimpy bathrobe looked like it could hardly contain both her tummy and tits. John was shocked at the sight of his ex and his erection died down a bit although it was still pressing hard against the towel around his waist due to the sexy moans and sucking noises coming from the bed.

“John, I put this together because I feel really awful about how I treated you after we separated,” Patty murmured without a shred of confidence. John’s brain was numb from the surreal and erotic situation he was in. “I know we aren’t on good terms, but I want to move forward with my life and I feel I should make it up to you.”

“T-that’s fine Patty, I don’t hold anything against you.” John managed to say.

Patty’s eyes lit up. “I’m happy to hear that, but I still feel like I owe you something.” She turned to the exquisite sight on the bed and continued, “I know well how much you love sex, and I remember how much you liked to check out Tara and Natasha when you thought I wasn’t looking. I can’t imagine how many times you touched yourself to them.”

Tara pulled her face off Natasha’s slender neck and gave John a sultry look. “Remember that game I mentioned earlier? Why don’t you drop that towel and join us on this big bed so I can explain you the rules?”

John felt Patty gently remove his towel and pushed him towards the bed. His girthy cock sprang forward and Natasha gave a delighted gasp. John’s izmit escort body was on cock control and he quickly crawled between the two lovelies on the bed.

The two girls put him on his back and Natasha immediately grabbed his cock with a soft slender hand and gently stroked it causing him to suppress a moan. Tara seemed to notice and giggled. “I think you will enjoy our little game, but there are a few rules I want to tell you before we start.” John struggled to focus on Tara’s words while Natasha slowly teased his cock.

“Patty, Natasha, and I have been best friends since college and have always shared everything and tonight we want to share you.” Tara’s hand snaked down and joined Natasha’s in stroking his dick. “We’ve always wondered which of us could fuck a man the best and we think it’s time we found out in a nice fair competition. All you have to do is lie here and I am going to get 60 seconds to fuck your brains out. After me Natasha will get a shot, then Patty, and then back to me assuming you can last the first three minutes.” She giggled again while seeing John struggle to process the information while receiving a teasing hand job from the lovelies.

While she spoke, Patty replaced Natasha at John’s cock. Natasha began to plant hot wet kisses up John’s body and made it even harder for him to listen to Tara when she gently nuzzled on one of his nipples. “Patty use to brag about how you have lots of stamina, so if you can last 5 rounds without cumming, then you can have us for the rest of the night to do whatever you want,” Tara whispered into his ear and gave it a tiny nibble. John groaned as Patty popped a ball into her wet mouth and Natasha switched to suckle on his neck.

Frantically, John tried to block out the sensation the girls were giving him to think about this little game. 5 rounds, 3 girls, 1 minute each? John did in fact have pretty good stamina and low sensitivity in his cock. He felt pretty confident he could last 15 minutes of interrupted fucking for the chance to do whatever he wanted to Tara and Natasha. He was leery about Patty being here. She just didn’t appeal to him in the slightest but then again how many guys would kill for an opportunity like this.

“Alright, let’s fucking do it,” John said. It had been a few days since his last orgasm, but he was fairly confident that he could pull this off. After all, he might never get this chance again. The girls cheered at his agreement. Natasha kissed him hard and shoved her tongue into his mouth while Patty moved up from his balls to drag her tongue back and forth along the sensitive ridge of his cock head. This distraction was all Tara and Natasha needed to grab both of his wrists and in a split second slip them into a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs that had managed to appear sometime during Tara’s explanation of the game.

John panicked and the girls all backed off from him making him let a small groan of frustration from the sudden loss of pleasure. “Um, ladies, what’s the deal with these?” John asked nervously. Both arms were now spread wide above his head. He gave them a tug and found his wrists were completely trapped in the snug restraints.

“Don’t worry love,” Natasha reassured him, “Remember this is a competition, we can’t have you using your hands to help one of us win!”

“Err, ok.” John mumbled. He was surprised to find that the panic had turned him on a bit. Each beat of his racing heart sent more blood into his rock hard cock. It got even harder when suddenly the three girls removed the little bathrobes and confirmed to John that they weren’t wearing anything underneath.

His eyes were transfixed to the beautiful trio of breasts. Tara’s full breasts matched the rest of her golden tan, Natasha’s contrasted with them with her ivory perky tits and pink nipples that fit her frame well. Finally there were Patty’s familiar heavy DD mounds that swung freely although they had gotten a bit larger due to her weight gain. John was so enthralled by the sight he gave no resistance when Patty and Tara each tied his legs to the corners of the hotel bed.

Natasha held up a stop watch while Tara slowly swung one of her long tanned toned legs over John’s now spread eagle body and straddled his hips breaking him out of his gaze. “Hmm baby, I’m going to enjoy this nice thick cock!” She giggled again.

