Who Done It?

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Double Penetration

Dan was running late and drove home in a rush. He was supposed to be going out to eat with his wife Stacie, his daughter Besanna and his sister Melissa. As luck would have it, he’d had a lousy day at work and had gotten filthy.

Getting home he discovered the driveway did not have the cars in it he had hoped for. “Crap, Besanna and Melissa are already here and Stacie’s car isn’t here at all.” He figured that his daughter would be, she only had one class and a lab on Friday, but he had hoped that his sister wouldn’t show up for some time yet and his wife would beat him home for a change. Actually he had hoped that his wife was home early and he could convince her to come to the bedroom with him for a quickie. Oh well a shower would have to do.

Because he was so dirty, Dan had used the back door. He opened it to the surprise of both women, who were sitting at the kitchen table. “Hi Mel, hey Bes, sorry I startled you.”

Besanna saw that her dad was pretty dirty, “Dad, you’re filthy.” Her dad worked construction and had the muscles to show for it. She was actually teasing him; he came home in that condition most of the time.

“Humph, tell me something I don’t know.”

Melissa had to admit her brother was a guy that could get women thinking, and she found herself doing just that. Her husband had lost all interest in sex and she still wanted to enjoy her body and feel a man inside of her. She knew that Dannie could probably do some powerful things in bed.

Dan wrinkled up his nose, “I stink too. I’m going up to take a shower.”

She watched her dad leave with a hunger starting to grow inside of her. Besanna would hear her mom and dad having sex at night and sometimes they became pretty intense. She would play with herself as she listened to them. A few times she had even pretended that it was her dad when she had sex with her boyfriend.

Dan went to his bedroom, grabbed some clean clothes and got into the shower. The hot water running over his body made his hard day start to go away. He had planned on having sex with his wife before everyone went out but you can’t always get what you want. As his soapy hand slid over his cock and balls he figured that his plans for sex falling through didn’t mean he couldn’t get himself off. He would just have to make love to Stacie after they got back.

The idea had started as an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach and had grown stronger with time. Now, the more Besanna thought about being with her dad the more she wanted him. Her mom would freak if she knew. Then she fused at herself, you’re going to be a basket case if you don’t calm down! She needed to think of something else or at least have marsbahis güvenilirmi a release. “Aunt Melissa, I need to go to my room for a while.” She headed for her bedroom to play.

Melissa’s imagination was manufacturing visions of her brother and her having sex. She jumped when Besanna spoke to her. “That’s fine,” and watched her niece leave. She couldn’t seem to think of anything else. Damn she was horny. She wondered what her brother’s cock looked like all hard and swollen. She could almost feel it in her. Melissa had wanted him for years but had never acted upon it. The thought of him pushing his hard cock deep inside of her was making her get even wetter.

Dan’s slick fingers rubbing his sensitive skin soon gave him an erection. The soap glistening off of his hard cock made him wish he was in the shower with his wife. Nah, if she had been there she wouldn’t have wanted to get wet right before they went out.

Her hand reached inside of her pants and she started playing with herself. “Mm,” her finger wasn’t what she wanted inside of her, but it would have to do. “Ooh,” rubbing her clit felt wonderful. Finally, she couldn’t stand it and went to the bathroom. She approached the door and listened to him in the shower. She knew that what she was doing was crazy, but her hand turned the door knob. How would he react? What if she were caught? She knew she couldn’t have sex with him, at least not here and now, but maybe they could fool around a little.

As Dan continued to rub himself he could almost feel his cock sliding into her soft hot pussy. “Oh man that would be so good.” Then he heard her in the bathroom. He wanted his wife so much and knew it wasn’t going to happen, at least not until they got back from going out. That didn’t mean she couldn’t help him get off.

He quickly rinsed the soap off of his cock and stuck it through a hole in the shower curtain. “Stacie, would you be interested in sucking your husband?” He couldn’t believe he heard her hesitate — she loved sucking his cock. She even tried to find different positions so it would feel different for both of them. “Come on Honey, p-l-e-a-s-e.”

She was so surprised that he had just stuck his cock threw the shower curtain, that she just stood there. Licking her lips, she could almost taste his hot cum shooting into her mouth. Opening her pants and pushing them and her panties down, she bent in front of his cock.

He heard Stacie moving around the bathroom and wondered why his wife was taking so long. He soon forgot all about it as he felt her fingers start to play with his cock.

