WICKed Hormones Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: This is a total work of fantasy. All sexual participants are 18-years of age and older.

I want to again give thanks for all the positive responses to the previous chapters. I also want to give thanks and acknowledge the great work of my new editor. I truly hope you enjoy this segment.



Karen got up early on Saturday morning. Normally she would have slept in a little, but this was no ordinary Saturday.

Her husband Robert was scheduled for another golf outing that morning with the top management of Conway Enterprises. So far, all signs were looking good for his promotion to Regional Vice President. With all the extra time and effort he had been putting in, Karen thought there was little chance that anyone else could be more deserving.

Her son Jacob also had a big day ahead of him as well. He would, later on, be going to his high school to take the SAT exams. With the sudden surge of good grades lately and Jacob’s attendance to SAT prep classes, Karen felt very optimistic that her son would bring home a terrific score.

After getting out of the shower that morning, Karen stepped onto the bathroom scale. She was delighted to discover that she had dropped a couple more pounds and was well on her way to meeting her personal goals. It made her smile to think that all the exercise, yoga, and tennis were finally paying off.

She quietly walked into the bedroom, wrapped up in a thirsty white towel. She tried her best not to disturb Robert, who as still fast asleep.

Karen walked over to her dressing table, then loosened and dropped the towel onto the stool. She stepped into a pair of delicate white panties and pulled them up her long legs, adjusting them onto her curvy hips. She then put on the matching white bra and was surprised to find the cups to be tight and somewhat uncomfortable.

Confused, Karen stepped over to the full-length mirror and gasped at the sight of her bra struggling to contain her womanly charms, “Oh my goodness! Are my breasts getting bigger?” She thought, if anything, losing weight would have the opposite effect.

Karen removed the constrictive garment and stepped closer to the mirror. She then cupped both her boobs to gauge their weight and size. Whispering to herself, “Maybe they are, but it doesn’t make any sense.”

When first married, Karen’s breast size was a delectable 36C. Now, understandably, after two kids and a little weight gain over the years, she was a buxom 38DD. She held steady at that size for almost twenty years, but now they seem to be mysteriously expanding once again.

Glancing back over her shoulder, she looked at her sleeping husband. She thought how thrilled he would be with that discovery.

Turning back to the mirror, she then ran her hands across the delicate skin, and her pink nipples instantly hardened and came to life. She gently flicked them with her thumbs, and immediately a delightful sensation spread throughout her breasts. The pleasant feeling caused her to gasp, “What is up with these things?”

Stepping back from the mirror, Karen lowered her arms to her side and gazed upon her reflection. Her body was a classic hourglass shape. Her large breasts were wonderfully round with light pink areola topped with puffy ultra-sensitive nipples. Considering her age, they defied gravity as best they could with just the right amount of sag to prove they were all-natural.

Her tummy had a slight hint of roundness, but after giving birth twice, that was no surprise. Her tapered waist flared dramatically into wide feminine hips, which lead down to her long curvaceous legs.

Being a modest woman, she would never admit it, but the image in the mirror was quite impressive, especially for a married mother of two in her mid-forties.

She then turned to view her side profile. No matter how beautiful, most women have something about their bodies they wish were different. For Karen, it was her rear end. God had blessed her with a beautiful round backside, but she always thought it was a little too big. However, Robert never failed to tell his gorgeous wife how much he likes her “junk in the trunk.”

For a few more moments, Karen checked herself out from various angles. Perhaps she was thicker and curvier than in her youth, but for the most part, she was satisfied with the results so far. She knew she would never get back to her cheerleader body, but it did not mean she would stop trying.

Later on, Karen was in the kitchen. She usually did not cook a big breakfast on the weekends, but to get both her guys started on the right foot, the lovely mom decided to cook them a hearty meal.

As Karen worked her culinary magic, she sang along with the 80’s music that flooded the kitchen. She was no Mariah Carey, but she could carry a tune. She was, in fact, confident enough that on the occasional Sunday, she would sing in the church choir.

A while later, both Robert and Jacob walked into the kitchen together. Robert was already showered and dressed marsbahis güvenilirmi to spend the day out on the links. Jacob, on the other hand, looked as if he had just rolled out of bed.

“Wow… what a spread,” Robert said with surprise.

Jacob added, “Yeah. What’s all this, Mom?”

Turning down the radio, Karen replied, “Well, today is a big day for both of you. I just want to make sure my boys get fueled up and ready to go.”

