You Betcha! Ch. 07

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“Wake up, goofball!” I heard my sister, Becca, even as she jumped onto my bed with Paige, Heather, Melanie, and Janine all joining her.

“Damn, is this all it took to get five girls into bed with me? I wish I had known it sooner,” I joked as I took in the breathtaking beauty of each lady.

“Watch it, buster, or we might gang-rape you!” Becca threatened me now.

“I should be so lucky!” I scoffed as I tried to get up for the bathroom.

“It might not be so fun if we pegged you!” Paige warned me.

“Plenty of lube and I doubt that I’d mind. The prostate is a man’s G-spot, after all,” I noted.

“Someone wants to get up for the john, I see. Maybe he’ll just have to find … alternatives,” Melanie told me, yanking down my boxers and taking my cock into her mouth.

“Jesus, girl … if you’re not careful, you’ll get a mouthful of piss!” I cautioned Melanie, who just winked and kept sucking me.

“Damn it, Mel, if you don’t stop this, I AM GOING TO PISS DOWN YOUR THROAT! I don’t have much time left … my damn bladder is about to burst!” I told my fiancee.

She simply licked the slit of my cock and caused me to shoot out a stream of hot piss directly into her mouth. She held on for dear life, didn’t gag, just took the whole stream that followed down her gullet and swallowed every drop of my pee. Then she licked her lips, ran to the bathroom sink, washed out her mouth with mouthwash, brushed her teeth, and returned with not even a tipobet365 güvenilirmi hint of my piss on her breath.

“I put her up to it! I told her that you always have to pee first thing in the morning and dared her to drink every drop. I think that she’s found it to her … taste, you might say,” Becca snickered, causing me to put her across my lap and yank down her blue thong panties.

“Oh, spanking time!” Paige giggled, followed by the others as I laid into my sister’s buttocks with my bare hands.

“Yes … yes … yes … please, may I have another?” Becca stunned me by begging me for more swats on her reddening, bruised bottom.

“Please, sir, you mean,” I told her, stopping as if to threaten to end the spanking prematurely.

“Pretty please, sir, my dear brother, spank your naughty sister’s ass like she needs?” Becca even pouted now.

“Okay, but you won’t be able to sit properly in a chair all day long when I’m done swatting your tush!” I warned Becca, while Janine licked her lips and Melanie held her down for me.

“That’s what I need … look, I love Eddie a lot, but … I have needs … needs that he clearly can’t satisfy. Discipline … domination … pain … I’m a … pain … slut, okay! I need the pain! I need … discipline! I need bondage! There’s no need to worry … I’ll explain it to Eddie … he’s already given me a hall pass with you. Sooner or later, I’ll need to own up to my … desire. tipobet365 yeni giriş I even wanted you to do this to me … for a good while!” Becca let a lot more of her secrets spill now, much to my shock.

“And the rimming part?” I asked her while swatting her fantastic bottom.

“Because … that … just feels good … and because my ass … is so sensitive … I love things … done … to … my ass! The only reason that I don’t let you fuck my ass is … well, Eddie and I … we still need to sort that part out, you know. Who gets this anal cherry, that’s the hold-up, that question. Though I have to admit … part of me REALLY wants to let you fuck it, and badly at that,” Becca admitted as she bit her bottom lip from my swats.

“Nah, I’d rather fuck it well,” I teased my big sister, making her laugh at her kid brother’s wit.

“Well, he is also very … big down there. Without much … and I do mean … much preparation, he could really wreck your asshole … though I must confess that I enjoy it, as does Janine,” Heather pointed out now.

“I’m game for it, too, at least in principle. I would need a lot of prep, though,” Paige announced, and then looked at Melanie.

“What? My body is his, I’m engaged to him, I’ve sucked his cock, I’ve done ass-to-mouth for him, I’VE SWALLOWED HIS PISS, so do you really doubt that I would let him sodomize me? Really?” my fiancee looked at my sister and her other friends in disbelief.

“Yes, tipobet365 güvenilirmi well, I think that the question has been answered pretty well in my case,” Janine snickered.

“Anyway, who wants to shower with me before breakfast?” I asked the girls.

“Um … pick me, please! I need a little more quality time with my bro, and I don’t know how many chances I’ll get to shower with you … after this lockdown, that is. Come on, bro … I’m supposed to be your babysitter, right? Dumb as fuck, that idea, but still … there’s worse ways to carry that out, don’t you think?

“I need a sounding board about how to handle Eddie, anyway. He’s the best boyfriend ever, but he’s so … different that I have trouble predicting his next move. Just when I think that I have figured out … well, sometimes I do, sometimes I … don’t. You know what I mean,” Becca urged me now, eyes pleading with her need for company and conversation.

“Very well, then … let’s do that,” I smiled as I pulled my sister up and carried her to the shower.

“Really?” Becca asked in disbelief.

“Hey, what are brothers for, right?” I told my sister as I set her down in the shower and turned on the jets.

“I don’t know, but if I had a brother like you … I’d have signed up for Team Incest years ago!” Paige licked her lips in front of us.

“Well, you guys do your thing … I’m gonna cook. Heather, you up for it … Janine … Paige?” Melanie proposed, “I gotta cook for my man … first chance ever, guys! Yum, yum!”

With that, I blew them all kisses, closed the shower door, and pulled my sweet sister close to cradle her head on my shower … for the first time in my life … I deliberately saw Becca naked in the shower. What a world!

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