Witches and Warlocks

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I married young, I was 21 Jane was 18, both virgins. I guess I was fortunate about that as my cock when fully erect just make 4″, however I also have huge balls and produce a large amount of cum. I am 5’7″ slim, fit blond hair blue eyes, now 26. Jane is a goddess, 5’8″ long blond hair blue eyes, 35c, and a great personality, I really don’t know why I strayed.

I suppose our sex life was pretty pitiful, I would always cum within minutes of penetrating her. We started reading sex material to help, and she found out all about cunnilingus, and after that every time I came, she would make me go down on her to finish her off.

Despite my protestations and homophobic tendencies, I suppose I had no real choice. She also had me buy her large vibrators, always black!, and I often came home with her getting herself off. We didn’t have children, my sperm count was too low or something, and I suppose we were fortunate in that. Our sex life disintegrated and I strayed to Eileen.

Eileen, I met at work, she is 29, slim fit 5’4″ 34b, sandy hair hazel eyes, very sexy. I met on a residential course, and we ended up in bed, me cumming as usual, but thinking nothing of then going down on her, and she went wild when I did that.

We talked about what had happened, and she told me she would love to see me service a guy, at which I nearly went wild, I explained that everything about homosexuality was totally abhorrent to me, and she calmly reminded me that I had just eaten a cunt full of sperm. Anyway, the discussion ended there, but our affair didn’t.

It went on and on and got more involved, until one day when I called at Eileen’s. I had a key, but when I saw a car outside, I hesitated. I parked around the corner, and instead of going in I peeped through the window. Inside was my boss and a colleague with Eileen. They were all naked.

My boss had what appeared to be a large cock, certainly a lot longer and fatter than mine and was fucking her hard. Bob had just as large a cock and to my horror, Eileen was sucking him. She had always steadfastly refused to suck me, as did Jane. I found that I was incredibly jealous, not because they were with her, but because she was sucking Bob. In fact, I was quite confused as I felt my dick get hard.

Jim, my boss, was fucking hard and fast and I could hear the groans from outside, and I saw him blast his cum inside her. He kept deep in her until he finished ejaculating then pulled out, and was immediately replaced by Bob, who didn’t take too long to cum as well.

They kissed Eileen and left her naked and her naked hairless pussy glistening with cum. Hairless! I had asked for weeks for her to shave and she always refused, I was devastated, but also very hard! I hid while they left, then went straight in, Eileen heard me, but didn’t attempt to hide. “I, I, I, saw my boss” I stammered.

She smiled, and said, “he as a nice big cock doesn’t he?”

“H-h-how could you?” I asked.

She giggled and then coldly looked at me, saying, “you fuck me whenever you want, the only way you get me to orgasm is with your mouth, you know your cock is just that of a little boy, you know it is useless, how can you be surprised?”.

I looked down in shame, and she ordered, “get your mouth down here and suck me clean”. I looked in horror, she knew how homophobic I was, then she added, “if you don’t, and I mean NOW!, then get out and stay out”.I fell onto her and licked her, then sucked tasting their cum, yet my erection remained. I was still in my suit, straight from work, I realised why they had left early now. She pushed me over and sat on my face. She rode me pushing her sopping pussy up and down my face filling my mouth and nose with their smelly cum. couldn’t believe how much there was, and as if reading my mind, she said, “and another thing, they can cum a lot more than once in a night!”.

As I ate the cum she worked my cock through my clothes, and then she came on my face in an immense orgasm, the biggest I have witnessed with her, and with her pussy firmly planted over my mouth she shuddered, then squirted piss into my helpless mouth, several times, I had no choice but to swallow. The piss made me ejaculate filling my jocks with cum. She slid back onto my chest, looked away and told me that I had better leave for her to have some private time. As if helpless, I just obeyed. I went to my car, quite dismayed, my mouth full of the taste of other men’s cum and Eileen’s piss, cum leaking down from my jocks, a large wet stain on the front of my suit.

I hadn’t realised that my shirt, tie and face also had the evidence of my servitude! I drove home in a daze, I wasn’t sure what to do, how I could face my boss, not sure if he knew of our relationship. I got home and went inside, only to hear noises from upstairs.