Father and son went and took their usual places at the kitchen table. Robert took a sip of coffee and said, “Thank you, Honey… it all looks great!”

As Jacob poured himself a glass of orange juice, he added, “Yeah, Mom… this is awesome… thank you!!”

Karen took her seat beside Jacob and said with a big smile, “You are both very welcome. It’s my pleasure to take care of my handsome men. Now both of you eat up.” Father and son commenced to feasting on the delicious breakfast while discussing their day ahead.

“So Jake, are you ready for the SAT’s?” Robert asked while pouring himself a second cup of coffee.

Jacob replied, “Yes sir, I think so… or at least, I hope so.”

“Are you nervous?” Karen asked while she buttered a freshly baked biscuit.

“No… not much,” Jacob replied as he shoved more pancakes into his mouth. After swallowing, he added, “Well, maybe a little.”

Robert then said, “Whatever you do, don’t go there feeling nervous or anxious. That could cause you to lose focus.”

Jacob shook his head, “Don’t worry, Dad… Mom has her ways of helping me with that.”

“Oh? How so?” Robert looked across the table at his beautiful wife. “Maybe it’s something I could try.”

Karen gave Jacob’s shin a slight kick with her foot. She tried not to blush as she waved her hand. “I showed him a few yoga techniques to help him relax.”

Robert sat back in his chair. “Yoga, huh?” He then shrugged his shoulders. “Well, whatever works, I say.” He then went back to eating his eggs.

Karen looked slightly to her left and gave Jacob a displeased look. He was smiling until he saw the expression on her face and decided it best to cool it.

A while later, Robert said bye to his family and headed out to play golf. Jacob helped his mom clean up the kitchen in hopes that it may earn him some brownie points. He rinsed the dishes while Karen loaded the dishwasher. They talked about various subjects, including the SAT exam later that morning.

Karen started up the dishwasher and turned to Jacob, “Thank you for your help, Sweetie.”

Jacob grabbed a towel to dry his hands. “You’re welcome, Mom.”

Karen then leaned back against the counter. “It’s getting late, so I think we should probably go up and get ready. After I drop you off at school, I plan to stop by the grocery store.” She then took the towel from Jacob and said, “But first, I want to start a load of laundry.”

They left the kitchen, and Jacob fell in behind Karen. As they ascended the stairs, he enjoyed the lovely view of his mom’s backside. Without looking back, Karen said, “I noticed you are almost out of cereal. Is there anything, in particular, you want me to get for you?” Jacob loved breakfast cereal. He would eat it for lunch and dinner, too, if Karen allowed.

Still focused on the swaying of his mom’s hips, he replied, “Anything is fine… you can surprise me.”

They entered Jacob’s room, and Karen went to the closet. She pulled out the laundry basket and set it down on the bed. As she sorted through the dirty clothes, she asked, “Is this everything?”

Jacob, sitting on the bedside, nodded his head and said, “That’s everything. Plus, I cleaned up in here just as you asked.”

Karen took a quick survey of the room and replied, “I can see that, and I appreciate it.” She then said with a chuckle, “Now if you would just keep it this way.”

Standing up from the bed, Jacob answered, “I promise to try and do better from now on.” He then stepped behind Karen and said, “You know Mom, I think Dad was right about what he said earlier.” He pulled down and stepped out of his sleep pants and underwear.

Still, sorting the laundry, Karen replied, “Oh? About what?”

Jacob then took off his tee-shirt, “When he said I should not go today feeling nervous or anxious. That I should be relaxed.” He then stepped up to his mom’s side and tossed his clothes into the laundry basket.

Karen looked over at Jacob and found him to be completely naked. Caught by surprise, she gasped. “Jacob!! What are you doing?” She lowered her eyes and could see his “monster” was fully awake and practically throbbing.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jacob responded, “I was hoping that maybe you would help me. You know, as Dad suggested.”

Karen put a hand on her hip, “Oh… as Dad ‘suggested,’ huh?”

Jacob got into his bed and sat back against the headboard. “That is what he said after all.”

Picking up the laundry basket, Karen smirked, “I don’t think this is what he had in mind, young man.”

Jacob marsbahis yeni giriş smiled while he slowly stroked the hardened shaft with his right hand. “I think the actual words he used were ‘whatever works.'”

