When My Cousin Came To Stay

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Do you want to hear what I got up to last weekend? Ill tell you anyway, I think you will like it. My cousin came round to see me with his girlfriend, Emma. She is lovely. Blonde, petite, firm but small tits and perfectly kissable lips.

We got a little drunk. They were staying over for the night so my cousin had an early night as he had been working all day.

Emma and I decided it would be fun to watch an old girlie film from my collection whilst polishing off the last bottle of wine. We ate ice cream and cookies. Emma came to sit next to me on the sofa with her spoon. The greedy little thing had finished her own and wanted to tuck into mine!

She spilt ice cream onto my leg whilst taking the biggest spoonful possible. Jokingly I said, ‘lick it off!’. She gave me a little cheeky grin and went down on her hands and knees and parted my legs. She delicately licked off the ice cream from my thigh which was starting to melt and drip between ultrabet yeni giriş my legs. Slowly she moved towards the buttons on my short little button thru’ dress, gliding her tongue slowly…closer and closer to my little mound.

I gasped as she traced the line of my lips through my knickers with her tiny little finger. I could already feel the beginnings of an orgasm deep inside. She ripped open the buttons of my dress to show my big tanned tits hidden behind my silky little bra. She saw my hard nipples and told me how horny it was to know she turned me on so much. I whispered in her ear that I’d fancied her for so long and couldn’t believe she felt the same.

She slid my knickers off and by this time my pussy was visibly wet. As she slid three of her fingers inside me I felt my cunt twitch with excitement. She buried her head into my soft little pussy, licking faster and faster as her fingers were getting deeper and deeper ultrabet giriş inside me. I couldn’t hold on any longer and let out a little squeal as I came all over her pretty little face.

I kissed her and licked all of my juices from her lips. ‘Now its your turn’ she said. I slipped my hand under her tight white t shirt to feel the most perfect little tits. I could see why my cousin was with her! As I slid her top off I could feel her heart beating faster and faster. I tipped the last of the ice cream onto her breasts and began to play with them, licking and sucking off every drop of ice cream, making her nipples harder and harder. She began to sigh and pant with excitement, I knew she was enjoying it and was worried she would become to noisy….with the lounge door slightly open, I didn’t want my cousin to hear me with his girlfriend.

I pulled her to her feet and took her into the kitchen. I closed the door behind me. She ultrabet güvenilirmi pushed me against the door and began kissing me hard and passionately. Quickly I pulled off her trousers and slid my hand into her lacy g-string. I finger fucked her into a frenzy.

I made her climb onto the breakfast bar and turned her onto her back. She opened her legs to reveal the pinkest, wettest little cunt I’ve ever seen. I started to slowly lick her throbbing little clit and could hear her whimpering getting louder and louder. I licked faster and faster until I felt the warm gush of an orgasm all over my tongue and face….’Don’t stop!’ she screamed,

‘But I thought you’d come?’

‘I have but now I want more’ she replied. How could I refuse?

She hopped onto the floor, where we began to grind our bodies together. Our wet tight pussies sliding together easily now. We moved back into the lounge and carried on caressing each others bodies for hours. We came one last time…together. And then she kissed me goodnight and went to bed as though nothing had happened! The next morning my cousin thanked me for a great night and invited me round to their place next week! I going with a hope to get more of the same!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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