Wondering what was going on I drudged up the staircase and opened our bedroom door. Inside a sight devastated me for the second time that night. Jane was in the process of being double fucked by my two best friends, Colin and Dave. They all saw me görükle escort but were too far gone to stop. Colin was sliding what appeared t be an enormous cock in and out of her pussy, whilst Dave, also with a large cock was fucking her ass.

They all looked at me, and Jane just ordered, between close to orgasmic groans, “strip you wimp”. As if operated like a puppet, I obeyed, staring at the pornographic sight in front of me. As I pulled off my jocks, Colin groaned, and ejaculated into my wife. She reached her orgasm, never once had she done that with me fucking her. He pulled put, and even when slack it must have been 8″, uncut, and dripping cum. She just continued fucking Dave, calling me names and looking at me so coldly. Then she really shocked me, when she said, “suck Colin clean or get out!”

Colin shrugged and walked towards me, chuckling as he did, looking and commenting about my tiny cum covered erection. I slid to my knees, and he held my head, and I blushed as he started sliding into my mouth. This was totally against all of my values. To my surprise he began to get hard again. Dave was obviously getting close. Colin grasped the back of my head and started fucking my mouth.

I choked and gasped struggling for breath. Jane laughed out loud then screamed as she hit yet another orgasm, as Dave filled her ass. Dave pulled out smeared with Jane’s insides and Colin spurted his load into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow, my head was imprisoned in his hands. As I struggled with what had happened, Dave replaced Colin and pushed his foul member into my mouth. I sucked him clean. Apologising, but laughing as they did, my best friends left.

I was very confused, Jane was also shaven for the first time. She roughly pushed me onto the bed and rode my face as did Eileen, making me suck my friends’ cum from her pussy and ass as she did so. She told me that she had never realised what a man’s cock was like, that she had married a boy, also she told me that she knew about Eileen. That Eileen was actually her friend.

It was only when they exchanged photos of me that she realised what was going on, so they devised this as an initial punishment. I swallowed a mouthful of shit tasting cum as I wondered what may follow. It didn’t take long for me to find out. Jane got up, dragged me to the back door, and pushed me outside, naked.

She threw my car keys (not the house keys) and wallet after me and slammed the door. The back yard was floodlit, and I noticed the neighbour’s curtains move. He was an older guy, in his 70’s, a fat dirty slob, lived alone, and I was horrified that he was seeing me naked, and yes, erect. I looked around totally confused.

Fortunately, there was washing drying on the line, unfortunately it was only a pair of bright pink shorts, and a matching hater top. I pulled them on, the shorts were really too small, pinching up my ass, and pushing out my naked as cheeks. The top was quite loose, but it was all I had. There was an old dirty pair of Jane’s pink runners in the garage, and we took the same size shoes, so I put them on.

I drove off, not knowing what to do. I needed some space! I called my boss on my mobile, and he must have just made it home as he answered the phone. I stammered away telling him I needed some time off for personal reasons, wondering still if he knew. I am an I.T. project manage working for IBM, and had just finished a project, so the timing was good. He actually chuckled and told me to take as much as I needed. That would turn out to be a lot more than I expected!

We lived in Hampshire, and I had always wanted to visit Cornwall, so I headed East. It was getting quite late, so after an hour or two I pulled over and slept in the car. It was a cold morning, winter was approaching, and my skimpy clothing didn’t help. I drove on and stopped at a lorry drive in for breakfast. It was only when I ordered my food and saw the reaction that I remembered that I was wearing.

Some drivers looked at me with anger, some with lust, I was terrified, it certainly woke me up. I quickly devoured my breakfast and left, but not before a couple of burly drivers grabbed handfuls of my exposed ass cheeks. I stopped at a grocery shop, suffered more humiliation from the young woman that served me, and bought some essential food and drink.

For the next few days, I kept away from people which wasn’t too difficult once I was in Cornwall. I slept in the car, apart from washing in freezing cold streams, I was unable to shave or anything like that.

I thought a lot and decided to go back and face the music and sort things out. I needed to get some proper clothes and have a night or two in a decent hotel to get myself together. I was near a place called Tintagel, an area full of folklore of witchcraft magic and knights of armour. It was getting dark, and I made a wrong turning, ending up down a dead end, in the middle of nowhere. There was a dirt track that continued, but I decided to just park and sleep, sort myself out the next morning.

