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By TotallyNakedTom


Part One First Day of Class Show Off



A few hours later, Jason had taken the train from North Hollywood to Hollywood and Vine coming up from underground right in front of Pantages Theatre. Jason was a little uncomfortable in slacks, dress shoes and a formal collared shirt. It was his first day at Semester in LA, a program his college offered where they studied screenwriting at an actual Hollywood studio. Guests speakers were supposed to visit every day so they were supposed to treat the class like a job interview and dress accordingly. From Hollywood and Vine, Jason had about a two mile walk to Raleigh Studios.

It was a hot day and Jason was sweating a little. He wished he wasn”t wearing such formal wear. It would be nice to be in something looser that would breathe. But if he could get a job out here that was worth a little discomfort.

He walked down Vine towards Melrose, turned left and continued down Melrose to the studio, entered by the nearby gate and was given directions to class. Jason was very excited but also very hot. He stopped for some water and wiped his brow with a napkin, trying to recover from the hot walk.

As Jason was entering Raleigh Studios, Conner had just parked his car with his roommate, Devlin. He saw Jason crossing the street and his jaw dropped. “That”s the guy from across the street,” Conner pointed Jason out.

Devlin looked up. “Holy shit, it is.”

Once Devlin woke up, Conner was quick to show him the video of their naked neighbor. They had not anticipated their hot exhibitionist neighbor to be in their class. This would be interesting.

The students met and talked. At the first break, Conner approached Jason. “Hey, Jason, right?”

“Yeah. Conner?”

“Yep. Nice to meet you.”

They shook hands. “Hey, so Devlin and I are roomies so we were going to get lunch together when we break. Do you want to come with us?”

Jason smiled. “Sure!” He took a moment to look Conner and Devlin over. Conner was about Jason”s height with brown hair, very slim, almost delicate. Devlin was bigger but still trim, with brown hair as well. He was taller than both Jason and Conner.

“Great. It shouldn”t be too much longer now.”

And as the professor called them back to class, Jason and Conner sat down. “He”s going to join us for lunch,” Conner told Devlin.

“Nice. Maybe he”ll whip it out under the table.”

Conner snorted. “Maybe we can convince him.”

Jason was ecstatic. He was sort of shy so he had a bit of trouble making friends. He liked people, of course, but that initial getting to know you phase sometime stymied him. He already felt out of place when he arrived to class sort of dressed up. No one else was. He”d been thinking he stood out when Conner walked up to him and he was happy that he”d made a friend already. mezitli escort

Lunch time came and Conner walked up to Jason and introduced Devlin and then the three of them went for a walk down the street to a burger place. They ordered food and started talking.

“Why are you dressed up?”

“It said we were going to have guests coming in and to treat it like a job interview.”

Conner nodded. “Normally we would but the person who usually sets that up is on sabbatical, so we aren”t getting guests to offer us jobs. No reason to dress up.”

“Oh,” Jason nodded and mentally told himself to come in more casual tomorrow.

“Were you from the Chicago area before you went to school?”

“Not really. My family is from Conneticut.”

“Gotcha. But you obviously have a love of storytelling and film making.”

“Oh, yeah. I do.”

“What do you want to do in filmmaking? What”s your specialty?”

“I want to be a cinematographer.”

Conner grinned and said, “oh, are you a voyeur then?”

Jason blushed. “Maybe a little…”

Devlin leaned in and said, “get out your cellphone and open the camera.”

Wondering what he was supposed to take a picture of, Jason pulled out his cellphone and opened the camera app. Looking directly at Jason with a serious supermodel type face, Devlin lifted his shirt exposing one of his nipples. “Take a picture,” Devlin commanded.

Jason snapped a picture, a few pictures actually. He took one at normal distance, slight zoom in, tight zoom in so that just Devlin”s nipple and face were visible. Devlin let his shirt drop as the waitress brought their food. Once she was gone, Devlin turned to Conner and said, “he”s definitely a voyeur.”

Jason blushed bright red. Conner laughed, and Jason laughed with his new friends.

They talked about class and movies and TV as they ate but once they were done, they still had a few minutes before they had to head back to class. Conner leaned in. “Hey, so I wanted to ask. We”re gay, I kind of assumed you were gay too, but I just wanted to know for sure if you are.”

Jason smiled shyly. “Yes, I”m gay. How did you know?”

“Just a guess,” said Conner. “Listen, do you live on _____ street in North Hollywood?”

“No way, how did you know that?”

“We live across the street from you. I saw you leaving for class this morning from the balcony, but I didn”t know you were coming here otherwise we would have offered you a ride here. But since you are here, and we”re here and we live so close, we can take you home tonight.”

“Sure, thank you.”

“Would you mind if we didn”t go straight home but wandered a little? I mean, we”re in Los Angeles, you know.”

“I wouldn”t mind wandering a bit.”


“Should be fun.”