She wrapped her fingers around him and squeezed making the head turn purple. marsbahis yeni giriş Her other hand reached between her legs and her fingers started rubbing her clit again. She let her tongue snake out and licked his cockhead. Bending her neck in just the right way, she took it clear into her throat. She loved this and stayed there, with the cock down her mouth, for just a moment. Having her lips around a hard cock was a luscious feeling. Being in control of what they were doing was a powerful feeling.

“Mm,” her mouth was magic on his cock. Stacie could use her lips and tongue as she sucked him in a way that was amazing. He loved it. She was so good at it and was always careful not to use her teeth.

He felt her using one of her hands to stroke his cock in time with her head, which always made him feel like he was deep in her throat. No that wasn’t right, this felt different. Then he figured it out — he really was deep in her throat! “Oh babe, you must really be into this. You’ve never done that before.”

Sucking him several times, she was really getting into how his hard cock felt slipping in and out of her mouth. She started sliding her finger into her pussy as well as rubbing against her clit. His cock felt great against her tongue. Sliding back up to the tip of his cock she flicked her tongue against it and tried to push the tip of her tongue into his hole. She knew she couldn’t, of course, but she liked the idea of it.

Using a different motion with her hand this time, she let her fingers move in a corkscrew motion. Usually she would be playing with his balls which she couldn’t do this time because of the shower curtain. Her pussy was sopping wet, and she inserted two fingers, moving them in and out. The intensity of what she was doing was acting like a drug, and was going to make get off. She started sucking harder, wanting to taste his cum.

Dan loved this! Getting sucked off while the shower water beat down on his skin was erotic and sensual. Stacie had sucked him off many times, but she had never done it this way before. Maybe she was just trying to make him cum faster. She was going to do it too. The sensation from her mouth on his hard cock was flowing right into his balls. “Damn honey, you’re fantastic at this.” He felt her nibble his cock head in response. This was one of the better positions for him; he hoped that she liked doing it this way.

Her body started rocking in rhythm to her fingers sliding in and out, which matched her motion of sucking him. It felt like she was making his cock fuck her pussy instead of her mouth. She would be satisfied with tasting his cum this time but next time she would feel his marsbahis giriş hard cock pounding deep in her pussy as his balls slapped against her.

The sensation of her mouth sucking combined with her wet lips sliding all along his shaft. His balls started to swell with the need to release there load. He knew that his cock got thicker about this point but his wife was obviously up to it. He felt her actually go back to deep throating him, and his cockhead hit the back of her throat!

The pleasure exploded from between her legs. Her orgasm rocketed through her and she had to force herself to keep sucking his cock. Each time her fingers went in and out of her pussy his cock went in and out of her mouth and she received another orgasm.

His wife was actually slurping him. He would enjoy fucking her later after they got back, but he felt like returning the favor for such an awesome blowjob. He would ram his cock into her pussy but not before her made her get off using his mouth. The thought of his tongue licking her pussy lips as she squirmed on the bed put him over the top. “I’m cumming.”

He felt her start sucking hard. It was a little harder than he liked but it still felt good enough to keep him cumming. Hot cum shot out of him and he could hear her swallowing every drop and she kept on trying to get more.

She loved the taste of hot cum and his load was huge. Reluctantly, she knew she had to get out of there. She had pressed her luck enough. She would find a way to have sex with him some other time.

His balls had given the last drop they could and he was starting to get soft. Feeling her let go of his cock, he heard her moving around. “Thanks babe, I love when you do that.”

She left without saying a word. Her smile said it all; he would love other things with her as well.

Dan finished his shower and got dressed. He wanted to thank his wife again but not let Besanna and Melissa hear. He went to the kitchen but only found his daughter and sister.

Stacie came in the front door and could tell the others were in the kitchen. She poked her head in and found everyone looking at her. “Hi honey, sorry I’m late. I had a last minute problem at work.”

Dan had a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach, “Are you just getting home?”

“Yeah, but it won’t take a minute for me to change.”

After his wife left the room, Dan kept looking from Besanna to Melissa and back again. One of them shared a secret with him, but which one? Did his younger sister come into his bathroom and make her brother cum in her mouth? Or did his 19 year old daughter suck her daddy off? He had thought it was his wife, but she hadn’t even gotten home yet.

He kept staring at them both, but he couldn’t tell a thing. One of them hadn’t done anything and one had given him an awesome blowjob.


All right, which one was it? You have to tell me who the second chapter will be about, the daughter or the sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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