I was woken bursa merkez escort suddenly, someone dragging me from the car. It was daylight, and cold, I shivered as I stared at four huge men, build like mountains, and hairy all over. The eldest I guess at about seventy, the youngest barely out of his teens, the other two I probably early forties.

I found it very difficult to understand what they were saying, but they were very angry, and I was obviously on private property. Some names I did understand, like faggot, and slut, but before I uttered any contradiction, I also understood the order to strip. My mouth dropped open and I just said, “you have to be fucking joking”. My world then exploded, the youngest let fly with his ham of a fist into my stomach, I doubled up and fell to the ground.

As I struggled to stand, I also struggled to rid myself of my feminine pink outfit, standing naked before them, shivering in the cold, I realised how important the pink clothing was to me. Daveth, the eldest one, took some lighter fuel, and sprayed my clothes and runners and dropped a lighted match on them, I looked on in horror, the only consolation, being the warmth of the flames. Tristan, probably the next eldest, took a strip of thin leather, he spread my legs putting my hands on my head.

I trembled and he pulled on my balls, then he took the strip of leather, and using all his strength, which was immense, pulled a tight knot around my balls making me yelp in pain. He slapped my face hard telling me to be quiet. I tried, but very soon my balls throbbed. The next youngest, Peder, spread my legs wide, then he opened his buttoned fly and dropped out probably 7″ of

flaccid uncut cock, and he told me to suck. My eyes popped wide open, and I couldn’t speak I just shook my head in the negative.

The next few minutes I felt the most pain I have ever felt in my life and then some. Someone behind me, using all their strength, kicked me in my exposed tied balls. I collapsed in agony clutching my poor balls whimpering and crying tears, they were running down my face. Peder, totally unmoved, repeated his command.

I crawled up his trousers and sucked at his cock like it was lifesaving, which it probably was. It was quite disgusting, it was dirty, smelly, and when he pulled down his foreskin it was coated in what looked like Parmesan cheese. I almost vomited as he made me suck it clean. He groaned and smiled, holding my head then fucking my face until he exploded his load into my mouth. I was devastated and still in a lot of pain.

They all chuckled and muttered amongst themselves, then the youngest, Talek, who looked like a Neanderthal, tugged on the leather attached to my now very tender, and purple balls. He said, “come on Tony, time to visit your new home”. I was astonished that he knew my name, but then I saw Daveth throw my wallet and keys back into the car. I realised, he now also knew my home address, where I worked etc, as he was pocketing my business and personal cards.

I was tugged by my balls, naked and shivering about two miles. We went inside a strange old house, and I was introduced to an old fat ugly hag of a woman, called Melyor, and a young girl called Mellyn. She was beautiful with long silken blond hair. They laughed and pointed between my legs, I had an erection, I blushed. The men left telling me to obey the women or suffer the consequences and the women took me into their care.

I often look back in wonderment, I cannot understand why I didn’t just bolt away there and then and stuff the consequences, but instead I just obeyed Melyor, doing everything she asked of me. She first cut away the leather, making me cry, literally, when the pain of the blood recirculating hit me. They both then made me drink a foul liquid. The effect was almost immediate, it made my erection throb even more, and made me very turned on.

They moved me into a strange room with a pentagon marking on the floor, and black lighted candles all around. They made me stand in the middle of the pentagon, which was covered with strange erotic markings. They both stripped naked and were the opposite of each other as Meylor was fat and ugly Mellyn was slim and beautiful. I noticed they were totally void of body hair. They were dancing around me chanting, burning bunches of twigs that smelled, my mind was becoming confused, filling with weird sexual images. I heard a pitiful groaning and realised it was me. I felt helpless to move, yet I wasn’t bound.

They made me stand with hands on my head and legs spread very wide. Meylor took some strange green ointment and spread it all over my body, covering my beard, of a few days’ growth, the back of my neck, it smelled quite vile. They also smeared a little about my eyebrows, put a lot about my genitals and ass. They chanted all the time.

Then Mellyn knelt between my legs, she took my cock in her mouth and I just groaned and felt my orgasm start, she immediately removed my cock and held it over a copper chalice that seemed bursa sınırsız escort to have lead splattered on the base. My cum splattered, more than I think I have ever produced. I was screaming in orgasm, but my erection didn’t subside at all.

