Wild Ch. 02

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“Why don’t you get the towel from your room and come over.” She said as she opened the door to her room. “In the mean time I will be through.”

“But I thought we will be in the shower together.” It was no use pretending any more. It’s now or never.

Immediately she turned back facing him.

“What’s the matter with you? Since yesterday you have constantly ogling me. You should be ashamed of this. I am your son’s wife and that’s almost like being your daughter. If you had a daughter, do you think you could have proposed her the same. How do you think your family will react if they come to hear of this? I just don’t understand.” She threw up her hands in exasperation.

Taken aback at her sudden aggression Arun was at a loss for words.

“I just can’t control myself. I know its wrong but not everything is within my control. After all you are a woman and I a man…” She did not even allow him to finish.

“You sound like a man devoid of morals. I just don’t know what to say.” She went into the room slamming the door shut behind her.


Arun felt dazed. His worst nightmares have come true. His eyes fell on the keys still inserted in the lock. His mind refused to act. The enormity of his act dawned on him. He realized the need to pull himself together and what can be better than his own room for that. No sooner had he started walking, he remembered the keys.

Should he knock and tell her that she had forgotten her keys? Oh God, no! He can’t face her now. May be she will refuse to open the door…that will be very insulting. But then it’s not a nice idea to let the keys hang there. He pulled out the keys and started walking towards his room. How could he ever face her again knowing that she was well aware of his lust for her? She was not another young woman whom he hoped never to meet again.

He turned on the air conditioner and collapsed on the bed. His worst nightmare had come true. How will they ever go back to the healthy relationship that they shared knowing that the elements of lust have reared their heads? In his eagerness to seduce her, he had overlooked the pitfalls. His immediately impulse was to wriggle out of this situation They will never be comfortable in each other’s company anymore. His position was worse, a man who had tried to force himself into a relationship that all will consider taboo and had failed miserably. Not only had she flatly refused but had not even spared him the humiliation of letting him know that to her he seemed to be devoid of morals to even consider such a relationship. He had made the first move and will have to bear the consequences for the impasse. In future, she will always be standing on a higher moral ground, looking down at person whom she ought to respect. tipobet365 güvenilirmi Even between them as man and woman she will look down on him having refused his advances even when he was prepared to break all social norms in order to sleep with her.

Exposed and cornered, the devil in his mind reared its ugly head.

“You cannot let her go away with it.” The devil mocked him. “You will have the bear that triumphant look in her eyes for the rest of your life. The need of the hour is to think of a plan to posses her.”

His once bitten twice shy conscience was not prepared to give up either. “As it is things are bad, don’t go ahead to make them even worse.”

“Worse? My foot. Is it not bad enough as of now? The situation can only improve if you succeed in getting what you wanted. And to get that if you have to use force, so be it.”

His conscience retorted back, “Force? Are you planning to take your daughter-in-law against her wishes? Are you planning to rape her? How can you sink so low?”

The devil puts it foot down. “Sink low? Is it not a better idea to sink low once in a while to avoid life long humiliation? Once you possess her, there’s no way she can humiliate you. But remember, once you embark on this journey again you cannot stop short of having sex with her. Her willingness should not be important to you, it is your desire to have her and save yourself from humiliation. Once she is forced into this taboo relationship, she will have no option but to keep it under wraps. Once that happens, all you have to do is to look for opportunities to find her alone and marvel at the way she complies with your wishes. That will give you lots of opportunities to drive the affair forward and have her whenever you wish. Just imagine yourself giving her a call in her office telling her to keep the evening free for you. Don’t even bother to listen to her protests. To demonstrate your hold over her, compel her to cancel her outings with Brata so that she could spend that time with you instead. You pick her up from your office and drive down to one of those motels on the way to the airport. Then shut out the rest of the world and enjoy her. But remember to satisfy her too. There has to be something for her too in this affair. Let her then go back to Brata and wait for your next call.” Suddenly, Arun realized that he had a raging hard on. The devil had driven home the nail. That was how he wanted to have her .

But his good old conscience was not prepared to give up either. “First you plan to take her against her wishes and then make arrangements to continue this sordid affair. What if she decided to come out in the open? Come on, give her a break. She is like your daughter. Could you have fooled around tipobet365 yeni giriş with your daughter?”