“Hold on a sec!” John nearly yelled as reality and logic rapidly flooded back into John’s brain, “I got a couple of condoms in my jeans over there.” Tara grabbed the cock between her lips and rubbed the head between her soft lips causing spikes of pleasure to shoot through both their bodies. Patty laughed and the creeping sense of panic was in full flight now as he began to remember the circumstances in which he broke up with Patty.

“Do you remember when Tara said we share everything stud?” Natasha cooed. I think you ought to know that we also share our cycles and all three of us have pussies primed and ovulating.”

“Wait, kocaeli escort just hold on a-” John stammered.

Patty interrupted, “If you cum in one of us during this game, you are probably going to knock one of us up.” She sighed wistfully at the thought.

John was again surprised at how aroused this fucked up situation was making him. He was about to speak again, but instead a long pleasure filled moan escaped his mouth as Tara sank his entire rigid cock into her hot wet channel. “Start the clock!” Patty crowed as her ex-boyfriend finally began to see what his cock had gotten himself into.

Tara squealed and writhed on the thick cock that she had impaled herself completely upon. She slowly rocked forward and back making sure to rub her clit on his pelvic bone and make her pussy even wetter. She couldn’t believe how hot this “game” of hers was turning out to be.

John quickly realized his only chance was to win this game. Ignoring the sexy blonde goddess was impossible though as she continued to grind away on his dick.”

“10 more seconds!” Natasha yelled as she prepared to replace Tara. She had been fingering her clit the entire time in preparation for her turn.

“Time already…” Tara groaned with disappointment and suddenly began slamming herself on John’s cock causing him groan out load to match her own. Her pussy was so wet and already he could feel her juices soak his balls and run down into the crack of his ass. All in a mere minute of good grinding and fucking.

“Time!” Natasha nearly pushed Tara off John and grabbed the dick that was completely soaked with Tara’s nectar. Natasha wasted no time as Patty started the clock.

John was surprised at the sensation as the slim girl sank herself down on his cock. It felt fantastic, but it wasn’t as tight as he expected for the slender girl’s pussy.

Natasha smirked down on the bound young man beneath her. With a grin she began to piston her pussy up and down the stiff rod inside her. There was no warm up, she went from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a second followed by some truly sexy noises of pleasure. John felt alarm at this surprise. He had to last 14 more minutes of this, and he figured he would have had at least a few seconds in between each girl to regain his composure. Natasha attacked his cock with her cunt like her life depended on it.

Patty kept watching the time while Natasha pounded away on top of John. Patty fingered herself fast as she prepared to fuck the hell out of John’s cock. John started to breathe faster as the pleasure ramped up a notch. Natasha didn’t slow down for a second and for the full 60 seconds she continued to moan like a pornstar as she rode his dick to her heart’s content.

“Time in 5 seconds!” Patty yelled excitedly and passed the stopwatch to Tara. Natasha gave ten more rapid thrusts on John’s dick before scrambling off. Patty copied Natasha’s example and wasted no time. John would get no breaks.

She rolled her fat ass on top of her former boyfriend. With familiarity and skill, she immediately sat down on his cock without grabbing it and let out a moan of pleasure as the head of his dick made its way past her folds and found her entrance.

John was grateful after the fucking Natasha had given him in just minute. He wasn’t sure he could last too long with her at that crazy fuck machine pace. Patty would be much easier and give him time to recuperate before it was Tara’s turn again.

That thought was crushed the moment his cock entered his ex-girlfriend’s warm insides. “Jesus, did she get even tighter?” He shivered as he remembered how tight his once only slightly chubby little girlfriend’s pussy use to be.

Patty smiled down at him evilly as she took his thick rod to the hilt. She hadn’t fucked since John left her over a year ago and she knew she was even tighter now than back then. She also had a very nice surprise for him.

Patty had taken to strengthening and training her kegel muscles like she was an Olympic athlete. Every time she sat down to pee, eat a meal, watch one of her shows, and before going to bed, Patty did an increasing number of rhythmic clenches and kegel workouts. Over a course of a year she had transformed her tight pussy into a dick crushing machine.

John gasped as her pussy rippled around his cock. “What was that?” He groaned again as she clamped down and squeezed every inch of his cock. Slowly she lifted up without releasing her pussy’s death grip. John could actually feel the skin of his circumcised penis being pulled up with Patty’s pussy muscles. “What the fuck?” John groaned. It was as if Patty’s cunt was a pair of wet slippery fists that had every inch of his dick in their grasp.

As her pussy made its long ascent up to the tip of his cock, she paused before allowing it to sink again back into her tight channel. John’s mind was in a haze, in a single long and torturous thrust, Patty had just extracted more pleasure from him than both Tara and Natasha combined. Patty wrapped her chunky arms around his neck and repeated the slow tight thrusts three more times, leaving John gasping for breath as he felt the tell tale signs of his impending loss of this game being to churn in his balls.

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