The images filling my mind were so strange, I was a female being fucked in all holes by satanic animals yet loving it. I’m not sure what was happening, but my cock was being manipulated again. It was only a short time and I again had a huge ejaculation. My cock still stayed hard, the images became even worse, they were vile, I was swallowing cum piss, excrement from these horny evil animals, and what was worse, I could actually taste it.

Five times I ejaculated, then I collapsed, when I awoke, my cock was shrivelled, and I was in a shower. It had always been difficult for me to make it twice in a day, how did I cum 5 times?? Meylor chuckled and told me to shower and clean up. I felt disgusting and my mind was still confused.

I showered and to my horror, all my body hair, and beard washed down the plug hole. I couldn’t even see any sign of follicles they had just dropped off me, even on my face, absolutely no sign that I had ever needed to shave. I dried and they powdered my body with strange smelling powders.

Mellyn made me stand legs wide apart, hands on my head, and she knelt between my legs. She caressed and massaged my balls pulling, twisting gently mumbling and singing strange words. Meylor gave me some more fluid to drink. I was in a different world, then through a for I saw Mellyn use a wet piece of leather to tie around my balls, they took hold of each end and pulled as hard as they could.

I tried to scream but just gurgled. They tied a knot and then twisted the leather around and around until my balls hung obscenely from my body and they finished tying it off.

I gasped in horror as I watched my balls darken in colour, then in amazement as I saw the women masturbating and groaning in front of me. First Meylor squatted over the chalice containing my cum which was now placed on the floor. She moaned then obviously orgasmed, but when she did fluid squirted from her vagina adding to my cum. Mellyn did the same thing, I felt my sore cock stir and become yet again erect. This was followed by the women dancing around chanting again. Then they added other things to the chalice, what looked like large beetles, that they broke into pieces, herbs and who knows what.

My head was spinning, thoughts and images continued to flood my mind. Then they came over tho me holding the chalice. I was free to move, apart from my throbbing balls that is, and I took the chalice. It reeked of sex and seemed to be completely full of sperm and swirling mess. They didn’t say anything to me, I knew what I had to do. I drank the contents, no, I devoured the contents with relish, as they chanted and danced around me, staying outside of the pentagon. I seemed obsessed by it, the taste was strange I struggled to lick and swallow every drop.

My hairless little cock also throbbed and bounced with an erection, my mind whirled. Straps were fastened to my ankles, next thing I know, I’m suspended above the pentagon upside down my legs stretched painfully wide. I looked up to see their wet open pussies as they danced about me, then my mind exploded in pain. Mellyn had used a paddle to hit my poor exposed balls as hard as she could. Stars and lights burned into my head, I gasped trying to breathe, feeling pain like nothing I had ever felt, then Meylor did the same, and thankfully my world went black.

When I awoke, I was somewhere else, laying on a mattress, I had a metal collar around my neck, my wrists were in old metal handcuffs, which where attached by a chain behind me and also to my collar. This severely limited my movement. My ankles had leather cuffs on and my legs were spread wide and raised off the bed. I felt the thing in my asshole, it vibrated, twisted and pumped in and out of me like a cock. My ass was sore and full.

The other low humming came from the thing that encased my cock. It was pumping me, masturbating my poor sore cock. Despite my situation, despite the incredulity of it all, I was totally aroused. I stared at my black and purple balls beneath the thing encasing my manhood. I groaned in the glimmer of the light from the black candles. My groaning got louder until I orgasmed yet again, only this time with no ejaculation, as that was impossible.

The thing in my ass seemed to get faster as did the masturbator. I was totally tormented. I didn’t sleep that night, at least not that I am aware of, the images were so terrible, the fucking of my virgin ass continued as did the masturbating. I lost count of my orgasms. I desperately wanted it to end, yet in another way I wanted more and more and more. I wanted to be fucked to death, I wanted real cocks, I wanted sperm, I wanted to please!

I guess I must have slept at least a bit, or had it all just been a nightmare, for when I awoke I was in a normal bedroom, under covers, naked, but unfettered, apart from my still throbbing balls. My mouth however tasted of sperm piss and pussy juice, my cock was red raw and sore as was my asshole. I tried to free my balls, but the leather had shrunk even tighter and it was impossible to undo without cutting it.

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