They walked back to class from the restaurant and had the second half of pozcu escort the day. Their professor assigned them their midterm and had them split into groups. The video they were to make was a “Boxing Match.” This wasn”t a literal boxing match, it was a dialogue scene where dialogue is thrown out like punches in a boxing match. Back and forth, back and forth, quick, quick, quick, the dialogue flows. They could get into groups as large or as small as they wanted so long as someone was responsible for each aspect of the project. Conner, Devlin and Jason teamed up.

“I”ll write it,” said Conner. “Jason you can film it, and Devlin, you can edit it.”

“Great. What will it be about?”

“Not sure,” said Conner. “But I”m sure I”ll come up with something.”

The professor let the class out early for the first day and Conner, Devlin and Jason got in the car and went for a drive. They went to West Hollywood. The crosswalks were painted as rainbows. Jason looked out the window and saw so many gay men, most dressed at least a little provocatively.

“Here?” Devlin asked.

“Yeah, that looks good.”

They were looking at a clothing shop. Jason looked in the shop window. They seemed to sell kind of sexy clothes like the guys of WeHo were wearing. Devlin had to drive around the block before they found a spot but once they were parked they walked back to the shop and stepped inside.

“Let”s get you something a little more breathable,” Conner said.

“No, that”s okay.”

“Come on, Jason. It”s 85 degrees out and you”re in long pants and a long sleeve shirt. Do you have something like this back in your apartment?”

“No,” admitted Jason, admiring a pair of shorts that looked like they would only go half way down his thighs.

“Then let”s find you some stuff to wear.”

“Here,” said Devlin, handing him a skimpy pair of rainbow underpants. Jason grabbed them and thought he actually liked them a lot, but he couldn”t pull off something like that. “Here,” Devlin forced the rainbow underpants into Jason”s hands as he ran off to grab something else. Jason looked at them and Conner handed him the shorts he”d been eyeing. Devlin returned with a swim suit that matched the underwear. They were rainbow and skimpy. There was a pouch at the front that would hold his little penis but the bottom of his butt cheeks would be peeking out. God, it would be amazing to wear these but again, there”s no way he could pull it off.

Conner held up a shirt. “What do you think?”

Jason looked at the shirt. It was also rainbow but it was sleeveless and slit down the sides. This shirt would show off his nipples. “I like it,” said Jason involuntarily. Then he thought, no I can”t wear something like that.

But Conner had already handed it to him and said, “go try those on.”

Jason blushed looking at his revealing outfit. He walked off to escort bayan the changing room and closed the door to his compartment. No one else had to see how he looked in these, he thought. I”m just going to try them on. Jason slowly stripped off his clothes until he was naked. Then he tried on the swim suit and looked in the mirror. God, that looked hot. Barely anything was covered. He felt so exposed and so turned on. Yes, yes, yes.

He definitely wanted these. He took them off and took a minute to admire his little cock in the mirror. Then he pulled on the skimpy underwear. These actually covered more skin than the swimsuit. He put on the shorts. Like he”d expected they barely covered to midthigh. God, these are sexy, he thought. He put on his shirt and turned to the side so he could see in the mirror. From the side it was almost like he wasn”t wearing a shirt. He admired himself. Legs showing below midthigh, side of shirt cut. This was a lot more skin than he normally showed but he would really enjoy showing off this much on a casual basis. Jason took off the clothes and dressed in his own. He felt so confined. He pulled on his collar, bundled up the clothes and stepped out of the dressing room.

“We don”t get to see?” Devlin whined.

“What did you think?” Conner asked.

“I…uh…I did look good.” Jason smiled, blushing.

“Well, tell you what,” said Conner looking at the price tag. “These are on sale and you had cheap taste to begin with so I will get these for you if you promise to go straight from the register to the changing room to put them on. Then I want you to come back to our apartment, throw on that swimsuit and go swimming with us. Deal.”

Jason smiled but could hardly look Conner in the eye. “Deal.”

Conner went up front and bought Jason”s clothes, grabbing a pair of thong flip flops on the way. He returned and handed them to Jason. “Go put them on,” he commanded. Jason went to the changing room again and put them on. It was nice to be wearing flip flops instead of in his dress shoes. One last look in the mirror, yeah, he looked good, and Jason walked out into the store, carrying his old clothes in the plastic bag.

Devlin sucked air through his teeth. “Turn around,” he commanded. Jason did a slow spin, his flip flops thunking the ground as he turned, and Conner and Devlin looked him over.

“You look great,” Conner said.

“Thanks,” said Jason, brushing the hair from his eyes.

“They look a lot cooler too.”

“They are.”

“All right, well let”s go back to our place and swim. We need to see you in those.” Conner said, pointing to the swimsuit in Jason”s bag. Jason blushed. The suit was so revealing but it turned Jason on just thinking about wearing it in front of his new friends. He loved to show off and they wanted to see, they just didn”t know how much he liked to show off, he thought.

Conner smiled at Devlin because they knew exactly how much Jason liked to show off and they wanted to help him do it, as much and as often as possible. He loved showing off and they wanted to see.


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