He could hear the devil laugh aloud. “Like your daughter? Are you kidding? That’s being an escapist. You are scared to force her. Alibis suit the coward mind and there is not dearth of alibis, anyways. Accept those alibis and face the humiliation ever after. Of course, you will not barge into her room and try to force her. You have to quickly think of better alternatives. It all depends on how much you want her. Think hard and you will find a way…”


Slamming the door shut behind her, she stood frozen to the ground. She could count every thumping beat of her heart. Never in her wildest fantasy had she thought about going to bed with her father-in-law. It was like breaking one of the basic tenets of acceptable social behaviour. She always admired him for his success and endeavour. It was like admiring your own father or brother. You did not jump into bed with them because you admired them. Certain relationships were beyond physical lust. She had considered her relationship with Arun to be one of those. Only yesterday that relationship had undergone a sea change. Or was it from yesterday only? May be, he had an eye for her since long…only she couldn’t see it. She had always thought that such relationships existed only in novels likeThe BetsyandThe Voyeur,figment of wild imagination. Now she knew she was wrong. Had she not heard of something similar from her old friend Rakhi?

On unsteady feet she walked over to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked into her own eyes. Was she that attractive that he could throw caution to the winds and chase her? She could have understood had it been one of his friends. But the enormity of what had happened a few minutes back was still to sink in. Was he so desperate so as to try to have her without thinking of the consequences? How could they ever go back to their paternal relationship once he had openly indicated his desire for her?

She was startled to realize that the initial wave of resistance was being replaced by the need to understand the situation. She tried to understand his desperation. Her eyes reverted back to the mirror again. She knew she was attractive with her prominent cheek bones and tapering eyes leaving a sensual touch on her face. But that was not the only thing Arun wanted to see. Suddenly the though of the forbidden relationship was engulfing her. Her logical mind was taking a back seat, her sexuality was slowing coming forward. Women always liked to be admired, she was no exception. It was one thing to have a middle aged boss in office who loved to call her inside his office and took every opportunity to congratulate tipobet365 güvenilirmi her for even small success by patting her back and then sliding his hands down. Perhaps he got a kick by feeling her bra. Thankfully he never dared to slide his hands beyond the small of her back. She was sure he liked women for what they had in common with men. Nothing can be a better tribute to her sexuality than her father-in-law desperately trying to seduce her. And what did he want to see? As if in a trance, she drew thekameez she was wearing over her head. Then her hands moved to her back releasing the catch of the bra. She peeled the wet undergarment from her body and let it join thekameezon the floor. As she straightened up, her eyes darted back to the mirror. A tall and slim young woman stared back at her. Her shapely breasts were not large but on her slim frame looked prominent. Slowly her hands moved to her breasts cupping them gently while her fingers briskly caressed the nipples. A shiver shot through her body.

“Oh! God.” She whispered hoarsely.

Let me see what else he wanted to see, she thought.

As the animal in her took over, she untied thesalwar and let it cascade down to her feet. Languidly she pulled down her panties and stepped out of the heap at her feet.

She stepped back a few feet and let her eyes feast on the naked young woman appearing on the mirror. She felt proud of herself. So this is what he wanted to see and ravish.

The ringing telephone brought her back to sense.

“What am I doing? That may be Brata.” She ran to answer the call.


“Are you ordering for lunch in your room or are you joining me at the restaurant down below?” It was him, her forbidden admirer.

Even before she could think she heard herself blurting, “Give me ten more minutes and I will be at the restaurant.” Immediately, she froze. Why did she say that? She could have ordered for room service and thus avoid his company. Before she could carry on, he disconnected.

It was then that the thought hit her. For a moment it paralysed her senses…she had talked to him without a stitch to her credit. Could he imagine that she was nude when they talked? May be he would have loved to know that. But why was she behaving like this? Slowly she sat on the bed and buried her face in her hands. Her sex life with Brata was quite satisfying. He was a sensitive lover bent on giving and receiving pleasure in course of their lovemaking. Why then was she getting carried away by thoughts of forbidden carnal unions?

“Stop it.” She chided herself loudly. “Get hold of yourself. You are responsible woman, not a whore. What is so big about answering a phone while in the nude? After all one cannot see through telephones. This is not for the first time that you had done this.”

With that realization, the burden lifted from her shoulders. She felt relieved. She rose from the bed and started walking back to the bathroom. She longed to stand under the shower and let the cascading water soothe her jagged nerves…

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