Karen couldn’t help but be mesmerized as she watched her son’s hand slowly pump his enormous cock. She could see the pre-cum steadily trickle down onto Jacob’s fingers. Her body once again becoming aroused as the delightful scent began to permeate throughout the room.

“Plus, remember Mom…” Jacob’s voice broke her trance, “You helped me like this when I took the Trigonometry exam.” His statement made a lot of sense to Karen. She distinctly remembered helping him before the test that morning, and he ended up bringing home a perfect score.

Without thinking, Karen released her grip on the laundry basket, and it fell, making a soft “thud” as it landed. It rolled over on its side, causing a few articles of clothes to spill out onto the carpeted floor.

Karen stepped around the basket and climbed onto Jacob’s bed, taking her usual position between his legs. While tying her dark brown locks into a makeshift ponytail, she said, “I have to agree with you… your Dad does make a good point.” She then looked into Jacob’s eyes and said, “And as your mother, I guess it’s my responsibility to help make sure that you are prepared for your test today.”

Jacob smiled and said, “Thanks, Mom, you ‘re the best.”

Later on, Karen felt as if she had just participated in a blowjob marathon, but she felt somewhat proud of herself. The entire time her pussy craved to be fully stuffed once again with her son’s giant cock. She was, however, able to prevent herself from crossing that incestuous boundary. It took a long while, but she was finally able to push Jacob over the top and provide him with the physical relief he needed.

Trying to catch his breath, Jacob lay there and watched as his mom lovingly cleaned his deflating cock. She licked up every last drop of semen that she could find like a mother cat tending to one of her newborn kittens. “Wow, Mom. I can’t believe Dad would rather play golf than be here with you.”

Looking up at Jacob, Karen tried to defend her husband, “Jake, his playing golf today is all about his promotion.” After dragging her tongue up the long shaft one last time, she added, “Besides, I thought we agreed not to discuss your dad during these times.”

Not wanting to push his luck, Jacob replied, “You’re right, Mom… I’m sorry.”

Now satisfied with the results, Karen sat up straight. With her fingers, she wiped some residue from her lips and chin. “So… is my little man relaxed now?”

Closing his eyes and smiling, Jacob answered, “Yes… very much.”

Karen giggled as she got up from the bed and said, “Okay, mister, don’t get too relaxed.” She bent over and picked up the laundry basket. “Remember… you still have to go take the SAT.”

Sitting up, Jacob replied, “Oh, don’t worry… I remember. And thanks again, Mom, for helping me. I think now I’m ready for sure.”

Karen smiled and said, “You’re welcome, Sweetie. All I ask is that you do your very best.” She then turned to leave the room. “You should probably start getting dressed.”

“Oh, Mom, before I forget…” Karen turned back to Jacob. “Would it be okay if I were to ride home with Matt? Mrs. Johnson offered to pick us up.”

Karen shrugged her shoulders, “Fine with me. Just be home in time for dinner. I think your dad wants to grill hamburgers tonight.”


That evening Jacob arrived home to find his dad on the patio, ‘manning’ his new grill. It was a high-end model that Karen had given him for Christmas last year. It had all the bells and whistles, and Robert used it as often as he could.

Walking up to his father, Jacob said, “Smells good, Dad.”

“Thanks, Bud.” Robert flipped a burger, then looked up and asked, “Let me guess… medium well?”

“You know it,” Jacob chuckled.

They talked about how their respective days went. After a few minutes of chatting, Jacob then left to go inside. He entered the house to find his mom in the kitchen. She was standing at the island, chopping and slicing vegetables.

Karen looked up and smiled at her son, “Hi Sweetie… want to give me a hand with the salad?”

“Sure thing, Mom… just let me wash up.” Jacob walked over to the sink to wash his hands.

While she continued to work, Karen looked over at him and asked, “Sooo… how did it go today?”

Finished washing his hands, Jacob walked over the island beside his mom. “Good, I think. They told us we should receive the results in the mail by next week.”

Karen looked over at him and smiled, “Well, I’m sure you did just fine.” She then continued to shred some carrots. The movements made her large breasts gently dance around inside her form-fitting tee-shirt. Jacob so badly wanted to see his gorgeous mom naked that it was starting to become an obsession.

Karen stopped working marsbahis giriş and asked, “Would you be a dear and finish this for me? My arms are still sore from this morning.”

“Sure.” Jacob then took over for her and asked, “Why are your arms so sore?”

Karen then gave him a look that conveyed, ‘You know why.’

Jacob’s eyes went wide. “Ohhh… I see.” He started shredding the carrots and added, “Sorry about that, Mom.”

“It’s okay… I think I’ll live,” Karen chuckled and then leaned over and kissed the top of Jacob’s head.

“But you know what, Mom? It probably would have gone much quicker if you had just let me fu- I mean if you had… you know… let me put my penis inside you.”

Karen glanced out the window to make sure Robert was still out by the grill. She turned back to Jacob and, with a low voice, replied, “No, Jake… we can’t do that anymore. I thought I made that clear last time.”

“I know you did, Mom, and it was just a suggestion. I was trying to make things easier for you.”

A smile curled onto Karen’s red lips. “I know Honey, and I appreciate it.” She put her hand on her son’s shoulder, “But doing that has to remain off-limits.”

Reluctantly, Jacob nodded his head. “Okay, Mom.”

She then began mixing the shredded carrots into the salad. “Now go grab some plates and start setting up the patio table. I thought tonight we would dine alfresco.”


Late Sunday afternoon, Jacob returned home from spending the day at Matthew’s house. He had gone over there right after church. Jacob, Matthew, and a couple of their friends had spent the entire afternoon on their latest Dungeons & Dragons quest.

Jacob entered the house through the kitchen and yelled out, “I’m home.” He stopped at the refrigerator and got himself a sports drink.

“In here, Sweetie,” Karen called out from the family room.

Jacob found his mom sitting at the small desk, and she was writing checks to pay the monthly bills. Karen was wearing a thin cotton dress that fit her nicely and revealed a modest amount of cleavage. Along with the dress, she was wearing her reading glasses and had her hair up in a loose bun. Jacob thought she looked like a sexy version of a schoolteacher or a librarian.

While writing down some figures in her checkbook, Karen asked, “So how did you do on today’s ‘quest’?”

After taking a couple of swallows of his drink, Jacob replied, “We didn’t get very far… Mike had to leave early, so we’re going to continue next weekend.”

Jacob then took a seat in the chair next to the desk and asked, “Mom, do you still pay bills with checks? Why not just pay them online like everyone else?”

Karen chuckled. “I’m just old fashioned, I guess.” While putting a stamp on an envelope, she said, “Plus, I don’t trust computers all that much.”

Shaking his head, Jacob responded, “Mom, we gotta get you into the twenty-first century.”

“Good luck with that,” Karen said with a sly smile.

Looking around, Jacob asked, “Where’s Dad?”

“He’s back there in his office working on a report that’s due tomorrow morning.” Karen looked over at Jacob. “His workload has really increased lately… I hope, in the end, this promotion will be worth it.”

Karen went back to focusing on writing another check. “What about you? You have any homework due tomorrow?”

“I have some, but I plan to finish it up before dinner.” He watched Karen for a few seconds and then scooted his chair a little closer to her. “Hey, Mom… I’ve been thinking some more… about our situation.”

Taking a glance to make sure Robert was not around, Karen replied, “Oh? How so?” She then continued writing in her checkbook.

Jacob lowered his voice, “Well, I’ve been thinking about ways that may help me finish quicker.”

Shaking her head, Karen also lowered her voice, “Jacob, I told you, we are not doing that again.”

“I know that Mom, that’s not what I had in mind. I have some different ideas.”

Putting down her pen, Karen sat back in her chair and looked over at him. “Okay… I’m listening.”

Jacob leaned in closer, “I thought it might help me if I had some… visual stimulation.”

With a confused expression on her face, Karen replied, “Visual stimulation?”

Jacob could not help but take glances at his mom’s exposed cleavage. “Yeah… you know… something for me to look at.”

Karen then got the message. Even though she was fully dressed, she felt an overwhelming sense of exposure as if sitting in the chair naked. She instinctively put her arm up across her chest and, in a harsh whisper, “JAKE!! I am NOT taking my clothes off in front of you.” She then scrunched up her face. “Tell me, why would any son want to see his mother like that?”

Jacob quickly answered, “Are you kidding? When his mother looks like you…” Karen’s face softened a bit, and Jacob could swear she almost smiled, so he decided to keep pushing. “Besides, Mom, all my friends say you’re beautiful and that you are the hottest mom at our school. They all think you look a lot like Denise Milani.”

Lowering her arm from her chest, Karen cocked her head to the side and asked, “Who’s that? A girl at your school?”

Shaking his head, “No, Mom… she’s a model and a gorgeous one at that.”

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